News Jan to June 2010


04.06.2010 Higher CDA Pay Scales for JAOs & AAOs effective from 01-01-1996 were restored by C.O. in its order issued in March 2009. Due to this revision of CDA pay scales dating prior to 01-10-2000, many of the officiating AAOs were demanding allowing fresh option to switch over to IDA scale from the date of regular promotion as AAOs instead of 01-10-2000. TEAM was pursuing the case with Corporate Office for the last one year. This pursuit by TEAM has now resulted in C.O. issuing orders on 03-06-2010, revising its stance taken in the year in 2006. As per this orders, such JAO/AAOs can exercise fresh option to choose the date of switch over to IDA pay scale within 30 days of the issue of orders. Click here for the copy of the Order. TEAM ZINDABAD !!!
1.06.2010 CEC meeting of TEAM Delhi Circle will be held on 02.06.2010 at 1400 hrs in room no 756, Kidwai Bhavan. The issues are very sensitive and urgent. Kindly ensure that all CEC members presence will be well in time. Ram Gopal, Circle Secretary.
20.05.2010  To clarify the fitment, option and any doubts with regard to implementation of revised scales etc., TEAM has arranged a meeting of all office bearers and other interested members at 15th Floor, Telephone House, Prabhadevi on 21.05.10 at 17.30 hours. All office bearers and interested members are requested to attend. CS TEAM
18.05.2010 Ad-hoc payment in lieu of I installment of arrears is being made by Mumbai unit. For details Click here. JTOs/JAOs/AMs belonging to 2005 batch but received offer letter for joining as trainee in April/May 2006 shall not get the fitment benefit of 30% as per existing orders. It has created an analomous situation between two sets of officers in the same batch. TEAM has taken up with CO, MTNL for addressing the justified grievance of such officers on the lines of decision taken by BSNL in this regard. The case will be pursued for its logical conclusion.
 14.05.2010 Congratulations !!! Exactly after One year of Struggle against the 5 % fitment order released by Corporate office on 15.5.2009, today Corporate office issued implementation of the 2nd Pay committee recommendation with 30 % fitment. Click here for the copy of the order. Long ling Unity !!! Long Live Joint Forum of Executives.Revision of Wages for Non-Executives of MTNL w.e.f. 01/01/2007 is also released. Click here for the copy of the order.
12.05.2010 MTNL losses widen to Rs 1,573 cr in fourth quarter12.05.2010 Today , Joint Forum Representatives met Dir(HR), MTNL, CO, for early notification of the 30% fitment orders. Dir(HR) has assured that orders will soon be issued by tomorrow or the day after.
12.05.2010 TEAM Mumbai invites all comrades to the farewell programme organised tomorrow Thursday, the 13th May, 2010 at 1630 hrs in 7th Floor, conference room at Telecom Building, Prabhadevi to facilitate Com. K. Balasubramanian who retried on superannuation on 31st March, 2010. All members are requested to attend and grace the occasion.
12.05.2010 New pay calculator upto May-10 is available in attachment11.05.2010  MTNL management and non-executive settlement done. arrears to be paid in in two installment in may and july 2010. Check out the attachment. Click here for copy of agreement.
11.05.2010 Word of Appreciation from Shri R.Ramchandran, Ex-General Secretary, AFSOA. Pl Click here for the copy.
10.05.2010 Today Presidential Orders for 30% fitment for MTNL Executives has been issued from DoT and sent to MTNL Corporate Office for implementation. Click here for copy of the presidential orders. 
04.05.2010 Congrads !!! Congrads !!! Congrads !!! Today, MoC&IT has approved the PAY REVISION of EXECUTIVES WITH 30% FITMENT. Ultimately we have succeeded, it is because of unity & consistent efforts of Joint Forum of Executives (TEAM & MTNL Executives Association). Orders from DoT are expected in a day or two.Long Live Forum Unity !!!
28. 04.2010 It is reliably learnt that today Secretary, DoT cleared the file of 2nd Pay revision with 30 % fitment to Executives of MTNL and forwarded to MoC &IT for its final approval. GS. TEAM.
27. 04.2010 Meeting with Secretary( telecom) shri. P.J.Thomas— GS, TEAM & GS,MEA along with AGS, MEA & CS, TEAM met with secretary (Telecom). The pay revision with 30% fitment and pension issue were discussed in length. Secretary (T) assured that DOT approval for pay revision order for executives of MTNL will be issued at the earliest. Secretary has also assured that pension issue at par with BSNL will be persued expeditiously.
27.04.2010 MTNL Board clears E5 recruitment rules. As per which the eligibility criteria for E5 competitive quota has been set as B.Sc.( First Class). All the members are requested to go through the order & intimate the discrepancies & objectionable clauses to the Association at the erliest. You can downlaod the letter for the link & unzip it. Download CoverPage Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7 Page8 and Page9.
23.04.2010 TEAM Mumbai met Hon’ble Minister of State for Communication and IT Shri Gurudas Kamat and submitted a memorandum on Implementation of Revised pay scales for Executives and Pension on par with BSNL. Click here for Copy of the memorandum. Hon’ble Minister gave a patient hearing and responded favorably to our request for his intervention in DOT for fitment approval and with Ministry of Finance for pension.Subsequent to the meeting, TEAM, Mumbai had meeting with CMD and Dir HR and discussed the following issues:-1. Fitment and pay revision: – CMD informed us that MTNL is pursuing vigorously with DOT at all levels for its approval and its decision is expected early. It is understood and gathered that the proposal is moving in the positive direction so for.2. Pension: – Management has included this item in their presentation made to-day to the Hon’ble Minister and highlighted its importance and urgency. Queries/clarification from Ministry of Finance are being replied by MTNL/DOT.3. Annual Property Return : – HR unit in corporate office is examining our contention that the new format is not applicable to middle level executives. They wanted some more time. A decision is expected early.4. CR in new format: Management has agreed to our view that it is not possible to implement the same for the reporting year 2009-10 and the existing procedure has to continue for the year 2009-10. A formal communication in this regard is expected soon. Dir HR has told that for its implementation from 2010-2011, targets for all functional units have to be identified from now on wards.5. Reporting structure for CR writing: – We brought to the notice of the Management the practical difficulties and they have agreed to review the instructions. A formal communication is expected soon.CHQ President, Circle Secretary and Circle President along with other office bearers participated in the meeting.
22.04.2010 MEETING OF JOINT FORUM WITH MEMBER(TECH) & MEMBER(FIN) DOT: GS TEAM & GS MEA met Member(Tech) & Member (Finance) DOT today & apprised them about our issues of pay revision with 30% fitment . Member(Tech) informed that our issue has been cleared with positive note. Member (Fin) has assured to clear our case at the earliest with a positive note. We are hopefully expecting the approval of DoT for pay revision for Executives by next week.
22.04.2010 Order issued for 6.5 % DA increase effective from 1.4.2010. This will be drawn in the salary bill of April, 2010.
20.04.2010 Joint Forum of MTNL Executive Association represented by the GS TEAM and GS MEA alongwith Office Bearers of both the Association met DOT top Officers -Member Services, DDG (Establishment), DDG (Security) and DDG (TPF) on 19th and 20th April 2010 for getting updates on pay scale revision and pension Issues and the persuance thereof. Joint Forum put forth Associations views to Member Services and DDG(Estab) regarding payment of pension at par with BSNL to the MTNL retirees. We have also drawn the attention of DoT Officers towards issues of revision of Pension on the same lines as is being done by the Govt. for Central Govt. retired Employees. We also persued vigorously the issue of immediate approval of pay revision of Executives with 30% fitment, which has been sent to DoT by MTNL after due approval. It is being told that , this issue is going ahead with positive nod , the file has been cleared by DDG (Security) & presently lying with Finance wing of DOT. We met DDG (TPF) in this regard & requested for early clearance of our case for which he has assured for the same.
15.04.2010 Joint Front writes to Secretary DoT about the ABNORMAL DELAY IN IMPLEMENTATION OF PAY REVISION WITH 30 % FITMENT w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Please Click here for the Letter. For immediate implementation of PAy revision as per the Government Orders & resolution of Pension Issue Joint Forum has requested Secretary DoT for granting time for meeting. The text of the letter can be seen here click.
8.04.2010 MTNL Corporate Office has issued fresh instructions regarding ANNUAL PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL hierarchy. Click for copy of the letter.
7.04.2010 MTNL Corporate Office issued the promotion list of 20 SDE to DE cadre on regular basis . Click here for the copy.
5.04.2010 Meeting with CMD- GS, TEAM, Com A.K.Kaushik & GS, MEA, Com V.K.Tomar along with other office bearers met CMD on 05-04-2010 and expressed their concern about the delay in implementation of pay revision. CMD assured for early implementation and told that he along with Dir Fin) & Dir (HR) is going to meet Secretary, DoT in a day or two to get the pay revision case approved by DoT at the earliest.
29.03.2010 IDA DA revision is due from 1.4.2010 by 6.5 % (3.9 % after revision of Pay scale).
29.03.2010  Office bearers of TEAM, Mumbai met CMD and Director HR on 29.3.2010. ED, Mumbai was also present in the meeting. Click here for the Minutes of Meeting.
29.03.2010 Last date for opting for the Pro-rata Pension Scheme extended to 31.7.2010. Click here for the copy of the letter.
23.03.2010  Clarification regarding Ist time bound financial up gradation from E2 to E3 – MTNL corporate office has clarified that Ist time bound financial up gradation from E2 to E3 will remain in 4-5 years as and when one touches the minimum of next grade. Now pending DPC from E2 to E3 and E3 to E4 in Delhi unit can be held accordingly. Click here for the copy of the letter addressed to GM(A) Delhi dated 19.3.2010.
23.03.2010  ED MTNL Delhi has issued the rotational transfer orders of 32 DE’s. Click here for copy of the order.
23.03.2010 OPD Medical Expenses to Retired Employees of MTNL – Copy of the order.
20.03.2010 Clarifications on retrospective scale up-gradation under Time bound promotion/Post based Promotion Policy for Gr B level Executives/Officers of MTNL issued. Click here for copy of the letter 
19.03.2010  MTNL to get Rs 1,380-crore as tax refund. Click here for the news item. Business Standard, Financial Express 
19.03.2010  Transfer order for 10 DE’s transferred from Delhi unit to Mumbai unit issued transferring them back to Delhi unit.
4.03.2010  Com. A.K Kaushik, GS TEAM, Com VK Tomar, G.S,. MEA, Com Ramgopal, Circle Secretary, TEAM New Delhi, Com B.P. Bharadwaj and Com. R.K. Mudgil, MEA met CMD, MTNL Delhi today under the banner of Joint Forum and discussed about implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report. CMD informed that MTNL Board approval for 30 % fitment has been send to DoT on 3.3.2010. He assured that we will get 30 % fitment approved by DoT at the earliest. He further assured that our Executives should not worry about it.
3.03.2010 Govt may divest 30% in BSNL, up from 10% TOI report dated 3.3.2010
26.2.2010 It is understood that MTNL Board has taken on record and recorded its approval for the the proposed 30% fitment to Executives for communicating to DOT, in the Board meeting held on 26.02.10. GS TEAM.
25.2.2010 Com. A.K Kaushik, GS TEAM conducted meetings at Prabhadevi, City Telephone Exchange, Nithyanand Nagar, Goregoan, BKC Vashi, Thane, CETTM and Wadala Exchanges at MTNL, Mumbai and Combined CEC of TEAM and MEA at Prabhadevi as per schedule. Members showered him with tremendous turnouts to hear our veteran leader who was confident and determined to get 30 % fitment as recommended by the 2nd Pay Committee, encouraged all the members and led the struggle march ahead in spite of discouraging factors that raged from various corners. He addressed the gatherings at all these venues and explained hurdles that came in its way and how it was faced. At the flag end of meetings at all places he requested the members to put in more efforts in order to sustain growth and viability of MTNL. Members expressed their solidarity and dedication. Had he relented and succumbed to the pressure tactics adopted by management at various stages of the struggle this achievement could have remained a distant dream for every one. Long Live TEAM !!! Long live Unity !!!24.2.2010 DoT had quried about the view of MTNL Board on implementation of 2nd Pay Committee report with 30 % fitment for Executives. MTNL will be communicating the Boards approval after the scheduled Board meeting on 26th Instant.
24.02.2010 Joint CEC of TEAM and MEA Mumbai: – Joint CEC of Mumbai was held on 23-02-2010 at 7th Floor, Conference Hall, Telephone House at Prabhadevi Mumbai. Joint CEC was addressed by Com AK Kaushik, Com. Chandra Sekar, Com. J.S. Yadav, Com VK Tomar, Com Sunil Kumar and Com. R.R. Mishra. One after the other appraised the house about the efforts of Joint Forum for getting 30% fitment orders and how MTNL Management agreed to implement 30% fitment and thanked all members for the active support during the struggle. Com. AK Kaushik, GS TEAM apprised about the pension issue in depth and informed that our next priority is to get the pension issue resolved to our satisfaction so that pension will not be a tension after retirement. He informed the house that Mrs. Anita Soni, Dir (Fin), MTNL is putting all out effort in materializing the same. Both Com. Kaushik and Com. Thomar clarified various queries raised by CEC members. At the flag end of his speech Com. Kaushik appealed all members to work hard for financial viability and stressed on increasing revenue of MTNL. He told members that all the suggestions aired by members during interactions will be taken up with the management.Important among the suggestions that came from Members on improving the financial viability of MTNL are Improvements in BB and Mobile services, Proper Network Management and improved coverage, Bill distribution by MTNL Staffs and incentive thereof, acquisition of customers through aggressive marketing, customer friendly approach at customer service interface, ways and means of reducing operational expenses etc.
19.02.2010  Order issued for release of 9.4 % DA effective from Jan, 2010. Click here for copy of the order.
19.02.2010 General Secretary TEAM Com. A K Kaushik along with Com. Ram Gopal, Circle Secretary, TEAM Delhi Addressed the gatherings at Prabhadevi and City Telephone Exchanges today. All along we maintained that 30 % fitment is our right and we will never compromise even a single penny less than that. No one can snatch away our rightful dues. He informed that the file forwarded to Dot for implementation of the 2nd pay with 30 % fitment will be received back as soon as the Advisor resumes duty on 22nd Feb, 2010. He thanked the houses and told that all this could be materialized only because of your active involvements in the organized movements. We decide and dedicate for the causes and never rest until achieving the goals. He added that we are not leaving any stone unturned and not engage ourselves in propaganda mechanism. He informed the house our struggle for Pension will also be sorted out by March, 2010. He had requested members to remain patient and watch out the website for any development and not to rely on the rumor mill.!!! Long Live Unity. Long Live TEAM.
17.02.2010 General Secretary TEAM Com. A K Kaushik is visiting MTNL Mumbai from 19th Feb. to 25th Feb 2010. He will be holding various meetings in Areas. Click here for the schedule.
12.02.2010  MTNL ED ND Office has issued endorsed list of promotion order of 64 JTOs to SDE cadre on regular basis . This order is a follow up order for earlier order released by Earlier MTNL Corporate Office. Click
here for the copy of the order.
9.02.2010 Meeting with CMD—GS, MEA & GS, TEAM along with other office bearers met CMD on 6th Feb and thanked him for recommending implementation of new pay package with 30% fitment to executives as per Govt orders. CMD told that he was fully convinced from the very beginning that 30% fitment is the legitimate right of executives and they deserve for it that is why he did no take much time in agreeing 30% fitment for executives. He also told that after implementation of new pay package, there will be extra burden of 300 crore on company for which every one will have to work hard to meet this extra burden otherwise this increase will not be sustainable for a long time. He also asked Association representatives to convey his message to all executives that every executive should ring to 10 customers daily to know his problems and views on MTNL services and try to solve their problem and get them convinced with the services of MTNL.We appeal all executives of MTNL that they should not leave any stone unturned to get our esteemed customers satisfied with the services of MTNL And all executives are also requested to ring to 10 customers daily as desired by CMD. We all know that our survival is with the survival of MTNL. Pl do your level best for the improvement of services of MTNL
8.02.2010 Com. A. K. Kaushik, GS, TEAM confirmed that the proposal for 30% fitment to the MTNL Executives has been been delivered today at DoT for approval.
8.02.2010 General body meeting of HQ (Tel House & Telecomm Bldg) Prabhadevi held on 6th Feb 2010 during lunch period 1pm to 2pm. About 78 members attended the meeting. CHQ & Circle office bearers addressed the gathering. more...
6.02.2010 For Revised Pay Scales of Executives Click here2.02.2010 CEC Meeting of TEAM Mumbai will be held on 3rd Feb, 2010, Wednesday at 1730 hrs in the Class room at 15th Floor, Telephone House, Prabhadevi. All Office bearers and HQ Office bearers in Mumbai are requested to attend the meeting. J.S.Yadav, Circle Secretary, TEAM, Mumbai.
1.02.2010 Pay & Arrear calculator is attached along with for calculating the pay & arrears as per new pay commission implementation. For any discrepancy & clarity please contact Sh. Vivek Goel 9868133933. Click here for the Pay Calculator.
30.01.2010 Due to our persistent efforts, stipend amount of JTO/JAO/Management Trainees newly recruited by JTOs, MTNL management has been increased from Rs.12000/- per month to Rs. 17000/-per month. Click here for copy of the order.
29.01.2010 CONGRATULATIONS ! CONGRATULATIONS!Our persistent, tireless efforts and unparalleled struggle has brought the result of our legitimate right of wage revision with 30% fitment —In continuation of our meetings with Dir(HR) on 12.01.10 & 25.01.10 , in which 30 % fitment was principally agreed , today GS(MEA) & GS(TEAM) had a meeting with Dir(HR), in which it was finally decided that1. 30% fitment with 68.8 % IDA will be given to Executives.2. There will be no HRA capping and HRA will be at the rate of 30% of revised Basic Pay & shall be payable on revised pay w.e.f. 15.05.2009 ( the date on which MTNL management issued our earlier fitment order). However HRA on existing pay scales shall continue till 30th June 2010 or till the pension issue is decided , whichever is earlier. The Arrear on account of HRA from 15.05.2009 till 30.06.2010 shall be paid along with salary of July 2010.3. All perks and allowances including re-imbursement of OPD expenses shall continue un changed as it was on 01.04.2008 (on the old Basic & DA) . However the OPD expenses shall be reimbursed only on production of bills.Dir (HR) said that, the Decision of 30% fitment with 68.8% IDA for Executives will be sent to DoT in a day or so , for administrative approval & new Pay Package will be implemented in the month of February 2010.Arrears will be paid in three bi-monthly installments, first will be in February 2010.We thank to all of you for full support & co-operation in the struggle to achieve 30% fitment for Executives as per DPE orders. We also thank to MTNL management for agreeing to implement the Govt. Orders of Wage revision of Executives with 30% fitment.Dear Comrades, we hope that you will continue to maintain the same unity and solidarity in the days to come to achieve our other demands.

MoU has been signed between non-executives & MTNL Management on wage revision and fitment. Click here for the Copy MOU

DA rate has been revised to 71%. Click here for the order.

23.01.2010 Joint Forum wrote letter to Shri. Kuldeep Singh, CMD, MTNL for a meeting to discuss implementation of 2nd Pay committee report. Click here for the text.

CMD MTNL declare that MTNL is not starved of funds for investment abroad. Click following links for the Press News from Economic Times  PDF

19.01.2010 MTNL Corporate Office issues inter circle request transfer orders for JTO/AMs. Click here for the list.
16.01.2010 MTNL Corporate Office issues the regular promotion list of 137 JTO to SDE cadre and around 73 AOs. Click here for the list of JTO to SDE. Click here for the list of AOs.
16.01.2010 GS TEAM and GS MEA along with other Office Bearers met new CMD, Sh. Kuldeep Singh and welcomed him by presenting bouquets. Association representatives assured him of full co-operation and support. CMD also assured that things will move smoothly with mutual co-operation. He also asured that pending isues of executives will be settled amicably
13.01.2010 In view of JF discussion with Dir (HR) on dated 12-01-2010 regarding implementation of new pay package with 30% fitment, JF representatives have decided to defer our non co-operation programme w.e.f 14-01-2010 already notified by our earlier letter no JF/MTNL/Delhi/CMD dated 07-12-2009. We hope that MTNL management will expedite the whole exercise to implement new pay package with 30% fitment to avoid any industrial unrest and inconvenience to our esteemed customers. Click here for the letter.
12.01.2010 Joint Front representatives today had a meeting with Dir (HR). & discussed the implementation of pay revision with 30 % fitment. Dir (HR) told that as soon as the new CMD joins, this issue will be put up before him. Joint Front representatives will be called again for discussion on this issue
08.01.2010 Joint Front wrote to Dir (HR) regarding lack of seriousness in resolving the issue of implementation of new pay package with 30% fitment as per DPE. Click here for copy of the letter.
08.01.2010 MTNL BSNL Merger plan could be back on the card…. click for the press clips….
07.01.2010 Meeting of joint group of Joint Front representatives and Management representatives was held on 6/1/10. The issue of implementation of new pay package with 30% fitment was discussed. Joint Front maintained its stand of 30% fitment. Management side representatives informed that CMD is going to participate in a meeting in PMO regarding expansion plans of MTNL/BSNL on 6/1/10 and he will also make a presentation regarding MTNL pension issue in front of Prime Minister and there is a review meeting on 7/1/10 in DoT. So the issue of implementation of pay package will further be discussed in next meeting which expected on 11/1/2010.

CMD MTNL asked the government to pay pension to the company’s retired employees in a bid to cut down wage costs. Following are the links for the press clippings. ToI

02.01.2010 Committee setup by Corporate Office to discuss the modalities of implementation of the 2nd Pay committee report remain inconclusive today and the committee is expected to meet on 6th Jan, 2010 to continue the discussion further. In view of the latest development, Joint Executive Forum at Delhi and MTNL Executive forum at Mumbai had suspended Rally planned on 6th instant. Further agitational program remains as scheduled.
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