Updated on 04/02/2008

04.02.2008 Members of TEAM and AIBSNLEA met at Prabhadevi on 01/02/2008 and discussed the ongoing issues in MTNL/BSNL and decided to have Co-ordination Committee of BSNL / MTNL Unions / Associations on common issues & they decided to form the Coordination Committee at the earliest. In the said meeting Members have recognised that Merger of BSNL/MTNL will be the first common issue and decided to approach all Unions and Associations of Executives/Non-executives of BSNL/MTNL. Click here for details of other issues identified.
01.02.2008 TEAM met Shri.J.Gopal, ED Mumbai and discussed matters relating to various service conditions and services offered by MTNL. ED assured that he will look in to the cases and expedite them. Click here for the details of discussion.
30/01/2008 Union Cabinet today Gave its approval for merging a portion of IDA equal to 50 % of the existing pay in respect of employees. Board of Directors of respective PSUs are directed to consider the 50 % merger keeping in mind the capacity of the company to pay and submits its proposal to the Administrative Ministry for its approval. Click here to view the Press Release from PIB.
22/01/2008 TEAM wrote letter to Secretary DOT for issue of “Option for Pro-rata Pension”. Click here for copy of the letter.
16/01/2008 Com GS along with HQ office bearers at Delhi met Dir (HR) in a formal meeting to day (16/01/08) and discussed the various issues. Click here for the issues taken up and discussed.
18/12/2007 Amendment for IDA scale upgradation of executives under time bound executive promotional policy under MTNL Mumbai.

14/12/2007 TEAM Annual conference will be held from 4th Feb to 6th Feb, 2008 at Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra, Panchkuina Road, New Delhi. Members are requested to email their suggestions to
30/11/2007 Second List of bound up-gradation from E3 grade to E4 grade for 328 officers based on MTNL’s new promotional policy  is issued. Click here for order copy and the list.
30/11/2007 DOT Has endorsed the Prorata Pension notification and instructed all the CCA-DOT Cell to take necessary action. Option will be called for shortly vide letter no:36-3/2007/ten(T) dated 27.11.2007.
29/11/2007 Govt restores pro-rata Pension retrospectively w.e.f. 30.09.2000. click here for detailedNotification.
27/11/2007 “CHQ has taken up the issue with DOT to call for option for pro-rata pension in compliance with the Gazette Notification regarding pro-rata pension entitlement the absorbed executives with effect from 01/10/2000. Gazette Notification….
26/11/2007 Hurdles are coming in the way of disbursement of CGIES Money to the absorbed executives of MTNL, Mumbai. Letter written to Shri. D.S.Mathur, Secretary, DoT requesting him to direct concerned officers to refund the money immediately with interest from January, 2005 onwards. Click here for the copy of the letter.
7/11/2007 First List of Time bound up-gradation from E3 grade to E4 grade for 219 officers based on MTNL’s new promotional policy  is issued. Click here for the list.
2/11/2007 Bonus payment in Mumbai will be through ECS on 02/11/07. CGEGIS money will be paid through ECS before 0711/07. Controller of Communication Accounts at Mumbai has asked for funds from DOT.
2/11/2007 The office bearers at Mumbai met ED Mumbai on 30/10/07. ED agreed to simplify the proforma for time bound promotion. The revised proforma will be issued very soon. Those who have submitted the existing proforma need not submit the revised proforma. ED also agreed to implement the restructuring of PS cadre for promotion from NE-9 to NE-10.
20/10/2007 MTNL has decided to give Productive Linked Bonus for 25 days of (Basic Pay + IDA) with minimum ceiling of 9000 & max. ceiling of 11000.
18/10/2007 Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS is vigorously pursuing the Bonus issue with MTNL management. He is expected to meet the management shortly.
17/10/2007 DGM(A), MTNL, Mumbai had issued circulars calling for Bio-Data/Special Reports for screening of ACRs for time bound IDA Scale upgradation for Executives of MTNL, Mumbai. List of Eligible SDEs who have not got any promotion during 1.10.2000 and 1.10.2004. Special reports of Officers mentioned in the list should invariably reach DGM(A) immediately. All officers are requested to send the Special Reports and Bio-data without any delay duly countersigned by the AO concerned. Click here for the detailed order and list of officers.
16/10/2007 Bio-Data/Special Report for upgradation under promotion policy under IDA pay scale for Executives of MTNL Mumbai called for. Proforma duly filled in by Executives and endorsed by respective Accounts Officers may be submitted to the Administration. For copy of the Proforma click here. Click here for word format
12/10/2007 For speedy  implementation of Promotional policies details of particulars of service from executives will be called. Detailed instructions in this regards will be published shortly.
30/09/2007 GS addressed TEAM meeting at Bandra on 27/09/07 at Telephone House on 28/09/07. Members interacted with GS regarding promotion policy and other issues.

Circle Executive Committee Meeting was held on 29/09/07 at City Tele. Exch. It was decided to pursue the following issues vigorously.

1. Implementation of time bound promotion policy immediately by Diwali
2. Refund of CGEGIS money by Diwali.
3. Improvements in time bound and post based promotion policy.
4.Regularisation of adhoc appointments.
5. Pension issue
6. Merger of BSNL and MTNL
7. Issues relating to Civil and Electrical cadres.
8.Implementation of restructuring orders relating to PS cadre.
9. Restructuring of Hindi officer cadres.
10.Removal of discrimination in maintenance of GPF funds.
11.Protection of increments earned in E-4
12. Amendment to TA rules regarding entitlements.
13.Renewal sanction of posts in CETTM Mumbai
14. Pay Committee

Click here to see the letters written by TEAM to MTNL, DOT, and Hon’Minister regarding the aforesaid issues.

26.9.2007 TEAM GS Com. A.K. Kaushik arrived in Mumbai and met ED, Mumbai. ED Mumbai assured him of early implementation of the promotional policy. GS  is scheduled to visit Bandra Telephone Exchange at 1400 hrs on 27.9.2007 and Prabhadevi at 16 hrs on 28.9.2007 for meeting basic members. All members are requested to attend Meetings at Bandra and Prabhadevi where the opinions on the promotional policies and the future course of action to be adopted on the same will be deliberated with the basic members. Thereafter GS will attend the CEC meeting scheduled on 29.9.2007 at the City Telephone Exchange, Mumbai. All CEC members are requested to attend the CEC meeting and present views of basic members on the promotional policy.
13.9.2007 TEAM Delhi held its CEC meeting on 12.9.2007 and deliberated on the outcome of the Promotion Policy issued by MTNL. GS will visit Mumbai in the next week to discuss on the issue with members of TEAM Mumbai unit. After hearing the members view at Mumbai unit future course of action will be charted out. Date of Meeting at Mumbai will be announced shortly.
11.9.2007 Congradulations !!! Order for implementation of promotion policy for executives of MTNL is issued. Click here for copy of the order. Team Members met ED, Mumbai yesterday and requested him to implement the policy at the earliest. ED, Mumbai has responded positively and assured speedy implementation.
6.9.2007 Orders for implementation of promotion policy for executives of MTNL will be released tomorrow. It is understood that the training period will be counted for implementation of financial upgradation ….. Details will be uploaded as soon as it is available…
31.8.2007 MTNL Board in its meeting held on 30.8.2007 had approved the promotion policy for MTNL executives. After issue of order for the implementation of Promotion for executives, TEAM will pursue with MTNL management to improve the promotion policy as per the discussions and decisions taken earlier.
09.08.07 GS met CMD to day and insisted to implement the promotion policy. He also insisted to consider regularisation in E-5 cadres. CMD assured to consider these issues within a week.
08.08.07 TEAM took up the issue of mismatch of span between CDA and IDA pay scales in E-4 and consequent loss of increments drawn above 12th stage in the CDA scale while switching over from CDA to IDA on 01/10/2000. It is learnt that BSNL Board has approved to increase the span of the IDA scale in  a similar issue and the proposal is pending with DPE.We have requsted Dir (Fin) to  cause to settle the issue.
24.7.2007 GS met CMD on 18.7.2007 and discussed various issues. CMD was very much receptive and positive. The following issues were discussed.

1.      Regularization of  adhoc DEs /CAOs – CMD assured that the issue will be considered.

2.      Implementation of promotion policy – CMD conveyed that a final shape for implementation will be given within a week and assured that our demand for modifications will be discussed.

3.      For TEAM’s resistance to exchange indoor AMC CMD agreed to reconsider. Executives will be trained.

4.      For the demand of imparting Training in Marketing and HR Management CMD agreed and opined that the proposal will be actively considered.

5.      On Problems with regards to FMS, CMD desired to have a detailed note from TEAM.

CMD appealed to TEAM to offer suggestions for improvement of services. GS reiterated that men behind the machines are important and they need to be motivated for better results. Click Circle for letter written by Circle Secretary Mumbai in this regard.

20.7.2007 TEAM felicitated recently Retired Executive Director  Shri. M.S.Rana and Welcome on board Shri. J.Gopal as ED, MTNL, Mumbai on 20.7.2007.
1.7.2007 TEAM Welcomes Shri. J.Gopal on his assumption of charge as Executive Director of MTNL, Mumbai. TEAM extends whole hearted support and assures our full supports in his endeavor in brining MTNL at top in providing telecom services at Mumbai.
10.6.2007 ” The ceiling on accumulation of E.L.has been enhanced to 300+15 days. Amendment to MTNL leave rules is being issued. TEAM is pursuing the issue of removing the restiriction of 120 days of commuted leave”
6.6.2007 Farewell party was organised to Com. Jayaprakash and Com. K.J.C.Kumar on their superannuation from the post of DGM.
30.5.2007 Promotion orders from SDE to DE issued for 21 officers and transfer orders for 3 DEs issued. Click here for copy of the order.

Com. V.N.Hegde, DE Chempur was promoted and posted as DGM(South) in April, 2007.

23.5.2007 Instructions on conversion of Garuda mobile to GSM SIM issued. Click here for details.
22.5.2007 Process for regular promotion to DE from Ad-hoc DE is in progress. All Ad-hoc DEs are requested to make arrangement to forward their special reports at the earliest. Click here for List of Ad-hoc DEs.
19.5.2007 TEAM Delhi Circle conference will be held on 06/06/07 at New Delhi
16.5.2007 Orders for issue of SIM card inn replacement of GARUDA issued. Click here for the contents of the order.
15.5.2007 Newly elected Circle body met ED, MTNL, Mumbai Shri.J.Gopal, today and discussed local issues pertaining to the executive cadre. CGM(WS) and CGM(LS) were present in the meeting. ED, had agreed to the following points….Issue of SIM card to Executives in place of Garuda…. Click here for the minutes of the meeting.
28.4.2007 Mumbai Circle TEAM has elected Com.J.S.Yadav as Circle Secretary and Com.G.N.Haragaball as President. Congratulations to Com.J.S.Yadav and his newly elected ‘TEAM” members.

Representative Council Meeting of MTNL Mumbai Circle:- The Representative Council Meeting of TEAM Mumbai was held at 1530 Hrs at Kitte Bhandari Hall Dadar on 28/04/07. The subject committee was inaugurated by our GS.  The Activity report and the Audited Accounts were approved by the Council after deliberations. GS briefed the council about Promotion Policy and other issues. A consensus list of Officer Bearers for the ensuing term was proposed by Com. S.N. Hublikar and seconded by Com R.A. Rajapure. The Representative Council elected the office bearers unanimously. Click here for List of Office Bearers. Open House followed thereafter.

OPEN HOUSE – A well attended Open House started at 1730 Hrs. at the same venue. Smt. Anita Soni Director (Fin) was the Chief Guest. Shri. J. Gopal ED, Shri.Gopal Das CGM (WS), Shri.T.K. Sil CGM (LS), Shri. Rakesh Tumhane G.M. (Fin), Shri.A.K. Saxena  G.M. (A), Shri. A.P. Singh G.M. (TR) graced the occasion. Com. G.N.Haragaball President delivered the welcome address. Com. K. Jawahar President HQ, Com.N.Chandrasekar, Com.R.A.Rajapure, Com.V.P.Bharadwaj, Com. S.N. Hublikar and Com. A.K. Kaushik G.S. addressed the House on the present status of various issues such as Pension, HR Policies, Perks, Improving the quality of service and profitability, Promotion Policy etc.. All the dignitaries spoke on the occasion and appealed to the Executives to contribute their best. Dir (Fin)’s speech was in compassionate tone and exhibited understanding on all the issues. Com. K. Balasubramanian Chairman of Advisory Council TEAM summed up the issues. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. J.S. Yadav Circle Secretary.

23.4.2007 IDA Pay Revision Committee had called for response of All Associations through a questionnaire.  All India BSNL Executives’ Association had submitted its response for the questionnaire  to the Pay Revision Committee for executives and non-unionised Supervisors of CPSEs – w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Click here for the details of the questionnaire and the response of AIBSNLEA.  Opinions of the members are solicited on the questionnaire at the earliest. Members may email their comments to TEAM will submits its response after incorporating the suggestions from members.
18.4.2007 GS met CMD on 18/04/2007 and invited him to the Representative Council Meeting of TEAM Mumbai Circle on 28/04/07. CMD had consented  to address the Open House. He assured that the promotion policy will be implemented soon. During the meeting CMD also made an appeal to dedicate all our efforts in providing excellent customer care and to contribute our best to the interests of MTNL.
18.4.2007 Representative Council Meeting of TEAM Mumbai Circle on 28/04/2007:-

The circle EC of TEAM Mumbai was held on 18/04/2007 and the holding the Representative Council Meeting on 28/04/2007was discussed.

The representative Council Meeting is scheduled at 1400 Hrs at Kitte Bhandari Hall Dadar on 28/04/2007. The Areas are requested to hold the Area meeting and elect 20 representatives in all area giving representations to all the cadres. The list of the 20 representatives should be given to the Circle Secretary by 27th positively. The agenda for the Representative Council Meet is given separately. The Mumbai Circle EC will meet again on 25/04/07 to approve the Annual Report and the Accounts.

The Open House is scheduled at 1700 Hrs. at the same venue. CMD, CGMs Mumbai, GM (HR) CO, leaders of other PSUs  and our GS will address the Open House. All the members are requested to attend the Open House.

18.4.2007 GS participated in the meeting of Joint Forum of Telecom Unions and Associations of BSNL and MTNL held on 17/04/2007 to discuss about the TRAI decision of  sharing infrastructures of BSNL / MTNL with other telecom operators. It was decided to oppose the move of TRAI and DOT and hold the following Protest Actions.  Click here for the details of Protest action program. Click here for the TRAI recommendation onInfrastructure sharing.
12.4.2007 Promotion to the cadre of DGM on looking after basis ordered for three DEs. Consequently Transfers in the cadre is also ordered. click here for the copy of the order.  Promotion Transfer
12.4.2007 Circle ‘Representative Council’ Meeting of TEAM Mumbai will be held on 28/04/2007 at Kitte Bhandari Hall Dadar at 1500 Hrs. General Secretary Com. A.K.Kaushik will address the Council Meeting. All the office bearers and members are requested to attend.
12.4.2007 TEAM Demand merger of 50 % DA National Confederation of Officers Association of PSUs, Co-Ordination Committee of PSUs and TEAM Delhi will hold a Rally and demonstration in front of office of Department of Public Enterprises at SCOPE Complex Delhi on 13/04/07 pressurizing 50% merger of DA.
10.04.2007 CRs, Special Reports and Service Certificates are called from SDEs who were promoted in 1994 and had completed 12 years of regular service in 2006 for considering their placement in the cadre of Sr.SDE . Click here for List of officers who are requested to forward the same at the earliest.
02.04.2007 TEAM felicitated Shri.C.B.Nair, who retired as CCM(LS), MTNL, Mumbai on 31.3.2007. Shri. M.S.Rana, ED, MTNL, Mumbai, Shri. J.Gopal, CGM(D), MTNL, Mumbai and Shri. Gopal Das, CGM(WS), MTNL, Mumbai were present in the meeting along with more than 100 TEAM members to bid farewell to the Stalwart, Veteran Leader and Able Manager Shri.C.B.Nair on the occasion.  Shri C.B.Nair touched the heart of each and every one present in the meet and aroused their feelings towards the heart probing question on success and survival of  MTNL. Click here for text of the speech delivered by Shri. C.B.Nair on the occasion. Team wishes healthy retired peaceful life and assures all support to Shri. C.B. Nair.
30.3.2007 Ad-hoc promotion orders to 65 Sr. AO’s to the grade of E5 issued. Click here for list.
MTNL Executives Forum wrote letter to CMD on Pending issues like regularisation of DEs/CAOs to the extent of at least 50 % of the post, Filling up of vacancies in DE/CAO/AO and Civil wings, IDA scale in Civil and Electrical wing and adhoc/Officiating arrangement in Hindi Officers category. Click here for the copy. Forum also took up the issue of implementation of Executives’ Promotion Policy and to avert the situation that leads to stagnation in the cadre. Click here for the copy of the letter.
9.3.2007 MTNL Executives forum express its gratitude to ED, Mumbai for his initiation in completing the DPCs in time. forum also made it a point to request for issue orders in respect of request transfers in the cadre of SDEs, replacement of GSM SIM for Garuda service connections, refund of CGEGIS and STD facility to all Res. Service connection. Click here for copy of letter addressed to ED, Mumbai.
Order for much awaited relief on account of Treatment of perquisite on residential quarters allotted to MTNL Officials issued. Order will be effective from Feb, 2007. Personal undertaking may be submitted by the officers who wish to avail the same. Click here for the copy of the order.Annexure
Promotion to the cadre of DGM was issued to 3 of our DEs’. Congrads to Shri. K.D.Singh, Shri.M. Vijaya Kumar and Shri. R.V.Nayak. Consequently transfer orders to three other existing DGMs were also issued. Click here for the copy of the order.
3.3.2007 TEAM met Addl. Secretary (Telecom) Shri. R. Bandyopadhyay today and submitted memorandum concerning Pension and Merger issues. For detail click here for the copy of the letter.
General Secretary had submitted clarifications on the Promotion Policy for the Executives in MTNL given to us by Dir(Pers). Click here for copy of the letter.
Officiating promotion from SDE to DE and Rotational transfer in the cadre of DEs are ordered. Click here for the orders. SDE to DE1 SDE to DE2 DE transfers.
Orders issued for Lateral advancement to 39 SDEs to Sr. SDE Grade left out cases issued. Click here for copy of the order.
Ad-hoc Promotion orders for 110 SDEs are issued by MTNL Mumbai. Click here for copy of the order.
Rotational Transfer for 223 SDEs released. Click here for details.
MTNL Executives Forum discussed in length the implications of the promotional policy handed over to it by the corporate office. After due deliberation it was resolved that issues like benefit for past services rendered, issues related to regular promotion even after Gr A absorption, issues concerning Accelerated promotions as mentioned in the draft promotion policy and lateral induction proposed at E5 Grade need to be taken up with management. Accordingly a letter was addressed to Director (HR). Click here for the Copy the letter addressed to Dir(HR).
DPCs for Ad-hoc Promotion in  the cadre of DE/CAO is over. Orders for Ad-hoc Promotions to 227 SDE/Sr.SDEs, 75 AO/Sr.AOs and 4 SDE(Civil) are issued by Corporate office. Click here for copy of the approved  list. Telecom Accounts Civil PA2PS In Mumbai Officers up to Shri. Chandi Das Batabyal, Sr. List No 15976 from the OC category of 1974 recuritment and Shri. Kashi Prasad, Sr. List No: 14943 from SC category are covered. List of Accounts personnel will be uploaded shortly.
Congratulations !!! Cadre restructuring and Promotion Policy for Stenographers issued by Corporate office. Click here for the copy of the order.
MTNL’s draft promotion policy has been given by the Management for circulation. Members are requested to discuss the policies in the branch / Area meetings and convey their views by 07/02/07 positively. Click here for the copy
31/01/07:- President and HQ office bearers met Director (HR) and had detailed discussions on various pending issues. G.M. (HR) Corporate Office, G.M. (Admn) MTNL Delhi, DGM (Admn) were also present in the meeting. The outcome of the meeting is as under:-

1. Director (HR) assured to complete all the following DPCs by 07/02/07 positively. SDE/AO to DE/CAO :- Assured to fill up 50% of the vacancies on regular basis and the balance on adhoc basis.

2. DPC in PS cadre and Civil Wing

3. JAO to AO for 49 left over vacancies.

4. We assured Dir (HR) that we will respond quickly to the MTNL’s draft promotion policy and requested him to implement the time bound promotion policy at the earliest.

5. The complex procedure in the refund of Group Insurance money was brought to his notice. We requested to refund the money adhering to the same procedure that was followed in the case of non executives else we told him that the liability to interest will arise.

6. We requested him to withdraw the ceiling of 120 days for availing commuted leave and to restore the +15 days EL to the ceiling of 300 days.

31/01/07 Shri. A. Jayprakash, one of our veteran leaders of JETA and TESA and advisory council member of TEAM retired on superannuation today. Members of TEAM wish him and his family a cheerful and peaceful retired life with excellent health.
BSNL Executives Promotion Policy implementation order issued Click Here for order
HQ Office bearers met Dir (HR) today (15/01/07) and had discussions regarding regular promotion to STS cadre (DE/CAO), DPC for 49 posts of AOs (Both Delhi and Mumbai together) and withdrawal of victimization. Director (HR) positively responded to these issues and assured that steps have already been initiated on all these issues.  Promotion Policy:-Director (HR) assured HQ Office bearers and our President   that the Promotion Policy (Draft) will be made available very soon.
Happy News for those who are occupying Qrs: Corporate Office has agreed not to treat the occupation of qrs. as Perks. No tax will be recovered on declaration by the employee to Accounts Officer. Orders are under issue. Our relentless pursuit  bears fruits.
One More Milestone in our Achievements:- Personal Staff Cadres’ Restructuring issue decided by the recent Board Meeting held on 05/01/07. Orders are under issue.
DA increased by 3.69 % effective from 1st, Jan, 2007
Flash News: There is an increase of 3.7 % in IDA IDA from 65.2 to 68.9 wef 1.1.2007, Orders under issue.
DOT HAS APPROVED THE PROMOTION POLICY FOR EXECUTIVES OF BSNL. THE FILE IS BEING SENT TO BSNL. It is expected that MTNL will follow suit and issue the promotion policy soon as assured.
Message from GS … New year 2007
Promotion orders in Mumbai as promised from JTOs to SDEs (129), JAOs to AOs (28), AOs to Sr. AOs (12), JE(Civil)  to SDE(Civil) issued. DPC for Adhoc DE is in progress.
Congratulations – As a result of our vigorous persuation DPC for 379 Executives of Mumbai – Delhi together are completed. List of officers who are to be promoted by Mumbai and Delhi units are forwarded to the EDs of respective units. Promotion orders to 250 JTOs to the cadre of SDE (Telecom), 13 JTO (Civil) to the post of SDE (Civil), 64 JAOs to the post of AOs and 52 AOs to the post of Sr.AOs will be issued by respective EDs in two days time. Click here for the list of officers whose DPC is cleared.
ACR screening Report and Vigilance report of SDE’s and Sr.SDE’s called for conducting DPC for promotion to  Ad-hoc grade of DE’s. Click here for the copy of order.
Director (HR) called Com. A.K.Kaushik and discussed about DPC and allied matter. The meeting was cordial and outcome is positive. Click here for the details of the outcome.
MTNL Executives Forum issue notice for Peaceful and Non-interfering Protest Actions against the MTNL Management’s attitude in settling the issues.  Copy of the letter addressed to Shri R.S.P. Sinha, CMD, MTNL.
Click here to have glance of the communications made so far.
Promotion order for 5 DEs to the post of DGMs and transfer orders of 7 DGMs are issued. Click here for details.
Join One day Dharna in front of Telephone House at Prabhadevi on 8.11.2006 to demand Promotional Policy, Holding of DPC, Granting E6 scale to looking after DGMs, Restructuring in the cader of stenographers and Hindi Officers, Non-settlement of PLI as per DoT guidelines and Perks of Executives. Join en-mass and make it a grant sucess. Click here for the press release.MTNL Executives Forum Zindabad !!!
Promotion Order for 32 SDEs to DE issued. For List Click here.
Massive Lunch hour Demonstration has been arranged under the banner of MTNL Executives Forum at 13 hours on Wednesday, 4th October, 2006 at Telephone House, Prabhadevi, V.S.Marg, Dadar, Mumbai – 400028 to protest against MTNL Managements’ Productivity Linked Incentive policy. All are requested to participate enmass. Click here for copy of the Notice.
Hearing on the Appeal petition filed by TEAM on Pension issue was completed in THe High Court, Delhi. Judgment awaited any time.
BSNL has announced Perks to executive employees. Team pursues the matter with MTNL board. Click here for details of BSNL order
MTNL Executives forum requested CMD, MTNL to consider releasing Productivity linked Incentive for executives equivalent to 1.4 times of the basic subject to a maximum of Rs.12,500/- for the year 2005-06. For details click here.
Promotion order of 16 DE’s released on 4.8.2006. For details click here.
Mass Demonstration organised by MTNL Executives Forum in front of Telephone House at Prabhadevi, Mumbai on 27.7.2006 against Disinvestment, Sharing of infrastructure with private operators, Incrasing FDI, Local Loop Unbundling and demanding reduction in revenue sharing and ADC. More than thousand Executives of MTNL have whole heartedly participated in the lunch hour demonstration in front of the Office of Executive Director, MTNL, Mumbai  between 1.30 to 2.30 pm. The massive attendance during the swindling rain that lasted for an hour only demonstrate the resolve of our members in thwarting the evil attempt of Government in allowing back door entry for the vested interest. Click here for detailed Press release.
Join enmasse for lunch hour demonstration at 1.30 pm on Thursday, 27th July, 2006 at Telephone House, Prabhadevi. Click here for the notice.
Agitation Programme charted out and served to BSNL & MTNL management to save both the PSU’s. Accordingly Joint  demonstration at circle and head quarters level will be held on 27th July, 2006, March to parliament on 3rd August, 2006 and to continue on Strike from September, 2006. Detailed dates dates and schedules will be announced shortly. Click here for copy of letter served to CMDs of MTNL & BSNL and Honorable Minister for Communication and IT.
CMD & Dir(HR), MTNL met members of MTNL Executives forum and discussed various issues on disaster management, security arrangement, compassionate appointment, utilisation of vacant plots and renting of buildings and other points in detail. Click here for details of the discussion.
251 Sub.Divisional Engineer of MTNL,Mumbai are placed in the grade of Senior Sub.Divisional Engineer in the IDA pay scale of Rs.14500-350-18700/- Click here for list.
Directions for issues pertaining to fixation of pay in respect of Executives promoted after 1.10.2000 issued by GM(HR). Click here for copy of order.DPC Process  for filling up the vacancies started as promised.
Option to retain CDA pay scale on absorption in MTNL is granted. Orders to this effect is issued by corporate office. Click here for the copy of order,.
14 JTOs are promoted as SDEs wef 11.07.2006. Click here for copy of order and list.
Administrative work for regularising 151 JTO who are Officiating as SDE’s is on. DPC will be conducted on 5th, 6th and 7th of July, 2006. All Controlling Officers are requested to send the special reports immediately. Click here for list of JTOs whose special reports are required.
DPC for Regular DE will be held on 5th, 6th and 7th July, 2006. All DE’s whose name are appearing in the list are requested to submit their special report latest by 03.07.2006 to AGM(A-1). For List of DE’s please click here. List of DEs
DPC completed on 28.6.2006. for the grade of Sr SDE. Total 252 SDE’s orders are likely to be issued shortly. As per the assurances given by GM(HR) DPC is likely to held to fill up the vacancies in the cadre of DE’s (Ad hoc), CAO (Ad hoc), Sr.A.O, A.O, SDE(Elec), SDE(Civil). DPC Members are likely to meet on 5th July to 7th July at Mumbai. Clarification received by GM(HR), MTNL, Corporate Office letter No:MTNL/CO/GM(HR)/VRS-NE/2006/598 dated 2nd June, 2006 that 29 ad-hoc DE posts on VRS be filled up by local officiating. Click here for copy of the order.
MTNL has issued instruction to release the Group Insurance Scheme amount accumulated since 1980. All Officers are requested to fill in the enclosed Proforma and submit the same to their respective AO (Cash). Click here for the order copy and proforma.
Sr.SDE in respect of officers whose Service particulars and Special reports are not received by Administration are holding the process of DPC delayed. All concerned are quested to expedite the Special reports along with service certificates to the administration through their controlling officers. Click here for list of SDEs whose Special reports and service particulars are not received by Administration.
Congratulations Comrades!!! Management finally heed to our demands and agreed to settle our issues. Process for promotion policy will be expedited and discussed with the office bearers. Achievements are listed in the annexure. Click here for copy of the letter issued by Executives Forum. Copy of letter 1 2On Account of these developments the agitation notice served is withdrawn. Hope good sense will prevail on and our problems will be sorted out soon.
Promotion orders issued to 16 SDE’s on Local officiating basis. Click here for copy of the promotion order.
GM (HR), Held discussions with the members of the Executives Forum on agitational issues and agreed to consider the demands. Click here forCopy of Letter addressed to Executive forum.
Notice for protest action against non settlement of long pending HR issues served. The plan action will be as follows:1.6.2006 to 3.6.2006 – Wearing black bodge, Sending SMS and Savingram to MOC, TC, CMD, Dir (HR), Dir (Tech), ED’s

9.6.2006  – Lunch Hour Demonstration at Area GM offices

16.6.2006 – One Day Dharna and Lunch hour Demo at Telephone House, Prabhadevi.

28.6.2006, 29.6.2006 & 30.6.2006 – Relay Hunger Strike at Telephone House, Prabhadevi. Click here for Copy of Notice Page 1,  Page 2

Arise and Awake to our Demand. Let us not relent until succeed…

ACR and Special Reports for lateral upgradation to Sr. SDE position for 361 SDE’s Called for. Click here for order copy. For list please click here.
10th April, 2006 TEAM Office bearers at Mumbai met Advisor (Fin) DOT on her visit to the office of Controller of  Communication Accounts Mumbai and discussed the Pension Issue, GPF Trust, and huge sum of about Rs.2600 crores payable by DOT to MTNL.
6th April 2006 – Congratulations!  Promotion in the cadre od SDEs on local officiating basis (32 Nos). Click here for order Page1 Page2
GS Writes… Let us make things happen.
MTNL Achieve target growth in 2005-06.

  • GSM crossed 1 million mark in Mumbai.
  • One lakh Triband connections achieved in 2005-06.
  • Plans introduced in Dolphin/Trump shown overwhelming response of the customers. On 31.3.2006 alone the sales touched the peak of 1.3 Cr in recharge coupon sales.
  • Only incoming in Land line swept the market and achieved record target of more than 70 K customer base.
  • Over whelming response in Garuda Mobile segment too.

Congratulations !!! Keep it up !!!

DOT is of the view that MTNL Executives’ promotion policy should be in the same lines with that of BSNL.  It is also learnt that BSNL Executives’ promotion policy is in the final stage of formulation. TEAM opposes the move as the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL and MTNL are entirely different.We members cannot forgo the services rendered in MTNL. While the Officers absorbed in VSNL along with MTNL enjoyed all benefits, Why officers of DoT absorbed in MTNL had to suffer or give up all those benefits which are loyally due for ?

TEAM submits its view point on this issue and is determined to go to any length for getting justified dues for the past services rendered in the corporation. .  Click here for Copies of Letter Submitted to DOT and MTNL in this regard

News in brief – March 2006
Congratulations to all VRS Executives !!!  TEAM Express its hearty congratulations to all VRS Executives and wish them a happy and prosperous retired life.
Order for placement of to the grade of Sr.SDE which was kept in abeyance by MTNL, Mumbai unit was released. 158 Officers are placed in the Sr.SDE Grade vide this order. Refer Copies of order 1 2
The Pension case filed by TEAM in Principal CAT Delhi was heard on 23/03//06. There is No further hearing. We are hopeful of judgement in our favour.
The office bearers in Mumbai met CMD, Dir(HR) and Dir(Fin) today (24/03/06) at Mumbai. Apprised them of the urgency of framing and implementation of “MTNL Promotion Policy’. Pension, GPF Trust issues were also discussed. Dir (HR) assured that DPCs will be conducted soon for promotions on DOT norms. Dir (Fin) assured that the insurance money will be released very soon.
Placement in the Senior SDE grade approved by Corporate Office. Accordingly orders regarding induction of SDEs to SDE position issued vide No: ST/25-18/SR.SDE/ 05-06/10 dated 26.12.2005 which was kept in abeyance is made effective.  Order copy.
103 SDEs are promoted as DE to occupy the vacancies arising out of  VRS. 14 DEs are also ordered transfer from their present position and posted to different unit during this exercise. Click here for order copies. Promotion P1 P2 P3 and Transfer order copy..  TEAM congratulates all these officers for successful career in their new assignments.
7 DE’s are promoted as DGM’s. TEAM Congratulates them for their success. Two DGMs are transferred on promotion of these 7 DEs.

Order for grant of stagnation increments to MTNL Executivfes issued on 10.3.2006 vide order No:MTNLCO/Pers/Issue of Gr.B Officers/2004/345. The Date of effect of the order is retrospective. ie., 01/10/2000.
The said order was long awaited hich will solve the problems of those MTNL Executives who are stagnated in IDA Pay scale after absorption in MTNL wef 01.10.2000. Click here for Order dated 10.3.2006.The issue of protecting the increments earned in CDA while fixing pay in IDA on absorption & reached at maximum of E-4 scale & got stagnated is yet to be resolved. We are pursuing the case.

All the List of VRS optees send to Corporate Office has been approved except 5 Personnel Staffs and One SDE Shri. S.R.Ghag, who retired on Super Annuation  already. Copy of the order.

The MTNL Board has approved the fixation of pay on point to point basis in E-2 IDA pay scale of Rs.10750-300-16750 corresponding to the existing CDA Pay scale of Rs. 6500-200-10500 of AAO’s on the day of absorption i.e. 01/10/2000. The Board has also approved to fix simultaneously, notionally in E3 IDA pay scale of Rs.13000-350-18250. The actual benefit will be from 19.2.2003. Click here for order.
G.S. met CMD today (28/02/06). CMD assured that VRS will be given to all the eligible applicants both at Mumbai and Delhi effective from 01/04/06,
General Secretary met Director (HR) on 21/02/06 and discussed the pending issues: High lights of the Discussions –

Director(HR) assured to settle the issue of Sr.SDE promotions in Mumbai very soon.

GS insisted to expedite the process of DPCs. The sanction of Installation posts awaits Board’ approval.

LTC/TA eligibility will be based on the Pay. Proposal in this regard is put up to the Board for approval.

Pension case has been adjourned to 3rd Mar’2006
MTNL, Mumbai had finalised the list of 354 VRS Optees. List was forwarded to Corporate Office for approval. Approval is expected shortly. List Contains 5 DGMs, 125 DEs, 176 SDE’s, 18 JTOs, 25 Officers from Accounts wing and 5 personal staffs.List  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
List of hospitals approved under Insurance scheme  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The AAO IDA Pay Scale proposal will be considered by the next board meeting to be held on 23/02/06
Release of CGEGIS money is vigorously pursued. File has started moving in DOT.
Date for withdrawal of VRS application fixed as 31.1.2006. Application received up to 31.1.2006 by controlling officers shall be forwarded to IR Unit on or before 15.2.2006. Final list of VRS optee, will be released after 15.2.2006.  Copy of order  issued by GM (A) Copy of order Dt 8.2.2006
President and other office bearers are pursuing with the Mumbai Management to recommend and forward all the left over eligible applications of VRS immediately to the Corporate Office. It is expected that the same will be done in couple of days.
General Secretary met Director (HR) on 01/02/06 and insisted that all VRS applications should be accepted without discrimination. Director (HR) informed that the AAO’s Pay Scale and Civil / Electrical cadres’ effective date of IDA scale will be taken up in  the next board meeting to be held during mid Feb’2006.
General Secretary alongwith Shri. Prahlad Rai G.S. AIBSNL EA and Shri. K. Satyanarayana President AIBSNL EA met Shri. R.N. Prabhakar Member (Production) and Shri. Yashwant Bhave Addl.Secretary (T) on 31/01/06 and placed the views of the Associations regarding Promotion Policy of MTNL and BSNL.
MTNL Management has decided to implement Executive VRS with effect from 1.4.2006. Detailed list will be displayed shortly. Copy of the order.. Click here for the Mumbai VRS optees list  Click here for the Mumbai Areawise VRS optees list

Final Optees  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

TEAM has taken up the matter regarding D.E’s and Accounts personnel who had submitted their VRS application with ED, Mumbai and requested him to recommend all the eligible cases. ED, MTNL, Mumbai agreed to expedite the recommendation before 10th Feb, 2006. Dir (Per) had assured that all such cases will be considered and VRS will be implemented for them also on the same day.

Those who desire to withdraw the VRS applications are requested to forward their request at the earliest so that their request can be considered before issue of VRS orders.

MTNL forms Provident Fund Trust in violation of the terms and conditions for absorption. TEAM took serious objection to the move and written letter to Dr. J.S.Sarma, Secretary, DoT….more

G.S., President , Hq. office bearers from Delhi and Mumbai met Director (HR) on 21st  Jan’ 2006 at Corporate Office. The following issues were discussed….more

TEAM demands release of balance amount of Bonus for the FY2004-05 as per the guidelines issued by DOT… more

Resolutions passed in the Hq. Working Committee Meeting held in Mumbai …  more

Filling up of vacant Group-A posts with the absorbed Executives… Team write to CMDmore
From the desk of GS TEAM … more
A.K.KAUSHIK, newly co-opted as General Secretary of TEAM. GS Writes …(More)
Wish you all a happy, prosperous and successful New Year’ 2006. ….more

To achieve these objectives it is most imperative that TEAM is strengthened with enrolling more and more members and involving the youngsters. Rightly decided in the last HQ working Committee Meeting all the branches in Delhi and Mumbai should be formed by 31/01/2006. Therefore I appeal to all the HQ and Circle  office bearers to take initiative to form the branches in those buildings where they are yet to be formed. In the existing branches where the office bearers have been transferred, hold the branch meetings and fill up all the posts of branch office bearers by co-option.