News Jan to June 2009


30.6.2009 Last date for submission of Option for Pro-rata Pension has been extended up to 30.08.2009. click here for the copy of the letter.
26.6.2009 GS TEAM & GS MEA along with other Office Bearers met Dir (HR) . Following issues were discussed –Extension of last date of pro-rata pension – Joint Forum representatives requested to extend the same because “pension at par with BSNL” issue is already in process. Dir(HR) told that date will be extended shortly.DPC for promotion to DE/CAO – Dir(HR) told that DPC was postponed due to unavailability of DPC members particularly Dir(Tech) & it is not linked with Qualification of Officers . Now DPC will be held shortly.Discrimination in Teaching Allowance to Officers in CETTM Mumbai – Forum raised the issue that a large number of Officers are being denied teaching allowance in CETTM. Dir(HR) assured to look into the matter.Creation of more Hindi Officer Posts & regularization of Hindi Officer from retrospective dates – Forum asked for comprehensive discussion on this issue separately, so that a final decision can be taken in above mentioned matter. Dir(HR) informed that Corporate Office is making efforts to rationalize the Hindi Officer posts , he said that he will ask GM(HR) for detailed discussion on this issue.Chronic diseases – Forum served its strong resentment against the Corporate Office Order for limiting the reimbursement for treatment of chronic diseases to two months salary & appealed for restoration of earlier arrangement. Dir(HR) assured to look into the matter.OPD Medical reimbursement- Forum protested against the order of MTNL CO about capping the ceiling of the Medical reimbursement to the salary of April 2008 & that too only for Executives. Dir(HR) assured to look into the matter.
26/06/2009  Director HR assured that special allowance for the 18 Officers posted at CETTM will be approved.
25/06/2009 Joint Forum writes to CMD abouting extending the last date of filling pro-rata pension option. letter can be viewed in attachment.

ED MTNL ND office has issued a modification list of E2 to E3 time bound promotion from 6 years to 5 years. click here for the List List1 List2 List 3

24/06/2009 Joint Forum met Hon’ble Minister of State for IT & Communications Sh. Gurudas Kamat with a representation for early settlement of Pension issue. He assured that he will look into the issue & resolve the matter and for this he will personally meet Hon’ble Minister of Finance Sh. Pranab Mukherjee.

22/06/2009 Joint Forum represented by Com. A.K. Kaushik met Hon’ble Minister of State Shri. Gurudas Kamat – Minister of State Information Technology & Communications and represented for early settlement of pension issue. He had assured that he will look into the case and solve the problem. He also assured that he will personally discuss the matter with Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.
18/06/2009 Joint Forum writes to Dir (HR) regarding abnormal delay in holding DPC in STS cadres (DE/CAO). <<Click for letter>>
16/06/2009  etter from AGM(A) requesting three choices for place of posting depending on the place of residence from Officers under rotational transfer policy received. click here for the list of officers.
16/06/2009  Selection of 5 SDEs as SDE(Trg) issued. click here for Page.
13.6.2009 GS, MEA & GS, Team along with other representatives of Joint forum met secretary Dot & Jt secretary (T) on 12-06-09 in the for noon and discussed following points:Status of pension issue- Secretary (telecom) informed that pension issue of MTNL is under consideration of committee of secretaries but yet no decision has been taken. He said that he is trying his level best to get this issue settled as early as possible.Revision of pension of pensioners in IDA scales after pay revision- Secretary informed that this case is also under consideration of law ministry, but it will be settled shortly.In the afternoon joint forum representatives met Dir (Fin), MTNL and discussed pension issue. Dir (Fin) apprised the Association representatives about the development on pension issue elaborately. She said that she and CMD were making all efforts to convince secretary (expenditure) and secretary (Pension). Secretary (expenditure) has sought certain information regarding the implication of pension issue in similarly placed PSUs where absorption has taken place after Sep 2000. Dir (F) has requested Jt Secretary (DPE) to provide this information. She said most probably they will again meet Secretary (Expenditure) and Secretary (pension) shortly.
12.6.2009 ED MTNL ND Office has issued a tranfer / partial modification list. Click for the list
12.6.2009  ED MTNL ND Office has issued a tranfer list of 26 Officers. click here for viewing the list
10.6.2009 NEC meeting of NCOA– GS, MEA who is also the Dy Secretary General of NCOA attended NEC meeting of NCOA on 7th June 09 at Banglore. Progress and implications in implementation of pay revision in different PSUs were discussed in detail. As for MTNL, a resolution was passed that NCOA would write to Govt regarding pension at par with BSNL.
08.6.2009 It is learnt that, Committee of Secretaries met on Saturday & asked for some more information from DoT/MTNL. After getting the same next meting will be held.
05.6.2009 Joint Forum writes to CMD MTNL to withdraw the Order No. MTNL/CO/Pers/Medical Rules/2006 dated 27.01.09 which is regarding restricting OPD reimbursement to the pay drawn or middle of pay scale as on 1.4.08 whichever is less & that too only for Executives. Joint Forum expressed surprise over this discrimination for absorbed Executives. JF requested CMD to issue instruction for withdrawing this discriminatory order.
05.6.2009  Joint forum representatives met shri sachin pailot, hon’ble minister of state for communication & IT and submitted memorandum regarding pension issue. Copy for letter.
03.6.2009  ED MTNL ND Office has issued a transfer list. please click attachment for viewing the list
29.5.2009 JOINT CEC of JOINT FORUM ( MEA & TEAM) was held on dated 28 May in CTO Dormitory . Both the General Secretaries congratulated and thanked all Executives for making the Trade Union programme a grand success. They also apprised the CEC with all the Developments regarding fitment and pension at par with BSNL. Both the GS assured the house that Joint Forum is committed to get 30% fitment and pension at par BSNL . CEC also resolved for UNIFICATION of both the Associations.
29.5.2009 General Secretaries of TEAM Sh. A.K. Kaushik & MEA, Sh. V.K. Tomar met CMD MTNL on dated 27 May for follow up action on fitment and pension issues. CMD told that previous cabinet has referred the Pension case to the Committee of Secretaries & now he will meet Hon’ble MoC & Secretary DoT shortly for requesting to expedite the report of Committee of Secretaries so that it can be placed in Cabinet.
28.5.2009  DPC for Promotion to Regular DE cadre- has been deferred.25.5.2009 MTNL Corporate Office is conducting DPC for Promotion to Regular DE cadre on 27 May 2009
23.5.2009 MTNL Corporate Office is conducting DPC for Promotion to Regular DE cadre on 27 May 2009.
23.5.2009 DPC for 55 JTOs was conducted long back for Offtg. Promotion to SDE cadre, but ED Delhi earlier refused to promote these JTOs because of shortage of JTOs. Now on request he had issued promotion orders for these JTOs. click here for the list.
23.5.2009 DOT has listed “Provision of equal pensinonary benefits to the absorbed MTNL employees of MTNL at par BSNL” for Cabinet Approval. click here for news coverage by Business Line. 19May 20May 21May
22.5.2009 Central Executive Committee of MTNL Executives Forum at Mumbai met today to take stock of the situation on the aftermath of agitation lead by the Joint Executives Forum at Delhi and MTNL Executive Forum at Mumbai. After elaborate discussion about the negotiation with management and subsequent MOU, the Committee congratulated all members and appreciated the display of solidarity by members both at Delhi and Mumbai. Members expressed happiness about the manner in which befitting reply was given to the dubious role ployed by management. Members of the house observed that we are a cadre full of peace loving personnel. Our patience was tested and stretched beyond limit. “Management is solely responsible for the entire sequence of events that took place” the Committee observed.We had successfully stopped an attempt by management from implementing the order of 5 % fitment with HRA capping and called off the agitation. Our demand for implementation of 2nd Pay Committee recommendation in TOTO is intact and alive. There is no going back from the demand. Forum is hopeful that good sense will prevail on the MTNL management and pave way for smooth settlement. All members are requested to stand united and remain in a state of full preparedness to face any eventualities at short notice.Long Live Executives Unity !!!
22.5.2009 CONGRATULATIONS & THANKS TO ALL MTNL DELHI & MUMBAI EXECUTIVES FOR MAKING OUR CALL A GRAND SUCCESS . YOU HAVE PROVED YOUR VERY EXISTENCE IN THE DEPARTMENT AND DEFEATED SINISTER DESIGNS OF MANAGEMENT BY GETTING 5% FITMENT & HRA CAPPING ORDER WITHDRAWN. NOW WE ARE CONFIDANT OF GETTING 30% FITMENT & PENSION AT PAR WITH BSNL. WE STAND COMMITTED ON OUR ISSUES.Our Non-Cooperation Movement since 18 May 2009 was given prime coverage by all the Newspapers. For seeing Newspaper clippings on all three days please click here 19 20 Press Clipping as appeared in Delhi Newspaper19May 20May 21May. Order relating to 5 % is withdrawn. click here for the copy of the order.
20.5.2009 Congratulations ! Our Technical control over the MTNL network has been accepted by Management. MTNL management has withdrawn the 5% fitment & HRA capping letter & assured to our demand after pension issue (already in process) gets settled. Joint Forum has withdrawn the Protest Action & Non-cooperation programmes & assured to make full efforts in restoring the network. click here for the Minutes of meeting please.MTNL Corporate Office issued Orders for With-drawl of 5% fitment with HRA capping. click here for the order. 20.5.2009 Click here for the paper clips 1   2
19.5.2009 Due to Non Cooperation programme faults are accumulating resulting in break down of services. click here for the Press Clips Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5 Clip6 Clip7 Clip8 Clip9
18.5.2009  Joint Forum at Delhi and MTNL Executives’ Forum at Mumbai serve notice for “Non Cooperation” agitational programme w.e.f 18-05-09 in protest against MTNL orders for implementing 2nd Pay Committee recommendation with 5% fitment and HRA capping as on Dec, 2009. click here for the copy of letter served at MTNL Delhi. click here for copy of letter served at MTNL Mumbai.
18.5.2009  MTNL Executives forum wrote letter to ITSA seeking their active support in materializing our demand for implementation of 2nd Pay Committee recommendation with 30 % fitment without HRA capping. click here for the copy of the letter.
15.5.2009  Despite our Demand for implementing the 2nd Pay Committee recommendation in ToTo and continued Protest Programme, MTNL Corporate office has adamantly gone ahead with implementation of its own version of PAY Commission. click here for the copy of the Order. Central Head quarters of Joint Action Forum and MTNL Executive Forum meets today and decide the future course of action.
15.5.2009  All Executives of MTNL Delhi & Mumbai successively observed Tool down Pen down agitational programme on 13.5.2009. The clippings of newspapers dated 14-05-09 as appeared at Delhi.
15.5.2009 MTNL Executives Forum at Mumbai express its displeasure over the manner in which services are launched in MTNL Mumbai and abstain from attending the inaugural Launch of 3G services scheduled at Hotel Taj Residency at Mumbai today. click here for the letter addressed to ED, MTNL Mumbai.
12.5.2009  PEN DOWN-TOOL DOWN on 13th MAY– Dear comrades , as you know that meeting with MTNL managment on 01-05-09 had failed because managment was bent upon to implement 5% fitment even after one and half month long agitational programmes. By now we have resorted only mobilisational programmes i.e black bedge wearing, savingrames, demonstration, dharna & rally . But now we have been compelled by managment to enter into a action programme which we wanted to avoid ie. PEN DOWN TOOL DOWN. So , now not only for our legitimate demand of 30% fitment but for the survival of MTNL also, we will have to make our PEN DOWN TOOL DOWN PROGRAMME successful. We APPEAL ALL OF YOU TO MAKE THIS PROGRAMME A GRAND SUCCESS. It is the test of your unity soliderity and concern towards our issues and survival of MTNL as a whole. Be honest towars the call of joint forum and MTNL Executives Forum.Long Live Executives Unity !!!

MTNL vs Joint forum case Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL represents the officers of telecom engineering, civil, electrical, finance & accounts, official language, personal and managerial staff of MTNL corporate office, Delhi and Mumbai units.Pay revision committee recommended new pay packages of CPSEs executives. In turn, Govt approved new pay packages with 30% fitment formula on 26th Nov 2008 w.e.f 01-01-2007. As per DPE orders this fitment can be implemented in Toto in such profit making CPSEs where PBT (profit before tax ) for the year 2007-2008 is not going to dip more than 20% after implementing new pay package with 30% fitment for executives and non-unionized supervisors. In MTNL after implementing new pay scales with 30% fitment, PBT is going to dip less than 8% only. There are no non –unionized supervisors in MTNL.MTNL Executives’ Associations and Joint Forum have been writing to MTNL management regarding implementation of pay revision with 30% fitment because MTNL is full filling all the conditions of DPE for implementing 30% fitment. Letters attachedInspite of fulfilling all conditions of Department of Public enterprises govt of India (DPE) for implementing 30% fitment, MTNL management unilaterally decided only 5% fitment that too with HRA capping. It is total injustice with the executives of MTNL.On one side, MTNL is showing incapability in implementing the govt orders of pay revision of executives with 30% fitment telling the reason that financial position of MTNL is not good, while on other side MTNL is making the fresh recruitment in executive cadres, not only this MTNL has implemented central govt pay revision orders for officers on deputation in MTNL.MTNL is doing all its development and expansion activities not only in India but out side India also. MTNL is making fresh recruitment; MTNL is implementing pay revision in toto as per govt orders for officers/official on deputation in MTNL. So the MTNL’s decision of not implementing govt orders of pay revision in toto for its own employees is against natural justice.When MTNL management did not respond in a positive way to resolve the issue. Executives’ Associations resorted to democratic right of protest against injustice. Associations served protest notice to the management which is the only left option to the Associations. Black badge wearing, saving rams, demonstration, dharna, rally were the programmes of joint forum. All programmes were observed peacefully without creating any hindrance to the work of MTNL or inconvenience to any body. MTNL is just trying to misguide the hon;ble court just for denying our legitimate right. We are the erstwhile class II & I officers of DOT govt of India. We are the responsible, peace loving & law abiding citizen of our great country. We have never done and will not any thing which is against the law of land. Hon’ble supreme court of India has observed in one case against haryana govt PSU that govt can not deny pay revision of one section in the name of financial position of PSU if pay is being revised of deputationist and fresh recruitment is being made in PSU.

5.5.2009 Letter from GM (HR), regarding Time Bound/ Post based Promotion Policy for group ‘B’ Level Executives/ Officers of MTNL — clarification reg. click here for details

5.5.2009 Joint forum writes to CMD, MTNL regarding implementation of time bound upgradation of scale of pay w.e.f 01-10-2004 for VRS retirees. click here for Details

3.5.2009 Joint Forum writes to hon’ble minister of Public enterprises & heavy industries regarding merger of 50% IDA w.e.f 01-01-2007 to the pensioner of MTNL who retired between 01-10-2000 to 31-12-2006. click here for letter
1.5.2009 Dear Members !!! Are you reading Telco News brought out daily ? Click the Telco News Link above and go through the daily news in India and around the Globe…
1.5.2009  Dear Comrades, Today we are launching 2nd Phase of our agitational programme demanding 30% fitment and HRA without any capping with Lunch hour demonstration at corporate office, Jeevan bharti Bldg at Delhi and Telephone House at Prabhadevi Mumbai. All members are requested to stand united and attend the demonstration in Full Strength. Long Live Unity.
30.4.2009 All Area secretaries/Div Secretaries of MTNL Delhi: — MTNL Delhi Administration had applied No Work, No Pay principles for attending dharna programme of Joint Forum at Delhi. Comrades, we were being asked by our office bearers and general members that we should not allow management to divide us in the name of no work no pay or any other action. Keeping in view the sentiments of our committed and dedicated members and also to defeat the sinister design of management, we have decided that all members will write to management on the format given below. All divisional secretaries will get letter signed by their members and submit to us in room no 555 Kidwai Bhawan. <<Click here for letter>>
29.4.2009 JOINT FRONT GIVES <REPLY> to the MTNL <Corporate Office letter> issued to Joint Front citing their inability to give more than 5 % fitment.
22.4.2009 Revised Schedule announced for the Agitational Programme 2nd Phase. For details click here.Programme1st May, 09Lunch hour demonstration at corporateoffice,Jeevan bharti Bldg. and Telephone House ,Prabhadevi Mumbai13th May, 09Tool down pen down.22nd May, 09Rally from K.L.Bhawan to PM Office at 12’o clock in Delhi and Day Long Dharna at Telephone House ,Prabhadevi ,Mumbai1st, 2nd, 3rd June, 09Mass Casual Leave.4th June, 09Work according to rule till the Settle of demands22.4.2009 All Agitational programmes announced on 15.4.2009 Stands postponed. Re-scheduled dates will be announced shortly.
20.4.2009  Good News to MTNL optees !!! Amendments to CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 issued by Govt of India on the recommendations of 6th Central Pay Commission shall be applicable to those absorbed retirees who opted for combined pension. Orders to this effect was issued by Corporate Office on 17th April, 2009. Payment of 50 % of arrears, allowances and perks applicable is under consideration of the corporate office.20.4.2009 MTNL Executives Forum met yesterday to decide on the future course of action. It has been decided that all Promottee DGM’s may be invited for the next meeting scheduled on 22nd April, 2009. All Promottee DGMs are requested to attend the meeting scheduled at 1630 hrs at Prabhadevi Telephone Exchange Building on 22.4.2009.
18.4.2009 Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL Request immediate intervention of the Good offices of the Prime Minister of India in resolving the Pension and 30% fitment issues as per the Govt. Orders and seeking appointment with Hon’ble PM of India to personally represent our issues. click here for the Content of letter.Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL wrote letter to CMD, MTNL Indifferent & reluctant approach of MTNL management towards maintaining Industrial peace by not resolving the burning issues of Executives’ who are protesting for a long time. click here for the Content of letter.
15.4.2009 One Day Hunger Strike held at both New Delhi and Mumbai were great success. Nearly 500 members at Delhi and 400 members at Mumbai particiapted in the one day hunger strike. This was greeted by nearly 2000 members at New Delhi and 1500 members at Mumbai by paying visit to the site. All Members of the Senior Executive Committee at MTNL Mumbai Viz. Shri. Takkar, GM(BB), Shri. Shri. Rakesh Tumane, GM(F), Shri. A.P.Singh, GM(TR), Shri. N. Krishna Moorthy, GM and Shri. Harcharan Singh, GM(NM) visited and participated in the agitational programme today and encouraged all the participants. During the closing hour demonstration at Mumbai, leaders informed that the management is not taking serious note of the situation even at this stage and announced the further strategies in materializing our one point agenda.Programme announced are:23/4/2009 Rally to Hon’ble Prime Minister at Delhi Mass Demonstration at Mumbai and Launch of Non-Cooperation movement till settlement of demands.28/4/2009 Complete Tool Down/Pen Down1&2/5/2009 Mass casual leave4,5,6/5/2009 Day long Dharna and start of Work according to Rule till settlement of demands.While addressing the gathering our Veteran leader Com. Balasubramanian declared that if MTNL management fail to honor our demand by 6th of May, he will start FAST in front of Telephone House until implementation of 30 % fitment as per the 2nd Pay Committee recommendation. Com. R.A. Rajapure also announced that he also will join Com. Balasubramanian. More leaders are expected to follow the foot steps.All comrades are requested to participate future calls in full strength and follow the directives from central leadership in order to achieve our demands.Click here for Photographs at Delhi & Mumbai and Videos at Mumbai V1 V2 V3 V4 
13.4.2009 There is no light any where in the tunnel that we travel through. If we could not succeed in this we will never achieve any thing during our service. Effect of this will reflect on the next Pay Committee Reports after about 10 years and this will have adverse effect on our pension benefits also. Hence Comrades, We need to intensify our agitation further to achieve our one point agenda of 30 % fitment in toto. Here onwards we need to participate in all the agitational programme with 100 % attendance. All members are requested to communicate with others and turn out for the relay hunger strike as planned on 14th and 15th instant. In case 14th April is declared as holiday, we will observe One day hunger strike on 15th April with full participation of all our members. Organising Committees members at area levels are requested to chalk out programme and ensure that 100 % members attend the hunger strike as scheduled. MTNL Executive Forum Zindabad !!!
10.4.2009 Com A.K. Kaushik and GS of MEA Com. V.K. Tomar today met Honbl’e Minister for Urban Development Shri. Ajay Mathen along with 20 other delegates and explained our position. Minister assured his full support for our cause and assured to take up with all concerned. Let us hope that Good Sense prevail among our Top Management Members and will honor our rights.MTNL Executive Forum Zindabad !!!
9.4.2009 Executives at Delhi and Mumbai staged Dharna as scheduled in front of Corporate Office at Delhi and Telephone House, Prabhadevi at Mumbai with massive strength of around 2000 members at Delhi and 1300 hundred members at Mumbai. Leaders from all affiliated associations and Leaders from BSNL Associations addressed the members at Delhi and Mumbai. BSNL Associations pledged solidarity and support and told the gathering at Delhi that they will be with us at all times of needs. Even though 14 days had passed since the launch of the agitation and entered in to the 3rd phase, no efforts were taken by MTNL management to settle the issues. Speakers at Mumbai vowed that we are not going to give up our just rights. We will intensify the agitation by Mass Casual leave, Work to rule and if necessary declare strike against this indifferent attitude of the management in order to get our rights. The further plan on the agitation will be conveyed through the area representatives. From here on all members are requested to be present in 100% strength on all calls given by the Front and Forum deserting the office if need be.Click here for the Photos during dharna at Mumbai: Photos At Delhi.8.4.2009 Dear Comrades, As decided One day Dharna will be observed on 9.4.2009 both at Delhi and Mumbai as scheduled. All Executives are requested to participate in the Day long Dharna in mass.
7.4.2009 Dear Members, A new section under the heading Telco News has been introduced for the benefit of all members with the view to update happenings in the field of Telecom around the globe. All are requested to visit these link and update knowledge on the developments that are taking place in the telecom space. Improvements will be made on this section in a paced manner.
5.4.2009 The much talked about Telecom leadership is being washed away by several factors inherited due to the interference and inaction of both DoT and MTNL Management. If we allow this state of affairs to continue, soon answer to our destiny will be written on the wall . Who is responsible to this state of affairs ? Will CAG raise the issue and question all those involved in the game ?
4.4.2009 Press clippings appeared in the Web Site on 1.4.2009 ( On reputed Business, Telecom international sites) click here for web links [ Clip1]
4.4.2009 Dear Comrades, As per the assurance given by Dir(HR), MTNL on 12th March, 2009, GM(HR) had released the order for Ist upgradation for Executives from E2 to E3 in five years including Training instead of 6 years. Pl click here for the copy of the letter.
3.4.2009 DPE has issued orders regarding revision of pay scales w.e.f 1-1-2007 as per govt decision on the recommendations of Group of ministers for all executives of all CPSEs. <<Click here for letter>>

In the third phase of our agitation , Joint Forum at Delhi held a massive rally on 02-04-09 which started from K.L. Bhawan with a procession of apprx. 4000 Officers moved for Hon’ble MOC & IT office Sanchar Bhawan , but was stopped at Parliament street. Leaders of Executives’ Associations of MTNL and BSNL & non-executives Unions of MTNL addressed the gathering. Leaders warned the MTNL management to settle the issues at the earliest, it was also renounced that we will not accept a penny less than 30 % fitment. Later the memorandum was handed over to Hon’ble MOC & IT. click here for copy of Memorandum Submitted at Delhi.Click here for the Photographs taken during the rally at Delhi. 1 2 3 4At Mumbai approximately 2900 MTNL Executives joined the rally which Started from Shivaji Park Telephone Exchange and marched towards Prabhadevi via Siva Sena Bhavan. Leaders from all the three associations addressed the gathering which had assembled in front of the Telephone house and resolved that the agitation will strengthen further and 100 % Executives will take part in the forth coming programme if the issues of 30 % fitment is not settled and there is no question of accepting any thing less than that. Later the memorandum was handed over to the Executive Director Mumbai.

Click here for the Photographs taken during the rally at Delhi Link 

Dear Comrades be ready for long struggle & join en-mass for a DAY LONG DHARNA at MTNL Corporate Office on 9th April 2009 at sharp 1000 Hrs.Check out the pics of todays’ rally in the attachment field.

1.4.2009  Dear Comrades, We, the middle level executives are the backbone of the organisation. Huge asset creation and revenue would not have been possible without our hard work. Henceforth,we have to keep an eye on all the managerial decisions and question their viability by keeping a close watch. Your mass participation in tomorrows rally should send a strong message to the management and make them realise that their days of taking every thing for granted are over and they can’t ruin the organisation any longer.Come out of office, join the rally on 2.4.2009 in full strength and tell the management that there is limit for every thing. March towards Sanchar Bhawan and Prabhadevi and demonstrate that we shall not tolerate any injustice.Long live Executives unity !!! Long Live MTNL Executive Forum !!!
 1.4.2009 Important Announcement:All the Executives at MTNL Delhi are appealed to Join the rally en mass, which is scheduled on dated 2.4.2009 at 1300 Hrs from K.L. Bhawan to MOC & IT Sanchar Bhawan. It should be ensured by each Executive to make the rally a grand success.
1.4.2009 Joint Forum of MTNL Executives has submitted a memorandum to Hon`ble MOC & IT regarding the Pay revision fitment of 30 % & issue of capping of HRA. For viewing the meorandum please see the alongside attachment.
31.3.2009  Important Announcement:Since South Mumbai was declared as Silence Zone in View of the forth coming general election, the Rally scheduled on 2.4.2009 at 13.30 hrs from Fountain Telecom Exchange Building to The Secretariat is rescheduled from Shivaji Park Telephone Exchange to Prabhadevi Telephone House at Mumbai. All executives at MTNL Mumbai are requested make it a point to participate in the rally scheduled to start from Shivaji Park at 13.30 hrs. Raise to the occasion and demonstrate our solidarity. Needless to mention that 100 % participation in the struggle only would bring in results. Long live MTNL Executive Forum !!!





Merger of 78.2 per cent of dearness allowance (DA) with basic pay as against the 68.8 per cent DA merger announced in November last year was approved by Union Cabinet w.e.f Jan 2007 as recommended by GoM.
Total support and solidarity with justified and legitimate struggle from United Forum of BSNL Executives’ Association. << Click for letter>>Support from MTNL Mazdoor Sangh << click here for letter>>Support from MTNL SC/ST Employees Welfare Association (Regd) <<Click here for letter>>Support from Retired Telecom Officers’ Welfare Association (Regd) <<Click here for Letter>>
27.3.2009 Newspaper Coverage of our 26th march Protest Demonstration in front of MTNL CMD office. This was covered by NAtional Dailies Dainik Hindustan, Rashtriya Sahara, Amar Ujala, Mahamedha etc. For viewing clippings please ckick <<coverage>>
26.03.2009 Lunch Hour Demonstration at MTNL Corporate office, Jeevan Bharati Building, Delhi and Prabha Devi Telephone House, Mumbai evoked massive response at Both Delhi and Mumbai mustering more than 2500 members and 1800 members respectively. Senior Com from various associations addressed the gatherings at both places. Notable among them at Delhi are Com. Prahalad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA, Com. A.K.Kaushik, G.S. TEAM, Com. V.K.Tomar, Com. G.L.Jogi, G.S. SNEA, Com M.K.Bagchi, Ex.Convenor, TEAM, Com.Nandha,Secretary, RTOWA (Retired Telecom Officers Welfare Association), Com. Brijesh Upadyay GS of Majority union, Delhi, and Com. Swaroop Singh GS of MTNL Staff Union and and several other leaders from BSNL and MTNL. Senior Leaders Com. Chandrasekar , Com. J.S. Yadav and Com. Haragaball of TEAM, Com. Balasubramaniam, Advisor TEAM, Com. S.N.Prasad, Com. R.R. Mishra and several others cheered the gathering and resolved that this agitation that brought all teams to this single dias will hence forth work together in bringing prosperity to MTNL and all members. Speakers clarified the gathering that 30% fitment will be very well within 8% profit of MTNL. Attitude of the management is ridiculous and we will have to fight against the evils vigorously to get our demands. Leaders reiterated that we need to educate the remaining participants who were absent today to raise to this occasion and demonstrate our solidarity when we take out procession on 2nd April. click here for the Photographs taken at Prabhadevi during demonstration
24.03.2009 It is understood that our Pension case is pending for clearance from Election Commission. Outcome is expected soon.
24.03.2009 Consequent to issue of notice for agitation by all the executive associations, under the banner of Joint Forum in Delhi and MTNL Executive Forum in Mumbai, Director (HR) has called the representative of the Associations in Delhi 0n 23.3.09. Director (Finance), GM(HR) and other offices from CO were present. Com A.K.Kaushik and comrades from Joint Forum participated in the meeting.All the Associations pressed for the demand of implementation of DPE’s orders on revised pay scales with 30% fitment and HRA from 01.01.07 in toto. The justification from our side has been reiterated. Management has not come out with any solution except reiterating the financial position, for which Management is solely responsible.Comrades, We have to continue the agitation with more vigour till we achieve our demand. We have to consolidate the unity that has been built by uniting all the Executive Associations and move ahead.
21.03.2009 MTNL Executives forum served agitation notice to CMD, MTNL. click here for the copy. All Executives are requested to send the savingram to all addressee given below the format separately on 23/03/2009 positively. click here for copy of the savingram for MTNL Mumbai Executives. .Click here for copy of the savingram for MTNL Delhi Executives.
19/03/2009 Notice for the Protest action Programme regarding Non-Implementation of New Pay Package with 30% fitment formula as notified by DPE vide its letter No.-2(70)/08-DPE(WC) Dated 26-11-2008 was issued by Joint forum of executives. The protest action programme will starts from 23rd march. click here for details of Protest action programme. click here for copy of the savingram.
12/03/2009 TEAM Members along with members of MEA met Director HR today and discussed the organisational issues pertaining to E2 to E3 promotion for JTOs of Direct recruit and Departmental promottees. Director HR agreed to consider the upgradation to higher grade for both on completion of 5 years service. He also agreed to start regular promotion from E4 to E5 shortly.
05/03/2009 MTNL Executives Forum consisting of TEAM, MEA and MTNLOA met today and discussed on the issues pertaining to implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report. After deliberation it was unanimously decided that any thing less than 30 % fitment is not acceptable and we will have to oppose the move of MTNL management. It was also decided that letter to this effect should be issued immediately.
04/03/2009  JAC members GS of TEAM Com. A.K. Kaushik and GS of MEA Com. V.K. Tomar wrote letter to CMD, MTNL reiterating our demand for 30 % fitment formula while implementing 2nd Pay committee recommendation stating clearly that any thing less than that is not acceptable. click here for the copy of the letter.
03/03/2009  File forwarded by MTNL managemtn to Secretary (T) recommending 5 % pay increase for IDA pay scale implementation was returned back . General Secretary of TEAM Com. A.K. Kaushik and GS of MEA Com. V.K. Tomar met Director (Fin) yesterday and placed our demand to increase the pay by 30 % as requested earlier. Com. A.K. Kaushik and Com. V.K. Tomar expressed the opinion that if MTNL management fails to implement the IDA fitment of 30 % we need to resort agitational path.
03/03/2009  IDA rate has been revised by 6.2 % w.e.f. 1.1.09. Revised DA rate stands at 96.8 % CLick for DPE letter.
03/03/2009 Office Order extending the date for submission of option form for Pro-rata Pension extended up to 30.6.2009 DGM(HR), MTNL CO. click here for the letter.
28/02/2009 Office Order extending the date for submission of option form for Pro-rata Pension extending up to 30.6.2009 is yet to be issued.
26/02/2009 General Secretary of TEAM Com. A.K.Kaushik and GS of MEA Com. V.K. Tomar met Secretary (T) today regarding pension issue. Secretary (T) informed that the pension issue is not expected to be taken up in todays’ cabinet meeting and the same will most probably be taken up in the next cabinet meeting.In view of this, request for postponing the last date for submission of pro-rata pension by 28.02.2009 was made to Dir (HR), MTNL. Office Order extending the date for submission of option form for Pro-rata Pension extending up to 30.6.2009 is forwarded to Dir (HR).File in respect of Revision of Pension for the Retired employees was cleared by Department of Personal & Training (DoPT) and Department of Expenditure (DoE) and forwarded to the Law Ministry for further clearance. Association is taking all efforts and pursuing the cases vigorously.
20/02/2009 Copies of Souvenir released during the CHQ meeting at Delhi is available with Com. GM Haragabal and Com.Hiramat. Those who collected advertisement for the release of Souvenir may collect and send the copies to the advertisers.
11/02/2009  Seniority List of SDE’s for both Delhi and Mumbai released by Corporate Office. click here for the list.
28/01/2009 Congratulations !!! Group of Secretaries had prepared the Cabinet note for Pension to MTNL Executives at par with BSNL employees. This note will be placed before the Cabinet Secretary who in turn will place it for the approval of Cabinet. We are hopeful that relentless efforts with which the matter is being pursued by TEAM will pay off soon. Our leaders are confident that this dream will materialise latest by 15th Feb, 2009. Long Live TEAM !!!
19/01/2009  Good News!!! Pension File was approved by Department of Expenditure (DOE). Now the file will be moved to Group of Cabinet Ministers. We are very much confident that the pension issue will be sorted out shortly in our favour. Cheer up for the occasion.
19/01/2009 Team Submitted letter to Director HR regarding Holding of DPC for Accounts officers from E3 to higher grade and pointing out ambiguity in JAO exam question papers. click here for the copies of the letters sumitted.
16/01/2009 Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM met CMD, MTNL today at Delhi and discussed issue of Pay-Scale implementation for executives with 30% fitment and Pension issue in length. After detailed discussion, CMD had assured to consider our submission. CMD was having positive attitude for the implementation of Pay Scale for executives with 30 % fitment. CMD has informed that the pension issue is being vigorously pursued by MTNL Management with the concerned authorities. We have also shared our association feed back and efforts for settlement of Pension issue. After discussion with CMD we are confident that both pension as well as Pay Scale revision will be resolved favourably. We have also assured CMD that the executives of Delhi and Mumbai will make all efforts to improve MTNL services to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers so as to raise the earnings of MTNL.
13/01/2009 Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM wrote letter to CMD MTNL on implementation ofPresidential Directive on the recommendations of 2nd Pay Revision Committee requesting him to issue orders for implementing the committee report with 30% fitment from 01.01.2007. click here for copy of the letter addressed to CMD.
07/01/2009 Team wrote letter to ED, Mumbai to fill up all the vacant posts in DGMs and DEs in Engineering wing, adopting the seniority list which was being operated before the lists dated 19 & 21.5.08. click here for the copy of the letter.
05/01/2009   United Forum of BSNL / MTNL Executive Associations succeeded in getting released order regarding Pension Liability of BSNL towards pensionary benefit including family pension to its employees. click here for Letter
05/01/2009 Farewell Party Organised at 7th Floor Telecom Building at Prabhadevi. Shri. J.Gopal, ED, MTNL, Mumbai Chaired the occassion along with Com. Prahalad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM, Com M.K.Bagchi, Ex.Convenor, TEAM and Com.Nandha,Secretary, RTOWA (Retired Telecom Officers Welfare Association and several other leaders from BSNL and MTNL along with around 200 members participated in the occasion. click here for glimps of Com. R.A. Rajapure’s career span.
02/01/2009 Com. R. A. Rajapure, Advisor, TEAM HQ Retired from MTNL Service on 31.12.2008 on attaining superannuation. Farewell party to felicitate Com. Rajapure is organised on 5th January, 2008 at 1600 hrs at 7th Floor Conference Room at Prabhadevi Telecom Building. Shri. Bachori, Director (HR), MTNL has consented to grace the occasion. All Members of TEAM are Cordially invited to participate in the farewell meet.
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