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No. FORUM/MTNL/2008-2009/2                                                                 Dated  20th March,2009.


The Chairman & Managing Director,


 Respected sir,

             Sub:- Notice for Programme of Agitation- reg

            Ref:- 1. Letter No FORUM/MTNL/2008-09/1 dated 9th Mar’2009.

                     2. Letter No JF/MTNL/CO/2009/3 dated 19.3.2009 from Joint Forum of

                         Executive’ Associations of MTNL CHQ, New Delhi   

            We are dismayed to understand that MTNL Management has unilaterally decided to go ahead with 5% fitment formula for Executives. 

            We fail to understand why 30% fitment benefit cannot be given when the conditions of affordability prescribed in para 3 of DPE’s letter dated 26.11.2008 are fulfilled in MTNL. This has already been brought out in our earlier dated 9th Mar’09. 

            We also understand that MTNL Management has proposed to freeze HRA at a certain level. This also is a blatant violation of the DPEs orders in this regard.  

            MTNL Management has implemented the recommendations of VI Pay Commission unconditionally without any reservation.  

Further, BSNL has implemented the DPE’s orders in toto. 

            The proposed move, if implemented, shall result in reduction of existing emoluments of executives. Considering that Wage revision in PSUs are made once in 10 years, the move by MTNL Management will result in perennial monetary loss. Naturally, the move has resulted in anger and demotivation among the executives.        

Therefore, we are left with no alternative except to resort to agitation against the arbitrary and discriminatory decision of MTNL Management. Accordingly, we will be following the programme of action already notified by the Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL, CHQ, New Delhi, in Mumbai.

Date                                                                            Programme

23-03-2009                                                   Black Badge wearing till implementation of DPE’s orders and savingram campaign.

26-03-2009                         Lunch Hour demonstration at Telephone House, Mumbai.

2-4-2009                             Rally from Fountain to Mantralaya

9-04-2009                          Day Long Dharna at Telephone House, Mumbai.

14 & 15-04-2009              Relay Hunger strike  at Telephone House, Mumbai

We urge the MTNL Management to drop the current proposal and implement to DPEs orders in toto as has been done in BSNL to prevent industrial unrest in MTNL.

                    With regards,

Yours sincerely,


 (S.N. Prasad)

General Secretary

MEA., Mumbai  

(R.R. Mishra) 

 General Secretary 

MTNL OA, Mumbai  


Circle Secretary

 TEAM, Mumbai


  Copy to:-

Director (HR)/Director (Tech.)/Director (Finance)

      ED Mumbai.