News July to Dec 2009

24.12.2009 Consequent upon the letter written by Joint Forum on the casual approach of management in resolving the implementation of wage revision report, MTNL Management had fixed the next meeting on 2.1.2010 at 1200 hrs.
24.12.2009 The first meeting of the joint committee of MAnagement & Association representatives was held on dated 23.12.09 & the discussion was held wherein the information were shared regarding how to implement new wage for MTNL Executives with 30 % fitment. The date of next meeting is yet to be decided. For the same Joint Forum has written a letter to MTNL Corporate Office. Please Click here for the Text of the letter.
19.12.2009  Dear comrade, a committee of management and joint forum has been constituted for implementation of pay panel report with 30% fitment .1st meeting of committee is scheduled on 23rd Dec at 12:00 Noon. So the programme of 23rd Dec has been dropped and rest programmes are as scheduled.Click here for copy of letter from DIR(HR) on detailed discussion of meeting held on 19-12-09Click here for copy of list of representatives from Joint Forum for committeeClick here for copy of list of officers from MTNL management for committee19.12.2009 Joint forum of MTNL Executives’ Associations held meeting with managment on 19-12-2009.GS,TEAM, GS, MEA along with other office bearers attended meeting . From managment side Dir (Tech), Dir (HR) ,Dir (Fin), GM(A) Delhi, DGM (IR), DGM (HR) were present in the meeting. The issue of pay scale implementation with 30% fitment was discussed in length. After prolonged discussion, it was decided to form a committee of joint forum representatives & managment representatives to decide the implimentation of wage committee report for executives by 31st Dec.19.12.2009 In reference to the notice of Joint forum regarding trade union program, the Corporate Office has called Joint Forum representatives to the meeting on 19-12-2009 at 3:00 PM
18.12.2009  MTNL Executives forum met on 17.12.2009 and chalked out the following programme in line with Joint Forum, Delhi demanding implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report .Date Programme Venue23-12-09 Lunch hour demonstration in front of Telephone House, Prabhadevi.06-01-10 Rally From Shivaji Park Ground to Telephone House, Prabhadevi at 1PM.14-01-10 Indefinite Non-co-orperation.
16.12.2009  Combined CEC of TEAM and MEA will be held in room no: 756 at 14 hours on 17.12.2009 to discuss the programme given by the Joint Forum on implementation of 2nd Pay Committee Report. All CEC members are requested to attend the meeting and make the programme a grant success.
16.12.2009 Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS. TEAM, Com. Thomar, G.S. MEA and Com. Ramgopal, Circle Secretary Team, Delhi met Honb’le Minister of State for Communication Shri. Sachin Pilot and presented a memorandum requesting him to settle the issues regarding implementation of 2nd Pay committee report and Payment of Pension in par with BSNL. After patient hearing he had assured the delegation that he will look into the case and pursue.

Joint Forum served trade union notice to CMD MTNL for Implementation of Government order on Pay Revision w. e. f 01/01/2007The programme is as follows

Date ProgrammeVenue

23-12-09 Lunch hour demonstration Jantar Mantar

06-01-10 Rally to MOC&IT at 1PM Scope Bldg, CGO complex to Electronics Niketan

14-01-10 Indefinite Non-coorperation

Click here for the copy of the notice.


Modifications made to MTNL Medical Rules 2001 in Section 1 & 2 issued. Click here for the copy of the letter,

Order extending Option date for Prorata pension to 31.3.2010 issued. Click here for the copy of the order.

26.11.2009  Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS. TEAM met Dir (HR), MTNL today and followingare the out come of the discussion.
1) Option for Pro-rata will be extended up to 31.3.2010.
2) Association was asked to suggest points that need to be amended in the New Medical Policy for working Executives.
3) On Pay Revision – Dir (HR) told that he will speak to CMD and fix up a meeting shortly since he is busy with some other engagement as of now.
4) Dir (HR) also assured that he will review the transfer of JAO’s from Delhi unit to Mumbai unit and take appropriate decision.
18.11.2009 TEAM Delhi wrote letter to ED, Delhi requesting for a meeting to discuss various issues at MTNL Delhi. Click here for the copy of the letter.
12.11.2009 MTNL Executives Forum Wrote letter to ED, MTNL, Mumbai expressing its concern and deep anguish about the manhandling of a Senior Officer in West-III area at Mumbai. Click here for the extract.
06.11.2009 Meeting with CMD was held on 06.11.2009 at 11.00 AM in which Forum has reiterated our rightful claim of pay revision with 30% fitment on Pay + DA@ 78.2%. CMD has assured to convene a meeting in this regard by next week. A letter in this regard has been handed over to CMD by the Forum.
05.11.2009 CMD MTNL, Shri. R.S.P. Sinha called our Leaders of Joint Executive forum Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS. TEAM and Com. Thomar, G.S. MEA for meeting on 6.11.2009 at 1100 am to discuss about the implementation of 2nd Pay Committee Report. Let us hope that Good sense will prevail in MTNL Management and the 2nd Pay Committee Report will be implemented in toto with 30 % fitment with 78.2 % DA and without any HRA Capping.05.11.2009 Joint Forum writes to CMD for implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report in toto. Click here for the copy of the draft.
05.11.2009  CWC met on 29/10/2009 at Mumbai. Click here for the minutes of the CWC meeting.
04.11.2009 TEAM Wrote letter to E.D, MTNL Delhi about Reversion of Executives in their Substantive cadre and asked for restoration immediately. Click here for copy of letter Page2
04.11.2009 Modifications in section I & II of MTNL Medical Rules 2001. Click here for details.
04.11.2009 Orders for promotion from E4 to E5 Grade issued by MTNL Delhi. Click here for the copy of the order.
31.10.2009  Orders for Promotion from E4 to E5 Grade issued by MTNL Mumbai. Click here for the copy of the order.
26.10.2009  CEC Meeting of Mumbai Circle Body is scheduled on 29th Ocober, 2009 at 1730 hrs in the Class Room at 15th Floor, Telephone House, Prabhadevi. Com. A.K.Kaushik will address the session. All CEC Members are requested to attend the session. Click here for copy of letter from Com. J.S.Yadav, Circle Secretary, TEAM, Mumbia.
23.10.2009 Joint Forum wrote reminder letter to Dir(HR), MTNL requesting him to consult representatives of Executives Forum for taking policy decision which has impact on Executives. Click here for the copy of the letter.
23.10.2009 Joint Forum wrote reminder letter to CMD, MTNL asking time for the meeting to discuss implementation of the the 2nd Pay Committee report and Pension issue. Click here for the copy of the letter.
22.10.2009  DPE issued Orders for 11.6 % increase in DA effective from 1.10.2009. Click here for the copy of the order,
30.9.2009 Shri. P.J. Thomas took over as Secretary Telecom and Chairman Telecom Commission. We congratulate and wish him a successful Tenure.
25.9.2009 Joint Forum writes to the Dir (HR) Delhi regarding transfer from Delhi to Mumbai and vice-versa, against the basic objective of transfer. Click here for the copy of the letter.
25.9.2009 Joint Forum writes to the GM (Admin) regarding clarifications about the level of officers for holding the meeting with union representatives. Click here for the copy of letter
25.9.2009 Joint Forum writes to the ED Delhi regarding biased attitude of management towards the violation of Honorable Court Order by MTNL Staff Union. Click here for copy of letter.

Joint Forum of Executives wrote letters to HOn’ble Minister for Communication Shri. A. Raja Requesting time for a meeting in regard to Pension issue. A letter was also wrote letter to Shri. R.S.P.Sinha, CMD asking for meeting to discuss about implementation of Pay and Pension. Click here for copy of the letters. CMD & Minister

19.9.2009 Dear Comrades, Suspendion of Com A.K. Kaushik, Convenor of Executives Forum and Com. Naresh revoked and errant officials charge sheeted. Long Live Executives Unity !!!

15.9.2009  Com. A.K. Kaushik, Gen Secy, TEAM, and Com Sh. V.K. Tomar, GS, MEA along with other Office bearers have met Shri. Rahul Ghandhi, MP and GS AICC and submitted the memorandum regarding Pension and immediate implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report for MTNL Executives. He had assured to look in to the matter. Click here for copy of the memorandum submitted.
15.9.2009 Special Reports called for Financial upgradation from E6 to E7 and IInd upgradation from E4 to E5 grades. All are requested to send the Special reports at the earliest. Click here for the official Circular E6E7 and E4E5.
10.9.2009  Financial upgradation from E3 to E4 and E4 to E5 due on 01-10-09 – Delhi Unit. A large no of CRs are still pending for conducting DPC for financial upgradation. All concerened officers and area/div secretaries are requested to ensure that all CRs are received in ED Delhi office at the earliest so that DPC can be conducted well in time.
08.9.2009  ED MTNL ND Office has called CR of 55 SDEs for Offtg. promotion to DE cadre. For detailed list please see attachment. Click here for the letter.
08.9.2009 Joint Forum suspends its Non-Cooperation Call on appeal from Management and assurances from various levels of Management since time is required to initiate the actions against the miscreants. Joint Forum at Delhi and MTNL Executives forum at Mumbai thanks every one for their valuable support. Click here for the Text of the letter issued to Management.
06.9.2009  MTNL Executives Forum Declare Total Non Cooperation against the management from 7.9.2009 for not taking any action against goondaism and demanding withdrawal of the suspension order of convener of MTNL Executive Forum.MTNL Executives Forum at Mumbai Served Notice for Lunch Hour Demonstration on 5th and Subsequent Non-Cooperation program from 7th instant. Click here for the copy of the Notie issued.

SOS by MTNL EXECUTIVES FORUMThe convener of Executives Forum at New Delhi is suspended by the management to suppress the agitation programs of the Executives for pension and fitment issues. This shows the adamancy and vindication of the management towards the middle level Executives.In view of this all the Executives are requested to join en-masse in demonstration and rally during lunch hour on 05/09/2009 at Jantar Mantar and memorandum to CMD MTNL Delhi and for demonstration at Prabhadevi Telephone House at Mumbai to protest against such action of management and to protect the convener who is unlawfully implicated and dragged in the case of a minor dispute between some executives and the staff at New Delhi.Joint Forum of Executives of MTNL issued notice to MTNL Management demanding immediate withdrawal of Suspension Order issued on Shri Naresh Kumar SDE(Building), Kidwai Bhawan and Shri A. K. Kaushik General Secretary TEAM. More…

28.8.2009 Option date for Pro-rata Pension under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 extended up to 30th Nov, 2009. Click here for the copy of the letter.





Joint Forum of Executives wrote letter to Dir (Per) requesting him to extent the last date for exercising option for Pro-rata Pension. Click here for the copy of the letter.

MTNL Delhi unit issued Promotion Orders for 12 DE’s as DGM Looking after and issued Transfer orders to Mumbai for 11 DE’s on their regular promotion. Click here for the list of DGM Order and Transfer Orderlist2

19.8.2009  Com. A.K. Kaushik, Gen Secy, TEAM, and Com Sh. V.K. Tomar, GS, MEA met the CMD, MTNL on 18.8.2009 and discussed various issues. more…
17.8.2009 New Delhi: CR called for up-gradation from E3 to E4 and E4 to E5 under Executives Promotion Policy for Executives. Click here for list E3toE4 Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4 and Sheet5. Click here for the E4toE5 list Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, Sheet5, Sheet6, Sheet7, Sheet8, Sheet9, Sheet10, Sheet11, Sheet12, Sheet13, Sheet14. E5 Regular promotion to DE’s and AO’s released. Click here for the Regular promotion list of Engineering List Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4 and for Accounts Sheet1, Sheet2
27.8.2009  JAO exam 2008 results declared. Click here for the letter. Training schedule for 2nd batch announced. Click here for the letter.
7.8.2009  BSNL-MTNL merger only after BSNL listing: Government news report as appeared in the Business Standard. more...



Gen Secy, TEAM, A.K. Kaushik alongwith AGS Shri. V.P.Bharadwaj met Director (HR) today the 6th August, 2009 and discussed the HR issues pertaining to various cadres. more...

MTNL ED Delhi Office has issued two lists of E2 to E3 promotions . List 1 & List 2.

3.8.2009  TEAM extend sincere gratitude to MTNL Management for issuing long pending regular orders in the cadre of DE/CAO which paves way for promotion to DGM position and above. Congratulations for all officers who have been promoted on regular basis.
2.8.2009  MTNL Corporate office has issued a list of 343 DE (regular) & 73 CAO (regular). Click here for the list of DEs and CAOs.
29.7.2009 Joint Front comprising MTNL Executive Associations & MTNL BMS association have taken out a rally from Jantar Mantar to PMO. The rally was mass attended by more than 3000 executives/employees. Then our office bearers have given memorandum of our demand of Pension at par with BSNL. Click here for the copy of the Momorandum. At Mumbai Gate demonstration was organised by MTNL Executives Forum in front of Telephone House, Prabhadevi. More than 1000 participants joint the demonstration.
 28.7.2009  MTNL Delhi had issued order for 36 Executives promoting them from E2 to E3 Grade. Click here for the copy of the order.
27.7.2009  MTNL Executives Forum at Mumbai decided to hold Lunch hour demonstration on Wednesday 29-07-09 demanding EARLY settlement of Pension at par with BSNL. All members are requested to join enmasse for Lunch Hour demonstration on Wednesday 29-07-09 at Telephone House Prabhadevi.

CEC meeting of Joint forum was held on 25th July in Kidwai Bhawan. Meeting was attended by all office bearers of MEA & TEAM. Meeting was addressed by both General Secretaries of MEA & TEAM along with other office bearers including com S.S.Nanda, Gen Secy Retired Officers Association & Com Virjesh Upadhyay, Gen Secy MTNL MS. GS, MEA elaborately described the whole pension issue and latest development on it. He said that because of persistent pressure from Joint Forum and United forum, meeting of committee of secretaries headed by cabinet secretary on MTNL pension issue has taken place on 23rd July. He also told that MTNL management has made a very strong presentation before the committee, but it is not still so easy to get the issue settled with the continuous opposition from Expenditure dept. He along with all speakers stressed on making the 29th July rally a grand success so that required pressure can be put on Govt. All officers are appealed to reach in this rally in full strength along with their sub ordinate staff. All area Secretaries/ Div Secretaries of both Associations are requested to make proper arrangement to bring all Executives & Non Executives to Jantar Mantar at 12 O’clock on 29th July.

21.7.2009 United Forum of Executives & Non-Executives of MTNL has decided to take a rally to PMO to submit memorandum to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for our demand- Pension in MTNL at par with BSNL as assured by DoT. Rally will be held on dated 29-07-09 at 1200 Hrs. from Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and proceed to PMO. Click here for letter issued by Joint Forum on the issue conveying decision on the rally to PMO.

12.7.2009 ED Delhi has agreed to replace the Garuda service connection with dolphin for the officers residing in NCR. willing officers can apply for the same.
10.7.2009 General Secretary, TEAM, Com. A.K. Kaushik and President of TEAM Delhi Circle Com. Randir Singh met H’ble Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, Shri Pratik Prakashbapu Patil on 9.7.2009 and appraised him of our pension issue. he had assured our members that he will discuss the matter at appropriate forum.
10.7.2009  Joint Forum of Executives met Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Hon’ble Minister of state for Personnel, Public grievances and Pension on 8.7.2009 and gave letter requesting him to expedite the Pension issue. Click here for the copy of the letter.
04.7.2009  Joint Forum of Executives and Non-Executives of MTNL, Central Head Quarters, New Delhi writes letter to Hon’ble Minister of Communications to expedite the pension issue. Click here for the Copy of the letter.
01.7.2009  MTNL Corporate Office has conducted DPC for about 400 DEs on 30.06.09 for regular promotion to DE cadre. the same will be approved shortly.