TEAM Delhi Circle notified its 4th Circle Conference scheduled for 27.10.2015 at CTO Sabhagar Eastern Court,New Delhi 

Please click here for copy of Notification.

 06.10.2015  NOTICE

It is for information to one and all DS/AS/CEC Members/Circle office bearers and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi that CEC Meeting of TEAM Delhi is  to be held on 12.10.2015 in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND. The agenda of meeting is as under.

1) 4th Circle Conference of TEAM Delhi to be held on 27.10.2015.

2) Development at CHQ level.

3) Any other point with the permission of chair.

It is requested that please come along with updated subscription and Circle Conference fee and your innovative ideas well in time.



The committee constituted by Hon’ble Supreme Court to resolve the issue as per directions given on 21/01/2015. The Committee has completed the hearing/argument proceedings on 30/09/2015.The committee has given sufficient opportunity to all concerns to submit their view point. The committee is expected to submit its report to hon’ble Supreme Court by third week of October-2015. We may expect the case can come for hearing on 31/10/2015 in Supreme Court.

 03.10.2015 Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  on 01.10.2015 , but Hon’ble court has fixed 20.11.2015 as final date of hearing. 
 30.09.2015 It is reliably learnt that IDA for CPSU employees is expected to increase by 5.3% w.e.f. 01.10.2015.
 28.09.2015  Column: BSNL, MTNL key to resolving call drops:The paper on call drops brought out by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is timely, but it is unclear whether the imposition of penalties—as Trai has suggested – will really help. As a customer, I am not looking for compensation, I want to be able to complete the call. Trai’s paper, however, doesn’t offer any long-term strategy.This column examines the reasons for call drops, and tries to offer solutions based on that. A column printed in Financial Express. Please click here for reading the full column.
 23.09.2015 Our WP 4855/2015 in Hon’ble High Court to set aside Senior Management Recruitment Rule and challenging the judgement given in our OA 722/2012 by Hon’ble Principal CAT came up for hearing on 21.09.2015. Hon’ble court has fixed next date of hearing as 15.12.2015.
 23.09.2015 Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  on 22.09.2015 , but Hon’ble court has fixed 01.10.2015 as final date of hearing. 
 21.09.2015 Brain Storming Session 

A Brain Storming Session was organised by Corporate office of MTNL on 20.09.2015 at 11 hrs in the auditorium of CGO Complex. All office bearers /representatives of  Unions and Associations of MTNL were invited to participate in this session specially for discussing the measures to be taken for financial revival of the MTNL. GS along with more than 30 representatives of TEAM  participated in the meeting. 

Dir. (HR) , Dir.(F), ED Delhi and many General Managers attended the whole session. In beginning the meeting was addressed by  ED Delhi, DIr.(HR) and Dir.(Fin) . They all shared their vast experiences with the gathering and shared their fruitful experiments of increasing revenue in their respective tenures of rendered service.

Thereafter GS of Majority Union Sh. Dharam Singh ,GS of MEA Sh. V.K.Tomar ,GS of Senior Executive Association Sh. Rajendra Prasad and GS of SC/ST Welfare union Sh.K.P.Singh addressed the gathering . All of these leaders shared their important views regarding increase in revenue of MTNL. CMD noted main points of all speakers.

Then our GS addressed the gathering and placed the view point of TEAM regarding the discussing subject.He emphasised on decision making process must be quick and result oriented. The present style wherein the decisions are being pending for a long will not only demotivate the workers but will have negative impact on the profit earning  of MTNL. He asked CMD that where ever Fibre working is involved that must be done on priority so that best and reliable service maybe rendered;  but wherever our esteemed subscribers are connected to our network through copper cable  those services should not be ignored. That old net work demands many stored materials which are not being provided in sufficient quantity since long. As a result the present network is not being maintained properly. He assured CMD that our executives and employees have same gravity of concern about financial position of  the company and they will not  hesitate to give 100% of their efforts for making company profitable but at the same time their legitimate rights of pending neutralisation of 78.2% IDA, implementation of next pay commission for CPSUs and other pending HR issues cannot be ignored . MTNL has to fulfil its commitments for betterment of its employees  and in turn the best output of employees/executives will make company financial viable . 

After listening all main speakers a short session of interaction was done. wherein some 7-8 different representatives of different Unions/Associations kept their views/suggestions and CMD replied them. Lastly CMD addressed the gathering and expressed his overjoyed views for this type interaction with unions/associations. He told that he never thought that associations/unions are having same type of worries for the poor financial position of company as management is worried. He answered one by one to all quarries raised by different leaders of unions/Associations . He assured that where ever there is short fall in stored items for maintenance purpose that will be fulfil on priority. Then he answered to specific issue for decision making procedure raised by our GS. He asked  Dir.(HR) for issuing instructions to one and all ; that who so ever is denying to tenders he must be asked for explanations  . He asked officers for taking decisions promptly for execution of priority works. At last he thanked one and all for attending the meeting and he announced that this type of interaction will be on quarterly basis.

 19.09.2015 URGENT NOTICE

It is for information to one and all office bearers of Division Level/ Area level/ CEC members/ Circle office bearers/CWC members and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attend urgent CEC on 19.09.2015 (Today) at 14 hrs. in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan for the important discussion in view of the meeting with CMD to be held on Sunday ( 20.09.2015)

 19.09.2015 GS along with JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj , CHQ Adviser Sh. P.C.Sarswat ,CP Sh.K.R.Yadav and AGS Sh.S.P.S.Yadav were called by Dir.HR on 18.09.2015. He invited GS along with all office bearers of association  to attend the meeting called by Corporate office on Sunday (20.09.2015). This meeting will be addressed by CMD and Representatives of Unions and Associations. All have been requested to come up with workable solutions and  valuable suggestions for financial revival of the company .
 18.09.2015  NOTICE

It is for information to all Divisional Secy./Area Secy./CEC members/Circle office bearers/ CHQ office bearers that a meeting has been organised by corporate office on 20.09.2015 at 10 am in auditorium of CGO complex. This meeting will be addressed by CMD MTNL. Please reach well in time to secure your seat to avoid any inconvenience


GS wrote a letter to CMD regarding holding of DPCs timely for all cadres of all streams. He referred two letters of ministry of  Personal, Public grievances and pension on the mentioned subject .

1) Please click here for copy of letter by GS. 2) Please click here for copy of letter of Ministry of Personal Public Grievance and Pension dated : 28.01.2015 3) Please click here for copy of letter of Ministry of Personal Public Grievance and Pension dated : 23.04.2015


Wishing you lots of happiness and Lord Ganesha’s blessings on the auspicious occasion of  Ganesh Chathruti. Enjoy the festival Happy Ganesh Chathruti Ganesh Chaturthi 2015: Edible Ganesha idols in vogue this year

 17.09.2015  GS wrote a letter to CMD regarding  review and modification  in MTNL Senior Management recruitment rule-2008 at par with DOT and BSNL, so that officers/executives who are diploma holders and are having more than 20 to 35 years of service should not be deprived of their legitimate  promotion to the grade of Executive Engineer(Civil/Electrical).  1)Please click here for copy of letter by GS. 2) Please click here for copy of orders of DOT. 3) Please click here for copy of order of BSNL.
 13.09.2015 Circle Executive Meeting of TEAM, Mumbai was held on 10-09-2015 at Conference Hall, 7th Floor, Prabhadevi Telephone Exchange Building. The CEC was chaired by Com. Haraghball, Circle President. Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS, Com. N.L. Thangaraj, HQ President, Com.J.S. Yadav, Circle Secretary, Mumbai and  Com. R.R.  Mishra, Jt. GS, among others, attended the meeting.

After opening remarks by the CP, members raised various issues like shortage of Executives in Accounts & Finance and other wings, Denial of E-3 Financial up-gradation after 4 years in respect of executives before 2007, delay in DPC and promotions, issues of local transfers, recent meetings by CMD, shortage of materials etc. The position on MTNL-BSNL merger, reduction of retirement age were also raised by the members.     
CS, Com. J.S. Yadav detailed the activities of Circle Association with specific details on the local issues raised by the members.
Thereafter, the issue of holding the next Circle Conference was discussed. It was decided that the Circle conference will be held on 28-10-2015. CS appealed  to collect a Donation of Rs.1,000 from all the members towards the conference expenses. He also appealed to collect Rs.600 as one year subscription from the members who had not yet paid subscription for 2015.
Com. R.R. Mishra, Jt GS and Com. N.L. Thangaraj, HQ President spoke about the strengthening the activities of TEAM at various levels. 
Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS, in his elaborate speech touched upon the issues raised by the members. He detailed the urgent need for achieving 78.2% fitment, grant of one option for Pro-Rata Pensioners for combined service pension, restructuring in Civil & Electrical wings, Hindi Officers and  Stenographers before the impending MTNL-BSNL merger. He explained the progress made in 206 Seniority case. He also specified the issues related to HR section on DPC and promotions. 
Com. GS also mentioned the efforts of TEAM in stopping the MTNL management’s proposal for reduction of retirement age to  58 as well as the move on compulsory low gradings in APAR.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Jagtap, ACS.
 11.09.2015  ED Delhi office issued list of 87 Finance Executives for calling of CR for regular promotion from JAO to AO. Please click here for copy of letter. 
 11.09.2015  Shri. Bhai Jagtap, MLC and President of MTNL Workers’ Union, Mumbai and Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS led a delegation of officer bearers and members of TEAM and Workers Union in the meeting with Shri. N.K. Yadav, CMD on 08.09.2015 in Telephone House, Mumbai.Shri. Bhai Jagtap welcomed the efforts of the CMD in revival of MTNL and specifically in Wireless and Broadband sections. He assured the support of employees. CMD explained the current financial position of the Company and his efforts to improve the income on one hand and reduce the expenditure on the other hand. He promised that all tools will be made available. He derailed the efforts made in Central Area in Delhi to improve the GSM services and plan for FTTH to nearly 700/800 MPs’ Houses. The CMD appreciated the achievement of Pension issue by us. He also spoke about the issue of merger of MTNL and BSNL. The problems related to HR issues and Medical Insurance were highlighted by Com. GS and other speakers and CMD assured that he is seized of the matters.
 11.09.2015  Area Secy. (NP) Sh. Mukesh Aggarwal arranged an introductory meeting on 10.09.2015 with newly joined GM(NP)  Sh.Sanjeev Kumar. CS Sh. Ram Gopal, CP Sh. K.R.Yadav and ACS Sh. N.S.Sikrwar , VP Sh. Dohre ,DS Tuglkabad Sh. S.P.Singh, Sh. Ramesh CEC Member, Sh. Salim Ansari and Sh. B.D.Sharma also joined him in the meeting. CS welcomed him and assured full cooperation of executives for the betterment of Services of MTNL. We further discussed regarding shortage of staff and executives in some areas . we suggested him for rotation transfer of executives and non executives may resolve this problem. We asked him for providing better resources and complete store items for better results expected from us for betterment of services.He assured us to take positive action for resolving these problems very soon.
 11.09.2015 A)Circle Secy. Delhi Sh. Ram Gopal arranged an introductory meeting on 09.09.2015 with newly joined PGM(D)  Sh.Harvesh Bhatia. CP Sh. K.R.Yadav and Mahesh Kukreti AGS also joined him in the meeting. CS welcomed him and assured full cooperation of executives for the betterment of Services of MTNL. We further discussed the following issues with him: 1)Shortage of materials : He told that he is having full knowledge of shortage items and now on this opportunity as PGM(D) he will try to meet out all shorted items very soon. 2) Redeployment of executives and non executives:  He appreciated our approach for betterment of services. He assured us to take positive steps in this direction. 3)Shortage of Staff at Pension cell in Karol Bagh, Prasad Nagar and HQ: We described him that due to shortage of executives and staff at pension cell and other accounting divisions , work is being affected and delayed. Therefore it is high time  for posting the staff and executives from surplus areas to the desired area. We have also suggested him some areas  from where some staff and executives may be diverted . He assured us to take necessary steps in this direction. B)Circle Secy. Delhi Sh. Ram Gopal arranged an introductory meeting on 09.09.2015 with newly joined GM(OP) Smt.Kiran Dubey. CP Sh. K.R.Yadav and AS HQ Sh. Hari Singh also joined him in the meeting. CS welcomed her and assured full cooperation of executives for the betterment of Services of MTNL.
 10.09.2015  MTNL and BSNL to merge in December – The Pioneer…. The much-awaited Government plan for merger of two State-owned telecom firms has taken a final shape as Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) are all set to start functioning as a single new entity from the next financial year. The name of the proposed new entity will be declared soon by the Government, while the merger will happen by the end of December. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is working on the issue, and after the merger both the public sector telecom firms will synergise operations by offering their services across the country as a single entity. “Though the decision on merging BSNL and MTNL is expected to happen by December-end this year, the other pre-merger procedures of the Government will continue till March 31, 2016. The proposed newly-formed entity will start its operation at the beginning of the next financial year in April 2016,” a highly-placed Government source told The Pioneer on Sunday. Please click here for link to news.
 08.09.2015  Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  today , but Hon’ble court has fixed 22.09.2015 as final date of hearing.
 08.09.2015 GS has gone to Mumbai to attend the meeting of United Forum of Union and Associations of Mumbai with Sh. N.K.Yadav CMD MTNL to be held on 08.09.2015
 07.09.2015 Gen. Secy. has attended the 29th All India Conference of Sanchar Nigam Executive Association  at Jaipur, Rajasthan. The open session of SNEA was well organized. The Open session was attended by the CMD, BSNL, Director (CFA), BSNL, CGM, Rajasthan Circle, Com.  VAN Namboodari, President , BSNLEU, Com. Chakraborty, Dy.Gen.Secy., BSNLEU, Com Chandeshwar Singh, Gen. Secy., NFTE, Com. V.K.Tomar, Gen. Secy, MEA alongwith other trade Union Leaders of various union and association of BSNL. The General Secretary , SNEA has raised the issue of BSNL and MTNL merger in his key note address.   Gen. Secy.  addressed the Open Session held on 5th Sept. 2015. During his address has given emphasis on the issue of merger of BSNL & MTNL and said that merger of BSNL & MTNL is the need of the hour.  As far as HR issues are concerned, G.S said that there should be an essential parity between scales & promotions of executives of BSNL and MTNL.  The scales of BSNL executives has to be immediately brought at par with the scales of MTNL executives.  In the end Gen. Secy, thanked the President and Gen. Secy. SNEA for inviting him in the open session and giving time for addressing the open session.
 07.09.2015  ED Delhi office issued a list of 22 finance executives for financial up-gradation from E3 to E4. Please click here for copy of letter. 
 04.09.2015 ED Delhi office issued two lists for calling of CRs  for civil executives as follows. 1) For financial up-gradation of  18 Civil Executives from E5 to E6.  Please click here for copy of letter. 2)For Financial up-gradation of 16 Civil Executives from E4 to E5. Please click here for copy of letter.
 03.09.2015 The committee constituted under the chairmanship of Hon’ble judge Sh. Ramamurthi and Dr. D.K.Sharma have met on 02.09.2015 at Raman centre Lodhi Road New Delhi to discuss the issue pertain to Rule-206. After hearing the views of advocate of BSNL  the next date of hearing has been fixed for 23.09.2015.
.03.09.2015 Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  today , but Hon’ble court has fixed 08.09.2015 as final date of hearing.
01.09.2015 United Forum of MTNL, Mumbai formed at a meeting held in BKC under the leadership of Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM. Members of TEAM, MEA and Workers’ Union present in the meeting joined the Forum. It was resolved that aspiring like minded Unions and Associations will be accommodated in the Forum. It was decided that all common issues affecting MTNL and its cadre will be taken up with management through this forum. Implementation of 78.2 % will be taken up on top priority.
 01.09.2015 ED Delhi  office issued a list of eligible AM of various streams for calling of CR for financial up-gradation from E2 to E3. Please click here for copy of letter. 
 01.09.2015 Corporate office constituted a committee for settle the  pay anomaly cases due to 2nd pay commission of IDA  for executives and non executives . Please click here for the copy of letter.
 01.09.2015 GS alongwith JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj , AGS Sh. Mahesh Kukreti, AGS Sh. S.P.S. Yadav, AGS Sh. Rajib kumar , CP Sh. K.R.Yadav and CS Sh. Ram Gopal ji met with CMD & Member Services on 28.08.2015 and the following main points were discussed. Detailed discussion on improvement in services of MTNL took place . We have assured CMD that our executives will be fully involved in the improvement of services so as to provide telecom service in MTNL Delhi and Mumbai to our esteemed subscribers. We have also taken a note on the advices given by CMD regarding services and we have assured him that we will execute the suggestions with full sincerity and dedication. We have also drawn his kind attention for the difficulties of executives working in field. CMD in turn assured us that he will take of all the issues raised by us.He further informed us that he will bring synergy and tariff parity between BSNL and MTNL. Discussion was also held for pending HR issues with CMD . We have requested him to direct the HR section for completing all the pending DPCs of various cadres at corporate office. He assured us that he will direct HR section to complete all the pending DPCs and issue promotion orders without any further delay. We have also discussed about the matter which was widely spread among the MTNL employees that MTNL management is proposing to reduce the age of retirement from 60 to 58 . We have brought the prose and cones related to this issue. CMD after having a detailed discussion on the matter assured us that this proposal will not be further pursued. The meeting was ended with a positive note and our association assured CMD for its full cooperation in his endeavor to bring back those golden days of MTNL.
 31.08.2015 It is for information to  Senior Citizens and Retired Officers  that they all are welcome to join the retirement expo “Celebrating age” 2015 on 5th and 6th September, two days healthy ageing lifestyle  event at PHD Chamber of Commerce, PHD House, August Kranti Marg at Siri  Institutional area. Time is 10 AM to 6 PM 

Corporate office MTNL  issued transfer order for  General Managers.

Please click here for copy of orders.


Corporate office issued  reminder to Delhi and Mumbai units for sending  Screening report and vigilance clearance report for  10 executives of Electrical wing for their regular promotion from AE to Ex. Enggr. CS of Mumbai and Delhi units are requested to accelerate the procedure for earliest disposal of the quarry.

Please click here for copy of orders. 

 27.08.2015 Notice

It is for information to one and all that CEC of TEAM  Delhi is scheduled on 28.08.2015 at 14 hrs. in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan. All  DS/AS/Circle office bearers/ CEC members and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attend the meeting positively. As already decided by earlier CEC all  Participants are requested  to come with updated contribution. It is further requested that please come with proposed dates for division level meeting in your respective areas so that physical contribution of base level members may be boosted.

 27.08.2015  Our WP 4855/2015 in Hon’ble High Court to set aside Senior Management Recruitment Rule and challenging the judgment given in our OA 722/2012 by Hon’ble Principal CAT came up for hearing on 26.08.2015. Reply  was to be filed by MTNL.. But MTNL did not file the same and urged for some more time .Hon’ble court has fixed next date of hearing as 21.09.2015.
 26.08.2015 CWC conference of  AIBSNLEA is being held at Kolkata .Yesterday i.e. on 25.08.2015 . There was an open session where CMD BSNL Sh. Anupam Srivastva was chief Guest. GS TEAM Sh. A.K.Kaushik was one of invitee and he addressed the gathering. Here are some of his views deliberated in that Session ( with thanks from AIBSNLEA Site): “……. Shri A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM in his speech mentioned that the presence of the CMD BSNL has changed the scenario and all are comfortable.  If the management start understanding its employees and their problems, there is no need for BSNL to appoint any experts in any field.  The strong confidence of CMD BSNL and CMD MTNL on its work force is tremendous and overwhelming.   He mentioned that the executives of MTNL and BSNL were the erstwhile DoT employees and were separated by the policy of the Govt.  we should not be afraid of the competition. We should concentrate on the quality of service.  No person recruited from outside can give any output which the internal executives with experience cannot do.  The private operators has come to such a situation with the support and work of the ex-executives of BSNL / MTNL only.  He requested Director (CFA) to take up the case of merger of BSNL  & MTNL to get the PAN India status for the Govt. service provider.  He expressed his sincere gratitude for giving an opportunity to address the gathering and to meet the old friends of DOT era…..”
 26.08.2015  Corporate Office wrote a letter to Delhi and Mumbai unit calling of CR and Screening report of 155 finance executives for regular promotion from JAO to AO. Please click here for copy of letter.

 GS wrote a letter (2 nd Reminder ) to CMD regarding MTNL Senior Management Trainee (E-5 Grade) Recruitment process 2012- Fraudulent Actions thereof leading to cancellation of the process. 

Please click here for copy of the letter.

 22.08.2015  GS wrote a letter to CMD for inordinate delay in holding of DPCs of Executives due to Mal-functioning of HR cell. Please click here for copy of letter.
 21.08.2015  CEC Meeting of TEAM Delhi held on 20.08.2015 at 14hrs in room no. 756. All CEC members attended the meeting. President Sh. K.R.Yadav presided over the meeting. Point discussed and unanimously adopted were as follows:

  • A lengthy Discussion  took place regarding organizational activities with regard to proposed Circle Conference of Delhi Circle. Many suggestions were given for boosting the base level membership for their physical and financial contribution for circle conference. It was unanimously decided that request of financial contribution from each members will be vigorously pursued and within month of August-2015 the targets of collection shall be achieved.
  • For proper tracking of the efforts made by area representatives for boosting the physical and financial contribution of base level members ; it was decided to hold next CEC on 28.08.2015 at 14 hrs. in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan.
  • In the light of the initiatives taken by Hon.ble CMD for financial viability of MTNL, members placed many suggestions and their respective problems while implementing some specific agenda. It was unanimous opinion that we must put up our 100 % for this honest cause and the problems faced by members shall be raised before management for earliest solution.
 20.08.2015  Comrade Manoj Malohtra AS OF GM Central Area organized a general body meeting of executives of  Kidwai Bhawan Division on 19.08.2015 during lunch hours in room no.756. The meeting was attended by all executives of KBN Division. From CHQ and circle  GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik along with JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, CS Delhi Sh. Ram Gopal , CFS Delhi Sh. Ajay Kumar, ACS Sh. S.S.Asija and AS BB Sh. Maninder Sareen participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Sh. Manohar lal ji. CAO.

      During course of discussion many problems like shortage of executives/employees , shortage of vehicle and peripherals were raised by executives. Members raised the quarries about one time option for pro-rata pensioners and extension of CGHS facility to MTNL employees.

      CS Comrade Ram Gopal Ji addressed the house and assured members for raising these issues before management and asked members for their participation in the proposed Circle Conference .

      GS comrade Sh. A.K.Kaushik ji addressed the gathering and explained about progress of many HR issues raised by TEAM before management. He asked members to be united and dedicate themselves for improvement of services of MTNL as well as for association .

 20.08.2015        Comrade Ajay Atri AS OF GM BCP Area organized a general body meeting of executives of BCP area on 18.08.2015 during lunch hours. The meeting was attended by huge number of executives. From CHQ and circle  GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik along with AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar, CP Delhi Sh. K.R.Yadav , CFS Delhi Sh. Ajay Kumar and ACS Sh. S.S.Asija were participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Sh. B.M. Scahdeva ji. CAO.

                    Members placed their important views and suggestions  regarding the problems faced by them in day to day working and for improvement of work culture of MTNL. Some important points discussed were as follows:

  • Problem faced for opening of Sanchar Haat and NCR counter from 8 am to 8 pm and on holidays . Members were having some statics regarding cost of opening of the said offices on holidays and the earnings of MTNL on these counters on such week off days. It was suggested from many members that sufficient publicity must be given by audio/video/print media regarding opening of these offices on week off day.
  • Finance executives raised the problems of shortage of finance executives in the area . It was explained that the same executives are working for job of JAO (AM Finance)/AO(Deputy Manager Finance) with the work of more than 2-3 seats.
  • Shortage of Departmental vehicles for movement of employees/executives for urgent work of maintenance of the system.
  • It was told by all most all executives that old infrastructure of PC/Printers/Scanners are creating day by day many hurdles in their normal working.

Comrade Ajay Kumar addressed the house and clarified many points with regard to opening of Sanchar Haat and NCR counters on week off days. The members were asked for preparing a detailed sheet of  Vehicles with their working conditions and he assured these points will be raised to administration in the next meeting. Comrade K.R.Yadav addressed the house and he assured the members for raising the point of shortage of finance executives and subordinate staff before the management. He briefed the members regarding proposed Circle conference to be held very shortly and requested members for their whole hearted participation in the event. GS addressed the meeting and explained about concrete approach of motivation adopted by CMD. He praised working of CMD and congratulated him for bringing the MTNL out of inertia. However he assured all executives that whatever points they have raised will be placed before management for getting resolve. Thereafter he explained the progress of HR issues and other issues which are being raised by TEAM time to time. AS Comrade Ajay Atri also addressed the house and appealed each executive for earliest depositing  their respective financial contribution to cashier.

Thereafter Comrade. Sachdeva ji thanked each members and Circle CHQ office bearers for participation in the meeting and declared the meeting concluded.


ED Delhi office issued a letter for posting of 34 CAO who got regular promotion by corporate office on 29.07.2015.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 19.08.2015  ED Delhi issued a list of transfer of 6 Telecom Executives of Transmission to Central area. please click here for copy of letter.

1) United forum wrote a letter to Secretary DOT for thanking and expressing gratitude for releasing a letter for payment of pension arrears for the retirees of MTNL who retired prior to 01.01.2007.

Please click here for copy of letter.

2) Jt.CCA (Admin) from DOT wrote a letter to GM(F) MTNL in which he has been asked pass on the necessary guidelines regarding processing the pension case and distribution Government PPOs to MTNL CSO pensioners.

Please click here for copy of letter.


MTNL reports Rs 744.97 crore loss for Q1-FY16; Cellular revenues 21% of total: State run telco MTNL has reported yet another quarter of losses: Rs 744.97 crore loss for the quarter ended September 30, 2014, up 1.6% from Rs 733.2 crore loss in the previous quarter but up 25.2% from Rs 595.11 crore loss in the same quarter last year.

The total operational revenue for MTNL also dipped 6.5% to Rs 800.2 crore for the quarter, from Rs 856.02 crore in the same quarter last year. Basic Services: Revenues from Basic (Fixed line and Broadband) services continues to dominate MTNL’s revenues, with the segment reporting revenues of Rs 640.78 crore for the quarter, down 4.4% from Rs 670.48 crore in the same quarter last year, and down 6.9% from Rs 688.05 crore in the last sequential quarter. A news on MEDIANAMA….. Please click here for link to news.

15.08.2015 Govt/ DoT has agreed to pay the arrears soon to pensioners who have been retired prior to 1/1/2007 as informed by Director finance today ie.15 th Aug 15 to shri A K Kaushik, G.S,TEAM. Please click here for copy of order

 MTNL wrote a letter to DOT regarding extension of CGHS facility to MTNL retired employees. This letter is in modification to earlier letter of date 21.07.2015 ,on the subject of Mapping of scales of MTNL employees with central Govt. employees .

Please click here for copy of the letter.




It is for kind information to DS/AS/CEC members/CWC members/Circle Office bearers /CHQ office bearers present in Delhi that CEC meeting of Delhi Circle is scheduled to be held on 20.08.2015 at 14 hrs sharp in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan, ND. 

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • 4th Circle Conference of Delhi Circle.
  • Pending HR points to be focused before Management.
  • Any other point with the permission of Chair.

It is requested that all eligible office bearers should reach well in time to attend the CEC on 20.08.2015.

 14.08.2015  GS along with JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj , AGS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav, AGS Sh.Rajib Kumar, AGS Sh. R.S.Nair , CS Mumbai Unit Sh. J.S.Yadav, CP Mumbai Unit Sh. G.N.Haragaball , CP Delhi Unit Sh. K.R.Yadav met with Member Service and CMD of MTNL Sh. N.K.Yadav on 13.08.2015 at Sanchar Bhawan ND. The meeting was held in very cordial atmosphere and the following points were discussed.

  •  very detailed discussion on improvement in services.
  • many pending HR issues of all the cadres were discussed.

 CMD responded very positively. TEAM assured our fullest cooperation in his endeavour. Please click here for pictures of meeting.

 13.08.2015 Government has decided to pay the pension arrears for the combined service pension optees of MTNL for the period from  01.01.2007 to  30.09.2012 which was not paid by MTNL . Please click here for the copy of order. 

VRS for MTNL, BSNL employees likely soon: In a move to revive the cash-strapped State-run Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), the Government is likely to announce Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) for their employees soon. Those employees who are willing to avail such benefits must come under an eligibility criteria in which the beneficiary must have completed 31 years of total service or must have attained an age of 55 years in the organisation.

“The long-pending demand has been in Department of Telecom (DoT) for long time now. During the previous Government regime, the representatives of both MTNL and BSNL had submitted their request to avail the VRS benefits. At present, keeping the Government’s revival mode in view for these two State-owned telcos, the DoT is examining such proposal minutely. I think the VRS is a viable option to cut costs for which we are planning a favourable VRS plan for their employees soon,” a Government functionary involved in the process told The Pioneer on Tuesday.A News from Pioneer…..

Please click here for link to news.

 12.08.2015      NEWS FROM MEDIA

24 CPSEs including NHPC, SAIL, MTNL functioning without full-time chief: Government :As many as 24 central public sector enterprises (CPSEs) including NHPC, Oil India, SAIL, MTNL and HMT Watches do not have a full-time chief at present, Parliament was today informed.

“As per available information, there are 24 CPSEs which presently do not have regular Managing Director (MD)/ Chairman & Managing Director (CMD)/ Chairman,” Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises G M Siddeshwara said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. A news from Economic Times…..
 11.08.2015  ED Delhi office issued a list of financial up-gradation for telecom executives from E4 to E5. Please click here for copy of letter.
 11.08.2015  DOPT issued an order regarding full pension for the Pre 2006 retirees on completion of 20 year of service. Pro-rata pension optees in MTNL whose service was 20 year on date of their respective date of absorption will be benefited by this order. Please click here for copy of the letter.
 07.08.2015  ED Delhi Office issued a list of 25 finance executives for calling of CR for financial up-gradation from E4 to E5. Please click here for copy of letter.
 06.08.2015  Sh. K.R. Yadav Circle president arranged an introductory meeting with recently joined GM(Admin.) Delhi Sh. D.N.Mishra. The meeting was attended by GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik, Adviser Sh. P.C.Sarswat  AGS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav, AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar , CP Delhi Sh. K.R.Yadav, circle FS Sh. Ajay Kumar , AFS Sh. N.K.Bhatia and AS (HQ)  Sh.Hari Singh on 04.08.2015 at 17.00 hrs. GS and Circle president greeted GM(admin)with flower bouquet and congratulated him on his promotion.  Various points for all around development of network were discussed. Shortage of vehicle and redeployment of man power were the main point of discussion. GM(admin) assured us to come up with solution in short time.
06.08.2015  ED Delhi office issued a transfer list of DE and SDE. Please click here for copy of orders.

1)MTNL up 6%; to get Rs 458 cr as compensation for spectrum:

The Cabinet also approved an extension of financial support Rs 458.04 crore to MTNL on surrender of 800 MHz CDMA carriers in few of their circles. MTNL had surrendered spectrum in Delhi and Mumbai (two carriers of 1.25 MHz each). A news from Money control…..
Please click here for link to news2)Cabinet Approves Financial Assistance to BSNL, MTNL: New Delhi: In a bid to revive the flagging fortunes of BSNL, the government on Wednesday approved hiving off the state-owned firm’s tower business into a new company as well as compensating it and MTNL Rs 627.20 crore for 800 MHz CDMA spectrum that they surrendered. According to a source, the Union Cabinet has given ‘in principle’ approval for hiving off mobile tower assets of BSNL into a separate company, which will help the state-run company improve its financial position by unlocking the value of its mobile towers. A news from NDTV…..
 04.08.2015  Sh. K.R. Yadav Circle president arranged an introductory meeting with recently joined ED Delhi Sh. A.K.Srivastva. The meeting was attended by GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik, JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, Organizing Secy. Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, AGS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav, AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar , CP Delhi Sh. K.R.Yadav, circle FS Sh. Ajay Kumar and ACS Sh. S.S.Asija on 03.08.2015 at 15.30 hrs. GS and Circle president greeted ED with flower bouquet and congratulated him on his promotion. We assured him for all around support for the targets of making MTNL financial viable. We expressed him that until the problems of executives will be addressed the executives cannot put their 100% efforts for the company. Therefore HR problems of executives may please be addressed on priority . Thereafter we discussed about shortage of man/machine/tools/vehicles. ED assured us on each issue for earliest solution.
 04.08.2015 GS along with Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj JGS and Sh. K.R.Yadav CP Delhi met with GM(HR) in corporate office on 30.07.2015 to discuss the following points: 1) Retired AOs not considered for the promotion of CAO regular. We raised this issue and quoted the DOPT guideline about the retired persons who are eligible to be promoted and fall under zone of consideration for promotion should have been considered in this promotion list. (We have already sent a letter to corporate office on this subject for registering our protest). GM HR told that they have sent this case for seeking the approval of Board of Directors. 2) We raised the issue of Delay in JAO to AO regular promotion:  GM HR agreed that there is delay in this issue.We suggested him that some candidates who could not be promoted in Feb-2013, a review DPC HAS to be conducted for them in addition to that for balance number of vacancies CR are to be called for Promotion by corporate office itself so that DPC can be conducted as per DPC calendar in august 2015. 3) Regular Promotion order for SDE to DE: We raised this issue before him and expressed dissatisfaction among executives over this issue. We told him that Screening report along with Vigilance clearance report from both Delhi and Mumbai unit have been sent to corporate office in Dec-2014 but the promotion orders have not been issued so far. We place the example of BSNL where the orders for same cadre are being issued time to time. we requested to issue the promotion order on priority as every month eligible officers are retiring. GM HR requested to GS visit BSNL corporate office along with representative from HR section to see information so that the issue can be resolved. 4) Status of RR of AM (HR, Marketing, Legal etc):  we pointed out that the carrier prospects of direct recruit Assistant Manager in different disciplines have been blocked in the absence of RRs for them. We requested to finalize RR so that promotion maybe given to executives. He told that that corporate office is working on that. 5) Issue related to stenographers: we pointed out our concern regarding abnormal delay in settlement of stenographers case. GM HR assured to re-examine the case and sit together to resolve the issue in days to come. 6) We raised the issue of delay in settling the issue of extending CGHS facility to retired employees: We conveyed him the dissatisfaction of the retired employees   over unnecessary delay on this issue. GM (HR) described various steps involved in this issue and he told that for scale mapping a letter has already been sent to DOT in this regard.
 03.08.2015  Sh. Manoj Malohtra Area Secretary Central area of TEAM Delhi unit arranged an introductory meeting with recently joined Sh. Naresh Khanna Area GM Central area. The meeting was attended by Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj JGS, Sh. K.R.Ydav CP Delhi, Sh. Ajay Kumar CFS Delhi, Sh. Manoj Malhotra AS,  Sh.C. P.Kalyan Area FS, Sh. Rawat. AS welcomed Sh. Naresh Khanna ji for his new assignment. We assured him for full corporation of each executives of Central area for betterment of area. GM asked us to mobilise our executives for putting their extra efforts by which we may bring some parameters to the level of satisfaction of VVIP subscribers of Central area as well as of management.He further told management is very much focused on central area and expecting some outstanding results from executives of Central area.  We listened carefully to GM and  assured him for best co-operation of executives for improvement of area but side by side we made him aware of many problems of executives of central area. We asked him for overall rehabilitation of computer hardware , shortage of vehicles and shortage of stored items. Problems related to deposit of bills of Leased lines and Toll free numbers at Eastern Court NCR counters was discussed in detail . GM assured to take up this issue with competent authorities. 
 03.08.2015 Sh. R.B.Aggarwal Area Secretary West of TEAM Delhi unit arranged an introductory meeting with recently joined Sh. Rajendra Prasad Area GM West area  . The meeting was attended by Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS, Sh. R. B. Aggarwal AS, Sh. Shailendra Singh ACS, Sh. T.D.Singh VP, Sh. Mukul Tiwari, Sh. O.D.Sharma, Sh. C.B.Sharma and Sh. M.S.Yadav  area executives. The meeting was held in very cordial atmosphere. GM asked for whole hearted contribution of executives towards the targets given by Hon’ble CMD for his vision of financial revival of MTNL. We assured him for our hundred percent contribution for improving the services . Thereafter we underlined the problems of executives of West area regarding shortage of man power, testing equipments, vehicles ,computer hardware and software. GM (west) replied that he is aware of some problems and will try to resolve them within present financial limitation .
 01.08.2015 1)  ED Delhi office issued endorsement order for 146 executives who were promoted from AM/JTO to DM/SDE. Please click here for copy of orders. 2) ED Delhi office issued a list of 378 probable telecom executives for calling of CR whose financial up-gradation from E4 to E5 is due. Please click here for copy of letter.
1) Nokia Networks differs from Ravi Shankar Prasad, says deal with MTNL on : Reacting to a news item published yesterday on various platforms, telecom equipment supplier Nokia Networks on Friday clarified that it has not rejected the purchase order from MTNL. The public sector telecom firm seeks to expand its network and Nokia Networks turned out to be the lowest bidder when the tender was floated last year. “Nokia Networks was awarded L1 in the MTNL tender in January 2014 and subsequently in March 2015 an Advance Purchase Order (APO) was offered and has already submitted the Bank Guarantee. MTNL management accepted the TEC (technical evaluation committee) recommendations to mutually discuss and agree with the L1 bidder the final security agreement. Nokia is extremely keen to work closely with MTNL business and partner them in their vision to provide world-class services to their customers,” a Nokia Networks statement said.
Please click here for link to news. 2)  Nokia rejects MTNL’s purchase order for network expansion : Long-pending network expansion plan of MTNLBSE -0.79 % may get delayed further as telecom equipment supplier Nokia Networks, which was the lowest bidder for the project, has rejected the purchase order from the PSU. “MTNL placed an Advance Purchase Order on March 4, 2015, on Nokia Solutions and Networks India Ltd. In response, the vendor has not accepted the security clause in the APO,” Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informed the Lok Sabha in a written reply. A news from Economic Times…

Please click here for link to news.

 31.07.2015 Com. J.S.Yadav, Circle Secretary, TEAM, Mumbai along with Com. G.N.Haragabal, President, Com. Jeyananth, Treasurer, Com.R.R.Mishra, JGS, Com. Jagtap, ACS and Com. K.K.Reddy, ACS welcomed Shri. Praveen Punj Who succeeded Shri. Peeyush Agrawal as ED, MTNL, Mumbai. ED was appraised about formation of MTNL Executive  Forum and he had promised meeting with Forum soon. 

 We will miss you Bharat Ratan Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir. !!!

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, passed away yesterday, July 27-2015

 30.07.2015  Regular Promotion Ao to CAO  List which has been received as modified. please click here to view the list.
 30.07.2015 TEAM has challenged the Judgement  given by  Principle Bench , CAT , New Delhi in our case OA NO. 722/2012 to set aside Senior Management RR in MTNL . This case came to hearing on 29.07.2015. Hon’ble court has fixed 26th August 2015 as next date of hearing.
 30.07.2015 1)Corporate office issued transfer and posting orders for ITS officers working in Delhi and corporate office. Sh. A.K.Srivastva has been posted as ED Delhi. Please click here for copy of letter. 2) Sh. Peeyush A ED Mumbai , who was selected as Advisor has been relieved for his new assignment and Sh. Praveen Punj has been posted as ED Mumbai.
 30.07.2015 ED Mumbai office issued a letter of posting for the executives who got their regular promotion from AM to DM. Please click here for copy of letter.
 29.07.2015  Congratulation !!!                 Congratulation !!!                      Congratulation !!!   Much awaited orders for  Regular promotion from  AO to CAO have been issued by Corporate Office today. We wish all 61 promoted executives for their new assignment.  There are some correction to originally loaded list therefore the list will be uploaded as soon as available. We regret for inconvenience caused to our members.
 27.07.2015  ED Delhi office issued Financial up-gradation to following executives. 1) E5 to E6 for 13 Telecom Executives. Please click here for copy of the letter. 2) E6 to E7 for 4 Finance  Executives . Please click here for copy of the letter.
 27.07.2015  An introductory meeting was arranged on 24.07.2015 by TEAM with  newly appointed  Sh. Amit Saxena as  GM (Transmission) . Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS , Sh. S.S.Gupta AS Transmission , Sh. Ajit Pal ACS, Sh. S.S. Asija ACS, Sh. P.C.Kushwaha Org. Secy (Trans), Sh. Rohit  Meena  Exe. Member (Trans) and Sh. I.P.Singal (member) attended the meeting.   We welcomed him for taking charge of transmission unit and assured him full cooperation in all respects. Several Points were discussed  in the meeting regarding field problems faced by the executives. Some of the points discussed are as under:

  • It was brought to his notice that measuring tools like power meter ,OTDR and splicing machine are urgently required in the field.
  • Points regarding shortage of executives in several divisions was also highlighted.

GM(Trans) assured us that he will take prompt action to resolve these issues at priorities.

 24.07.2015 CEC meeting of TEAM Delhi was held in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND on 22.07.2015. Members from all corners of Delhi came to attend the CEC. It was jam Packed Session of CEC. From CHQ GS along with other CHQ office bearers present in Delhi graced the occasion and deliberated over many issues. The meeting was presided over by President of TEAM Delhi , Sh. K.R Yadav. The meeting discussed the following points which were included in agenda:

  • Development about progress in various HR Issues: The matter was briefed by AGS Sh. Rajib. He elaborated the various occasions of discussion regarding pending HR issues with newly appointed CMD. In turn to our judiciously placed demands of holding various pending DPC , CMD directed HR section that if there is no financial implication in regular promotion of executives then there is no logic to keep holding promotion of them. It creates frustration among aspirants. Thereafter HR section have completed some DPCs and agreed to complete all other pending DPCs. He further assured the house for maintaining the pressure on HR Section regarding Pending HR problems.

GS enlightened the members regarding other pending HR issues. He specifically told that TEAM will start decisive battle with management for implementation of 78.2% IDA neutralization if the management is not agreed to our logical demand. He shared valuable information regarding progress of seniority case of rule-206 and assured that positive results are expected in near future. He told that we are continuously pursuing the matter of CGHS benefits and one more time option for pro-rata pensioners.

  • Circle conference of Delhi circle: It was decided that 10th and 11th September 2015 are tentative dates for holding the circle conference of Delhi circle. All area Secretaries were requested to deposit their respective area subscription up to date till Sep-2015 by 16th of August 2015. Positively. It was also decided that a Circle conference fee of Rs. 500/- per member is to be collected from all members and delegate attending the conference will have to deposit Rs. 500/- as delegate fee.
  • Development after joining of new CMD: Many members conveyed their dissatisfaction over arrogant behavior of New CMD and on his style of working. Some members pointed out that they heard CMD in their respective area meeting but what he directed there and what was conveyed to rest of Delhi through the minutes of CMD meeting have various differences. Keeping in view all the facts majority of the members were of the opinion that Association must intervene in this matter and should hold a meeting with CMD regarding their resentments over these issues.

GS told the house that CMD as explained himself is targeting his 100 days mission and accordingly he is making changes in the present set up. He is trying to make MTNL Financial Viable therefore we must not create any hurdles on his way . He further assured the house that he will try to hold a meeting with CMD at earliest and will communicate the worries of executives to him . So that amicable solution of the problems of executives may be sorted out and mission of CMD may be successful simultaneously. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks and motivating speech of JGS Sh. V.P. Bhardwaj .



It is for kind information to DS/AS/CEC members/CWC members/Circle Office bearers /CHQ office bearers present in Delhi that CEC meeting of Delhi Circle is scheduled to be held on 22.07.2015 at 14 hrs sharp in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan, ND. The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • Latest developments regarding pending HR issues of Executives.
  • 4th Circle Conference of Delhi Circle.
  • Any other point with the permission of Chair.

IIt is requested that all eligible office bearers should reach well in time to attend the CEC on 22.07.2015.

 20.07.2015 A general body meeting of executives of GM East area  was held on 17-07-2015 at Tis Hazari Tel. Exchange Building during lunch hours to discuss various issues pertaining to executives, service matters and issues pending at ED office and Corporate office. The meeting was organized by Com. Narender Dutt , Area Secretary East, Area President and other office Bearers in the area .The meeting was attended by all the executives. Com. S.P. S.Yadav AGS and Com. Rajeeb Kumar AGS attended the meeting. The meeting was presided by Com. Kishan Chand ,President. He welcomed all the office bearers and executives. He addressed members and enlightened them about the latest development of various issues and asked members to deliberate about their local problem. The meeting was started with the deliberations over local problems of executives in East area. Mainly the following points were focused: 1.  Harassment of executives by senior officers in East area 2. No adequate arrangement for proper sitting of executives. 3. Shortage of executives causing overburdening them  4. Non availability of infrastructure (e.g. shortage of materials, PC , Printer, FAX, Scanner & photocopy machine) at NCR counter and other offices in field  5.   Poor Mobile net work service . Com. S. P. S. Yadav, AGS addressed the meeting and assured the executives for earliest solution of their genuine problems. The progress of each issues pending at Head Quarter was conveyed to all executives.  Thereafter, Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS addressed the house and assured for full cooperation of CHQ for resolving the issues of executives so that they may work peacefully and more efficiently. He called each and every executive for strengthening TEAM so that matters pending at any level may be resolved to the best satisfaction of them. He elaborated  the progress of each pending issues at head quarter level and conveyed them that things are now under improvement under the leadership of Sh. N. K. Yadav, Member Services and CMD. He called upon all executives for their full cooperation and firm faith in TEAM so that all the matters pending at any level may be resolved. 
 18.07.2015 Top structure of ED Delhi unit faces major changes after  receiving directives from Corporate office. ED office issued a letter in this respect as follows. Please click here for copy of letter.

Eid Mubarak

Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words: E: Embrace with open heart I: Inspire with impressive attitude, D: Distribute pleasure to all.

 17.07.2015  Corporate office completed DPC for regular promotion from AO to CAO yesterday (i.e. on 16.07.2015). The orders in this respct are to be issued in next week
MTNL Executives Forum, Mumbai met today at Prabhadevi Telephone House. Members paid homage by observing 2 minutes silence to the departed member Shri. Bimappa, DGM(RF) who passed away untimely.
Then  elaborate discussion took place about the issues including the most important one- the 78.2% IDA issue and stopping the practice of putting executives to night patrol duty as well as about the recent CMD visit to Mumbai during which some of the executives felt humiliated.  Some of the members were appreciative of the motive of the CMD though  his approach in dealing with officers may be debated.
It has been decided to awaken the members about the various issues through banners and posters. This will be followed by area-wise meetings with members by the Forum leaders.
Final call for agitational programmes would be taken after meeting at least once the ED, Mumbai and the CMD and getting their responses to the issues which have already been brought to their notices.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com Haragaball the President TEAM Mumbai and a Core Committee of the Forum.
 14.07.2015 Corporate office issued a list of 9 Civil Executives for their regular promotion to the cadre of  Sr. Manager. please click here for the copy of orders.
 13.07.2015  Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS alongwith Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS attended the meeting called by CMD in BCP area on 11-07-15. The meeting was attended by all the top management officers and all the officers in BCP area. In the meeting CMD deliberated how the available resources can be best utilized. He motivated all the officers and requested to work hard so that financial health of MTNL can be revived.
 13.07.2015 Meeting with Member (Services) & CMD Shri N K Yadav-Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS along with Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS had a meeting with CMD on 11-07-15 at Sanchar Bhavan and had a detailed discussion on all the HR issues pending since long back and revival of company. Meeting lasted for nearly two hours. We thanked him for devoting much of his valuable time for the revival of MTNL and encouraging our members especially that how we can explore the best use of all our available resources . We conveyed him that our members are very much happy with all the actions taken by him in improving the financial health of the company. Dir(HR) and Dir(Finance) were also present in the meeting. Issues discussed were :

  1. Holding DPCs in all cadre for all the available posts .

  2. Provision of one time option for Pro –rata pension optees.

  3. Provision of CGHS facility to MTNL absorbees.

  4. Finalization of Gradation List of JAOs pending since long back and their promotion.

  5. Framing of RR for AM(HR).

    CMD was very much positive to the HR issues of executives raised by us. As both the directors were present in the meeting, he directed them to deal with with our issues on priority . We hope that as per his directions the back log decisions for welfare of executives may be speed up.

Discussion was also held on MTNL and BSNL merger. We have made him clear that we are in the favour of merger but the issues which are coming in the way of merger must be settled .

 09.07.2015 Corporate office issued a list of 307 executives for regular promotion from JTO / AM to SDE /DM. TEAM congratulate all executives on their regular promotion…..  please click here for copy of orders.
 09.07.2015 Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came for hearing in CAT on 08.07.2015 but Hon’ble court fixed 03.09.2015 as next date of hearing . MTNL advocate could not file the reply to amended OA filed by us.
 09.07.2015  The rate of  IDA of Executives and non-unionized supervisors of  CPSEs will be 102.6 % with effect from 01.07.2015. Please click here for copy of orders. 
 07.07.2015 ED Delhi office issued a list of 9 Telecom executives for financial up-gradation from E5 to E6. Please click here for copy of  letter. 
 07.07.2015 United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations met Member ( Finance) on 06/07/2015 on the issue related to pension and payment of pension arrears to the Combined Pension holders who retired prior to 01/01/2007. The delegation includes Com. Mange Ram Sharma, Com. M.K.Bagchi, Com. A. K. Kaushik and Com. S. S. Nanda.

Member (Finance) expressed her serious concern about very poor progress of preparation of PPO books. While apprising her of our view points about the reason for poor progress of preparation of PPO books, we gave stress on the prospect of payment of pension arrears. To this , Member(Finance) opined that she needs the details of liabilities towards pension including pension arrears so that the issue of liabilities accrued prior to DOT’s taking over of the pension w.e.f. April 2014 so that due approval can be sought for from the appropriate authority of the Government. She informed that the work is going on in this direction by a team with Advisor(Finance) as its head. This is an effort to enable the payment of pension arrears.

 06.07.2015  United forum wrote a letter to CMD MTNL for long pending issues like neutralization of 78.2% IDA from 01.01.2007 , Facility of CGHS to MTNL employees and providing a fresh opportunity for pension option to pro-rata pensioners. Please click here for copy of letter.
 06.07.2015 1) Nokia approaches DoT after MTNL delays delivery of network gear : Nokia Solutions & Networks has sought the telecom department’s intervention following Mahanagar Telephone Nigam’s refusal to buy 2G and 3G network gear nearly 18 months after it had certified the Finnish vendor as the lowest bidder for supplying equipment for its near Rs. 1,139-crore GSM network expansion in Mumbai and Delhi. Matters have come to a head since MTNLBSE 1.51 % has declined to place purchase orders even after NSN’s Indian arm submitted a Rs. 49.2 crore bank guarante .. A news from Economic Times……… Please click here for link to news. 2)No proposal of delisting: MTNL   State-run MTNLBSE 2.26 % today said there are no plans to delist its shares from the stock exchanges. “It is stated that as far as MTNL is concerned no such proposal has been under consideration of the board,” MTNL said in a clarification to BSE after its stock price surged on reports of delisting. The MTNL stock was up 19.88 per cent to Rs 19.90 apiece in the afternoon trade. Meanwhile Telecom Secretary Rakesh Garg said during an event here that any decision on BSNL .. A news from Economic Times…. Please click here for link to news.
 06.07.2015  Com. V. P. Bhardwaj, JGS along with Com. K. R. Yadav, Circle President Delhi, Com. S. P. S. Yadav, AGS and Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS met Sh. N. K. Joshi, GM (HR) on 03-07-2015 to discuss the progress in various long pending issues which were raised in meeting held earlier. The issues discussed are as under:

  1. DPC from JTO to SDE (T): It was informed by GM (HR) that the DPC has been completed and sent for approval to CMD. After approval by CMD promotion order will be issued subsequently.

  2. DPC from AO to CAO: GM (HR) informed that all the formalities for the DPC have been completed and hopefully DPC will be done in next week.

  3. Finalization of gradation list of JAOs: GM (HR) informed that this issue is going to be resolved soon after the completion of the DPC from AO to CAO.

  4. DPC from SDE (T) to DET: GM (HR) informed that the revision of seniority list of SDEs (under rule 206) by the direction of Hon’ble Supreme court is at final stage. After finalization of seniority list this DPC will be held.

  5. Finalization of RR of AM (HR)/AM Legal: GM (HR) informed that corporate office is working in this direction.
 04.07.2015  United Forum of unions &Associations of MTNL wrote a letter to Secretary DOT and CMD MTNL regrading payment of pension arrears of revised pension and family pension (at 68.8%) for the retirees who retired prior to 2007 for the period from 01.01.2007 to 30.09.2012. Please click here for copy of letter.
 04.07.2015  ED Delhi office issued a list of 11 executives(Telecom) for look after promotion from DE to DGM. Please click here for copy of letter. 
 04.07.2015  Corporate office issued a letter to ED Delhi/ Mumbai and CGM(WS) for appointing a co-ordinating officer where ever 50 or more than 50 Landline/GSM subscribers of MTNL are residing in building/society/office premises. These Co-ordinating officers will receive the complaints of subscribers and will co-ordinate with the respective officers of MTNL for rectifying the faults of Landline/GSM/BB services . Please click here for copy of letter.
 04.07.2015 BSNL, MTNL merger decision to be taken in 4-5 months:The decision will be taken after studying the IIM report on it. The decision on merging state-run and will be taken in the next four-five months, Telecom Secretary said on Friday.“BSNL, MTNL decision will be taken in four-five months after studying the IIM report on it,” he said. Anupam Shrivastava, BSNL chairman-cum-managing director, said MTNL will be delisted before the merger. MTNL stocks rallied 20% intra-day. The stocks were trading 14.46% up at 2.11 p.m in the Bombay Stock Exchange. MTNL, however, said there is no delisting proposal under consideration of the board. A news from Business Standard……. Please click here for link to news.
 03.07.2015  1) MTNL rallies as government plans to delist stock before merger with BSNL :Shares of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam LtdBSE 12.65 % (MTNL) rallied as much as 19.87 per cent in intraday trade on Friday on media reports that the government is planning to delist the stock before merging the telecom operator with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. The telecom department (DoT) in September 2014 had set a cutoff date of July 31, 2015 for concluding the much-discussed merger of struggling state-run telecom companies — BSNL and MTNL. MTNL runs telecom services in Delhi and Mumbai while BSNL offers telecom coverage in the rest of India. BSNL has 61,622 mobile towers, the second largest tower portfolio among all telcos. A sizeable chunk of its tower assets are colocated with landline exchanges to meet business needs. BSNL is also the holder of one of the largest land banks among state-owned firms with properties reckoned to be running into thousands of crores of rupees across 3,500 towns. Meanwhile, the full mobile number portability (MNP) also comes into effect today. Now, Mobile phone users will be able to retain their numbers when they relocate to any part of the country even if they change operators . A news from Economic Times……Please click here for link to news.2) MTNL surges 20%; to delist before BSNL merger says CMD : Shares of  MTNL  surged 20 percent intraday on Friday as merger plans with BSNL firms up. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD of the state-run telecom company has said that MTNL will be delisted before the merger. He stated that the government is working out to iron out three merger issue including MTNL’s debt position and HR issues. The government has set a cut off date of 31 July for the merger. However, MTNL has said that there is no delisting proposal under consideration of the board. Earlier in March, Minister of Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad had said BSNL and MTNL’s debt stood at Rs 4,459 crore and Rs 14,120 crore respectively. Prasad also said the number of subscribers of the state-run telecom companies declined from 2012 to 2014. MTNL today reported a standalone net loss of Rs. 595.11 crore for the quarter ended March 31, due to sharp rise in expenditure. For the entire 2014-15 fiscal, MTNL posted a net loss of Rs. 2,893.39 crore. In the previous year, the company had clocked a net profit of Rs. 7,825.13 in the previous year.  A news from Money Control……. Please click here for link to news.
 01.07.2015  It is expected that IDA for CPSU employees may increase by 2.1 %  approximately. As soon as orders will be issued , same will be uploaded.


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