30.10.2014  Com. GS alongwith Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS  met GM(HR)  on 28-10-2014 to discuss the progress in various long pending issues which were raised in meeting held earlier. The issues discussed were:

  1. Delay in Seniority Revision of left out cases under 1966 posts: He informed that file is lying with Director(HR) from almost one month and due to his medical illness he is not coming to office. Hopefully in Ist week case will be approved and order will be issued subsequently.
  2. DPC of CAO and SDE : He informed us that office is working on  this matter and very shortly letter will be issued in this regard.
  3. Other issues regarding shortage of manpower , funds and other resources were also discussed and it was informed that efforts are being made in all directions from corporate management and hopefully in due course of time betterment can be expected.    

Pension Cell issued letter requesting Pensioners/Family Pensioners to submit 1) Original PPO (Official Copy), 2) Joint Photographs – 4 Numbers, 3) ECS Mandate Form, 4) Cancelled Cheque and 5) Declaration for over payment along with Life Certificate. Further Contact Mobile Number and Email ID also be submitted for updating record at MTNL Pension Cell. While submitting the ECS mandate form it may be ensured that Pensioners are holding Bank account only in DoT approved banks. 

Pl click here for letter from Pension Cell and List of Approved Banks

 27.10.2014  It is reliably learnt that DOT has given sovereign guarantee to MTNL for issuing BONDs for an amount of Rs. 3768.97 crores.
 27.10.2014  The provisional pension of employees who retired between April-2014- July-2014 and submitted the desired papers in the pension cell , have been paid by DOT. Left out cases shall be completed very soon.
22.10.2014 free-2010-diwali-cards-ecards-greetings2May God bless all of you and your family with lot of joy, happiness and healthy life. A very Happy Deepawali 

 Office of ED Delhi issued a list of 67 Telecom executives , whose APAR folders are either incomplete or full folders are not avalibale.The name of these executives are likely to be cosidered for financial upgrdation from E5 to E6. It is requested that all AREA Seceratries may anlaysis the list and the cases of their concerned area’s executives may be expedited so that the process of DPC for financial upgradation may be completed.It is further advised that in case of any difficulty they may approach Sh. Ram Gopal Circle Secy. 

Please click here for copy of letter.


 Office of ED Delhi issued a list of 2 Finance Executives for Financial upgradation from E-2 to E3 under Time Bond Executives Promotion policy of MTNL.

Please click here for copy of the list.


 Corporate Office wrote a letter to Associations for seeking thier consent over proposed contribution of executives in form of one day salary for help of Jammu & Kashmir flood victims.

Please click here for copy of the letter.

 16.10.2014  The combined pension optees who have retired up to July-2014 , completed their documents and submitted the same to the pension cell of MTNL, their pension arrears and pensionary benefits viz: gratuity and commutation will be paid before Deepawali. The cases for issuing PPOs by DOT i.e. CCA New Delhi has also been sent to Principal CCA New Delhi. These cases belong to all those who have retired between April-2014 and July-2014. 

 CS Sh. Ram Gopal  wrote a letter to ED Delhi wherein he conveyed worry and anger of working executives/employees regarding un-hygienic condition of various buildings of MTNL , Delhi in general and specifically of Kidwai  Bhawan.

 Please click here for copy of letter.


 The rate of IDA has been increased to 98.1% for Board level and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) with effect from 01.10.2014.

Please click here for copy of letter from DPE.


 GS wrote a letter to CMD (MTNL) regarding risk of Human life and office equipment at FMS Kidwai Bhawan. GS requested immediate intervention of his good self for earliest solution of this problem.

Please click here for  the copy of letter.  


 Sh. Ram Gopal along with Sh. K.R.Yadav met with ED Delhi on 08.10.2014 to discuss the critical civil condition of FMS wing (8rth floor Kidwai Bhawan) . It was brought to his notice that day by day the plaster of roof of FMS wing is falling from here and there. Human lives are under danger in the present circumstances. The fear of physical damage /casualties is always in the mind of working human beings.We explained him about the incident happened today in the room of DGM(Finance) FMS where a huge area of the ceiling felled during night hours. It is even beyond imagination about injury/causality ; if the same incident would have happen during office hours.

We explained each and every aspect of this type of negligence in the maintenance of building. We further expressed our sincere concern over the issue and it was clearly communicated that under such dangerous condition our executives cannot work any more. It was advised to him that some alternative sitting arrangement for FMS wing may be made available immediately.

ED Delhi agreed to our view point and after discussing with GM(SS),GM(IT),GM(PLG),CGM(O) and Chief Enggr.(civil) ordered  for immediate alternative arrangement for FMS wing. As a result room number 751 of Kidwai Bhawan was allotted for FMS wing within 1 hour. We express our sincere thanks to ED Delhi for immediate action.

 07.10.2014  Sh. Ram Gopal CS along with Sh. K.R.Yadav CP, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav AGS, Sh. Ajay Kumar FS, Sh. Anoop Srivastva AS (TY) and Sh. P.L.Rajpoot Area President (HQ) held meeting  CGM(O) on 07-10-2014 to discuss the following points.

  • Cable theft case of Khureji area of TY: We explained our grievances over this issue. We told him that we are pursuing this case since beginning and are moving post to pillar for restoration of the services. MTNL is facing revenue crunch and from this small area we have already lost nearly 15 crores of revenue and more than 5000 subscriber. The restoration of the services in that area is needed without any further delay.

    CGM(O) agreed to our view point about over delay  in      restoration of services and loss of revenue to MTNL. But he assured us that efforts are being made for urgent alternative arrangement for restoration of services by installing a RSU in that area.

  • Shortage of TSF-7 Kits : We told that this type TSF kits are in shortage since long back . Which is affecting cable jointing procedure. The problem needs to be addressed urgently.

CGM(O) explained the various steps of the procedure of this particular case and assured us that the kits will be available till 20th October -2014.

  • Delivery Period Extension: The MM cell is initiating procedure for procurement of stored items as per requirement after a lengthy procedure of tendering finally purchase orders are being issued to suppliers. But if the suppliers are supplying the required materials even after delay of 1 day the store in charge is not accepting the materials and again one file is moved for extension of Delivery period. This extension can be obtained from ED and thus the total procedure may take even more than one month and the material already reached one month prior is not distributing to the needed areas. We requested CGM(O) that this procedure may be cut short by delegating these powers to GM.

CGM(O) appreciated our positive approach and assured us to have discussion with ED in this regard so that the necessary instruction could be released.

  • Shortage of Executives in MM and Electronics: We explained him that Executives are being retired regularly from these areas and no other executives have been posted for their replacement. The General Managers are giving Local LA promotion to existing Executives who are already holding more than 2 charges. Which make them overburdened whereas in some areas executives are relaxed as compared to these areas. Therefore redeployment of executives is urgently needed as per requirement so that work may be distributed equally.

CGM(O) welcomed our idea and assured us that he will discuss this problem with GM(Admn.) for resolving this problem.

  • Allotment of TSF kits as imprest : We explained him that already a decision has been taken in MCM meeting for giving TSF kits to Areas as imprest so that vehicles of areas should not run even for taking one or two kits.

CGM(O) told that he is not aware of such decision about imprest of TSF kits however he is in favour of such practice. He assured to look into matter.

  • Delay in replacement of Exchange’s batteries and AC plants ( already scrapped) : We told him that in various areas exchanges are running on scrapped batteries and scrapped AC plants. Problem is very critical in nature and there is danger of interruption in services.

CGM(O) expressed his deep concerned over this problem  and told us that even now file is running here and there for procedural approval of financial expenditure.

  • Unauthorised construction over plots owned by MTNL in Delhi and NCR: We explained him the issue with more than 2 examples where some unknown persons have made some unauthorised constructions on MTNL’s Plots.

CGM(O) told us that he is aware of this problem and further assured us to take necessary steps with help of area GM and Police authorities.

  • Unhygienic conditions prevailing in buildings of MTNL Delhi and specifically in Kidwai Bhawan: We raised the issue of unhygienic conditions in buildings of MTNL and specifically in Kidwai Bhawan. We requested him to ensure hygienic condition in all buildings of MTNL . We specifically asked him to visit Kidwai Bhawan once so that the deteriorating condition of building and Toilets may be brought to his kind knowledge.

CGM(O) told us that he is aware of this problem and recently he has visited the Kidwai Bhawan . He assured us to take necessary steps with due consultation with GM(SS) .

 02.10.2014  CS Sh. Ram Gopal along with Sh. K.R.Yadav CP , Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS , Sh. Anil Sharma ACS and Sh. Arun Meena AS ( EB) met with CGM(D) on 30-09-2014 to discuss the following points.

  • Dies non cases of Executives working under GM(EB). We explained full case to CGM(D). He was having prior knowledge of this case too.

CGM(D) told that I have received representation from executives and I will decide each case on merit basis.

  • Below Bench Mark case of Executive: We asked CGM(D) to review the case of Smt. Madhu Orie PA under GM(OP) for below bench mark .

CGM (D) assured to have interaction with GM(OP) at earliest and will review the same accordingly.

  • Shortage of OF Cable, jointing materials ,testing equipments and vehicles: We asked him to expedite the fulfilling of shortages of these materials.

CGM(D) assured to look in to matter . He told that he will discuss each points with GM  (T) and the shortage if any will be fulfilled.


 The combined pension optees of MTNL those who have retired April-2014 onwards. The status of their pension , pension arrears, gratuity & commutation payment is as under.April-2014: 39 cases pension arrears, gratuity & commutation payment released. released. Provisional pension up to September-2014.

April-2014 -4 cases, May-2014 -36 cases out of 41 & June-2014 59 cases out of 70: have been sent for payment of pension arrears, gratuity & commutation to CCA Prasad Nagar for payment.

We are trying our level best that the payment of 99 cases (up to June-2014) can be released on 01.10.2014.

 30.09.2014  It is expected that IDA rate may be increased by 6.9 % with effect from Oct-2014 for all CPSU.

 ‘Will revive BSNL, MTNL as I did Coal India': Ravi Shankar PrasadLoss-making state-owned telecom service providers, Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) and MTNL will not be privatised; instead they will be turned around, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said.For the private sector players, the minister’s message is that he’s willing to take a re-look at the merger and acquisition guidelines finalised by the UPA government, if they feel that it is not workable. Also that sufficient spectrum to operators and its optimum utilisation by them will be ensured by him. A News from Financial Express.

Please click here for link to news. PDF Format

27.9.2014 List of Executives at Mumbai whose Special Reports are called for SMT regular promotion is available here. All executives are requested to expedite special report at the earliest. Click here for List of Executives.
 27.09.2014 All Those retired after 1.4.2014 are requested to submit ECS Mandate form duly filled in and countersigned by Bank (Copy enclosed) and a Cancelled Cheque are to be submitted to their respective DM(Cash/Works) as the same are to be forwarded to SM(Pension), 4th Floor, Curry Road Telephone Exchange for submission to Dy.CCA, Maharashtra Circle. All those retired earlier also requested to submit the same if not submitted earlier. Click here for the circular in this regard.



 26.09.2014 Our case in Hon’ble CAT to set aside ‘Sr. Management Recruitment Rule-2008’came up for hearing on 25th September 2014. The advocate from MTNL did not turn up. Hon’ble court fixed up fixed 21st November 2014 as next date of hearing
 25.09.2014   Congratulations !!! Continuous efforts made by our association at various levels brought fruitful results. Provisional pension , arrears and commutation for 1st 15 pensioners retired on 30 April 2014 are sanctioned and sent for disbursement today by CCA. Remaining cases of April 2014 will be processed by tomorrow.
 25.09.2014  All those who retired in April-2014 and completed their formalities , for Provisional Pension, Their pension along with Arears, Gratuity and Commutation will reach in your bank account by 27-09-2014
    The statement carrying the approval of the competent authority of MTNL in respect of   April’ 2014  retirees have been sent to Principal CCA on 23/09/2014 evening for payment of pension etc. The approval in respect of the remaining April’2014 retirees are likely to be sent by25/09/2014.
 24.09.2014 Com. Ramnik Sharma, Vice-President CHQ, Com. P.K. Vats, CWC, Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS, Com. A.K.S. Chauhan, Area Secy. North & Auditor CHQ , Com. Gaj Raj Singh, ACS met GM(NORTH) to discuss the progress in pending issues which were raised in meeting held earlier. The issues discussed were:

  1. Pending below bench mark cases of executives:- GM(North) informed that pending cases are under active consideration and will be settled .
  2. Relieving of executives under orders issued by GM(A), Delhi Unit :- GM(North) assured us to implement the same very soon.
  3. Other issues regarding shortage of material , manpower , funds and other resources were also discussed and it was informed that efforts are being made in all directions from management and hopefully in due course of time betterment can be expected.
 22.09.2014 GS along with Jt.GS Sh. V.P. Bhardwaj , AGS Sh. Rajeeb Kumar , Circle President Sh. K.R.Yadav and circle Secretary Sh. RamGopal met with CMD today to discuss the issue of Gradation list of JAO and their long pending promotion to the account officer, review of DPC progress i.e. DGM(Telecom & Finance) , DE/EE/CAOs and also to filled up all the vacant posts in all disciplines at various level. CMD , assured us to review all these cases with positive approach and to resolve the same at earliest. CMD has asked us to meet him in the next week on these issues. We have also taken up the case of Mrs. Sadhna Saxena and Mrs. Kanwaljeet for revising their promotion orders from JAO to AO. He told us to expedite the process of these cases and assured us that he will have positive attitude on these cases. We have also requested him to expedite the relieving all those JAOs whose orders have already issued by corporate office  from Mumbai to Delhi and within Delhi itself. CMD responded favourably and assured us to expedite the same.

GS wrote a letter to GM(HR) regarding comments asked by Corporate Office on the issue of proposed merger of MTNL and BSNL .

Please click here for copy of letter and comments of TEAM.


GS met Shri Sultan Ahmad, GM (finance) to know about the status of pension issue of retirees of MTNL, who opted for combined pension. He informed us that pension and FMS sections are working day and night to complete the work. GM (finance) assured us that retirees from April 2014 onwards can very well expect their government. PPOs from CCA by the end of October 2014. The MTNL retirees now should not worry for their pensionary benefits because present GM (finance) is dynamic and man of positive approach.

Our association welcomes Shri Sultan Ahmad on assuming the charge of GM (finance), MTNL, DELHI. We extend our support to him.


 MTNL not to infuse any fresh equity into Nepalese venture :State-run telecom firm MTNL has decided not to infuse any fresh equity into its Nepal’s joint venture United Telecom Ltd (UTL) as it was not commercially viable.

MTNL has also proposed to sell its stake in the venture, which is being examined by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). But, another proposal of bringing a rights issue was floated by the shareholders of UTL to fund the venture but MTNL decided not to invest further, according to a note by DoT. 

A news from Business Standard. 

Please clcik here for link to news.

 19.09.2014  A meeting was organised by Corporate office of MTNL to discuss the issue of Proposed Merger of BSNL & MTNL on 19.09.2014 at 13 hrs. at Corporate office. The meeting was presided by GM(HR) and attended by Jt. GM(HR) from Management side . From Association GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik  along with Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj JGS , Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS , Sh. P.C.Sarswat CHQ Advisor and Sh. K.R.Yadav Circle president Delhi attended the meeting.The following points were discussed and further we have been asked to  submit comments :

  • Issue of integration of Pay Scales of BSNL and MTNL.
  • Issue of integration of Recruitment Rules of Executives of BSNL and MTNL.
  • Issue of integration inter-se seniority of the executives of both of PSUs.

We have assured that our view points shall be communicated to the management at the earliest. 

Please click here for the copy of letter of corporate office to GS (TEAM).

 19.09.2014 The MTNL combined pension optees, those who have retired April-2014 onwards and submitted their undertakings & Form V in the Pension Cell  of MTNL Mumbai and Delhi , their pension and arrears will be paid by 30.09.2014 by CCA DOT. Those who have not yet submitted their form V and undertakings are requested to submit the same immediately so that their pension can also be released without any further delay.

MTNL network expansion plans hit a hurdle:Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd’s plans to upgrade its 2G and 3G networks in Delhi and Mumbai have hit a wall as the telecom department (DoT) is yet to clear its Rs 1,000-crore GSM network expansion budget, a scenario that could trigger time and cost-overruns.State-run MTNL has been unable to place advance purchase orders with Finland’s Nokia Networks, which had emerged the lowest bidder for supplying 2G and 3G equipment in both cities back in January. A news from economic Times.

Please click here for link to news.


 Government considers closing some loss-making state firms like BSNL, MTNL, Air India:Government officials will meet on Tuesday to discuss proposals to shut down some loss-making state-owned companies, risking a conflict with powerful trade unions.After two decades of halting privatisations, the central government still owns about 260 firms and thousands more at the state level, involved in activities ranging from generating nuclear power to making condoms.


Please click here for link to news.

 15.09.2014  GS met Director (HR) & GM( HR) to discuss the various HR issues. We have requested to expedite the DPC work for promotion from SDE /AO to DE/CAO. Director HR has assured that as soon as the screening reports will be received from Delhi and Mumbai units the promotion orders will issued without any delay. He has also requested to expedite the screening work at Delhi and Mumbai. We have also requested the Dir.(HR) to review the vacant post position of Des and CAOs. Dir.(HR) has responded positively. The issue of JAO gradation list & the case of stenographers were also discussed along with other issues. Dir.(HR) has told GM(HR) to sort the issues promptly. GM(HR) assured us to expedite the pending issues and to sort out the same. Dir.(HR) has asked us to give our comment on merger of BSNL and MTNL. Letter of Corporate office is enclosed herewith.

Please click here for the copy of letter.

***Both circle Secy. Of Mumbai and Delhi are requested to kindly ensure the screening of CR work should be completed immediately so that the screening report reach the Corporate office at the earliest. Try to get it done by the end of September-2014. 


                                     Media News as seen…

1)    BSNL-MTNL Merger: Department of Telecom weighing options : The telecom department (DoT) is considering either de-listing Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) and then merging it into Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL), or listing the latter and finalising a merger swap ratio based on the valuation of the two state-run telecom companies, with the first being the more likely option, top government officials told ET. 

Indications are that consultant KPMG may be involved in preparing the merger roadmap and also doing an independent thirdparty assessment of “employee mood in both MTNL and BSNL”, especially since the merger proposal has been in limbo for three years amid resistance from unions, one of the persons quoted above said. KPMG did not reply to ET’s queries on the issue. ET had recently reported on DoT’s presentation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi where the department had said it hoped to secure Cab .. 

A news from Economic Times of 15 thSep-2014.

Please click here for link to news.

2)Narendra Modi rolls back UPA’s BSNL-MTNL merger:Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided not to merge state-owned telecom companies MTNL and BSNL, a move that could well be termed as the first by the present NDA government to overturn a major decision of the previous UPA government.

A news from Asian Age of 13th Sep-2014

Please click here for link to news.



All the retirees (those who have retired April-2014 onwards) are requested to kindly visit the Pension Section , Eastern Court New Delhi. Kindly meet Sh. Dinesh Kumar JAO(Combined Pension) to fill up & sign the following forms:

1)      Undertaking Form.

2)     Form-V for commutation of pension.

These forms will be available with JAO (Combined pension) in Pension branch at Eastern Court New Delhi .

Please fill up and sign these forms immediately so that the provisional payment of pension , fratuity & commutation can be done without any further delay. Please do it immediately because Govt. has issued the orders for payment of provisional pension, Gratuity and commutation.

 11.09.2014  It is reliably learnt that there are positive moves for issue of CGHS facility extension to MTNL employees(retired and Pro –rata optees) as settled for BSNL. There were some quarries about strength of beneficiary employees from Health Ministry. Which came to DOT and DOT has asked same clarifications from MTNL
 09.09.2014 ED Delhi issued a list of  210 eligible Telecom Executives for calling of CRs for regular promotion for the post of DE/Sr. Manager .Please click here for the copy of list.
 09.09.2014 CS Sh. RamGopal wrote a letter to ED Delhi  ; wherein he described the difficulties faced by executives for completing APAR  ONLINE. He requested that as two DPCs are to be completed in short time therefore for this time both ONLINE and OFFLINE APAR should be allowed for the purpose.
Please click here for copy of the letter
 09.09.2014  MTNL keen to sell 50 per cent in Millennium Telecom to BSNL: Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. has informed the telecom department it is keen to sell a 50 per cent stake in wholly-owned unit Millennium Telecom (MTL) to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. to create an equally owned joint venture for delivering citizens’ services as part of the Narendra Modi government’s Digital India initiative. A News from Economic Times.

Please click here for link to News.


 DOT issued an order for Disbursement of pensionary benefits to all combined service optee absorbed employees of MTNL who retired wef April-2014 onwards-regarding disbursement of provisional Pension/Gratuity.

Please click here for copy of order.


                                               NEWS FROM MEDIA

1) BSNL, MTNL merger likely by July next yearAt present, BSNL offers services in whole country, except Delhi and Mumbai:   The much-awaited merger of telecom PSUs, BSNL and MTNL, is likely to take place by July next year as the two companies look at synergising operations by offering services as a single entity.
At present, BSNL offers services in the whole country, except Delhi and Mumbai. MTNL provides telecom services in these two zones.
“The deadline of June-July 2015 has not been officially commissioned to the organisation but the merger is likely to take place in the time frame,” BSNL Director (consumer mobility) Anupam Shrivastava told PTI. A news from Business Standard.

Please click here for link to news.

2)            Govt sets up body for viability check to revive sick PSUs : After Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the closure of four PSUs which could not be revived the government has mandated a new committee under NTPC Chairman Arup Roy Choudhary to conduct a viability study to revive sick PSUs. he government has set up a committee to be headed by the  NTPC  chairman Arup Roy Choudhary to assess the viability of either reviving or selling of sick public sector undertakings. The government wants to weed out companies that are not financially viable. Anews from Money Control.

Please click here for link to news.

3. Should be able to convince unions for MTNL merger: BSNL Anupam Shrivastava, director – Consumer Mobility, BSNL says a few issues need to be ironed out in order to go ahead with the proposed merger.  Anews from Money Control.

Please  click here for link to news.


GS writes to:  

1) CMD MTNL Regarding Restructuring and Promotion Policy-Injustice to Stenographers.

Click here for the letter.

 2)CMD MTNL Regarding Up-gradation under EPP-case of Stenographers working in MTNL, Mumbai.

Click here for the letter. 

3)Dir.(HR) Regarding Pending HR Issues –Restructuring of the cadre of Stenographers. Click here for the letter.


CS Sh. Ram Gopal along with Circle Prseident Sh. K.R. Ydav, JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, AGS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav, AGS Sh. Rajeeb Kumar , AGS Sh. Mahesh Kukreti and VP CHQ Sh. Ramneek Sharma met with GM(Admin) on 04-09-2014 at 3 Pm in her office to discuss the following points.

1)      Delay in Officiating Promotion orders :  We raised this issue of delay in issuing orders of Officiating promotions in various cadres.

She explained that administration is doing work for LA promotion for Technical Cadres promptly.Both CGMs are preparing the requirements as per need and a consolidated list will be prepared. Accordingly administration will issue LA list for eligible candidates.

For Finance Cadres She explained that GM(Fin) is not available . With due consultations from GM(Fin.) Administration will gather the requirement position and accordingly the LA promotion orders will be issued.

For Promotion of SDE(civil) to XEN (Civil) : A long deliberation took place over the reduction of posts of XEN from 11 to 08. Finally she agreed to get approval for total 11 posts.

2)      Request transfers of SDEs. We raised the issue of  remaining case of request transfers of SDEs.                  

GM(Admin) told that remaining cases of reuest transfers will be done in the ensuing list of LA promotion of SDEs.

3)       Filling of CR Online and non completion of CRs: We explained that some difficulties have been observed for writing CRs On line.

GM(Admin) told that this system has been incorporated by orders of Corporate office therefore we can not overrule the orders. But if any difficulties are being observed then these must come in black and white so that Adminstration may consider it favorably. For unfilled CRs she asked for compiled list for pursuing the individual cases with the concerned officers.

4)      Work related to regular DPC of DE/Sr. Manager (Tech) :

GM(Admin) briefed us all the procedure and assured us to issue a list of eligible candidates within short time so that mater may be expedite at individual as well as admin. Level.

 03.09.2014  A meeting of direct recruited JTOs/AM(Tech)/JAos/AM(Fin)/AM (marketing)/AM(HR) /AM(Legal) has been organised by TEAM at Prabha Devi Telephone Exchange, Mumbai on 04-09-2014 at 4 PM. The meeting will be addressed by GS TEAM and Circle Secy. / Circle President and other leaders of TEAM Mumbai. Please come forward one and all to attend the meeting . Put up  your views/ suggestions on carrier progress and on any other matter pertaining to cadre so that a concrete proposal may come out after discussing with senior leaders. 
 03.09.2014                                                      MEDIA REPORT BSNL and MTNL to be merged by July 2015: The telecom department (DoT) has for the first time set a cutoff date—July 31, 2015—for concluding the much discussed merger of struggling state-run telecom companies, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. In a presentation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seen by ET, DoT said it expects to “secure Cabinet approval for the proposed BSNL-MTNL merger by June 30 next year”  A news from Economic Times.  Please click here for link to news.
 02.09.2014  Digital India project could be a lifeline for MTNL, BSNL :The Digital India project, which aims at delivering the gamut of government services through cell phone applications, could provide a lifeline to struggling state-run telecom companies Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) by way of a near Rs 92,000 crore annual revenue opportunity by 2020. MTNL has proposed the formation of a separate 50:50 joint venture with BSNL for jointly delivering citizen services across India at a flat rate of Rs 25 per transac ..  A news from Economic Times. Please click here for link to news.
31.08.2014 Corporate office wrote a letter to Mumbai and Delhi units for sending ACR/APAR Screening Report for last five years (including year 2013-14) and Disc. Report/Vigilance report for approximate 425 eligible Telecom executives who fall under zone of consideration for approximate 200 vacancies of DE/Sr. Manager.Please click here to see the copy of letter.
 30.08.2014 GS sent a message to Dir.(HR); wherein he conveyed general dis-satisfaction and frustation of executives over non completing the procedure of DPC for regular promotion in DE/CAO/EE(Civil& Electrical) . He further conveyed Dir.(HR ) that this matter is already been over delayed by Delhi and Mumbai units by not completing the CR screening work and any further delay in this work may cause industrial unrest in MTNL. He requested DIR.(HR) to issue instructions to Delhi and Mumbai unit for immediate completion of this work failing which Association will be forced to start Trade Union Action.
29.08.2014 It is learnt that the payment of pension for the month of August-2014 to the retired employees of MTNL (retired before March-2014) will be paid to them on 1st September 2014. The funds for this purpose has been released.
29.08.2014 CMD MTNL was present in Mumbai on 28.08.2014 , we had a meeting with him:Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS, Com. N.L. Thangaraj, CHQ President, Com. J.S. Yadav, CS Mumbai, Com.R.R.Mishra, Jt.GS., Com. R.S.Nair, AGS, Com. K.R. More, HQ Vice President and Com. Jagtap, ACS met Shri. P.K.Purwar, CMD, MTNL on his visit to Mumbai on 28-08-2014.Despite short of time, the following issues were discussed:(1) Undue delay in conduction regular DPCs:We expressed our strong displeasure on undue delay in holding DPC for regular promotion in all levels and all wings, in spite of clear roadmap set in Calendar of DPCs. CMD agreed with our views and assured that all the DPCs will be expedited.(2) Stenographers’ Promotion Avenues and Executive status on reaching E-2 scale:The long pending issue of non-implementation of proper promotion after the re-structuring and refusal of recognizing the E-2 in Stenographers as Executives were discussed. CMD mentioned that he is aware of the issue and promised that he will discuss this issue with us thoroughly on his return to Delhi. (3) JAOs Gradation List:Non publication of Gradation List in JAOs grade after 31-12-2005 has resulted in non-holding regular DPC for AOs, which was called for in 2011. CMD informed us that orders will be issued shortly. (4) Departmental Exam & Recruitment in E-2 level & TTA: CMD mentioned that recruitment process will be initiated soon. (5) Shortage of Materials: CMD informed that the position will improve in the coming months. (6) Non payment of retirement dues to retirees from April onwards: CMD apprised us of the efforts he had taken. He is hopeful that after recent meetings with DOT and Pr.CCA, Mumbai, the issue will be resolved and orders will be issued by DOT very shortly. (7) Heavy shortage in Accounts & Finance wing in Mumbai: When we raised the issue, CMD wanted us to suggest ways. We intimated him that the JAO cadre can be made ”Circle Cadre” and efforts for examination and recruitment may be made on quick footing.
 28.08.2014 After vigorous pursuance of the matter at different level about non payment of pension to the retired employees of MTNL , who retired after April-2014;  DOT finally agreed to reimburse the 85 % of the  pension payment made by MTNL  . The order in this context are to be issued very soon. We are hopeful that from next month onwards the retired employees who retired after April-2014 will get timely payment of their pension and pension benefits.
28.08.2014 A presentation was made by M/S United India Insurance Company at corporate office on 27.08.2014 . TPA , GM(HR), GM(Admin) Delhi Unit and representatives from unions/associations  were present in the meeting. Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj Jt. JGS , Sh. K.R.Yadav CP Delhi and Sh. Ram Gopal CS Delhi attended the meeting. We raised the issue of The Hospitals which are having higher room rents have been authorized and therefore employees have to opt unnecessarily for higher room accommodations and hence force to exhaust the limit. Insurance Company assured to look into the matter.We further raised issue of various tests performed by Hospitals which are not being validated by TPA, Rate limit of various diseases prescribed by company are not in tune with the rate of Hospitals etc. Insurance company expressed that the current policy is already running and nearly six months have been passed and hence no change can be made in between. However next time before execution of policy we may review all the amendments required.We told to GM(HR) that this type of meeting for suggestions etc must be called before execution of policy. GM(HR) agreed to our suggestion and he further announced that this type of interaction will be held quarterly so that any shortcoming could be brought to notice of all and timely solution of problems if any may be sorted out.
27.08.2014 A meeting with the representatives of M/S United India Insurance Company has been organized by Corporate office on 27-08-2014 at CGO building. The meeting will be attended by GM(HR) and GM(Admin) Delhi unit and various representatives of the associations/unions. Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj Jt.JGS along with Sh. RamGopal CS Delhi will attend the same from our association. All the shortcomings noticed by our association shall be raised by our representatives.
26.08.2014 Our case in Hon’ble CAT to set aside ‘Sr. Management Recruitment Rule-2008’came up for hearing on 26th August 2014. The advocate from MTNL asked for passed over in 1st half of court telling that she is busy in High Court for some other case.  Later when matter came up for hearing Hon’ble court was busy with some other case and hence fixed 26th September 2014 as next date for argument.
26.08.2014 Meeting with GM (HR) on 25.08.2014 :-  Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, Jt GS  along with Sh. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS and Sh. Maninder Sareen Area Secy (BB) met GM(HR) to discuss the following points:- 1)Delay in holding of regular DPCs at E-5 level (Sr Manager) :-  Jt GS pointed out that we are informed by HR unit  long back that process of holding DPCs at E-5 level is on but till date no letter has been issued by HR section  for calling of CRs . It is also learnt that some additional information regarding executives working on LA basis  have been called for from Delhi and Mumbai Unit which is further delaying the process.    GM (HR) informed that case has been sent to Director HR for seeking approval for holding DPC for Sr Manager (Telecom) and after obtaining approval letter will be issued for calling CRs. He also informed that case for holding DPC for Sr. Manager (Finance) will be processed later on.2.  Finalization of Seniority list of JAOs :-   Jt. GS express his resentment over this issue that despite our continuous  pursuance the issue is still unresolved. Eligible executives are not getting their due promotion as Dy Manager(F) on regular basis although vacancies are there but gradation list is not finalized since 2005 onwards. Jt GS also proposed that regular DPC may be conducted as sufficient number of vacancies are available to cover the whole batch pending gradation list to avoid frustration amongst the eligible executives.  GM(HR) informed that committee constituted for this purpose has already submitted its report but no final decision has been taken by the competent authority.  We are also examining the other possibilities so that regular DPC can be conducted in the absence of gradation list.3.  Holding of agenda meeting:-  Jt GS asked about date of agenda meeting to be held as detailed agenda has already been sent for pending HR issues .GM (HR) informed that we have sought item wise brief from the concerned section and on receipt of the reply date of meeting will be conveyed to the association.    
22.08.2014 A Meeting with GM(TY) on 21-08-2014: Representatives of TEAM (TY Area) under leadership of Sh.Ram Gopal met with GM(TY) to discuss the latest developments of TY area.  Sh. Anoop Srivastva AS , Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS, Sh, S.P.S.Yadav AGS along with other area representatives attended the meeting. The following points were discussed : 1) GM(TY) expressed his anger and dissatisfaction over the irresponsible and illogical behaviour exhibited by a section of officers during last days. We shared our worries too with deteriorating behaviour of executives and negligence attitude towards work by that section of executives. We further requested GM(TY) that such type of executives must be punished so that no one should dare  to damage the reputation of MTNL. 2) We raised the issue of transfers and posting of executives : We conveyed to him that transfer and posting of executives done in the interest of services should not be changed under influence of any individual or group of individuals. GM(TY) agreed to our view point and assured us that whatever decision he has taken in the interest of services will not be withdrawn at any cost. 3)  Thereafter the point of shortage of stored items was raised: GM (TY) assured us that the various tenders have been finalized and shortage of materials will be no more. We suggested many ideas for betterment of services. GM(TY) welcomed our ideas and assured us for implementing these.
19.08.2014 Meeting with CMD on 19.08.2014 :-  GS along with Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, Jt.GS, Sh.Rajeeb Kumar AGS, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav,AGS, Sh. P.C.Sarswat, Sh.K.R.Yadav, Circle President ,  Sh. Ram Gopal, Circle Secy and Sh O.P.Guptamet Sh. P.K.Purwar, CMD on 19.08.2014 to discuss the following long pending HR issues: 1. Abnormal delay in holding of regular DPCs :- GS express his serious concern over the abnormal delay in holding of regular DPCs for most of the post in various cadres as per the scheduled notified by HR unit of Corporate Office on flimsy grounds. GS informed that our members are retiring every month without getting their due regular promotions  It seems that HR section is intentionally delaying the DPCs process  by one reason or the other despite the fact that we have already pursued this matter with GM/Director HR many times . GS requested CMD to kind intervene in this matter personally.     CMD told that regular Director (HR) is there to looked into this matter . However, I will discuss with HR  unit to get the issue resolved.  2. Delay in finalization of JAOs gradation list:- GS  pointed out that despite our continuous efforts since long back the issue of finalization of JAOs gradation list is still unresolved. C Rs were called for in July 2011 for regular promotion as AOs of these executives but due to non finalization of gradation list their promotion case is still pending. Even the committee constituted for the purpose has already submitted its report but no decision has been taken by HR unit to resolve the issue. This matter has already taken up your good self on many occasion but still unresolved. CMD accepted that there is abnormal delayed in this matter and informed that I have already called GM(HR) to know the status of the case but could not discussed due to some urgent meetings. He assured to discuss this issue with GM(HR) tomorrow dated 20.08.2014  to resolve this issue on priority.  3.Finalization of RRS for promotion of executives working in HR, Marketing, Legal etc. :- GS informed that executives working in HR, Marketing Legal section are not being promoted as Dy Manager on regular basis due to non availability of RRs for these streams which is blocking their career prospects and  thats why many of the executives have already left the the MTNL and some are in queue to quit..  GS requested to take immediate action in this regard. CMD assured to look into this matter.  4.Recruitment and departmental exam for E-2 level in all disciplines and TTA :-  GS demanded for initiating immediate recruitment process in the cadre of TTA and  Accountant from the  open market so that they can meet the requirement of RRs for 50% departmental quota to be filled at E-2 level keeping in view the acute shortage and retirement . CMD assured to examine and instruct HR unit to take necessary steps in this regards. 5. Promotion policy :-  We have demanded that EPP-2007 and proposed promotion policy of DOT at the time of absorption is not being adhered by MTNL management in case of absorbees  in its true spirit. Even the clause mentioned in EPP-2007 have been violated while implementing this policy  by the HR section arbitrarily. This has been pointed out on many occasions by our association with GM(HR)/Director HR but all in vain. CMD assured to examine this issue. 6. Irregularities  in cadre restructuring and promotion policy for stenographers :-  GS pointed out there are some anomalies while cadre restructuring and framing promotion policy for stenographers which needs re-examination so that the grievances of the stenographers can be resolved.  .    CMD admitted that some representation on this issue have been received and will be examined on the merit   of the case. 7. Counting of training period for increment and promotion :-  GS demanded that training period of direct recruited  executives should be counted for regular promotion and residency period for vertical post based promotion as well as financial up gradation. Even counting of training period for above purposes shall also be extended to all the. executives working in MTNL. CMD assured to discuss this matter with HR unit.
19.08.2014 1) DoT working on modalities of BSNL-MTNL merger: In a bid to revive BSNL and MTNL, Department of Telecom is working on modalities to merge the two state-run telecom companies and also undertake organizational restructuring.” The merger of BSNL and MTNL is definitely on the table for the revival of these firms. We are working on it,” a source in Department of Telecom (DoT) told A News from Economic Times. Please click here for link to news. 2)   Telecom PSUs headless, key posts vacant for months:At a time when the NDA government is talking about efficiency and pace in decision-making, most crucial arms of the telecom ministry are headless. Chiefs of several entities, including CMDs of MTNL and BSNL, are yet to be appointed despite the posts lying vacant for months.  A News from Economic Times. Please click here for link to news.
19.8.2014 MTNL Mumbai administration promoted 17 DM(T) on local officiating basis to SM Positions. Special Reports were called from 424 Sr Managers(T) presently in E5 for promotion to E6 Grade, 262 DM(T) for protion to E5 from E4 grade, 273 AM(T) from E2 to E3 grade and 76 AM(Fin) from E2 to E3 grades. All are requested to expedite Special reports and CRs at the earliest.
11.08.2014 ED Delhi office issued orders for CR call for financial up-gradation due wef -01-10-2014 for the following grades of Finance executives:1) for 51 Executives from E5 to E6,2) for 4 Executives from E6 to E7.Please see the complete lists on Delhi Bulletin.
09.08.2014 ED Delhi issued orders for CR call for financial upgradation due wef -01-10-2014 for the following grades of Telecom executives:1) for 215 Executives from E4 to E5,2) for 376 Executives from E5 to E6.Please see the complete lists on Delhi Bulletin.
08.08.2014 GS wrote a letter to GM(HR) for seeking immediate meeting with him for discussing pending various HR issues of executives. Please click here for copy of letter.
07.08.2014 GS Wrote a letter to Sh. Narendra Modi Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India seeking his kind intervention for payment of pension and pensionary benefits to retired employees of MTNL at earliest.Please click here for copy of letter.
02.08.2014 BSNL-MTNL in pact with ONGC to provide telecom services for 5 years: BSNL and MTNL  today said they have inked a 5-year pact with ONGC to provide all telecom services to the state-owned oil firm on a pan-India basis.”A tripartite MoU was signed among ONGC, BSNL and MTNL on July 28 at ONGC Corporate Office for providing all telecom services such as basic telephones, mobile services, leased circuits including VSAT services to ONGC on pan India basis, including service areas of MTNL at Delhi and Mumbai,” BSNL and MTNL said in a joint statement. A news from Economic Times.Please click here for link to news.
01.08.2014 Meeting with Member(Finance) DOT: GS along with Sh. V. P. Bhardwaj JGS and Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS met with member (Finance) DOT  on  28-07-2014 regarding in-ordinate delay in taking over of pension liability from MTNL by Pr. CCA DOT causing non payment of pension and pensionery benefits to retirees of MTNL . GS pointed out that due to delay in taking over of pension liability by Pr. CCA the retirees (retired from April-2014 onwards) of MTNL  have not got any amount resulting mental harassment  to them and facing their difficulties for their livelihood. GS also briefed Member (Finance) that Pr.CCA ‘s office is intently delaying the taking over of pension liability by raising quarries time to time. GS also pointed out that it is a policy matter and has to be decided by DOT and MTNL Management. Even the decision for payment of pension to the retirees prior to March-2014 has been further extended to September -2014.  We further requested Membr (Finance) for immediate release of pension to the retirees with effect from April-2014 onwards so that they can get some relief for their livelihood.Member (Finance) admitted that there is delay in payment of pension to the retirees from April-2014 but we are watching the progress on day to day basis and trying to settle the issue on priority. Meeting with Member(Services) DOT: GS along with Sh. V. P. Bhardwaj JGS and Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS met with Member (Services) DOT  on  28-07-2014 regarding extending CGHS facility to the retirees of MTNL. Member Services told that the matter has already been sent to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and we are expecting the positive response in this regard very soon.
01.08.2014 United forum wrote a letter to Member (Finance) regarding non payment of pension in MTNL due to lack of coordination and cooperation between DOT and MTNL ,putting the pensioners in lurch.Please click here for the copy of letter.
31.07.2014 GS wrote a letter to Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji ,Hon’ble Minister  of Communication & IT for granting a meeting to TEAM for discussing about functioning services of MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai. Please click here for copy of letter.
30.07.2014 GS wrote a letter to CGM(Wireless Services) regarding abusive and derogatory behaviour of Sh. D.C. Singh ,Director ,COSMOS Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd, with the officers working in BSS unit.Please click here for copy of letter.
30.07.2014 1)Corporate office issued posting order for CGM(D) for Sh.N.K.Jain presently working as GM(OP &Marketing).Please click here for copy of letter. 2)ED Delhi issued transfer and posting order for GMs.Please click here for copy of letter.
30.07.2014 Our case for scrapping LICE for E-2 to E-3 came for hearing in Principal Bench CAT Delhi on 30-07-2014.But the lawyer from MTNL requested for some more time and Hon’ble court has fixed 10th October-2014 as next date of hearing.
28.07.2014 GS wrote a letter to Member Finance (D.O.T.) about in-ordinate delay in taking over the pension liability from MTNL by PR.CCA,DOT, New Delhi causing non payment of pension and pensionery benefits to retirees. Please click here for copy of letter.
26.07.2014 It is learnt that Sh. P.K.Purwar has been given extension for 2 more months on the post of CMD MTNL
26.07.2014 BSNL, MTNL eyeing better coverage with 28,300 new mobile sites:State-run telecom companies BSNL and MTNL are enhancing capacity and coverage of their mobile services by adding about 28,300 new mobile sites, the Parliament has been informed. MTNL is adding 3,526 mobile sites which include both 2G and 3G equipment for enhancing coverage in Delhi and Mumbai. A news from Times of India.Please click here for link to news.
25.7.2014 Our case in Hon’ble CAT to set aside ’Sr. Management Recruitment Rule-2008’ came up for hearing on 24th July 2014 but hearing could not be completed as advocate of MTNL could not attend the court. Hon’ble court has fixed 26th August  2014 as next date of hearing.
22.7.2014 CEC meeting of TEAM Mumbai will be held tomorrow, 23.7.2014, at 17 hrs in Class Room at 15th Floor, Telephone House, Pabhadevi to discuss imposition of Penalty levied on account of non – adherence to TRAI parameters and other issues to be taken up with ED Mumbai on 24.7.2014. All are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting along with all area office bearers. CS, TEAM.
21.7.2014 The CCA Mumbai has released Rs. 38.60 crores to MTNL Mumbai against pension payment on the same way as for MTNL Delhi.
19.7.2014 Dear Members, Management is not serious about our demand for 78.2 % IDA neutralization. Since this is costing shadow in the long run we have to get it at all cost. Matter is being discussed with our CHQ and Delhi unit. We may have to resort to trade union movement to secure our rights. Keep ready for a call.
16.07.2014 Because of continuous efforts of our association, TEAM, The CCA, New Delhi (DOT) has paid  a refund to MTNL Rs. 28.62 crore against the pension paid by MTNL for the retirees (Who retired prior to 31st March,2014 ). This amount reimbursed to MTNL against 85% of the pension paid to the retirees for the month of April, May,June,2014 after deducting the pension contribution of the working employees for the same.  On the same line CCA, Mumbai is also to release the payment to MTNL, Mumbai. The amount is to be paid by CCA, Mumbai is yet to be confirmed.
16.07.2014 GS along with Sh. V. P. Bhardwaj JGS, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS, Sh. P. C. Sarswat Advisor CHQ , Sh. K. R. Yadav CP and Sh. Ram Gopal CS met with GM(HR) on 15-07-2014 to discuss the following points. 1) Non filling all vacant post of  DGM in all streams: GS expressed our deep concern over this issue. We explained that all vacant posts of DGMs in all streams have not been filled in although the eligible candidates are available. There is no provision in the rule for holding of 50% post of DGM for direct recruited executives. We demanded that all the vacant posts must be filled without any further delay as senior executives are retiring without getting their due promotions.GM(HR) agreed that there is no rule for keeping pending 50% posts of DGMs for direct recruited executives but as per the decision of the competent authority only 50% posts have been filled in. However he agreed to re-examine the issue. 2) Delay in holding DPCs for E5(regular) promotion in all streams: We conveyed our serious objection for un-necessary delay in holding of DPC for regular promotion in E5 grade in all streams although sufficient information in this regard from both circle have been received by Corporate office.GM(HR ) replied that file was sent for approval for holding DPC for DEs but some quarry has been raised by Dir.(HR) and we are replying to same. The case of promotion of CAOs has to be processed yet. 3) Delay in finalization of gradation list of JAOs: GS asked the latest status of the gradation list of JAOs as the same has been over delayed and regular DPC for AOs is getting delayed due to this.GM(HR) told that the committee has submitted its report but Dir.(HR) raised some quarries again and we are replying to them. 4) Regular DPC of JTOs/JAOs/AMs(HR, Marketing & Legal)  to SDEs /AOs / DMs : GS apprised that as per DPC calendar all the DPCs are over delayed and requested him to expedite the process so that the eligible executives may get their due promotion well in time GM(HR) assured that this mater is on top priority and will be resolved shortly. 5) Case of Stenographers for promotion:This case has already been discussed on various occasions but no fruit full result has been achieved.  GS requested to resolve this issue on top priority.GM(HR) answered that the case has already  examined and the finding have been submitted to competent authority for approval. But some quarries have been raised which are been looked into. 6) Non-grant of one increment on regular promotion in E5 as per executive promotion policy 2007: GS pointed out that as per EPP-2007 one increment has to be given on regular promotion in E5 but Corporate office arbitrarily decided not to allow it.GM(HR) agreed that the increment is to be given as per EPP-2007 but as per decision of competent authority it is not allowed. This matter may be taken up with Dir.(HR) or CMD. 7) Review of seniority list of CAOs(E5): GS pointed out that some representations from individual executives are lying pending in HR section for review of seniority but the same is not being examined and replied to the individual executives.GM(HR) agreed that we have received some cases and are pending for further examination. 8) Retrospective effect of regular promotion of AOs/Sr. PAs: GS told to GM(HR) that some representation from individual AOs/Sr. PAs have been sent to HR section  for giving retrospective effect of regular promotion but the same have not been finalised yet. GM(HR) agreed for these representation but he told that the same could not be finalised due to busy schedule. He assured to look into these shortly.
15.07.2014 BSNL, MTNL did not get necessary structural support:State run BSNL and MTNL did not get the structural support they required, leading to their present state of affairs, government said in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said there is scope for improvement in the working of the two state run service providers. They were once making profit, but now they are incurring losses, he said……. A news from Z News……… Please click here for link to news.
 12.07.2014 1) While replying to question raised by Sh.D.P.Tirpathi Hon,ble Member of Rajya Sabaha , SH. Ravi Shankar Prasad Hon,ble Minister of Communication & IT announced that Government plans Rs 39k-crore capital infusion in BSNL, MTNL over 5 years . A news from Economic Times. Please click here for link to news. 2) MTNL, BSNL face total debt of over Rs 21,000 cr:The total debt of state-run telecom companies MTNL and BSNL has increased to Rs 21,208 crore at the end of June 2014.It was Rs 12,983 crore as of March 31, 2012, Parliament was informed today. For BSNL, it was Rs 3,335 crore, and MTNL — Rs 9,648 crore.”As on March 31 (2014), the total debts on the books of BSNL and MTNL are Rs 5,948 and Rs 14,210 crores respectively,” Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the Rajya Sabha. A news from Business Standard. Please click here for link to news.
10.07.2014 ED Delhi office issued an order for LA promotion to the post of DGM(Telecom) for 9 executives.  Please click here for copy of orders.
09.07.2014 ED Delhi office issued an order for LA promotion to the post of DGM(Telecom) for 4 executives. Plase click here for copy of orders.
07.07.2014 JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj along with CS Delhi Sh. Ram Gopal met with DGM(HR) on 05-07-2014 regarding pursuance of regular DPCs of all streams. DGM (HR) informed that the case has already been sent for seeking approval for holding of DPC for DEs/Sr. Manager (Telecom) and it is expected that the same may be cleared by next week. Regarding the DPC for CAOs information have already been received from both units and we are processing the case for seeking approval for holding DPC. Other DPCs for regular promotion are in pipe line.
05.07.2014 Corporate Office issued Transfer orders for 2 AM (Finance)  on request from Mumbai unit to Corporate Office. Please click here for copy of orders. 
03.07.2014 Sh. R.S.Sharma Secretary (IT) has been given additional charge of Secretary (T) Deptt. Of. Telecom .Sh. R.S.Sharma is an IAS officer of 1978 batch (Jharkhand Cadre).
03.07.2014 IDA for CPSU employees is likely to be increased by 2.9% from 1st July 2014.Therefore new IDA will be 91.3% from JULY-2014.
03.07.2014 NEWS FROM MEDIA Ravi Shankar Prasad cracks the whip on MTNL, BSNL:Telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is cracking the whip on ailing telcos  MTNL  and BSNL. The minister has made it clear that companies must either perform or perish. CNBC-TV18’s Malvika Jain and Elan Dutta spoke to industry experts to explore various opportunities the two companies could tap to script a turnaround. A News from CNBC TV18. Please click here for link to news.
02.07.2014 Yesterday  i.e. on 01-07-2014 GS met Principal CCA (Pension) to discuss the inordinate delay in taking over the pension cases from MTNL and non payment of pension and pensionary  benefits to the employees retired from April-2014 onwards. Principal CCA explained the reasons for this delay. We have asked the Principal CCA for immediate release of the pension and pensionary benefits to all the employees retired in April-2014 & onward. Principal CCA assured to expedite the process of taking over the pension cases from MTNL . He also assured that he will talk to Dir. (F) MTNL for releasing the pension of those who retire in April & May2014. We have also told the Principal CCA that our Association will not be remained silent onlooker anymore in this regard.
30.06.2014 ED Delhi office issued Posting orders for 7 DGM(F) promoted on regular basis by Corporate office on 29-05-2014. TEAM wishes all the best to promoted and posted Senior executives. Please click here for copy of the letter.
26.06.2014 Due to persistent follow up by TEAM, Mumbai Corporate Office released order removing discrepancies in E2 to E3 up-gradation  on completion of 4 years regular service without counting training period. Click here for the order pl.