About Us

Telecom Executives’ Association of MTNL popularly known as TEAM, is a registered body under the Trade Unions Act’ 1926 at Mumbai.


The objects of the TEAM are:

a) To organise and unite the Executives employed/working in the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited and its Subsidiaries and joint ventures in the Delhi, Mumbai and other cities in India and the regulate their relations with the MTNL Management.

b) To promote and secure the service rights, privileges, and interests of the members of the “TEAM”.

c) To endeavor to settle disputes between the Management and the Executives working/serving in MTNL and Subsidiaries/Joint Ventures amicably so that cessation of work may be avoided.

d) To promote welfare schemes for the members of the “TEAM”.

e) To promote fraternity and unity among the members of the “TEAM”.

f) To publish House Journal, Circulars and maintain a Website that shall be the important mediums of communication of the “TEAM” with its members.

g) To conduct seminars and organize talks by eminent persons on trends in Telecommunication and Information Technology, practice of modern management principles, trends in financial and management accounting practices, global accounting standards, and any other topics which may be useful to the members of the “TEAM”.

h) To invest the surplus funds of the “TEAM” fruitfully for the benefit of the members.

i) To undertake such other activities which are in the general interest of the members of the “TEAM” or MTNL and/or its Subsidiary/Joint Venture Companies.

j) To contribute to the continuous growth and profitability of the MTNL and/or its Subsidiary/Joint Venture Companies.

k) For attainment of these objects the “TEAM” may organise centers in various localities.

TEAM is to safeguard and promote the service interests of all the Executives of MTNL and its subsidiaries.

After absorption of Group-B officers in MTNL a need had arisen for an unified Association of Executives integrating all the cadre based Associations.

Responding to this need all the following erstwhile cadre based and DOT recognised Associations until then functioning under the banner of Joint Action Committee in Delhi and Co-Ordination Committee in Mumbai integrated and formed TEAM during Dec’2003.

1. Telecommunication Engineering Services Association (India)

2. All India P&T Account & Finance Service Officers’ Association,

3. All India P&T Civil Engineers’ (Gr.B) Association,

4. P&T Electrical Engineers’ (Gr.B) Association

5. All India Junior Engineers’ Association, Telecom Civil Wing,

6. All India SC/ST Telecom Employees’ Welfare Association, Mumbai.

7. MTNL Personal Staff Association, Mumbai.

8. Telecom Engineering Officers’ Association (India) Delhi.

9. Assistant Director (OL)/Hindi Officers’ Association,Delhi.

  • Registered Office : 9A Shree Sandesh, Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Marg, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
  • Correspondence Address : Room No.756, 7th Floor, Kidwai Bhawan Janpath, New Delhi-110 001

Contact Persons:

  • Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS, TEAM, Mobile number: 9868136363
  • Com. Ram Gopal, Circle Secretary Delhi, Mobile: 9013131515
  • Com J S Yadav, Circle Secretary, Mumbai, Mobile number 9869041090

email: teamchq@gmail.com