GS wrote a letter  to Sh. Narender Modiji Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on account of insecure salary  of MTNL’s employees and requested him for asking MTNL Management for not to delay in salary. He further suggested some steps for revival of MTNL

Please click here for copy of letter.

click here for copy of suggestions for revival of MTNL.

 06.12.2018 Latest position in regard to the move in Pension Revision

The Office-bearers of Telecom Executive Association of MTNL Shri A.K.Kaushik, GS /TEAM and Rajiv Kumar, Acting GS/ TEAM accompanied by Shri M.K.Bagchi, Convener / United Forum have met the concerned officers of DOT on 4th. And 5th.December,2018 to discuss about the pension revision of BSNL and the pension ( on combined services basis ) revision  of MTNL They along with Shri Prahlad  Rai and Shri Shiv Kumar, GS and President of AIBSNLEA respectively  have also met on 5/12/2018 the concerned officers of DOP&PW in this connection. The information gathered and precise position of the issue ascertained by us are as follows :-

  • Whatever move taken by DOT so far is only in respect of pension revision of BSNL pensioners. The pension revision of MTNL pensioners (combined services) is not taken together in the present move because, as per DOT, MTNL pension is not same as BSNL pension. Because, as per DOT, the full liability of BSNL pension is now borne by DOT where as a part of MTNL pension is the liability of MTNL even though DOT pays the full amount of   This is because, as per DOT, some of the pay scales of MTNL is higher than those in BSNL and the equalization is expected to be done during the currency of 3rd.PRC. To our points of opposition, it is clarified that DOT wants to avoid any complication at this stage by combining MTNL issue which can be tackled conveniently latter once BSNL issue is “through”
  • Till so far, DOT has sent a note to DOP&PW soliciting to know whether it is permissible to consider the issue of pension revision delinking it from the issue of pay revision.
  • DOT will consider the next step i.e. fitment aspect of pension revision only after approval of policy proposal of delinking pension revision from pay revision. Even though in the course of discussion our proposal applying the fitment factor of 7th.CPC was figured, it is apparently clear that the concerned officers of DOT is yet to decide their minds in this respect. They prefer to take a call in this respect only after the issue related to delinking is approved.


MTNL Should Merge With BSNL Based on a Special Purpose Vehicle: MTNL Chairman: The government led debt-ridden telecom operator, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), which operates in Delhi and Mumbai circles has urged the government to package a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) so that the Rs 20,000 crore debts and assets including 1,100 towers, lands and buildings are deleveraged to correct the financials of the company. MTNL has also talked to the government about a merger with BSNL so that the telco will be able to expand operations across India on the basis of network utilisation. MTNL chairman and MD, Praveen Kumar Purwar told said in a statement, “In today’s below-cost competition, consolidation of BSNL and MTNL as one entity is the need of the hour and the only way to survive. Fragmented operations can only lead to their extinction.” He said that the government would need to work for MTNL’s sustenance and once the telecom operator’s financials are strong enough then a merger will BSNL can be ideated upon……..An interview of CMD in Telecom Talks…

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 04.12.2018  Very meaningful achievement  of AUAB in BSNL

After a long battle with management of BSNL; AUAB (All Unions & Associations of BSNL) and a grand meeting with  Sh. Manoj Sinha Hon’ble Minister of Communication reached to an agreement for deferring the proposed strike and following demands were achieved.

  1. It was intimated by DOT ‘s official that a cabinet memo has already been prepared for approval of cabinet and hopefully 4G license may be given to BSNL.
  2. It was accepted to delink the pension revision from pay revision and affordability clause and process separately.
  3. on pension contribution as positive recommendation is being sent to Dept. of Expenditure.
  4. on 3rd PRC for the employees some more issues are to be sorted out between BSNL and DOT. In the present form , union cabinet may not approve it and hence some more time is required for sorting out this.

 UFOM wrote a letter to Sh.Manoj Sinha ji Hon’ble Minister of Communications wherein Solidarity & supports towards strike given by AUAB on 03.12.2018 has been communicated and further it has been requested that their demands must be full filled shortly for avoiding unrest in BSNL and MTNL.

Please click here for copy of Letter.


A letter has been issued by corporate office to ED Delhi and Mumbai for preparing salary of Nov-2018 so that payment may be made on 5th Dec.2018.

Please click here for copy of letter.


 Very Successful demonstration was organised by association which was crowded by number of executives from  all corner of Mumbai and Delhi during lunch hour of 01.12.2018 at Prabha Devi telephone exchange Mumbai and Corporate office CGO complex New Delhi respectively. The demonstration was supported by United Forum of Union and Association of MTNL  Mumbai and Delhi.  Leaders spoke about failed management and worst policies which have resulted into non payment of salary  of employees. It was further assured that detailed protest action programme will be announced shortly if management fails to resolve the problem instantly.




It is to inform one and all that massive lunch hour demonstration is scheduled in front of Corporate office on 01.12.2018 to protest stoppage of salary for NOV-2018 for the time being  by Corporate Management. Therefore all are requested to join enmasse along with your other area executives/employees and make demonstration a grand success. TEAM has already written a letter to CMD in this regard.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 UFOM wrote a letter to CMD for protest to the action initiated by Management to stop salary for month of NOV-2018 for the time being. They have further supported the protest action programme give by TEAM.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 The  Office-bearers  of TEAM met CMD MTNL on 29.11.2018 to discuss about the instructions issued by MTNL Corporate Office to withhold the payment of salary of the employees for the month of November,2018.

TEAM has expressed deep anguish and frustration at this development and demanded immediate withdrawal of the instructions issued in this respect. CMD has been informed that this will send a wrong message and shock wave among the employees who have been already hard-pressed in maintaining the services in the field  despite severe constrains and odds. This will also send a wrong and frustrating alarm in the market and among the customers who are still loyal to MTNL. Already some news media has flashed  this news.

CMD pleaded his inability stating that there is shortage of fund needed to pay the salary. Despite all efforts, MTNL could not manage to make good the shortfall yet. He explains that DOT is duly aware of this move. DOT was even approached to pay the dues to MTNL which stands around Rupees 180 Crore .But DOT has not paid this. BSNL has due to MTNL about Rupees 400 Crore. BSNL has pleaded its inability to pay this immediately. Thus MTNL is undone. CMD could not assure a firm date by which salary will be released.The worst and most insensitive remark is that disruption in the payment of salary of the employees is not uncommon for loss making  PSUs. He gave example of ITI. CMD has further confirmed information of proposal of VRS to employees is being sent to DOT  for reducing wage bill ; as shared by Dir.HR during discussion with us.

From our side TEAM has told him that the employees are not responsible for revenue loss and financial distress of MTNL Even today MTNL employees working hard to maintain services. Therefore, why should employees only suffer for this ? Corporate Management is spending lavishly on unproductive heads. Fund are being wasted for unviable projects whereas maintenance of network is left high and dry.DOT and MTNL corporate Management are solely responsible for downfall of MTNL.

 CMD Has been unambiguously informed that if salary is not paid on due date, there will be large scale protests in MTNL and for this MTNL and DOT will be held responsible.


 Meeting with Director (HR): The Emergency Meeting regarding Pay Stoppage by MTNL Management, was taken by the TEAM General Secretary Shri Rajeeb Kumar with other Comrades Shri  P.C.Saraswat , Shri  Ramnik Sharma, Shri Ajay Kumar, Shri S.P.S Yadav, Shri  K.R.Yadav and Shri R.K.Chhabra. Dir(HR)was  asked to clarify reasons for stoppage of Pay and certainty about its release.Director (HR) informed that MTNL has not any fund to release the salary at present  and there is a complete uncertainty  for its release .  They all are working to arrange the pay for this Month but the situation of uncertainty like this will continue in future until it is resolved at DOT/Minister Level/Cabinet Level.

TEAM expressed their resentment and informed if the salary of the employees is not released than the Management has to face the agitation of the employees and it is none of the business of the employees   to arrange profit for the company as earning profit or loss depends upon the strategic decisions of the Management/DOT/Government of India. We suggested that there are  large number of Vacant Plots and Real Estate which have not been  properly developed  to create assets and earn revenue through tie up with NBCC . The Land use  conversion at the Management level should not be difficult if pursued properly. We further  asked why management is not curtailing expenses on their luxuries and spending  huge money on non-profitable business as in the case of Convergent Billing Costing  about Rs.500 Crore,3G Mobile project costing Rs.700 Crore . MTNL is not adding to its revenue/income rather customers are still reducing day by day due to lack of strategic vision and intent at the management level.

To this Dir(HR) also informed that MTNL Board is making various  proposals out of which one proposal is for VRS of 20,000 employees to revive the company by reducing wage expenditure.

TEAM has clear cut communicated to Dir. HR that if management fails to release the salary of Nov-2018 in time the we will be compelled to start Protest action programme.


consequent upon the letter issued by CO for not issuing instructions to banks for releasing of salary  for the month of Nov-2018 for the time being; TEAM wrote a letter to CMD MTNL protesting this unjustified step of  management. We have communicated to CMD that employees/executives  are not responsible for the current situation and hence such instructions may be stopped and payment of salary must be  made on time. If management  fails to do so then we will be compelled to start protest actin programme.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 Corporate Management instructed via a letter to ED Delhi / Mumbai for not issuing instructions to Banks for releasing of salary of November-2018 on 30th Nov. 2018  for the time being.

Please click here for copy of letter. 


 GS wrote a letter to Dir. HR  for granting a meeting with representatives of TEAM for discussing various problems of Executives .

Please click here for copy of letter.


 Today ( 26/11/2018 ) the office bearers of Telecom Executives’ Association of MTNL (TEAM ) have attended a pre-scheduled meeting with Shri Ravi Kant, Member ( Services ) / DOT. S/ Shri A K Kaushik, Rajiv Kumar and Ajay Kumar accompanied by Shri M K Bagchi ( UF/ Delhi) have discussed the following issues with Member ( Services ) :-1) Merger of MTNL & BSNL

2) Merger of left over DA (4.4%) with basic pay as on I/1/2007 and giving effect to total 78.2% DA neutralization and arrange immediate payment to the employees and pensioners of MTNL.

3) Pay revision of MTNL employees without any regard to the “affordability” clause as recommended by 3rd. PRC.

4) Revision of Govt. pension of BSNL and MTNL pensioners w.e.f. 1/1/2017 delinking with the issue of pay revision and by application of fitment factor as prescribed by the 7th.PC.

  As regards merger of MTNL & BSNL, Member (Services) observes that the issue is still under active consideration. He opined that this has more complicated with the passages of time. As regards merger of left over portion of DA of 4.4% with basic pay, he has patiently heard our view points and assured that he will get this thoroughly examined and then will give his opinion. He has taken a note of this. As regards Pay Revision in MTNL without “affordability” clause, he agrees that the employees cannot be held responsible for present loss of revenue and financial distress of MTNL. He observes that something is on move on BSNL side and the result of that is expected to impact the prospect of pay revision in MTNL.

As regards pension revision on the basis of recommendations of 7th. CPC, we have put forth our viewpoints in details. He says that this matter is currently debated in DOT. Various options are being weighed before finalising the proposal to be sent to the nodal departments. To this we pointed out that no ad-hoc measure will solve this satisfactorily. The policy that ensures delinking pay revision as the precondition of pay revision and thereby application of fitment formulas for pension revision as prescribed by 7th. CPC is the only way to get sustained, uniform and fair solution to this problem. Member ( Service ) appears to be still sceptic in this regard. We have told him to examine our points carefully and that we shall meet him again . We have given thanks to him.


 GS wrote a letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sh. Narender Modi ji regarding current position of MTNL in terms of its poor financial condition and suggested that merger of BSNL and MTNL may bring back both PSUs on the track.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


CO issued a letter to ED Delhi and Mumbai for asking vacancy position for regular promotion to the post of SDE/Dy.Managaer (telecom).

Please click here for the copy of letter.



GS wrote a letter to Secretary DOT for revision of salary of MTNL Employees/Executives by implementation of 3rd PRC recommendation.

Please click here for copy of letter.



 ED Delhi Office issued a list of 47 telecom executives for calling of CR for their financial up-gradation from E4 to E5.

Please click here copy of letter.


Circle Secy. Delhi wrote a letter to ED Delhi for various problems of executives in day to day working in different fields and requested  an urgent meeting with him for discussion.  

Please click here for copy of letter.



 1)DoT may seek legal opinion if flat SUC possible:  The telecom department is likely to write to the law ministry, asking whether it could go for a flat rate for annual spectrum usage charge (SUC), a move which could further divide older operators Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel on one side and latest entrant Reliance Jio Infocomm on the other. A news from ET Telecom….

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will be meeting up with the chiefs of telecom companies in the country next month. This meeting will be aimed at discussing the agenda for the year 2019. This meeting will reportedly be followed up by another meet with the broadcasting firm heads in India.According to a report by DNA Money, while the chiefs of telecom companies are expected to meet the telecom regulator on 4 December, the talks with the heads of broadcasting firms will be held a few days later on 7 December..A news from TECH2..

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 GM (BB) Delhi Unit issued minutes of the meeting held with TEAM Office bearers on 06.11.2018.

Please click here for the copy of minutes





 Com. Rajeeb Kumar, GS , Com. S. P. S. Yadav, CS , Com. K.R. Yadav, CP, Com. R. D. Ahirwar, OS Delhi Circle, Com. Maninder Sareen, ACS, Com. Srikant Prasad, AS , Com. P.K.Tenguria, Area President and Com. Deepak, Executive Member attended the scheduled meeting with Sri Rahul Johri, GM BB(P & D) on 06-10-2018 to discuss the various Burning issues raised by executives in GB meeting held recently. The issues discussed were :

1.  Harassment to executives by senior officers causing unrest amongst them.

2. Shortage of executives causing overburdening them .

3. Non availability of infrastructure (e.g. shortage of PC , Laptops, etc.).

4.Stopping the provision of LLA arrangement in the unit and putting the Regular Post Holder therein.

5. Providing reimbursement of Conveyance Bill claimed by executives for attending fault during Odd Hours.

6. Forwarding of request given by executives for various purpose like deputation, transfer.

GM listened all the issues patiently and assured us to look into all the issues personally in order to eradicate unrest amongst executives so that smooth functioning of network could be done. He also assured us that all effort will be done to maintain cordial relation.

 06.11.2018 Com. Rajeeb Kumar, GS , Com. S. P. S. Yadav, CS , Com. Narender Dutt, AS, Com. Rajinder Kumar Tomar, DS and Com. R. K. Tyagi, OS attended the Meeting with Sri Anish Mehta,GM (East) on 06-10-2018 to discuss the various pending issues pertaining to executives in daily functioning. The issues discussed were 1.  Harassment of executives by senior officers in East area 2. Shortage of executives causing overburdening them 4. Non availability of infrastructure (e.g. shortage of materials, PC , Printer & photocopy machine) at NCR counter and other offices in field . GM listened all the issues patiently and assured us to look into all the issues in due course of time in order to maintain smooth functioning of network in East area.


1)Telcos seek more time to phase out Aadhaar-based e-KYC, implement alternate system…..Mobile phone companies have requested the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to give them 15 more days till November 20 to implement the alternate digital process for verifying new subscribers, during which time they should be allowed to also run the Aadhaar-based authentication process. A news from Economic Times Telecom…

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2)Vodafone Idea too plan paring of 2G/3G services for 4G push .. After Bharti AirtelVodafone Idea plans to scale down its 2G and 3G services and shift subscribers to 4G to fight Reliance Jio Infocomm and the former market leader more effectively.

Vodafone Idea, the new telecom market leader, will initially bring in 900 MHz band spectrum – currently used for 2G – to offer the more efficient 4G mobile standard and subsequently look at using a sizeable chunk of its 3G in the 2100 MHz band for such services.

The company recently started trials in Mumbai for delivering 4G services on 900 MHz and is likely to repeat them in other markets shortly, a person with direct knowledge told ET. A news from Economic Times Telecom Delhi…

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Telecom operators instructed to have new KYC process ready by November 5: DoT. A news from International Business Times.

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Consequent upon going abroad GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik ji wrote a letter to CMD for recognising  present AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar as acting GS for the intermittent period.( i.e. till his return from abroad). 

Please click her for the copy of letter.


United Forum of MTNL wrote a letter to CMD MTNL for taking over charge of Powai staff quarters from BSNL .

Please click here for copy of the letter.



We are speechless and hands are jammed to write anything but still we are informing all of you as follows……..

With heavy heart and lot of sorrow , it is to inform you that young and only son (at age of 13 yrs only) of Sh. Brigesh Sharma SDE working as SDE TX at Kidwai Bhawan passed away at 22.30 hrs of 23.10.2018.

One more very  pain full incident  occurred with Sh. Devender Singh DE (MVR) , his family met with a road accident on 24.10.2018 and his beloved son expired. Whereas other family members are still hospitalized and are being treated for multiple injuries.

TEAM firmly stands by both SDEs and prays to almighty for blessing enough courage to their families to come out of this deep sea of sorrow. We pray to God to provide space in his feet to the departed souls.


DoT asks MTNL to outline long-term roadmap as part of revival talks: CMD ..As part of the ongoing revival talks, telecom department has asked the ailing MTNLNSE 0.73 % to outline a long-term roadmap on how the PSU plans to compete with other players that have a pan-India footprint, the operator’s chairman said. 

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) has been incurring losses for a number of years and was declared as incipient sick as per the Department of Public Enterprises guidelines. 

A revival plan of MTNL, prepared by its consultant, is currently under consideration in Department of Telecom (DoT). 

“An internal committee on revival, too, has listed out various options and the finance branch of DoT has raised specific queries including what should be the long-term roadmap for MTNL, given that all other players now have pan-India operation,” MTNL Chief P K Purwar said.  A news from Economic Times….

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Happy Dussehra

Happy Dussehra Wishes Quotes

TEAM wishes you and your family  a very happy Dussehra


 After making significant changes in the present posting of regular promoted Sr. Manager /DEs , ED  Delhi office issued posting orders .

Please click here for the copy of orders.


 Dear Comrades ! MTNL Corporate Office has issued a letter vide letter no. MTNLCO/PERS/Deputation/2018/PI File/1988 Dated 01.10.2018 Wherein Delhi and Mumbai units have been asked to give names of 100 Executives and 200 Non Executives from each units , who can be spared and be posted any where in country on deputation. “Please do not be in panic  with the content of this letter. the MTNL /DOT has no power to post us forcibly any where in the country . this is nothing but a fear psychosis per unit and panic among employees of MTNL so that they can runaway/leave the MTNL and can be deprived them from facility of VRS (if any) “.

We Further assure all of you on behalf of our organisation as well as on behalf of United Forum of MTNL that no body will be touched by the management . Our Association and UFOM will provide all type of protection to every employee of Delhi and Mumbai. 

Letter of MTNL corporate office.


MTNL seeks Rs 6,000 crore equity to launch 4G services, to float tender for vendors ..:

State-owned Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNLNSE 3.00 %) has sought permission from the government for preferential capital issuance of Rs 6,292 crore to launch fourth-generation (4G) services and would soon release a tender to select a gear vendor partner for the ambitious rollout.

MTNL operates in Delhi and Mumbai metropolitan areas ad is planning to launch high-speed data services on the 1800 Mhz and 2100 Mhz spectrum bands.
“We have submitted a plan for preferential equity, and without diluting the company’s ownership, we have said that we will issue preferential capital of equivalent amount which is coming at Rs 6,292 crore for 4G launch,” MTNL chairman PK Purwar told ET. A News from Economic Times..

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 12.10.2018  With tariffs likely to go up, turmoil in Indian telecom could soon ease :The turmoil in the telecom sector seems to be easing with prices remaining largely stable for the past three quarters and some industry executives and experts seeing tariffs edging up in the next two quarters. That could end more than two years of rock bottom prices for Indian telecom consumers. 
While there could be some tinkering with rates in the next two quarters to test market reaction, noticeable pricing power may return only after six months, executives said. But the key to that remains Reliance NSE 2.64 % Jio Infocomm, which has kept prices largely stable since January. A News from Economic Times…

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 Telecom operators propose new e-KYC process as alternative to Aadhaar  :Telecom operators have approached the Department of Telecom (DoT) seeking approval for new e-KYC process as an alternative to Aadhaar-based verification. This follows the Supreme Court order restricting use of Aadhaar information by private companies including telcos and banks. 

“We are proposing minor modifications to the DoT guidelines…allowing consumer application form (CAF) to be embedded with photograph and scanned images thereby digitise the end to end process for on boarding  of new subscribers by making it completely paperless,” the Apex Advisory Council for Telecom in India (ACT) said in a letter to the DoT. A news from Economic Times……

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 ED Delhi Office issued a list of 22 Telecom executives for their financial up-gradation  from E5 to E6.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 MTNL corporate office issued a revised policy for usage of Broad Band about its speed and data limit at office and residence.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 Submit Aadhaar De-Linking Plan Within 15 Days, Telecom Firms Told : Telecom companies have been given 15 days by the Unique Identification Authority of India to give a plan to stop using Aadhaar number for customer authentication. This comes days after the Supreme Court, in a landmark verdict, struck down attempts to make it mandatory for mobile phone connections and several other services.

Service providers like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea and others were sent the circular that said, “…all TSPs (telecom service providers) are called upon to immediately take actions in order to comply with the judgement dated 26.09.2018. In this regard, TSPs are hereby directed to submit by 15th October, 2018 an action plan/exit plan to the authority for closure of use of Aadhaar based authentication systems…”……A News from NDTV…

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 A list for regular promotion from AO to CAO (Manager to Sr. Manager Accounts) has been issued by Corporate Office for 10 Finance Executives. TEAM Congratulate each executives for their promotion.

Please click here for the copy of list.

 28.09.2018 It is reliably learnt that IDA for CPSU is likely to be increased by 7.6% w.e.f. 01.10.2018.

Most awaited list for regular promotion from SDE to DE (Manager to Sr. Manager) has been issued by Corporate Office for 142 telecom Executives. TEAM Congratulate each executives for their promotion.

Please click here for copy of successful executives.

 27.09.2018  Trai to be renamed as DCRAI: Telecom Minister The name of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will be changed to Digital Communications Regulatory Authority of India, telecom minister Manoj Sinha today said. 
” Now I should address you as Digital Communications Regulator ,” Sinha told Trai Chairman RS Sharma from dais at Annual General Meeting of telecom infrastructureNSE -2.85 % body TAIPA. 
When asked from when will new name of Trai, Digital Communications Regulatory Authority of India, will be effective, Sinha said “It will be done soon”.
The minister earlier in the day shared change in name of Telecom Commission– apex decision making body at the Department of Telecom, to Digital Communications Commission.  A News from Economic Times….
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 Government Gives Nod to New Telecom Policy, Eyes Broadband for All: The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a new telecom policy – National Digital Communications Policy 2018 – designed to provide “broadband to all,” Union Communications Minister Manoj Sinha announced.

The policy, aimed at providing universal availability of 50Mbps and attracting investments worth $100 billion (about Rs. 7.26 lakh crores), was approved by the Telecom Commission in July after the government came out with a draft policy in May.

Sinha, addressing the media after the cabinet meeting, said that among other targets the policy aims to “provide broadband to all and create 40 lakh jobs.” It also aims at providing a “ubiquitous, resilient, secure and affordable” digital communication services. Further, the policy aims at providing 1Gbps connectivity to all “Gram Panchayats” by 2020 and 10Gbps by 2022. A news from NDTV…..

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BSNL सबसे पहले करेगा 5G सेवाओं की शुरुआत, जापानी कंपनियों के साथ किया करार:नई दिल्ली (टेक डेस्क)। भारत संचार निगम लिमिटेड (BSNL) अन्य टेलिकॉम कंपनियों से पहले देश में 5G सेवा लॉन्च कर सकती है। बीएसएनएल ने इसके लिए जापान की दो कंपनियों सॉफ्टबैंक और एनटीटी कम्युनिकेशंस के साथ करार किया है। इस मौके पर बीएसएनएस के प्रबंध निदेशन अनुपम श्रीवास्त्व ने कहा, ‘हमने भारत में 5G सेवाओं की शुरुआत और इंटरनेट ऑफ थिंग्स (IoT) के संबंध में सॉफ्टबैंक और एनटीटी कम्युनिकेशंस के साथ करार किया है। इस समझौते के तहत हम समाधान स्मार्ट शहरों के लिए तलाशेंगे।’

अनुपम श्रीवास्त्व ने आगे कहा कि BSNL के अधिकतर प्रतिद्वंदी (अन्य टेलिकॉम कंपनियां) अब भी अपनी 4G सेवाओं के जरिए ही रुपये कमाना चाह रहे हैं, इसलिए अग्रणी कंपनियां 5G की शुरुआत के लिए सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की कंपनी की ओर देख रही हैं। श्रीवास्तव ने कहा, ‘हमें दूरसंचार मंत्री मनोज सिन्हा की ओर से की गई पहल का लाभ हुआ है। उन्होंने 5G के लिए वैश्विक स्तर पर कई बैठकें की है। हमने उन अवसरों को भुनाते हुए अगली पीढ़ी की प्रौद्योगिकी के लिए करार किया है।’ एक समाचार  दैनिक जागरण से…..

कृपया विस्तृत समाचार जानने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

 26.09.2018 It is reliably learnt that DPC for regular promotion from SDE to DE (Manager to Sr. Manager) for telecom executives have been completed at Corporate office .The list of successful  executives shall be declared very soon
 24.09.2018  Government may decide on 4G spectrum allocation to MTNL, BSNL by Dec :The government is expected to decide on spectrum allocation for 4G services to public sector firms BSNL and MTNL by this year-end, telecom minister Manoj Sinha said Tuesday. “I fully agree that survival of BSNL and MTNL without 4G spectrum is tough. There are some decisions of the apex court. We have made a strategy to settle them. I will try by end of this year, it should not be in 2019 but in 2018, the government should decide on the allocation of 4G spectrum,” Sinha said at a conference organ . A news from Economic Times……

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 Government starts selection process for BSNL CMD post :The government has started selection process for the post of Chairman and Managing Director of state-owned telecom firm BSNL, as present CMD Anupam Shrivastava will superannuate in June next year. 

“PESB has invited names of qualified candidates for the post of CMD, BSNL by 1500 hours on October 22, 2018,” the Department of Telecom said in a note to heads of state-run firms under it. 

The selection process starts 8-10 months in advance of retirement of the public sector enterpr .. A news from Economic Times…..

 Please click here for link to news.

MTNL corporate office notifies for the recruitment of Assistant Manager  HR, Sales and marketing and finance.

Please lick here for the notification.


G.S. along with Shri V.P Bhardwaj Joint G.S , Shri Rajeeb Kumar AGS , Shri K.R Yadav Circle President, Shri  S.P.S  Yadav  C.S , Shri Ajay Kumar  Circle Treasurer, Shri P.C  Saraswat  Sr. Vice President  & Shri S. S. Asija  ACS, met with Member services Shri Ravi Kant Ji, Today and welcomed him  on assumption the charge of Member(Services) Telecom Commission and presented flower bouquet.

 We have discussed the various issues related with revival of MTNL i.e proper focus is to be given on maintenance of existing Telecom services in Delhi & Mumbai viz. GSM, BB, FTTH, and Landline services. We also requested him for 5G licenses to MTNL for Delhi and Mumbai instead of 4G. The issue of extending the 5% IDA neutralization for the retirees & to remove the affordability clause for both MTNL & BSNL so as to implement the 3rd PRC w.ef 1-1-2017 with 15% fitment smoothly was also discussed. We also discussed the issue of one time option for the Pro-rata opttes.

              We have also requested the Member (Services) to make the issue of Pension revision smooth in future by evolving the formula to implement the pension revision for MTNL & BSNL retirees in accordance to the formula of 7th CPC i.e in future the pension revision is to be delinked from affordability of PRC & the pension revision of MTNL & BSNL retirees in accordance to central pay commission revision formula for the retirees of Central Govt. because the retirees of MTNL & BSNL are also being governed  under CCS Pension Rule 1972.

            The Member (Services) heard us patiently and asked us to submit a written brief about all our issues including One Time Option to the Pro-rata Pensioners. Member (services) has also assured to look into all these issues sympathetically and asked us to meet after three weeks to review the status of all these issues.


 TEAM Wishes You and Your Family

a Very Happy and Prosperous 

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi 2018 / Ganesh Chaturthi Pictures, Messages, Wishes

 Telecom department chalks out plan to reduce rows with telcos  : The telecom department is drawing up proposals aimed at reducing disputes with operators that have led to as much as Rs 80,000 crore getting stuck in litigation, delaying mergers and acquisitions and deterring overseas investors, said people with knowledge of the matter. The suggestions include unifying levies, settling some cases and being lenient on minor infringements. 

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will send its suggestions to the law ministry for vetting before the comm .. A news from Economic Times…..

Please click here for link to news.


 Government approves BSNL’s proposal for 4G services : The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has approved the state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) plan that seeks airwaves in the 2100 Mhz band to launch fourth-generation (4G) services pan-India. 

In 2017, BSNL has submitted a detailed project report and in a bid to acquire spectrum worth about Rs 13,885 crore, and sought Rs 6,652 crore as equity infusion from the government while it initially wanted to meet the remaining cost through revenue it would generate over a period of 10 years.

Meanwhile, the Telecom Commission, a highest telecom policy making body has extended the duration for spectrum payments from 10 to 16 years now, after an inter-ministerial group’s (IMG) recommendation. A new from ET Telecom…

Please click here for link to news.


 No question of a monopoly in telecom sector: Manoj Sinha, Telecom Minister…. A news from ET Telecom.

Please click here for link to news


 ED Delhi office issued a list of 14 Telecom Executives for their look after promotion from Sr. Manager to Dy. General Manager.

Please click here for copy of orders.


 MTNL surges nearly 18% on buzz of Rs 30,600 cr financial aid by DoT to cut debt: Shares of government-owned telecom operator MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam) rose nearly 18 percent intraday on Thursday based on a report that informed about Rs 30,600-crore financial aid from Department of Telecommunications (DoT).  News agency NewsRise reported that the amount would be used to cut the firm’s debt and losses, quoting a DoT official.The telecom department’s panel also recommended to offer Rs 2,300 crore worth for VRS (voluntary retirement scheme) to its employees. A news from Money Control….

Please click here for link to news..



 14.08.2018  Rajnath flags off NDMC’s free Wi-Fi project :New Delhi Municipal Council’s (NDMC)  and MTNL launched free Wi-Fi facility  at CP , New Delhi. A news from Times of India….. 


 GS wrote a letter to CMD MTNL for considering all vacant posts  for the scheduled DPC to be held for regular promotion to the post of CAO/Sr. Manager Finance.

Please click here for the copy of letter.





It is for kind information to all Div. Secy./Area Secy./CEC Members/CWC Members/Circle Office bearers of Delhi and CHQ members present in Delhi that a CEC Meeting of TEAM Delhi is scheduled on 10.08.2018 (Friday) 2.30 PM sharp in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND.

Therefore it is requested to all eligible that please make it convenient to attend the meeting without failure.




It is reliably learnt that screening report  from Delhi and Mumbai Unit have been received by Corporate Office for regular promotion to the post of Senior manager Finance and Telecom and DPCs are scheduled shortly.

 06.08.2018  TRAI chief RS Sharma defends pesky calls rules, says has mandate to save customers….Amid a disquiet in the industry over new unsolicited commercial communication norms, TRAI has asserted that it operated within its mandate to tighten rules for curbing pesky calls and messages, a menace which goes beyond harassment into the realm of defrauding customers.
Coming out in strong defence of the freshly-minted regulations, outgoing TRAI Chairman R S Sharma told PTI that if any of the stakeholders felt that the said rules were illegal or beyond the regulator’s mandate, they were free to seek legal remedies. “We don’t think we have exceeded any mandate. If some party feels it is not legal they can approach appropriate legal forum. We are concerned about the menace of pesky calls with regard to consumers. It is not merely about harassment, it goes beyond that…people are being duped financially with financial tips, and both SEBI and RBI had written to us,” Sharma said. A news from ET Telecom…Please click here for link to news..
 05.08.2018  What Trai’s recommendations on 5G spectrum mean for the telecom industry…..

The telecom regulator has issued recommendations for the proposed 5G spectrum in 3300-3600 Mhz ban.
But a price cut may not evoke interest from the operators given pan India 5 MHz spectrum of 700 Mhz will cost Rs 32,840 crore, which is still quite steep…… A news from CNBC TV18
Please click here for link to news.

 BSNL Reports Losses of Rs 4,785 Crore in FY18; Telecom Minister Rejects Merger With MTNL: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has narrowed its losses to Rs 4,785 crore during FY18, even as its income declined to Rs 27,818 crore as against the previous fiscal. Telecom Minister, Manoj Sinha informed this news to Parliament today. BSNL posted a loss of Rs 4,859 crore in 2015-16, Rs 4,786 crore in 2016-17 and Rs 4,785 crore (provisional and unaudited) in 2017-18, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. Furthermore, BSNL’s income stood at Rs 32,411 crore (FY16), Rs 31,533 crore (FY17) and Rs 27,818 crore in FY18 (provisional and unaudited), Sinha added….. A news from Telecom Talk.

Please click here for link to news.


  Hon’ble Minister of State for Telecommunication has replied in Lok Sabha to the question asked by Hon’ble Members of  Lok Sabha Sh. Kaushlendra Kumar and Sh. Devusingh Chauhan with regards to BSNL & MTNL..

Please click here for reply of Hon’ble Minister.


 Trai Lowers the Price of 700 Mhz Band by 43% to Attract Buyers: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), earlier today released its recommendations on the price of 4G and 5G spectrum. Trai recommended a pan-India base price of Rs 492 crore per megahertz for 5G radio waves and lowered the base price of frequencies that remained unsold in the 2016 auctions. The price suggested for 5G spectrum is about a third of the 1800 MHz band in 2012. Known as the 2G spectrum at that time, the government had fixed base price at around Rs 2,800 crore per Mhz on a pan-India basis for paired spectrum (an equal chunk of frequency for uplink and downlink) in the 1800 Mhz band. A news from Telecom Talk….

Please click here for link to news.


 Hon’ble Minister of State for Telecommunication has replied in Rajy Sabha to the question asked by Hon’ble Member of  Rajy Sabha Sh. Anil Desai with regards to health of MTNL and debt of MTNL costing to Govt. of India….

Please click here for the reply submitted by Hon’ble minister.


Corporate Office issued a letter to GM (Finance) Delhi and Mumbai for extending benefit of 5% IDA merger.

Please click here for copy of order.


ED Delhi office issued an order endorsing the regular promotion order of 5 Finance Executives for the post of DGM(Finance) and marked place of posting for them.

Please click here for copy of order.


 ED Delhi Office issued a list for calling CR of 22 Telecom Executives for financial up-gradation from E5 to E6 .

Please click here for the copy of letter.


 ED Delhi office issued a list for LA promotion for CAO to DGM (Finance) for 3 finance Executives.

Please click here for the copy of orders.


 Department of Public Enterprises issued a clarification with regards to payment of gratuity for employees of CPSE.

Please click here  for the copy of letter.


The undertaking is being called for by management for implementation of IDA neutralization to the tune of 5% notionally w .e. f 01.01.2007 and actually w. e. f.  01.01.2018 instead of 9.4 % is totally wrong and uncalled for. Hence all of you are requested not to give this undertaking.

Undertaking being asked by MTNL Management.




 ED Delhi office issued Transfer orders of 24 Deputy Managers.

Please click here for the copy of orders.




 Name of TPAs for working employees of MTNL for Group Health medical insurance being provided by M/S Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance.

Please click here for the list.

Name of 176 Hospitals being covered for treatment of MTNL Delhi Employees by above said Insurance Company.

Please click here for the list. 




 Corporate office issued a letter to GM (Admin) of Delhi and Mumbai unit for calling of APAR and Vigilance Clearance Report for 143 Telecom Executives for the post of DE/Sr. Manager.

Please click here for the copy of letter.




 ED Delhi office issued list for calling CRs of 27 finance executives who are falling in considering zone for regular promotion to the post of CAO. All area secy. are requested to ensure for sending  the CRs of their respective executives well in time.

Please click here for the copy of letter.

 02.07.2018  Corporate office issued regular promotion order for 9 finance executives from CAO to DGM (finance).


Please click here for the copy of order.

 30.06.2018  Yesterday i.e. on 29/06/2018 United Forum Mumbai led by Sri. Bhai Jagtap Chairman Apex Body met Sri. P. K. Purwar CMD at Telephone House Mumbai. 

The issue of 78.2% IDA was well presented. Sri. Bhai Jagtap said  the additional expenditure for the left over IDA of 4.4% is only about Rs.50 crore per year and questioned  as to why absorbed employees alone should sacrifice the partial benefit of 50% DA merger. 
CMD elaborated about the severe financial distress  of MTNL and said it is 50% sacrifice by Employees and further said it is not possible to reconsider it now.
Sri. Bhai Jagtap said that UForum will fully support MTNL in all its programme of revival by technology up-gradation and asked….the road map .
CMD elaborated about revival,  4G plans, FTTH, and other plans for expansion of net work. He expects Government will infuse funds by increasing its equity for capital expenditure for rolling out 4G and upgrading other network.
He said Corporate Office  has recommended to DoT  for Pay Revision of MTNL employees in line with that of BSNL
He further said Corporate Office has written to DoT to delink pension revision from pay revision.
*However CMD was evasive and was giving wrong information on many issues….even the pension issue that we achie
CMD accepted our suggestion to open up the window again for application to CGHS under reimbursement scheme. He agreed to provide  space to open CGHS  wellness centres at Thane, Borivili and other places.
Sri. Bhai Jagtap pointed out that UForum consists of about 10 Unions and Management should discuss the   issues with UForum in the interest of MTNL. 
Meeting with CMD ended thereafter.
After meeting with CMD, the UForum met and evaluated the outcome of meeting with CMD.
 It was Unanimously decided to continue to pursue the demands by all means after joint discussions with UForum Delhi.
 30.06.2018 It is reliably learnt that  Department of Public Enterprises issued a circular for increase in IDA of 0.8 % w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

Yesterday i.e.on 27.06.2018 (Wednesday) a huge rally was organised from Khurshid Lal Bhawan to PM house during lunch hour in respond to Protest action programme  already conveyed to MTNL Management. Leaders of all constituents of  UFOM  with thousand of their followers marched peacefully to PM house Under leadership of Sh. M.K.Bagchi Convener of UFOM Delhi.

The march was stopped nearby Jantar Mantar  on Tolstoy Marg ND. All speakers motivated to employees and pensioners who came from all corners of Delhi in this summer and assured that the fight to achieve all pending demands will continue till fulfilment of all legitimate demands. 

A team of 4 members escorted by Police authorities visited PM office to deliver the memorandum.

 On 27/06/2018  responding to the call of UFOM, Employees and Pensioners, nearly one thousand, gathered with enthusiasm at Telephone House dsespite cloudy weather. The slogan raising started at 1 pm. The Demonstration was led by Sri. J. S. Mathias GS MEA and R.G.Chaube ACS TEAM. 
Shri. Bhai Jagtap MLC,  our Chairman  participated in the Demonstration. Sri. J.S. Yadav  welcomed him.
In between the demonstration Sri.Bhai Jagtap and office bearers of UFOM met Sri.Sunil Kumar Director (HR) and gave him a copy of letter addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister. 
In his speech Sri.Bhai Jagtap assured his full support and said the demands will be achieved with the united active participation of employees and pensioners. He recalled the endurance with which UFOM pursued pension issue. 
Earlier Sri.N Rajagopal President TEAM, Sri. Virendra Singh President MEA, Sri. K. Jawahar President RTOWA, Sri. J. S. Yadav Chairman UFOM spoke briefly about the issues.The fighting spirit to achieve the demands prevailed in the Demonstration. 



 MARCH TO PM HOUSE !!                                  MARCH TO PM HOUSE !!

All employees ,executives and retired employees of MTNL    from all corners of Delhi are requested  to assemble at Khurshid Lal Bhawan New Delhi on 27.06.2018 (Wednesday) at 12.00 hrs for participating in a rally from K.L.Bhawan ND to  PM House in support of following main demands:

1)our demand of full 78.2 % IDA neutralization w.e.f  01.01.2007.

2)Revision of Pension as per CPC recommendation

3)Remove affordability clause for pay revision of MTNL employees.

UFOM Has already conveyed notice of Protest action Plan in support of our all pending demands and we  are committed to achieve all those pending demands. So please have faith in leadership of UFOM and join in mass for a rally to PM house on 27.06.2018. 





ED Delhi issued a list of 4 Finance Executives for calling of APARs for look after promotion to the post of DGM(Fin).

Please click here for the copy of letter. 


ED Delhi office issued  a list of  39 Telecom executives whose APAR are not available for the period mentioned in front of their name. It is requested to Circle Secy./ Area Secy. to arrange to send the respective APARs of remaining executives.

Please click here for the copy of list. 



TEAM wishes a Very Sweet, Prosperous,Healthy Eid for every one. 


Corporate office issued letter to Delhi and Mumbai Unit for sending last 5 years  APAR and Vigilance clearance report for Scheduled DPC for approximately 22 post for regular promotion to the post of CAO. 

Please click here for copy of CO letter.

Please click here for copy of proforma.





It is for kind information to all Div. Secy./Area Secy./CEC Members/CWC Members/Circle Office bearers of Delhi and CHQ members present in Delhi that a CEC Meeting of TEAM Delhi is scheduled on 13.06.2018 (Wednesday) 2.30 PM sharp in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND for discussion on proposed Protest Action Plan as already communicated to management.

Therefore it is requested to all eligible that please make it convenient to attend the meeting without failure.




ED Delhi office issued a letter to call CR for 26 eligible Telecom Executives for look after promotion from DE/Sr.Manager to Dy. General Manager .

Please click here for copy of letter.

United Forum Mumbai News
Successful demonstration took place on 06.06.2018 despite rain threat.  About 600 Pensioners and Employees participated.
Demonstration was started by Sri. Rajagopalan President TEAM. Compering was done by Sri. Bharat Chavan.
Speeches were delivered by
1. Rajagopalan
2. Pawar
3. G. N. Haragabal
5. Gulab Yadhav
6. Bharat Chavan
7. Ganguly
8. K. Jawahar
9. Ghaiwat
10. T. L. Gaikwad
11. S.S. Dubey
11. K. R. Morey
12. S. M. Sawant
13. J. S. Yadav
All speakers reiterated the need for unity. The gathering was enthusiastic to carry on the agitation till achievement of 78.2%, and Revision of pay / Pension.
Demonstration ended with National Anthem.
Please click here for


Yesterday ( 6th.June,2018 ) a massive and spirited demonstration is held at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi  during lunch hour. Defeating the mischievous rumour mongering and ignoring the scorching rays of sun in the month of June, hundreds   of employees and pensioners gathered in front of Sanchar Bhawan to record their Protests against DOT administration and MTNL management. 
The significant attendance of the pensioners and enthusiastic slogans are noteworthy of today’s demonstration.
The Secretary / DOT was kind enough to make suitable arrangement for submission of MEMORANDUM highlighting all important demands including the issue of full DA neutralization. 
The representatives of United Forum were escorted to the 3rd.Floor of Sanchar Bhawan where Jt.Secretary (Admin) Shri Amit Jadav  received our Memorandum on behalf of Secretary / DOT who was busy in a meeting elsewhere.
Seizing that opportunity, a brief discussions were held with Jt. Secretary (Admin) on all the issues mentioned in the Memorandum. We have informed DOT that MTNL employees and pensioners are out to expose the unholy nexus between MTNL management and pseudo trade unionists in MTNL.
 Resting on the shoulders of these elements the corrupt management is harming both MTNL and its employees &  pensioners.
 By making the available political patronage  as a tool, they perpetuate anti employees tirade in MTNL. 
DOT has proposed another meeting soon with UF where MTNL will be asked to be present. We welcome this.
Please click here for



An appeal was made through letter of DGM IR on behalf of MTNL Mumbai unit to UFOM Mumbai for postpone of protest action programme scheduled on 06.06.2018 & 27.06.2018.

Accordingly the reply of the letter has been sent by convener of UFOM Mumbai to administration wherein it has been elaborated that the long pending demands are very genuine and management was having sufficient time to have dialog with UFOM, but management intentionally avoided all . It was further requested to call a meeting with representatives of UFOM to reach to fruitful solution of the problems. 

Please click here for copy of Appeal.

Please click here for copy of Response to Appeal.

All comrades are requested to reach Sanchar Bhawan by 12.45 pm on 6th June 2018(Wednesday) for Lunch Hour Demonstration.Join Enmass and make the Demonstration a Grand Success.Please reach directly to Patel Chowk (Sanchar Bhawan) metro  station.
Dear MTNL Employees & Pensioners !
You are aware that the next programme of the ongoing PROTEST ACTIONS
jointly launched by United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations, Delhi and Mumbai is on 6th. June,2018 (Wednesday). On that day we shall gather before SANCHAR BHAWAN for LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION. Please note that we must try to gather there peacefully right from 12-45 Hrs onward. It is essential to be punctual in this respect because that area is sensitive and law enforcing authority may not allow big gathering for a longer time. In that case if one is late, one may miss the programme itself. So please be punctual.
The police authority has been duly informed by us. Our programme is peaceful, law-abiding and legitimate, because our  DEMANDS are being denied by DOT/MTNL over the years. So please come forward and make it a grand success.
The sole aim of this programme is to record our PROTEST & FRUSTRATION before our Administrative Ministry i.e., DOT and press for early and satisfactory  resolve.
We intend to disperse from that place peacefully immediately after the Programme with the hope that our voice will reach the Authority that be.
In Mumbai also the PROTEST ACTIONS will be held appropriately on the same day and time. MTNL employees and pensioners of Mumbai will participate in the programme there.
Dear Friends ! I as a Convener of UF, Delhi appeal to you all once again to participate in this programme cutting across all sort of barriers and without any inhibition  As you know, UF fights for just solution of our justified DEMANDS !……….M.K.Bagchi
 31.05.2018 MESSAGE FROM GS 

All members are requested not to be panicked about the MTNL’s Letter regarding deployment of DOT recruited employees absorbed in MTNL. All members are requested not to give any response to this letter. We are taking up this issue with the management.

 31.05.2018  SAD NEWS

With great sorrow and heavy heart ,we inform that one more young executive Sh. Jitendra Kumar Working as SDE in MTNL Delhi Unit has expired on 28.05.2018. TEAM pray to almighty to give place to the Soul of  Sh. Jitendra Kumar in his feet and courage to his family to bear this great setback.




 Corporate office issued regular promotion order for 23 Telecom Executives for the post from DE/Sr.Manager to Deputy General Manager. TEAM wishes all the success to promoted officers on their Promotion.

Please click here for copy of orders.

We wish all the best to our retiring executives today for their remaining life . May God shower his blessings for their healthy ,wealthy and peaceful life ahead.