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No. FORUM/MTNL/2008-2009/4                                                                               Dated  14th May,2009.


The Executive Director,

MTNL, Mumbai.


Sub: Launching of 3G services in Mumbai – reg

Ref: Letter No DGM(Mktg&PR)/Services/2009-10 dated 13th May 2009          

While thanking the administration in extending the invitation for the launch of 3G services in Mumbai, we bring to your notice the views of the executives.

Management is aware that only about 300 connections ( including service connections)  are working in 3G Services launched in Delhi on 5th Feb’2009. It is understood that only 50-60 private customers are using the 3G services. MTNL is losing the “first mover advantage” in launching the 3 G services in full to the consumers and getting some revenue out of it due to various inadequacies right from planning, coordination, driving it from top etc. The number of foreign trips made by various top level executives did not yield any tangible result and the project moves at its own speed.

Management will appreciate that launching of such projects for the “sake of launching” in a state of “under preparedness” show the company in poor light in the eyes of consumers and competitors. The examples of IPTV, VOIP etc are there for all of us to see and learn the lessons.

Similar “success story” is expected to happen in the case of 3 G launch in Mumbai also. The state of under preparedness is evident from the following among many others: -

(1) availability of only 40-50 cell sites as against  800 covering a mere 6%  

(2) non completion of  AT for 3G packet core and

(3) problems in  call handovers from 3G to 2G due to vendor’s issues.

 Management is launching it again “for the sake of launching”. Is this approach and attitude is going to benefit the subscribers or the company?

Echoing these views should not be misconstrued as cynic and that we are distancing ourselves from responsibilities. The middle level executives are giving their 100% effort in implementation of all the ventures which bring name, fame and money to MTNL. But they feel saddened and disappointed when Management dithers and fails in proper planning and launching which brings the image of the company in disrepute.

Middle level absorbed executives who belong to the company and are the only link in the chain below the board level are being treated shabbily with pay cuts, court notices, threats of transfers etc when they expect the management to implement the orders issued by Govt. of India. Management never takes into confidence the middle level executives, communicate their plans and motivates them.

It is also not understood why such launches have to be arranged in “five star” hotels incurring huge expenses when the Company has reported loss in Q.4 of 2008-09 and there is enough infrastructure/facilities in the buildings owned by MTNL.

In view of the above reservations, we regret that we are not participating in the inaugural function. We request you to convey our sentiments to the MTNL Board. 

With regards,

Yours sincerely, 

      (S.N. Prasad)                                   (R.R. Mishra)                             (J.S.Yadav)

     General Secretary                            General Secretary                      Circle Secretary

     MEA., Mumbai                          MTNL OA, Mumbai                 TEAM, Mumbai

Copy to All PGMs/GMs/CE(BW) for information.