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Today Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj Joint GS along with Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS , Sh. Satya Prakash OS, Sh. A.K.S.Chuhan Auditor CHQ, Sh. K.R Yadav President Delhi,Sh. Ram Gopal CS Delhi and Sh. Ajay Kumar FS Delhi met with Executive Director Delhi to discuss the following points:

1) Officiating promotion for the posts of SDEs/AOs/DEs/CAOs/DGMs: Association pointed out that the posts of many mentioned cadres are felt vacated. The executives are also retiring every month in huge numbers. The work of 2 or 3 executives is being carried out by one executive. The executives are although working with their best ability to carry out all jobs without any complaint but there is always probability of human error in such type of environment. Moreover in areas; GMs are promoting executives on their own choice without consultation of seniority list . This is further creating frustration among eligible executives. Therefore we demanded that executives must be promoted to the vacated posts by giving officiating promotion in absence of regular promotion with due consultation of seniority list available with management.

ED assured that he will instruct the HR section to expedite the promotion procedure so that the vacated posts may be filled up.

2) Un completed APRs of Executives: Association raised the issue of uncompleted APRs of executives. we suggested that there is a provision of taking certificate from retiring/transferred executives for completion of APRs of official/officers . That must be necssarily followed so that executives should not run post to pillar for getting compelete of their APRs.

ED assured that all such cases shall be seen on priority basis and the mechanism for getting certificate from the O/G executives will be implemented.

3)Pending case of service connection (GSM SIM) and Staff quarter: We raised the issues of pending service GSM connection for executives and allotment of quarter to the applicant executives.

ED assured that all such cases will be seen on priority bases.

4) Shortage of Stored Items (PBT, CLIP, Jointing Kits, Testing equipments of Transmission ): We raised the issue of shortage of stored items as mention. We explained that due to shortage of these stored items the procedure of fault attneding is being delayed. An example was quoted during discussion wherein the jointing kits are being issued after giving CFC no. We suggested that the procurement of store shall be done by Area GM on one month requirement basis.

ED assured that whatever shortage has been pointed out by us that has been noted and same shall overcome very shortly. He agreed about the proposal of procurement of storage of material.

5)Call center of Broad Band: We raised the issue of need of call center for BB services and explained him that call center are reducing fault rate of these complaints and in turn reducing the work of field staff.

ED was very much convinced by our arguments and he informed that the decision in this regard has already been taken and call center shall be operational in very short time.

6) Billing of LC : We raised the issue of Billing procedure of Leased Circuits. It was brought to his notice that difficulties are being observed in present billing system. Therefore a new billing system is needed for billing of Leased lines.

ED informed us that a decision for upgrading the billing system for LC has been taken by Corporate office and some executives are likely to go to Mumbai for understanding the working and implementation of New Billing System already being used by Mumbai unit. The name of executives and date of their visits shall be communicated very soon.


Today Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj Joint GS along with Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS , Sh. S. D. Shrarma AFS & Sh. Ram Gopal CS met with Joint GM ( HR) to discuss the following points

1)Calander for DPC for regular promotion of SDE/ DE/AO/CAO: It was emphasised by representatives of association that a colander for DPC for regular promotion for mentioned must must be circulated so that approximate scheduled date of promotion must be in the knowledge to one and all.

JGM assured that HR section is seriously looking for such programme and the same shall be communicated to organisation.

2)Revivew of increment benefit for the promotion to post of Sr. SDE/Sr. SDE and on regular promotion to DE/CAO : we raised this issue and explained that there was provision of one increment benefit for these promotions which was withdrawn by the management. The decision in this respect is needed to be revised again.

JGM explained the concerned of management in this regard and suggested for a joint meeting of association and management. Which shall be called at earliest.

3)Issue of break up of the posts of SDEs unit wise & year wise: The association asked break up of number of vacated posts of SDEs year wise in Delhi & Mumbai Units . We pointed out that the work to fill up these vacated post on SCF quota should be initiated at earliest.

JGM showed his inability to tell the required figure at once but assured that same shall be communicated to us within short time and assured that work for filling up of these vacated posts shall be started after completion of LICE scheduled to be held on 30-12-2012.

4) Revision of seniority of SDEs the case of 1966 posts: Association raised the issue of revision of seniority of SDEs promoted in 1998. The case was brought to the knowledge of administration many times and till date no progress has been observed. The case is creating further frustration among the eligible executives for their next promotion.

JGM told that the man power needed to resolve such cases is main hurdle at Corporate office. He further assured that he is trying to manage posting of some executives from Delhi unit to corporate office HR Section so that such cases may be expedite.

27.12.2012 General Secy. wrote a letter to CMD MTNL regarding promotion to the grade of DGM on regular basis and relaxation in service condition.  Please click here for copy of letter.
TEAM along with some individual executives have filed a case in Principal CAT New Delhi to challenge the RR for JTO/AM (T) E-2 to SDE/DM (T) E-3 and to with held the proposed LICE scheduled to be held on 30-12-2012. The case no. 4364/2012 came for hearing on 21-12-2012 and Hon’ble court has passed order as Interim Relief for not to declare the result of examination (LICE). Please see the copy of the order.

Sh.Shri P.C. GADDIGOUDAR Hon,ble MP of Lok Sabha put up following unstarred question 3102 in relation to VRS to BSNL and MTNL employees:

(a) whether the Government proposes to give VRS to employees of BSNL and MTNL with a view to reduce expenses;

(b) if so, the details thereof and the manner in which both the PSUs are likely to manage their affairs with such a huge reduction of staff;

(c) the total number of staff appointed in each of the PSUs during the last five years and the justification for such an excess appointment; and (d) the present status of the VRS scheme to the employees of these PSUs, PSU-wise? Please clcik here for complete Question and Answer Government of India seems to have made up its mind on cutting the number of employees in state-owned BSNL by a third, or 1 lakh, in an effort to turn around the loss-ridden company Media Report.

22.12.2012 MTNL Delhi unit issued a list of looking after arrangement order and transfer orders for
1) Fin. Executives: Please Click here for copy of the order. 
2) SDEs. Please click here for copy of the order. Page 1 . Page .2
18-12-2012  Click Here for the Glimpses of Dharna Call given by Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions / Associations at Corporate Office.
18-12-2012 he ITS repatriation case came for hearing in the Hon’ble High Court Delhi today. AGS, Shri Mehra submitted the minutes of the meeting of Committee of Secretaries held on 12.12.2012 on Cabinet Note on which Cabinet may take decision upto 15th Jan’2013 and the same will be apprised to the Hon’ble Court.

GS, FS and GS, SNEA(I) alongwith Sh. M.K. Bagchi, Chairman, Com. V.A.N. Nambodiri, Convener Jt. Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations met Director(Estt.), DoT and discussed for an early clearance of BSNL’s proposal for the payment of 78.2% IDA fitment to BSNL employees and Govt. pension case of MTNL pensioners. Director(Estt.) after some discussions on 78.2% IDA fitment case assured to clear it today itself. Accordingly, she cleared the case and sent to Jt. Secy(Admn.) for further clearance. It is understood that the case will be sent to internal finance of DOT and thereafter to the competent authority for the approval to issue presidential directive. Director(Estt.) mentioned that regarding pension fund in MTNL the matter is under consideration of DOT.

We also met concern DOT officers and enquired about the ITS absorption issue. It is understood that third meeting of Committee of Secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary and comprising of Secy(T), Secy(Personnel), Secy(Expenditure), Secy(Pension and Pensioners Welfare) and Secy(Legal Affairs) was held in the last week to clear the cabinet note on ITS absorption issue and the minutes of the meeting are expected to be issued today from Cabinet Secretary and thereafter the Committee recommendations will sent to Cabinet for consideration & the reply Affidavit will be submitted to Hon’ble High Court Delhi. DOT is going to pray that Group-‘A’ officers presently working on deemed deputation in BSNL/MTNL may be permitted to continue to work in these organisations on a temporary and diminishing basis of a maximum period of 10 years in which they would be able to build their own cadre of officers through the process of recruitment and promotions.

We feel that as per Govt. decision allowing 10 years deputation of ITS in BSNL/MTNL will continue uncertainty which will adversely affected the viability of both the PSUs. We strongly oppose such decision of Govt

17.12.2012  Dharna Call given by Joint Forum of BSNL And MTNL Unions and Associations evoked good response. Click here for the glimpses of Dharna at New Delhi.

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  The inter-ministerial body Telecom Commission on Tuesday approved a subsidy of Rs. 1,500 crore for supporting landline operations of BSNL in rural areas. 
14.12.2012 Leader of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Union And Associations were called at CLC office, New Delhi in view of the protest action plan submitted to DOT/BSNL/MTNL. The meeting was attended by many representatives of different associations and unions, whereas from Govt. side meeting was headed by Dy. CLC. During discussion DY. CLC requested to joint forum for postpone the Dharna as scheduled for 17-12-2012 and 18-12-2012 but leaders of joint forum did not agree for the same . the next meeting is proposed on 3rd January 2013. Please see the minutes of meeting.
14.12.2012 Letter written by MTNL Corporate Office directing DGM(IR), MTNL Mumbai to request Conciliation officer to close down the proceedings before him on issues raised by United Forum of Unions and Associations, Mumbai. Click here for the copy of the letter.Last Sheet.
  General Secy. wrote letters to CMD MTNL regarding:
1) Discrepancies in RR for promotion of Asstt. Manager (Telecom) E-2 to Deputy manager (Telecom) E-3 ,2011 and demanded for holding the process of LICE scheduled to be held on 30-12-2012. a) Copy of  letter by GS.b) Notification of date for LICE 
2) Non availability of GPF Fund from Last few months. GS demanded a probe if the said fund has been mishandled /misappropriated. Click Here for copy of letter
3) Arbitrary reduction of important field posts in E-5 Senior manager cadre. GS demanded that post of DE/Sr. Manager (Telecom) must be reevaluated on the basis of field requirement as many of Value added Services and Basic services have been added to Net work . But the no. of posts have been reduced inspite of increase. Please click here for copy of letter
13.12-.2012 It is for your information that CEC meeting of TEAM Delhi is scheduled to held on 14-12-2012 at 14 hrs in room no.756 Kidwai Bhawan. The agenda of discussion is the notice given by Joint Forum Of BSNL and MTNL Unions & Associations. Main points of discussion are as follows: 1) Regarding preparation for Dharna on 17-12-2012 & 18-12-2012 at BSNL HQ , as per the protest action programme given by Joint Forum of BSNl and MTNL Unions and Associations for non settlement of issues of a) Completion of Absorption process by absorbing ITS b) Payment of Pension of MTNL’s employees at par with BSNL. c) Financial viabilities of MTNL & BSNL d) Some other issues. 2) Organizational matters 3) Any other point with permission of chair. All Div. Secy./Area Secy./ CEC members/CWC members& CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attaend the meeting positively well in time.
13.12.2012 MTNL Delhi unit issued transfer and posting orders for the cadre of GM. Please click here for the orders.
13.12.2012 MTNL Delhi unit issued Financial up gradation orders for the following grades.
1) E-4 to E-5 for 4 (Telecom) Executives
2) E-2 to E-3 for 2 (Telecom) Executives
3) E-2 to E-3 for 1 (Telecom) Executive
4) E-3 to E-4 for 6 ( Telecom) Execitives For complete lists please see Delhi Bulletin.
10.12.2012 Representatives of United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations met ED Mumbai on 10-12-12 and  lodged strong protest on MTNL’s roadmap recommending creation of a Trust under Rule 37-A.  We demand direct payment of pension by Govt. like BSNL. Let us be prepared for revival of agitation, if Trust is actually created.
08.12.2012 JFBMUA at Mumbai sent notice of JFBMUA to ED Mumbai & CGM, Maharashtra Circle, BSNL informing the venue of the proposed Dharna at Mumbai on 17th and 18th Dec, 2012. Clcik here for copy of the notice.

06-12-2012 Decisions of the meeting held on 04th December, 2012 by JFBMUA: A meeting of the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations was held on 4th December, 2012 at Kidwai Bhawan. Com. M.K. Bagchi, Chairman, presided. The meeting discussed about the present situation of the ITS repatriation issue. Detailed discussion took place. During the period the MoS for Communications and many MPs were met by the JF at CHQ and other places and memorandum given. The need for enlarging the Joint Forum and bringing all the Unions/Associations was pointed out by many comrades. After discussions the following decisions were taken: 1) Efforts on the legal front should continue and necessary consultations with Advocate in the Delhi High Court case to be made. 2) We shall continue meeting the MPs and political leaders on the ITS issue. Secretaries of concerned Departments also to be met. 3) It was also decided to include the following issues in the demands of our agitational programmes which are mainly connected with financial viability of BSNL & MTNL.

(a) Ensure financial viability of BSNL & MTNL by

(i) Immediate refund of BWA spectrum charges to BSNL & MTNL. (ii) BSNL and MTNL should not be charged for the extra spectrum holding by them in excess of 4.4 Mhrtz.

(iii) Adequate compensation for BSNL Landline operations.

(iv) Exempt BSNL/MTNL from spectrum liberalization and refarming..

(v) Justified sanction of funds from USO Fund to BSNL and MTNL and immediate release of funds from USOF.

(vi) Immediate procurement of equipments and materials by BSNL and MTNL.

(b) Pension of MTNL retirees to be paid by government instead of MTNL as in the case of BSNL retirees. (c) Immediate issue of Presidential Directive from DoT for 78..2% IDA fixation for BSNL employees. 4) The next programme of action on ITS repatriation and the above mentioned demands will be organising 2 days dharna on 17th & 18th December, 2012. The notice will be served by 7th Dec, 2012. Click here for the copy of Notice by JFBMUA.


Sh.V.P.Bhardwaj Jt. G.S. along with Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS, Sh. K.R.Yadav Circle President ,Sh.Ram Gopal Circle Secy. and Sh. Ajay Kumar Finance Secy. TEAM Delhi met Sh. B.K.Mittal newly appointed Executive Director Delhi Unit for congratulating him for his new assignment. Every body expressed good wishes for his new task .

Executive Director accepted all wishes and expressed his views about many services. His main focus was for betterment of MTNL services. During discussion he emphasized for mutual trust among all the officials and officers.

03.12.2012 With reference to letter issued by Corporate office regarding calling of CRs for regular DE/Sr. Manager (Telecom) ,MTNL Delhi unit issued a letter to all GM (Concerned) for sending CR of 144 SDEs. Please click here for copy of letter.

Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj Joint GS along with Sh. S.P.S. Yadav AGS , Sh. S.D.Sharma AFS and Sh. K.R. Yadav President Delhi Circle met with Joint GM HR on 30-11-2012 to discuss the following points.

1)Status of DPC for DGM and relaxations for eligibility conditions: we informed that as already agreed in principal by CMD to relax in eligibility conditions for working Sr. Managers to the post of DGM. But the progress in this case is not known .

It was informed by Jt. GM that the proposal to get relaxation for eligibility condition is already in process and may take some more time. But the management is trying to hold DPC for vacant post of DGMs at earliest in view of acute shortage.

2) Holding of DPC for regular posts of Sr. Managers in all streams: It was explained to Jt. GM that every month many senior executives are retiring without getting their legitimate right of promotion even after serving long span in a cadre and acquiring eligible conditions. DPC are not being conducted on every year causing frustration.

Jt. GM informed that the letter for DPC for regular DE/Sr. Manager (Telecom) has already issued . Whereas the letters for regular CAOs and Sr. Managers in other streams shall be issued very soon.

3) Abnormal Delay in Holding DPC for regular AOs/DM in Finance : It was pointed by us that although CRS were called for holding DPC for regular AOs in July 2011, but till date the process of DPC has not been completed. it was also demanded by us that the CRS against the current year vacancies may also be accommodated in the same DPC and process of issuing letter to both units in this regard may be initiated immediately.

It was assured by Jt. GM that the reminders/ letters as suited shall be issued to both units.

4) Pending individual cases: Some individual cases of Executives , pending since long were also discussed .

Jt. GM informed that he is well conversant of these cases and trying to settle them on priority too.

01.12.2012 MTNL corporate office wrote a letter to Delhi/Mumbai units for sending screening report and disc./vig. report of nearly 250 eligible candidates for regular promotion for approximately 118 vacant post of DE/Sr. Manager. Please click here for the copy of letter.
01.12.2012 Consequent upon the superannuation of Sh. Manjeet Singh on 30-11-2012 from the post of ED Delhi. The following changes have been made in top brass of MTNL Delhi unit. NAME POST HELD TILL DATE NEW POSTING
1)Sh. B.K.Mittal PGM(D) ED Delhi
2)Sh. D.P.Singh PGM(O) PGM( WS)
3)Sh. Kamlesh KumarGM(WEST) PGM (D)
4) Sh. R.A.Gupta GM(BB) PGM(O)
30.11.2012 MTNL Corporate office brought Voluntary Retirement on own volition without any additional compensation package for MTNL employees absorbed as C&D employees. Please click here for the copy of letter.
  Loss-making Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) has asked the government not to withdraw its Navratna status. A  News from Times of India dated 29-11-2012. Please click here for link
27.11.2012 Joint Forum of Union & Association of BSNL & MTNL met in Delhi on 23.11.2012 and reviewed the Parliamentary March programme organized at New Delhi on 22.11.2012. Click here for decisions taken during the meeting.
26.11.2012 RALLY ON 27.11.2012 AT MUMBAI DIFFERED: Rally Scheduled tomorrow, the 27th Nov, 2012, by Joint Forum of Union & Association of BSNL & MTNL from Shivaji Park Telephone Exchange to Telephone House at Prabhadevi is deffered until further notice on account of declaration of Shivaji Park area as sensitive area by ACP, Mumbai. Members are requested to convey the same to other members.
24.11.2012 Meeting with Dr. Mrs. Kruparani Killi, Hon MOSC&IT on ITS issue. Com M.K.Bagchi Chairman Jt Forum and Com V A N Namboodiri Convenor, Jt Forum and other JF leaders met Dr. Mrs. Kruparani Killi, Hon MOSC & IT at her residence on 24.11.2012 and held discussions on relieving of ITS from BSNL & MTNL. Among MOS’s, she is holding the charge of both PSUs. JF leaders explained in detail the issue and impact of non resolution of this issue on the viability of BSNL & MTNL. We explained that the Managements proposal to continue with the non-optee ITS on deputation for another 10 years is no way going to help the revival of BSNL or MTNL and in that case BSNL & MTNL will collapse within few years. So like the non-optees, other employees of BSNL & MTNL also should be taken back to Govt service for their job and pension security. Hon MOSC&IT had a patient hearing for about 20 minutes and assured that the issue will be further discussed with Hon MOC&IT, Shri. Kapil Sibbal. JF leaders submitted a memorandum also.
22.11.2012 Since Gamdevi and Adjoining area falling under Silence Zone the Rally planned from Gamdevi Telephone Exchange to August Kranti Maidan on 27.11.2012 is shifted to Shivaji Park Exchange to Prabhadevi Telephone Exchange on the same day 27.11.2012 at 2 PM. Please click her for the copy of the poster.

HISTORICAL PARLIAMENT MARCH By BSNY & MTNL EMPLOYEES: Thousands of BSNL & MTNL employees march to Parliament today at 12:00 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi demanding immediate repatriation of non-optee Indian Telecom Service (ITS) officers who are working on deputation in BSNL & MTNL since its formation. The ITS officers numbering about 1,600, including both in BSNL & MTNL, were granted four chances to get absorbed in the PSUs, which they rejected and opted to continue in government service. While 4 lakh executives and non-executives got absorbed in BSNL & MTNL, the ITS, the top management officers were allowed to continue on deputation, getting both the benefit of government service and financial benefit of the PSUs.

The Parliament March converted into a big meeting which was addressed by Hon’ble MPs Parliament, Com. Basudev Acharya and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal. All the General Secretaries also addressed the meeting.

TEAM CHQ and TEAM Delhi congratulates each executives for their huge participation from all corners of Delhi and making this Parliament March a historical march.

Joint Forum leaders will meet tomorrow at 14.00 hrs to discuss and decide the further course of actions for harder Trade Union Action Programmes. The Massive demonstration was also very successful organized throughout the country <<<Click here for Glimpses>>><<<Click here for the Press Release>>> <<<Click here for copy of the Momorandum Submitted>>>

22.11.2012 Today Conciliation meeting held at Regional Labour Office at Mumbai. A Note submitted by DoT read that suggestion and Road Map for a single pension trust given by MTNL is under consideration. Click here for the copy of the conciliation meeting and copy of the note submitted by DoT.

Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj Joint General Secy. along with Sh. K.R.Yadav President Delhi circle and Sh. A.K.Kapoor Ex-Vice President met with General Manager (Admn. ) MTNL Delhi to discuss the problems of executives in respect of Medical treatment and non payment of medical bill by TPA.

During discussion GM(A) informed that funds have not been released by Corporate office for buffer amount (floating policy). Therefore the case may be taken at corporate office level.

It was brought to the notice that due to retirement a large number of vacant posts are lying in all cadres and eligible executives are retiring every month without getting their due promotion on even officiating basis. The looking after arrangement was strongly opposed by us . We elaborately told that this arrangement is totally illegal and should be stopped immediately. we asked management that under which rule this type of arrangement is given for promoting executives? we further asked to supply a copy of the same if available.

GM(A) assured us to look into the matter a fresh.

It was informed that DPC for regular A.O. is pending since July-2011 in Delhi unit . Therefore this may be speed up on priority. Some post of DGMs and CAOs are also vacant which need to be filled up on urgent basis as eligible candidates are getting retired every month.

GM(A) assured that administration is working on this issue and it will be completed shortly.

16.11.2012 Notice: For finalizing our preparation for next protest action programme of Parliament March on 22nd Nov 2012 from BSNL head quarter, It has been decided by TEAM Delhi to hold a meeting of Circle/CHQ office bearers of TEAM in room no.756 on 17-11-2012 at 14 Hrs. Please ensure your presence with your valuable suggestions for making march a grant success along with active office bearers of your respective areas.

Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations:

Request all members to take active participations in the Rally organised at New Delhi and Mumbai. Joint Forum also urges all Circles to submit to Hon’ble MPs: The memorandum addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister with copy to Hon’ble MOC&IT, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary, DOT and CMD, BSNL is to be submitted to all the Members of parliament immediately with the signature of Joint Forum leaders at respective level. The Parliament session will be starting on 22nd Nov. So all the MPs will be available in the respective constituency during this week. Copies of the memorandum may be submitted to the Hon’ble MPs with a covering letter, requesting them to forward the same to the Hon’ble PM and to others. Kindly ensure that Hon’ble MP’s are writing to the Hon’ble PM and all others also. Click Here for the copy of memorandum to be submitted to Hon’ble MPs.


15.11.2012 Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations, Maharashtra Circle served notice for Rally to Rajbhavan, Mumbai on 27.11.2012. Click here for copy of the notice and Posters for Rally.
15.11.2012 Joint Forum of Unions and Associations of BSNL and MTNL writes to DOT Secretary regarding the brutal attack on late Com Sukendar Pal Singh, Dist Secretary, BSNLEU and an employee of BSNL, in the cabin of Sri Adesh Kumar Gupta, GM/TD Ghaziabad on 22.10.2012, who succumbed to death in the GMTD premises within minutes. Deliberate inaction of the Management to take even minimal action to repatriate GM / Ghaziabad to DOT to facilitate fair investigation not only deplorable, but a clear attempt to sabotage fair investigation to nab culprit… View Copy of the letter.
 09-11-2012 Meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations at New Delhi: Representatives of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations meeting held on 08.11.2012 and discussed about successful implementation of Parliament March at New Delhi and Rally at Mumbai on 27.11.2012. Joint Forum decided to hold MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION at all Circles/SSAs level on 22.11.2012 on the day of Parliament March. Parliament March will start at 11.30 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath New Delhi on 22.11.2012 and a Memorandum will be submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. All the nearby Circles to NCR and willing Circles employees have been requested to reach New Delhi on 22.11.2012 to participate in Parliament March. They should inform their arrival & departure schedule to their concern Unions/Associations. Joint Forum is preparing for a big Parliament March having about 10,000 employees. Live streaming of the Parliament March will also be available on Union/Association website. To further intensify the agitation programme, Joint Forum leaders will hold meeting on 22.11.2012 itself. Comrades, it is a Do or Die situation for BSNL/MTNL employees wherein we have been betrayed by Govt. of India by getting absorbed in BSNL/MTNL and now allowing deputation of the ITS who disobeyed the Govt. of India’s absorption instructions and enjoying the status of Govt. servants on deputation to BSNL/MTNL without owning the responsibilities of both the PSUs. DoT has now taken U-turn and sent a Cabinet Note for allowing ITS deputation in BSNL/MTNL for the next 10-years ignoring the Govt. instructions and Viability of BSNL/MTNL. Against this blatant discrimination, all BSNL/MTNL employees are on the path of agitation and they will continue to fight till the time justice is given to them. All the members of AIBSNLEA are requested to ensure their fullest active participation in the ongoing agitation.
8.11.2012 Meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations was held on 8-11-12 at Telephone House, Prabhadevi. The Office Bearers of following Unions & Associations were present TEAM, MEA, SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA, MTNL Karmachari Front, BSNLEU, MTNL Workers’ Union, RTMWA, MSCTEA, BMTNEU, MTNL Karmachari Union, NFTE BSNL,SCSTEWA. Many issues were discussed & following decisions were taken. (1) Date of Rally at Mumbai was changed in consultation with Joint Forum CHQ New Delhi from 22-11-12 to 27-11-12 due to festive season/holidays & reportedly non availability of Governor in Mumbai on 22-11-12. (2) The Rally at Mumbai will start at 2-00 PM on 27-11-12 from August Kranti Maidan, Grant Road-west. (3) Com.M.S Adsul & Com. R.A.Rajapure were elected as Chairman & Convenor of Joint Forum respectively & Convenor was authorised to sign all the correspondence of Joint Forum. (4) A budget of Rs.50,000/- was approved for expenses like stage (8-11-12) Press Conference (23-11-12), Posters, Placards & Rally etc. (5) A contribution of Rs.4000 per Union/Association was fixed. All Unions/Associations of BSNL are to handover to Com Adsul & Unions/Associations of MTNL are to handover to Com Rajapure before 15-11-12. (6) Posters in 3 languages (1,000 Nos) to be printed & kept ready for delivery on 17-11-12. (7) Next meeting of Joint Forum will be held on 17-11-12 at 4 PM at Telephone Houuse,15th floor class room. it was also decided to hold Area meeting in this regard. Visit Mumbai Bulletin for details of area meeting scheduled.
08.11.2012 A massive demonstration of Executives and Employees of BSNL/MTNL was held today during lunch hour at BSNL Headquarter in Delhi and at Prabha Devi Exchange Building in Mumbai. The Demonstration was supported by huge number of Executives and Employees. The members were enlightened by various GS of different organisation regarding latest position of court case.Convener Sh. Namboodri and Chairman Sh. M.K.Bagchi  addressed the gathering in Delhi . Both of them thanked members for their excellent participation and further appealed them to make a grant success for future programme. Click here for the Photo graphs taken at New Delhi and Mumbai.RTOWA Mumbai staged one day Dharna in Mumbai as a protest against non payment of pension  for the month of Oct, 2012 till 8th oct, 2012 and delayed payment of pension due to September, 2012 on 4.10.2012. Nearly 100 members partipated in the Dharna. All Associations and Unions in Mumbai also supported during their Dharna. Click here for the Photos during the Dharna of RTOWA.

General Secy. Sh. A.K.Kaushik with Joint GS Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj met CMD MTNL on 07-11-2012 to discuss the following points.

1) The issue of holding DPC for regular promtions: It was brought to the notice of CMD MTNL that DPC for regular promotions are not being held as a regular feature. The senior Executives are getting retired day by day without getting their due justice of well deserved promotion. The cadre of AM/DM/Manager/Sr. Manger are mostly being deprived of their due promotion and this is generating frustration among the executives in general.

It was highlighted by General Secy. that Responsible officers are taking a shade of some court cases for not conducting regular DPCs for Telecom Executives, whereas there is no Court Case is pending for  Finance wing and absorption process is also over for them then why delay tactics is being adopted in holding DPC for their regular promotion.  Around 50 posts of DGM are pending vacant for which DPC should be conducted at priority. The finance executives of CAO level are suffering badly in absence of their due promotions. It was also reminded to him that during discussion of May-2012 on the same matter it was agreed by him self  that relaxation of regular service shall be given to meet out the acute shortage in cadre of finance wing. But till date nothing has been done.

2) Regarding Financial Viability of MTNL it was requested that the matter of refund of BWA spectrum charges may be raised and get settled at appropriate level.

3) The case of settlement of Pension issue at par with BSNL is also pending since long so efforts of management need to get speedy and result oriented.

4)The issue of sovereign guarantee may also help for financial viability of MTNL. Therefore this issue needs regular chase up with DOT.

CMD requested that MTNL management is trying to settle these issues and you also make sincere efforts for resolving these issues. whereas for the DPC for regular promotion, he assured to look into matter personally for speedy solution of the issue.

08.11.2012 General Secy. wrote a letter to Dir. (HR) MTNL with enclosure of resolutions passed by CHQ representative council held at CHQ conference from 09-10-2012 to 11-10-2012. These resolutions are expressing deep concerned of HR issues pending since long and for financial viability of MTNL. Please click here for copy of and resolutions
08-11-2012  General Secy. wrote a letter to CMD MTNL regarding filling up vacant posts of Rajbhasha Hindi Cadre and financial up gradation of these officers. Please click here for copy of letter.
08.11.2012 General Secy. conveyed the results of elections of CHQ office bearers held at 3rd CHQ conference at Mumbai on 09-10-2012. Please click here for copy of letter.
07.11.20012 MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION ON 8th Nov’2102: As per the agitation call given by the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations, the Massive Demonstration is to be held at BSNL Corporate Office, all Circles/SSAs HQs. The Parliament March/Rally on 22nd Nov’2012 will be organised at Delhi and Mumbai. All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries are to mobilize our members for active participation in Massive Demonstration on 8th Nov’2012 throughout the country.
07.11.2012  Meeting with Dy. CLC(Central): The representatives of Forum of BSNL  Unions & Associations attended Conciliation Proceedings (CP) with Dy. CLC(C), New Delhi and also informed about the notice of agitation served by Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/ Associations. Next date of C.P. is fixed on 03rd Jan’2013 at 11.00 AM.
07-11-2012 Status of ITS repatriation Court case: Hon’ble High Court Delhi heard the ITS repatriation case today morning. Addl. Solicitor General submitted reply and presented case on behalf of the Union of India. ASG in his reply  sought 10 years time for relieving 945 non-optee ITS from BSNL and 83 ITS from MTNL i.e. 10% every year in progressive manner. Hon’ble Bench told that the 10 years time demanded  is “absurd” and asked that why these ITS are not opting BSNL / MTNL. BSNL’s advocate mentioned that these ITS want to continue as Govt. Officer and only 62 ITS have been absorbed in BSNL. On query by Hon’ble Judge regarding number of ITS to be repatriated from BSNL and MTNL. It was informed that 945 ITS from BSNL and 83 from MTNL are to be repatriated. Hon’ble Judge immediately mentioned that 83 ITS in MTNL is meager number and they can be relieved immediately.The Advocate from MTNL absorbed Group-‘A’ officers side pleaded that these non-optee ITS are given promotions against their posts illegally and depriving their promotions. Hon’ble court mentioned that their interest is being look after.Repatriated ITS advocate requested for repatriation of all non-optee ITS and further putting them on deputation to BSNL / MTNL. Against this our advocate pleaded that this will be against the DOP&T orders. Hon’ble court mentioned that there is no difference between deemed deputation or deputation. Hence rejected the submission.Against 10 years demand of DoT to allow deputation, our advocate strongly objected and mentioned that earlier BSNL / MTNL sought 2 years (25 months) time to relieve non-optee ITS and it was rejected by Hon’ble Court and now again asking 10 years time for relieving is not at all justified, Hon’ble court mentioned that even now it will not be given.ASG informed about the Cabinet Note sent to Nodal Ministries and being discussed by the Committee of Secretaries and after the clearance, it will be sent to cabinet for approval.Hon’ble Court mentioned that sending Cabinet Note will not affect the Court proceedings. However, court agreed  to mention the development in the judgement.Hon’ble Court finally directed Govt. to repatriate non-optee ITS from BSNL/MTNL upto 15th Dec’2012. In case, they are not relieved, Govt. should submit a concrete proposal / plan upto 15.12.2012. The case is re-notified on 18th Dec’2012. Our impleadment application is also allowed to be re-notified on 18.12.2012.Comrades, we are to organisationally fight against the discriminatory attitude of DoT administration and BSNL/MTNL Managements towards BSNL/MTNL employees. Joint Forum agitation programmes are to be ensured for successful implementation.


As all of you know the demonstration of joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions and Associations is scheduled for date 08-11-2012 in lunch hour at BSNL Head Quarter in Delhi and at Prabha Devi Exchange Building in Mumbai, You all are requested to join the voice of all Executives and Employees.

Be committed to your own assurance to your self for survival of these PSUS and to end the era of kingdom. Final battle is calling to one and all for being a part of it.

  Come One !!!   Come All !!!   Join in mass  

05.11.2012 Jt Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions & Associations, Mumbai served Notice for agitation by absorbed executives & non-executives as per the agenda below: 8th Nov, 2012 – Massive Demonstration in front of Telephone House, Prabhadevi, Dadar (W), Mumbai. 22nd Nov, 2012 – Rally to Raj Bhavan and submission of Memorandum to Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra. All members of associated Unions and Associations are requested to take active participation in the programme. Click here for the copy of the notice served.
05.11.2012 Pension and Family Pension for the month of Oct, 2012 to erstwhile DoT employees retired from MTNL was not yet paid. Neither any reason for the non payment was given nor any specific date by which the same will be released is conveyed. RTOWA, Mumbai wrote a letter protesting against this irresponsible and inhuman attitude of DoT and MTNL towards erstwhile DoT employees retired from MTNL. Click here for copy of the letter.
02.11.2012 With the Continuous efforts of TEAM office bearers Special casual Leave have been granted by the competent authority of MTNL Delhi. vide letter no. MTNL/IR/TEAM/2006/pt.46 dated at ND the 2nd Nov. 2012. All delegates who have participated in CHQ conference may download this letter and may avail Sp. Casual Leave. Please click here for the copy of letter.
02.11.2012 NOTICE

Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions/Associations has served notice for protest action programme for the issue of ITS absorption and 1st phase of programme is scheduled for 8th Nov 2012.Therefore for effective participation of each executives, it has been decided to hold a CEC meeting of TEAM Delhi  in room no.756 on 05-11-2012 at 14 hrs sharp. All Div. Secy./Area Secy./Circle Office Bearers and HQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to reach well within time along with all active members in their respective areas. 


A meeting of representatives of TEAM and TPA for medical insurance was arranged in chamber of General Manager (admn) regarding many issues being faced by Executives during treatment. Sh. A.K.Kaushik GS , SH. V.P.Bharadwaj JGS, Sh. S.D. Sharma AFS and Sh. K.R.Yadav President Delhi Circle were present in the said meeting they raised many issues with TPA authorities. Some of them are as follows:

1) Problem of admission charges at the time Admission. It was brought to the notice of TPA that although the facility is to be exended for cash less treatment but some of the hospitals are asking admission charge at the time of Admission.

2) It was told to TPA that extra rates are being charged for the  prescribed treatment by some of the hospitals.

3)It was brought to the notice of TPA that extra ordinary delay is being done in some cases for discharge of patients.

4) It was also pointed out that the behaviour of TPA representatives and hospital authorities are not up to mark in some cases. 

TPA authorities were briefed for many other problems being faced by executives and they assured us for amicable solution for all problems.


Our case in Hon’ble CAT Delhi to set aside new ‘Senior Manager Recruitment Rule-2008’ came for hearing  on 01-11-2012 .Hon’ble court has fixed 20-01-2013 as next date of Hearing.

31.10.2012  Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations served Notice to Secretary, DoT, CMD, BSNL and CMD, MTNL on 20.10.2012 regarding complete the absorption by repatriating those ITS Officers who have not opted to join BSNL/MTNL, stop the practice of posting outsiders in BSNL/MTNL on so called deemed/perpetual/permanent deputation basis or, else, the employees and officers of DOT recruits since absorbed in BSNL/MTNL should also be taken back on the rolls of Government (DOT) and permitted to work in BSNL/MTNL on the same line of the unabsorbed ITS Officers. Click here for copy of notice served.
31.10.2012  Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations served Notice to Secretary, DoT, CMD, BSNL and CMD, MTNL on 20.10.2012 regarding complete the absorption by repatriating those ITS Officers who have not opted to join BSNL/MTNL, stop the practice of posting outsiders in BSNL/MTNL on so called deemed/perpetual/permanent deputation basis or, else, the employees and officers of DOT recruits since absorbed in BSNL/MTNL should also be taken back on the rolls of Government (DOT) and permitted to work in BSNL/MTNL on the same line of the unabsorbed ITS Officers. Click here for copy of notice served.
31.10.2012 Status of the case on ITS absorption issue: The said case came for hearing today in Hon’ble Delhi High Court but ASG Union of India was not present and did not file the reply. Hon’ble court re-notified the case on 07th Nov’2012 with a direction to Union of India for filing the reply on 07.11.2012.
30.10.2012 Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations met Hon’ble MOC&IT on ITS repatriation issue: The representatives of various Unions & Associations of BSNL & MTNL met Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble MOC&IT today i.e. 30.10.2012 under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations. The present situation of the issue of the repatriation of ITS Officers from BSNL/MTNL was thoroughly discussed with a focus on our serious objection against the reported proposal of allowing the non-optee and non-absorbed ITS officers to work in BSNL/MTNL on perpetual deputation basis. We have demanded that if such proposal is allowed, the absorbed/recruited employees should also be allowed to be taken back to DoT and then work in BSNL/MTNL on perpetual deputation basis. Hon’ble MOC&IT gave patient hearing and assured that he will try to do whatever best out of it. It is decided by Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions & Associations to continue and intensify agitation as notified earlier.
29.10.2012 Due to prolonged persuasion of TEAM, MTNL Corporate office issued Order for cancellation/ withdrawal of Pro-rata Pension option exercised by Executives whose applications were not implemented. Those who wish to withdraw the option already exercised may apply for cancellation of the same. Click here for the <a ” href=”file:///C:/KP/Team-Server-Content-31.10.2013/Prorata-Withdrawal.pdf”> Copy of the Order.

United Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has started week long relay hunger strike throughout the country to press upon the Government to take the absorption process to its logical conclusion. The Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions / Associations was formed wherein Com. M.K.Bagchi and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri has been assigned the responsibility of Chairman and Convener respectively in the meeting held on on 26th October 2012 at Room No. 756, Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi. The Joint Forum has participated in the relay hunger strike programme today at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. In the evening Hon’ble MOC&IT Shri Kapil Sibal has visited BSNL Corporate Office to attend some function. The representative of Joint Forum met Shri. Kapil Sibal to seek his intervention to resolve the issue of inconclusive ITS absorption in BSNL/ MTNL. The Hon’ble MOC&IT has granted a meeting at 1200 hrs on 30.10.2012 to the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions / Associations representatives. Following were the decisions taken on 26.10.2012 after formation of Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions / Associations demanding repatriation of ITS officers from BSNL/MTNL:

1. In order to organise the joint movement, a joint committee by the name “Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions/Associations” is formed with Com. M. K. Bagchi as Chairman and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri as Convener. All the General Secretaries of the participant unions along with the Chairman and Convener will form the core committee for negotiation etc.

2. Joint Demonstrations will be held on 8th November 2012 at Delhi and Mumbai and all centres in the country.

3. The Parliament March decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 30th October 2012 at New Delhi will be postponed to enable the MTNL Unions/Associations to participate and the same will be organised by the Joint Forum of BSNL- MTNL Unions/Associations on 22nd November 2012, the day on which the Winter Session of the Parliament starts.

4. A joint notice to Secretary DOT, CMD BSNL and CMD MTNL will be issued on the above programmes with the signatures of the Unions/Associations in BSNL and MTNL.

5. The Hunger Strike for one week from 29th October and Non-cooperation from the same date as decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will be organised by them.

7. All efforts will be made to contact with the remaining Non-Executive unions in MTNL for a common programme.

8. Mode of Non co-operation agitation during the initial stage:

Non-cooperation with BSNL management in all respect.

Complete non-cooperation with the unabsorbed ITS continuing in BSNL on deputation.

Human chain to protect BSNL from the deputationists.

9. Agitation programmes and non-cooperation will be further intensified after more MTNL unions join the agitation.

Accordingly it has been decided to hold massive demonstration on 8.11.2012 at New Delhi and participate March to Parliament on 22.11.2012 under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL- MTNL Unions/Associations and March to Raj Bhavan at Mumbai on the same day. All are requested to join the programme enmasse and make it a grant success.

Click here for the copy of Memorandum to be submitted to Prime Minister.

29.10.2012 Economics Times News Item : MTNL invite bids to review real estate assets.  Please click here for full news 
29.10.2012  Circle Executive Committee meeting of TEAM, Mumbai held today at 1700 hrs at 15th Floor, Class room. Visit Mumbai Bulletin for details.
25.10.2012  MTNL Delhi unit issued a list of Financial Upgradation for 26 Telecom Executives from E-3 to E-4. Please see the list on Delhi Bulletin.
25.10.2012  1) TDSAT asks BSNL, MTNL to refund Reliance Communications Rs 400 crore A news from Economic times dated 23-10-2012. Please click here for link to news. 2)  Despite gloomy numbers, BSNL and MTNL must be revived An article from Economic Times Dated 25-10-2012. Please see the full article.
23.10.2012 Ministerial group okays MTNL, BSNL rescue Govt to bear Rs 12k-cr cost of spectrum retention but without any cash outgo put up for Cabinet nod. A news from Business Standard dated 22-10-2012. Please click here for link to news.
19.10.2012 Our struggle for  Pension from Government is not finding a way out. DoT is not coming out with any concrete solution for our demand of Pension from Government. Instead they are only passing time just by deputing officials from MTNL Mumbai.  Click here for Minutes of the hearing held on 16.10.2012 at RLC, Mumbai.
16.10.2012  NEWS CLIPPING FROM MEDIA   1)Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd have written to the Telecom Ministry seeking a bailout package to fund their one-time spectrum fee burden. A news from Business Line dated 14 October 2012. Please click here for link.   2)State-ownd telecom operators Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) have asked the government to bear the entire burden of nearly Rs11,000 crore they need to fork out as one-time payment for additional spectrum. A news from Please click here for the link.
16.10.2012  Rate of IDA has been increased to 67.3% vide letter of DPE issued on 5th October 2012. Please click here for copy of letter.
12.10.2012 Due to tight schedule of Shir. Prithviraj Chavan Ji, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra, he had deputed Shri. Mahadev Shelar Ji, GS, MPCC to convey his message during Open Session on 10th and later invited us to Shayadri. Delegation led by Shri. Bhai Jagtab along with Shri. Kaushik, GS, TEAM, Shri.J.S.Yadav, CS, TEAM, Mumbai, Shri. G.N. Haragaball, President, TEAM, Mumbai, Shri.K.P.Ravindra Kumar, AGS, TEAM, Shri.Kedar, GS, MTNL Workers Union, Com. E.M.Rajpure, Joint GS, MTNL Workers Union, Mumbaimet Shir. Prithviraj Chavan, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra at his office at Shayadri, Malabar Hill at 5 pm today and presented memorandum requesting him to use his good offices for resolving our pension issue. He was very much positive in discussion and requested Shri. Bhai Jagtab to accompany him at Delhi during his ensuing visit on 30th of this month. Let us hope the pension issue will be resolved shortly.
  Click thump nails below and Start Slide show once Picasa Album loaded for better viewing of Photos during the session.  
  3rd CHQ Conference 9.10.12    3rd CHQ Conference    CM_Meet_12102012
11.10.2012 3rd Circle Conference held on 11.10.2012 was attended by around 100 members from Mumbai. After deliberations on issues relating to pension and about the proceedings during the last two days members are appreciative of the resolutions and decided to mobilize members in all the areas. the 2nd CEC body was dissolved at the flag end of the conference and elections were held for 3rd CEC. Com. J.S.Yadav was re-elected as Cisrcle Secretary and Com. G.N.Haragaball was re-elected as President of TEAM, Mumbai Circle along with other CEC members unanimously by the 3rd Representative Council. List of  Members Elected for the CEC will be updated in the CEC Section shortly. Click here for the Photographs taken during the session. 
10.10.2012 Open Session held at Yaswant Natya Mandir on 10.10.12 was a grant success. More than 1000 members attended the Open Session. Shri. Rajendra Gawilt, Labour Minister, MH is honored as Chief Guest. Shri. Mahadev Shelar, GS, MPCC attend the conference on behalf of Hon’ble Chief Minister and read out message from Shri. Prithviraj Chavan, CM, MH Since could not attend the Open Session due to his official engagements.  Both Shri. Rajendra Gawit and Shri. Mahadev Shelar endorsed the view of TEAM and said what is happening is not at all correct and assured us that the Maharashtra Govt will stand with us and help us resolving the pension issue in discussion with Centre. Shri. Bhai Jagtab while delivering his speech assured that he and his counterparts in Maharastra Government will take all possible steps to get the issue of Pension from Government to MTNL employees. Shri. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA condemned discriminatory attitude of Govt and assured that BSNL executives are with us in resolving the pension issue and extended active support at all times of need. Shri.M.K.Bagchi while elaborating the issues thanked the members for their active role in getting the pension revision issues resolved and assured that pension is our right and we will get the same from Government only. Video Clips of all speakers are uploaded for viewing. Click here for copy of Photographs and videos taken during the Open Session. Click here for the copy of Key Note Address.  Click her for copy of the Resolutions adopted at the 3rd CHQ. 9.10.12 3rd CHQ Conference held at CETTM was attended by 95 delegates from Delhi and 118 delegates from Mumbai. Shri.A.K. Kaushik, GS, Shri.M.K.Bagchi, Convener UFOM and Founder TEAM detailed the situation prevailing in MTNL regarding pension issue and deliberated several other issues including Organization issues. After elaborate discussions and deliberations on the issues confronting MTNL, the house adopted several resolutions. Click here for the copy of the resolutions. At the flag end the earlier HQ body was dissolved and elections were conducted. Com. A.K. Kaushik was unanimously reelected as GS and Com. N.L.Thangaraj was unanimously elected as president of TEAM by the 3rd Representative Council. List of Members Elected for CHQ Body will be updated in the CHQ Section shortly. Click here for the Photos taken during  the 3rd 3rd CHQ Conference.
10.10.2012 3rd CHQ and Circle conference held in Mumbai on 9th and 11th at CETTM, Powai, Mumbai and the Open Session held on 10th at Yaswant Natya Manthir, Matunga West, Mumbai was a grant success. More than 1000 participant attended the open session. Fruitful deliberations took place during the conference. Details of discussions, proceedings and resolutions adopted during the conference, Photo clippings and videos during the conference and open sessions will be uploaded shortly.    We take this opportunity to thanks one and all for reposing confidence on TEAM and assure that issues pertaining to executives will be sorted out as and when crops up and face the future with confident. We will strive to deliver the best with all your active cooperation. Long live Unity.
06-10-2012 Two CEC meetings were organised on 26-09-2012 and on 05-10-2012 by Delhi Circle to discuss the resolutions to be placed in ensuing CHQ conference to be held at Mumbai from 09-10-2012 to 11-10-2012. The HR issues, Medical Policy issue and other issues, which reflect the aspirations of our all executives pertaining to all streams were discussed in very lengthy and democratic manner. The CEC of Delhi Circle after having a concrete discussion, reached to unanimous decisions as detailed in attached letter. Other than these resolutions organizational matters were discussed  for organizing  Delhi Circle and enhancing our membership .Many fruit full suggestions were brought to notice of CEC and Circle Secy.  took serious note of all  such suggestions. General Secy. also suggested many ideas for better organising of Delhi circle. He replied to many quarries of members. Please click here for resolutions adopted for placing at CHQ conference.
06-10-2012 The convener of United front of Associations and unions of MTNL wrote a letter to CMD MTNL regarding protest against move to form pension trust for MTNL. Please click here for copy of letter.
05-10-2012 List of Delegates with their Train particulars, going to Mumbai for CHQ Conference. Please click here for List.


CEC of TEAM Delhi is scheduled to be held on 05-10-2012 at 14.00 hrs sharp  in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan, ND.  Please ensure your kind presence well within time. The agenda is as follows:   1) The Resolutions to be placed at CHQ conference for discussion and other related issues. 2) Organizational Matters. 3) Any other point with the permission of chair.   All Branch/Divisional/Area Secretaries, CEC Members, CWC members , circle office bearers and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attend the meeting positively.   ***Letter of General Secy. in which he notified and informed  MTNL management for 3rd CHQ conference .***

02-10-2012 MTNL Delhi unit issued Looking After Arrangement orders for 34 SDEs to the cadre of DE. Please see the list of DE on Delhi Bulletin.
02-10-2012 PRE Circle Conference meeting of TEAM Mumbai will be held on 3rd Oct, 2012, the WEDNESS day, tomorrow at 1230 hrs at 8th Floor, Bandra Telephone Exchange followed by Lunch. All CEC and CHQ members are requested to attend the meeting without fail. You are also requested to invite all CEC members in your area and submit status of subscription collection. CS, TEAM, Mumbai.
01-10-2012 Join Open Session of TEAM on 10.10.2012 at Yashwant Natya Mandir Matunga (W), Mumbai. Shri. Prithviraj Chavan Ji, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Maharashtra has consented to be the Chief Guest and Shri. Millind Deora Ji, Hon’ble MOS(C&IT), Govt. Of India has consented to be the Special Guest on the occasion.  Pension, Viability of MTNL & Quality of Telecom Services aspect will be discussed in the presence of Shri. A.K.Garg, CMD, MTNL. Click here for the Banner
01-10-2012 MTNL Corporate office has issued pension revision orders  for combined IDA Pensioners/Family Pensioners of MTNL retired prior to revision of Pay on 01-01-2007. Please clcik here for copy of orders.
01.10.2012  The case of ITS absorption issue came for hearing today in the Hon’ble High Court Delhi. Hon’ble High Court re-listed the case for hearing on 31st Oct’2012. Application has been filed by BSNL in Hon’ble High Court of Delhi seeking extension of time for unabsorbed ITS to continue in BSNL on perpetual deputation till the year 2033 (till the last of the existing ITS retires)Hon’ble Bench wanted to know from the counsel of U.O.I whether the Govt. could redeploy them, otherwise consider giving VRS/golden handshake to all those who have opted for DOT when the Counsel representing repatriated ITS pleaded that they be taken back on the rolls of BSNL since there is no work for them in DOT.
29-09-2012 Delhi unit issued orders for looking after arrangement in cadre of DGM (Telecom) and transfer orders of some officers. Please see Delhi Bulletin for copy of orders.
28-09-2012 The Government’s broadband firm Bharat Broadband Network Ltd has appointed officials of the state-run telecom companies MTNL and BSNL on its board of directors. A news from Business Line dated 26-09-2012. Please click here to see complete news.
28-09-2012 “Shri A K Kaushik along with Shri R S Nair AGS met CMD on 27.09.2012 and extended invitation to attend the CHQ conference of TEAM being held on 10.09.2012 at Mumbai.
25-09-2012 We brought to the notice of the CMD that MTNL Mumbai unit has issued a clairifcation stating that the Stenographers who have been upgraded to E-2 is in non-executive cadre. After discussions, CMD agreed to our demand and assured to issue necessary instructions. Matter is being pursued with CO for issue of necessary clarifications to MTNL Mumbai unit. CMD further stated that other demands of the Stenographers cannot be considered at present due to the poor financial condition of the Corporation.” 


CEC of TEAM Delhi is scheduled to be held on 26-09-2012 at 14.00 hrs sharp  in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan, ND.  Please ensure your kind presence well within time. The agenda is as follows:   1) The Resolutions to be placed at CHQ conference for discussion and other related issues. 2) Organizational Matters. 3) Any other point with the permission of chair.   All Branch/Divisional/Area Secretaries, CEC Members, CWC members , circle office bearers and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attend the meeting positively.


General Secy. Sh. A.K.kaushik wrote a letter to CMD MTNL regarding restructuring of the cadre of Stenographers in MTNL. Wherein he reminded regarding earlier letter on same subject and requested him to pass on necessary instructions to MTNL Mumbai Administration for rectifying their orders and treat the stenographers promoted to E-2 scale as Executives and also to consider promotion from E-2 to E-3 as their 1st promotion under Executives Promotion Policy. Please click here for copy of letter . The relevant document of the case may be seen by clicking the links 

1)Reply of RTI filed by Sh. R.S.Nair under RTI ACT 2005

2)Financial upgradation for Senior Telecom Secretarial Assistant from NE-10 to NE-11 and NE-11 to E-2 in Mumbai dated 31-07-2008. 

3)Financial Upgradtion for STSA from NE-11 to E-2 on regular basis dated 30-05-2012 

4) Clarification issued by MTNL Mumbai unit for Financial Upgradation in cadre of STSA dated 02-08-2012.  

21.09.2012  MTNL Delhi unit issued a letter for calling CR for financial upgradation  under Executive Promotion Policy from E-3 to E4. Please see the orders on Delhi Bulletin. 
21.09.2012 Convener of united Front of Associations and Unions of MTNL Sh. M.k.Bagchi wrote a letter to CMD MTNL regarding Pension issue. Wherein he informed the Management regarding sentiments of the employees for not agreeing to formation of Trust. Please see full text of letter.
21.09.2012  Meetings of all executives of GM BB Area and Training center were arranged by Sh. Maninder Sareen and Sh. Shashank Shekhar Area Secy. of BB and Training center respectively on 19-09-2012 and 20-09-2012. Please see the details of meeting on Delhi Bulletin Page. 
21-09-2012 Meetings of all executives of GM BB Area and Training center were arranged by Sh. Maninder Sareen and Sh. Shashank Shekhar Area Secy. of BB and Training center respectively on 19-09-2012 and 20-09-2012. Please see the details of meeting on Delhi Bulletin Page.   
21-09-2012 Corporate Office MTNL issued results of Special Recruitment Drive for JAO post of SC/ST category (Written exam held on 09.10.2011, Interview held on 21.12.2011. Please Click here for copy of result.  

Com. A.K.Kaushik, Gen.Secy, Sh.V.P.Bhardwaj, AGS along with Sh. Parveen  Kapoor, Org. Secy(CHQ) and Sh. Ajay Kumar, Financial Secretary, TEAM, Delhi  met Sh. M.K.Saxena, Jt. G.M.(HR)  Corporate Office on 19.09.2012 and express our concern  about  not resolving the long pending  issues of the executives despite our frequent pursuance of the issues at various levels.  By keeping our just and genuine cadre issues pending for a long time, it shows the  poor working of HR unit.   It seems that management is intentionally delaying these issues which are adversely affecting the executives. The following pending issues were discussed which needs immediate resolution:-

  1. Holding of regular DPCs for DGMs/Sr. Manager/Dy. Managers on yearly basis for all streams instead of LA arrangement.
  2. Finalisation/updation  of seniority lists at all levels of various streams.
  3. Allowing one additional increment to Sr AOs/Sr SDEs on regular promotion given by DOT.
  4. Grant of one additional increment on regular promotion at E-5 as per EPP-2007.
  5. Upgradation of 19 posts of CAOs temporarily downgraded in 2006.
  6. Change  in the date of effect  retrospectively instead of 30.06.2012 in the amendment issued on in the leave rules fr Medical leaves.
  7. Early settlement of seniority case SDEs(1966 Post).
  8. Implementation  of judgment of court  under Rule -206.
  9. Review of APAR of JTOs.
  10. Discrepancy in RR for promotion from E-2 to E-3.  
  11. Regular promotion case of Hindi Offficeers.
  12. Settlement of left out cases of Bench marks issue.Harreshment  by TPA   and at Delhi unit in settlement of Medical cases.  

Jt. GM (HR) informed that some of the regular DPCs are already over  and action will be taken on priority  to complete the pending DPCs. He further informed that work for holding DPCs at DGM level  is also in progress. Other pending issues will also be looked into on priority. 


Delhi unit had asked clarification regarding T D S on Leave Encashment at the time of retirement. The same has been replied by Corporate office. Please click here to see the text of letter.  19-09-2012Due to our consistent approach for resolving the case of refixing of seniority for the JTOs promoted to SDE in 1998,(case of 1966 posts) Corporate office has asked BSNL regarding no. of posts available then in Mumbai and Delhi. Please click here for text of letter. The case was again made clear to Joint GM HR regarding many points and he was made convinced to expedite the case so as to resolve it earliest as the second promotion for these affected executives is due.  19-09-2012MTNL Corporate office wrote following letter to ED Delhi and ED Mumbai regarding information on different subjects:   1)Information regarding SDE(Telecom/Dy. Manager (Telecom) and DEs/Sr. Manager (Telecom) working in regular capacity. Please see text of letter.   2) Screening report along with latest Vigilance/Discipline clearance in respect to JTOS belonging to ST category from Rect. year 1994 to 2005.Please see text of letter.  19-09-2012Convener of United Front of Unions and Associations of MTNL wrote a memorandum to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi Chair pension of U P A and president of A I C regarding pension to abosrbees at par with BSNL. Please click here for copy of Letter


GS along with AGS Shri.VP Bharadwaj met Dir(Fin), Dir(HR) and CMD on 18.9.2012. Among other issues related to our cadres, the issue of MTNL Pension to be paid by DOT (GOI) has also been discussed. The impression derived by us during the discussions is that MTNL and DoT are still working on formation of Trust which is not at all acceptable to us. Therefore another course of trade union action in near future can’t be ruled out. Get ready if situation demand so.  


Beware of so called champions of the welfare of Executives in MTNL   Here these so called well wishers of executives have started to claim the credit of lists issued recently by the Corporate office for promotion from JTOs/AM to SDE/DM (nearly 216). They are same ,who had stopped these lists for holding the competitive examination which they could not hold the same during last long ten years. Holding these examination will create numerous court cases for deciding in inter-se-seniority Therefore we had demanded to scrap this competitive examination for JTOs to SDEs and asked the Corporate office to fill up all the post through seniority cum fitness basis. We assure that our association will not allow the management to play with the carrier of Executives in the name of examination and interviews. These same people are also giving bogus reporting of case of E-5 Competitive Examination.


All Branch/ Divisional /circle office bearers are requested to expedite for arranging the  meetings of  their respective Branch/Divisions/Areas so as to strengthen the organization and to complete the collection of up to date subscription along with the CHQ conference fee. The fund collection through advertisements to be printed in Souvenir of TEAM, may also be expedited . The funds and cheques collected for Souvenir may please be deposited to respective Circle Fin. Secy. at earliest. The cheques /DD of Advertisements are to be taken in favour of ‘TEAM Mumbai’. Please click here for the Performa of Adv. collection and rates of Advertisement. 


 MTNL Delhi unit issued orders for financial upgradation for Telecom Executives. 


Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) and Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) today announced an alliance to launch two new management courses for the telecom sector. A news from Business Standard. Please click here for news link.Please see orders on Delhi bulletin 


Our case in Hon’ble CAT Delhi to set aside new ‘Senior Manager Recruitment Rule-2008’ could not come for hearing  on 12-09-2012. .Hon’ble court has fixed 01-11-2012 as next date of Hearing.  


MTNL Delhi unit issued financial up gradation order for AM to DM (Telecom) for 26 Executives. Please see the detailed order on Delhi Bulletin.  


“Working towards achieving synergy with BSNL: CMD, MTNL.” Sh. A.K.Garg CMD was interviewed by Economic times regarding many policy decisions . Please see complete report by clicking link here. 


Shri. R.R.Mishra, Senior leader of the executives, along with his colleagues joined TEAM Mumbai today in the presence of Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM during Special CEC held at Bandra Telephone Exchange Building. Com. A.K. Kaushik welcomed their decision and congratulated them.  


Special CEC Meeting of TEAM Mumbai was held at 1330 hrs at 8th Floor, Conference Hall, Bandra Telephone Exchange, Mumbai. Com.J.S.Yadav, CS, TEAM, Mumbai and Com. G.N. Haragaball, President, TEAM Mumbai also addressed the house and discussed various arrangement for the ensuing 3rd CHQ Conference. Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM addressed the members and briefed in details all points relating to developments in the Pension front, promotional issues, Viability of MTNL and other issues. He also clarified Governments stand on the pension issue and pension fund and clearly spelled out that the Pension Fund is not a viable options. He cautioned about the forces that were acting against pension issues and told that TEAM has resolved to get pension from Government in line with BSNL pension scheme. He requested members to remain united and explained unity is the need of the hour. He further requested that all UFOM affiliated members are to be briefed and kept in readiness. 


Parliamentary Questions on Accumulating Loss of MTNL and BSNL and Lok Sabha Questions on Pension issues. Click here forRajya Sabha Question No 833 answered on 17.8.2012 on Accumulating losses of MTNL and BSNL. Click here for the Pension issues in MTNL and BSNL Sep 2012.


Telecom operator MTNL says it has no plans to participate in the 2G spectrum auction as it already has the spectrum required to carry out the business.

“We already have spectrum and license with us. We have sufficient spectrum. So we will not participate in the auction,” MTNL chairman and managing director AK Garg told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Mumbai. Please click here to view the news


The telecom department said any move to reserve about 1,100 managerial slots in BSNL and MTNL for  Indian Telecom Service officers would be illegal and flout government regulations. A news from The Economic Times Dated 07-09-2012. Please click here for viewing the complete news  


Convener of United Forum of unions and Associations of MTNL wrote a letter to Chairman and Managing Director of MTNL regarding response in respect of the Committee’s Presentation about pay scales of MTNL. Please click here copy of letter.  


MTNL Delhi unit issued following orders for financial upgradation of executives 1) IDA scale upgradation from E-3 to E-4 for 19 finance executives. 2) IDA scale upgradation from E-2 to E-3 for 2 telecom executives. Please see the detailed copy of orders on Delhi Bulletin 


MTNL Delhi unit endorsed the regular promotion order for 163 JTOs to SDEs. Please see the copy of orders on Delhi Bulletin.  


The CAG has said that Defence PSU Bharat Electronics limited has failed to execute the Convergent Billing project of MTNL even 5 years after the scheduled date of completion . Which led to blocking of Rs.144 crore for four years. A news from Economic Times dated 05-09-2012. Please click here for link of news.


 The D.O.T. will shortly move a Cabinet note to “encadre” or permanently reserve about 1,100 top managerial slots in BSNL and MTNL for ITS officers to stop their exodus. All most all ITS officers have opted to return to DOT since central pay is higher than PSU emoluments. A news from Economic Times date 05-09-2012. Please click the link for detailed news.


General Secy. wrote a letter  to Dir. HR for amendment in MTNL leave rules,2001. He requested that the amendment made in respect of 120 days commuted leaves  vide letter no. MTNL/CO/Dir-HR/2006-07/191 dated 23-08-2012 may be made effective retrospectively instead of 30th june 2012. Please click here for copy of letter.


General Secy. wrote a letter to DIR. HR , requesting him for accept and process the application for cancellation of Pro-Rata pension option. Please click here for the copy of letter. 


General Secy. wrote a letter to CMD MTNL; informing him about 3rd CHQ conference scheduled to be held w.e.f. 10-10-2012 to 12-10-2012 at Mumbai. He further requested him  for issuing necessary instructions to concerned units for  granting Special casual Leaves to delegates and circle/CHQ office bearers for attending the Conference.Please click here for copy of Letter.  31-08-2012 Leaders Of United Forum of Associations of BSNL and MTNL wrote to Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India for ending deputation of ITS officers in MTNL/BSNL. Please click here to see the letter 


MTNL corporate office issued order for exemption of Income Tax liability on EL encashment at the time of retirement. This case was vigorously perused by Association . MTNL management not only heard the voice of association but issued favorable orders too in this respect. Please click here for the copy of orders 


MTNL Delhi unit issued Look After arrangement for 4 Executives (Fin.) from CAO to DGM along with transfer orders of 2 DGM (Fin.) Please see the copy of order on Delhi Bulletin. 


Keeping in view the ensuing CHQ conference to be held wef. 09-10-2012 to 11-10-2012 at Mumbai ; Delhi Circle is organising many Division/Branch/Area level meetings in various areas. Please see the Delhi Bulletin for details.


Minister of State for Communications and IT Milind Deora said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha that ‘The proposals of telecom PSUs BSNL and MTNL to reduce their workforce by 1.21 lakh by offering voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) to staff will cost them over Rs 17,445 crore’. A News from  Business line . Please see here to see the news in detail


 MTNL Delhi unit office issued Financial upgardation for 3 AM (Marketing) from E-2 to E-3.Please see the orders copy on Delhi Bulletin


MTNL Delhi unit issued orders for financial up gradation for the followings: a) For E-4 to E-5 for 4   Executives of Finance. b) For E-5 to E-6 for 20 Executives of Finance. Copy of the orders are available on Delhi bulletin . Please download the orders from Delhi Bulletin.

24-08-2012 The long pending demand of TEAM for removing restriction of 120 days commuted leaves has been finally agreed by MTNL Management and corporate office of MTNL has issued order in this respect. Please see the orders.
23-08-2012 A meeting of all constituents of UFOM was held at CTO dormitory New Delhi on 22-08-2012 to access the situation of our movement for pension from Govt. of India issue. All general secretaries of different Associations/Unions stood firmly for resolving this issue at earliest. Each and every leader paid their whole hearted thanks to each individuals for tremendous support exhibited by them during Protest Action Programme.  All of the m assured they will not compromise with any issue and will achieve the goal with constructive support of each individuals. Convener of UFOM Sh. M.K.bagchi was also present during the meeting . He personally thanked to one and all for the brilliant fighting sprit exhibited during the Protest Action programme. 
18-08-2012 Delegation of members from United Forum of MTNL, Mumbai met Shri. Kapil Sibalji, H’ble Minister of Communication and IT at hotel JW Marriot during his visit in Mumbai today under the leadership of Shri. Bhai Jagtap and submitted memorandum requesting him to make use of his good offices and resolve the issue pertaining to pension from Govt for MTNL employees at the earliest. Click here for the Copy of the letter.

Notice for CHQ conference of TEAM

Dear Comrades,

In continuation to the earlier circular communicated on dated:04-06-2012, 3rd conference of the Central Headquarter of Telecom Executives Association of MTNL (TEAM) will be held w.e.f. 09th October to 12th October 2012 at Mumbai. All circle Secy./CHQ office bearers/CWC members and delegates of Delhi and Mumbai Circles have to attend the conference. Kindly remit the CHQ quota till august-2012, CHQ conference fee(Rs.200/- per member) and delegate fee (Rs.500/- per delegate) to CHQ treasure Sh. C.U.Gade. Kindly make 3rd bi-annual CHQ conference a grand  and memorable success. For any more information Kindly contact the following office bearers: 1) Sh. J.S.Yadav Circle Secy. TEAM Mumbai , Mobile No. 09869041090. 2)  Sh. G. N. Haragball  Circle President TEAM Mumbai ,  Mobile No. 022-20535566. 3)Sh. C.U.GadeCHQ Treasurer , Mobile No.: 9869051200





 On this Holy Occasion TEAM wishes that working culture at all levels in MTNL will further improve so as to be No. 1 service provider in Delhi and Mumbai. On the evening of our national festival MTNL Corporate office issued promotion order for 216 AM/JTOs (Telecom) to Dy. Manager/SDEs on regular basis. Please click here for copy of orders. TEAM extends all the best wishes to newly promoted SDEs.


MTNL Corporate office issued promotion order for 26 left out AM/JTOs to Dy. Manager/SDEs on regular basis. Please click here for copy of letter.TEAM extends all the best wishes to newly promoted SDEs


It is requested to all Area Office Bearers/Div. Secy./Branch Secy. to complete the process of meetings at all Areas/Division/Branch level and to elect the delegates for ensuing CHQ conference to be held in Mumbai. Probable date of CHQ conference shall fall in 1st half of OCT-2012.  As per decision of last CEC meeting collection of monthly subscription is to be collected till August 2012 and a fee of Rs.200/- per member is to be collected from each member for CHQ conference. Please expedite the process and remit your dues to circle without further delay.  


Sh. A.K kaushik General Secy. along with Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj AGS and Sh. Ram Gopal Circle Secy. met Director (HR) MTNL on 04-08-2012 to discuss the long pending HR issues. The Following points were discussed: 

1. Refixation of seniority under Rule 206 and extending benefits to the left out executives:- Dir.(HR) informed that the matter is pending in the court and further action will be taken on the basis of the judgment. The association strongly criticised the role of HR in this  regard. we demanded that Management should act impartially. 

2. Delay in issue of order for removing the existing limit of 120 days of medical leave during the entire service and giving effect retrospectively instead of with immediate effect:-Management informed that the issue is under active consideration and orders will be shortly issued. 

3. Holding of DPC for DGM (Finance) on regular basis and DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE :- It was also briefed to Dir(HR) that around 50 posts of DGM(Fin) are lying vacant in MTNL Delhi and Mumbai and some of them are being operated by provision of looking after arrangement only. Many correspondence made in this subject are self explanatory .It was requested by association to conduct  the DPC on priority on regular basis to fill up  vacant posts. It was informed by the Dir.(HR) that management is working on the issue  of DGM (Finance), whereas the DPC for JTO to SDE is completed and order in this regard shall be issued shortly. 

4. Allowing one increment to CAOs and DEs on their regular promotion in E-5 after financial up-gradation as per Executive Promotion Policy 2007:- It was informed by Dir(HR) that they are re-examining the issue. 

5. Discussion in Pension case:- Association asked the progress in pension case It was informed by Dir.(HR) that one committee has been formed under the chairmanship of ED(Mumbai) to examine the issue and 1st meeting of the committee is scheduled for 06-08-2012 at Mumbai. 

6. ITS absorption issue:- Association asked about the progress of absorption of ITS. It was informed by Dir(HR) that some committee is being constituted to examine the issue at DOT level. 

7. Reduction of DEs posts:- Association asked about the reduction of posts from 720 i.e. 396 (Delhi) +408 (Mumbai) to 646. While various new system/services like GSM/CDMA , convergent billing , FMS, Broad Band and so many others have been added in MTNL network and for all these no  new vacancies have been created /sanctioned by MTNL after 01-10-2000. The network in MTNL has been increased in many folds. Dir (HR) could not reply properly and assured to look into the matter. Association is bent upon to pursue this issue vigorously till it is resolved favorably. We gave clear cut message to Management that association will not tolerate any more the anti-absorbees attitude of management. 

8. looking after arrangement at various levels: Association has opposed strongly the move of management of giving looking after arrangement at various posts in various stream and demanded that this LA should be immediately stooped in Delhi unit. We further demanded that all executives working on LA arrangement have to be regularized from their date of  promotion on Ad-hoc/Officiating/LA basis. Dir (HR) could not reply properly and assured to look into the matter. 

9. The association demanded the immediate implementation of promotion policy assured/committed by DOT to the absorbees in MTNL as per the terms and conditions offered at the time of absorption i.e. all executives should be promoted on time bound personal post up-gradation basis up to selection grade DGM(E-7) and now designated in MTNL as JGM. Dir (HR) could not reply properly and assured to look into the matter.     


General Secy. wrote a reminder  to Dir. HR MTNL regarding re-fixation of  seniority of TES Group ‘B’ officers promoted from JTO vide DOT order no. 2-7/98-STG II Dated -21-07-1998. Please see the full text of letter 


Sh. Ram Gopal Circle Secy. TEAM Delhi wrote a letter  to ED Delhi unit  MTNL regarding restoration of 2 merged posts of   superintending engineer (Civil) . He requested for a favorable action to provide some relief for the back log of Executive Enggr.  Please see the full text of letter.  


General Secy. wrote a reminder  to CMD MTNL regarding holding of DPC for regular promotion as DGM(Finance). He requested CMD for passing necessary instructions for holding DPC for regular DGM (Finance) as there is acute shortage of DGM (Fin.). Please see the full text of letter  


Our case in Hon’ble CAT Delhi to set aside new ‘Senior Manager Recruitment Rule-2008’ could not come for hearing  on 25-07-2012. .Hon’ble court has fixed 12th septmeber-2012 as next date of Hearing. 


 NOTICE FOR CEC MEETING  CEC of TEAM Delhi is scheduled to be held on 27-07-2012 at 14.30 hrs sharp  in room no.756 of Kidwai Bhawan, ND. The out come of current protest action programme under banner of United Forum of MTNL unions & Associations shall be briefed by CHQ office bearers. Please ensure your kind presence well within time. The agenda is as follows:   

1) Briefing of out comes of Protest action programme. 

2) Organizational Matters. 

3) Any other point with the permission of chair.   

All Branch/Divisional/Area Secretaries, CEC Members, CWC members , circle office bearers and CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to attend the meeting positively.


Corporate office of MTNL issued a letter for constituting a committee for resolving pay anomaly cases arising out of pay revision w.e.f. 01-01-2007 , pending at corporate office. Please click here for copy of  letter. 


President of United Forum of MTNL union & Associations wrote a letter in reply to appeal made by MTNL management for deferring current protest action programme. Please click here for copy of letter.   


Delegation of UFOM lead by Shri. Bhai Jagtab met Shri. Milind Deora, Hon’ble MOS(C&IT) and presented memorandum requesting him to use his good offices for early settlement of the Pension issue. Shri. Milind Deoraji promised that he will take all possible steps to finalize the pension issue at the earliest.  


In view of series of discussions held with MTNL Management on 23.7.2012 and appeal made by management to United Forum of MTNL it has been decided by United Forum of Delhi and Mumbai to defer organisational programme for two months. Click here for the Copy of Appeal by Management. TEAM express our sincere thanks and gratitude’s for all members of all Unions and Associations for standing together throughout the organisational programmes. This movement gave us an opportunity to stand united. Let us keep the spirit of Unity intact and pledge ourselves to remain united. Let us also keep ourselves prepared to meet any eventualities and work together. UFOM ZINDABAD !!!   Employee & Executives Unity Zindabad !!!  


Press Clips as appeared in Mumbai Navbharat Times  Hindustan Times 


Massive Rally was organised by United Forum from K.L. Bhawan to Sanchar Bhawan. Click here for the Photos during the rally. More than 10000 Employees and Officers participated in the Rally, which was terminated at Parliament  Street. The gathering was addressed by the leaders of Different unions & associations. All the speakers stressed that there will be no compromise on the issue of Pension from Govt., revision of Pension and 78.2% fitment. The leaders announced that if the issues are not settled to the satisfaction of the UNITED FORUM, then Work According to Rule programme will be started very effectively from 24th July onward and also appealed to the employees/Officers to make the Work According to Rule Programme a grand success. There after Leaders of UFOM U&A submitted a memorandum to Hon’ble MOC &IT. Please Click here for copy of memorandum. 


UFOM Press Release A massive Rally was organised by United Forum from Shivaji Park Tele Exch to Telaphone House, Prabhadevi. Hon’ble Shri. Bhai Jagtap, MLC, lead the Rally. More that 8000 emoloyees and officers participated in the Rally. All speakers stressed that there will not be any compromise on any of the issues and there is no question of accepting BSNL Pay scale. Leaders pointed out the BSNL pay scale is better that DoT and AAI Scale is different than that of BSNL. When there is no question for provision of Pension from Govt for employees of these PSUs, Why this pay parity issue is raised for MTNL alone ?  We totally disagree with the logic and will work for the Govt Pension with MTNL Pay scale. There will not be any compromise on this and we will fight for our legitimate right of pension from the Govt on this Pay Scale. While speaking to the Gathering Shri. Bhai Jagtap assured of his full support for the cause and will be with us until all issues are settled. Cloick here for the copy of the Memorandum Submitted to The Hon’ble MOC &IT through ED, MTNL, Mumbai. Click here for the photos taken during the gathering at Telephone House Prabhadevi.  Photos During the rally. Click here for the Video of Shri. Bhai Jagtap’s Address to the Gathering  


A massive Rally was organised by United Forum from K.L. Bhawan to Sanchar Bhawan. More than 10000 Employees and Officers participated in the Rally, which was terminated at Parliament  Street. The gathering was addressed by the leaders of Different unions & associations. All the speakers stressed that there will be no compromise on the issue of Pension from Govt., revision of Pension and 78.2% fitment. The leaders announced that if the issues are not settled to the satisfaction of the UNITED FORUM, then Work According to Rule programme will be started very effectively from 24th July onward and also appealed to the employees/Officers to make the Work According to Rule Programme a grand success. There after Leaders of UFOM U&A submitted a memorandum to Hon’ble MOC &IT. href=””>Please Click here for copy of memorandum. Click here for the Photos during the rally


Join Enmasse in UFOM Rally   At Delhi from Khurshid Lal Bhavan to Sanchar Bhavan at 1300 hrs    and    At Mumbai from Shivaji Park Tele Exch  to Telephone House, Prabhadevi at 1400 hrs on 18.7.2012

All are requested to participate in huge numbers.

Don’t believe in rumors or hand bills issued by people who are opposed to this movement.

Save Ur Pension !!! Save ur Family and future !!! UFOM Zindabad !!!


President of UFOM wrote a letter to CMD MTNL for clarifying the different points as explained  in minutes released by MTNL corporate office for the meeting held on 12-07-2012. Please click here for the copy of letter.


Today a meeting of leaders of UFOM and MTNL management was held in the presence of DOT representative  in the office of  RLC new Delhi. All three sides i.e. UFOM, MTNL management and DOT representative kept their views .But this meeting too could not produce any result. 


Rate of interest on GPF has been increased to 8.8% during the financial year beginning on 01-04-2012. Please click here for copy of letter.


DOT has issued orders for advising MTNL for taking appropriate decision for revision of pension/ family pension to pre-2007 retirees and payment of arrears . Please click here for copy of orders.


DPE issued order for payment of IDA at revised rates for Board level posts and below Board level posts including non-unionized supervisors in CPSEs. The IDA has been increased by 4.8% and new rates will be 61.5% . Please click here for copy of letter. 


Full Day Hunger Strike

Chalo ! Chalo ! Chalo !

Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Telephone House, Prabhadevi

Dear Comrades, Please Join enmasse for

“Full Day Hunger Strike”

on 12.7.2012, Thursday


Stop formation of Pension Trust

Pension from Govt as in BSNL

Pension Revision for MTNL Retirees

Immediate implementation of 78.2 % as per Govt Order

Abhee Nahee to Kabee Nahee

United Forum of MTNL


Today on 11-07-2012 Sh. Ram Gopal Circle Secy. TEAM Delhi along with other office bearers held a meeting with GM(SS). The issue of Parking of vehicles inside Kidwai Bhawan was discussed in length. GM (SS) expressed his inability to allow to park vehicles inside Kidwai Bhawan on the plea of space for  movement of Fire Tenders around the building  in case of Fire. After a long deliberation ultimately GM(SS) agreed to allow for parking of vehicles for the staff working in building very soon.


Since 03-07-2012 to till date UFOM has arranged lunch hour meetings of all executives and employees in different areas .The issues have been enlightened to all by Leaders of UFOM. The huge participation of members has been observed in all areas. The next date for exhibition of our strength ,unity and commitment to issues is 12-07-2012 i.e. one day hunger strike at Jantar Mantar ,New Delhi . It is once again requested to all of you for your hundred percent participation in each of programme as already notified by UFOM for achievement of our justified demands. UFOM Zindabad!Employee & Executives Unity Zindabad!!!  03-07-2012 General Secy. wrote a letter to Dir.(HR) MTNL for re-fixation of seniority of TES Group ‘B’ officers promoted from JTO vide order no. 2-7/98-STG II dated 21-10-1998. Please click here for copy of letter.


Today united Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL Mumbai has observed Day Long Mass Dharna  in front of Telephone House, Prabhadevi. The Dharna was continued from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Thousands of employees and executives of UFOM participated. Leaders from all the participant Unions and Association addressed the gathering. The members were briefed about the issues and the Protest Action Programme and requested all members to turn out in mass during subsequent stages of the agitation. Pension From Govt is the ultimate aim of this agitation and if we fail to achieve this now, we will never be able to make it up. All Members from UFOM, Mumbai reiterated that Pension is our legitimate right and will continue Our struggle till we achieve the same. UFOM Zindabad! Employee & Executives Unity Zindabad!!! 


Today  united Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL has observed the Mass Dharna  at Jantar Mantar New Delhi. The Dharna was continued w.e.f. 10 am to 5 pm. Thousands of employees and executives of UFOM participated in Day Long Dharna. The gathering was addressed by various representatives of United Forum. The members were briefed about the issues and the Protest Action Programme. Sh. Prahlad Rai  General Secy. AIBSNL EA and Sh. G.L. Jogi President of SNEA have also addressed the gathering and assured the active support of BSNL ‘ Executives in the ongoing struggle of UFOM. the Dharna was extra ordinary grand success. Kindly maintain the sprit as exhibited today and further intensify the Protest Action Programme as scheduled for achieving  all the issues raised by UFOM. UFOM Zindabad! Employee & Executives Unity Zindabad!!!


United Forum of Unions and Associations of MTNL (UFOM) was invited by CMD MTNL on 02-07-2012 at corporate office  to discuss the various issues raised . The representatives of all unions and association participated in the meetings. The issues of pension payment for MTNL employees by Govt. of India as in case of BSNL, Pension revision of MTNL retirees ,retired prior to 01-01-2007 and immediate neutralization of 78.2 % DA w.e.f.01-01-2007 were discussed in length. During course of discussion the MTNL management was not coming forward to bring any new solution to resolve these issues . Therefore UFOM rejected the submission of MTNL management. United Forum has reiterated its stand on all the issues and informed the MTNL management that our protest action programme will continue till the settlement of our all issues. The meeting ended without any result. It is once again requested to all you to work hard, for resolving all  burning issues raised by UFOM and make the Protest Action Programme a grand success.


It is for your information that the Protest Action programme of United Forum of Associations and Unions of MTNL for was initialized by Awareness campaign through Gate Meetings which got a grand success. Now the protest action programme enters into crucial stages of 
1) Day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 03-07-2012 to start at 10 am. 
2) One Day Hunger strike at Jantar Mantar on 12-07-2012 to start at 10 am. 
3)Lunch Hour Rally from K.L.Bahwan to Snachar Bhawan to submit memorandum to MOC & IT on 18-07-2012.
4)Indefinite work according to rule w.e.f. 24-07-2012. All members are requested to participate in full strength in all above scheduled programmes positively.


It is reliably learnt that due to continuous pursuance of TEAM, MTNL Board has reviewed the restriction of 120 days commuted leaves on Medical Certificate in entire service. The orders in this regard are to be issued soon.