Report about CWC of TEAM, Mumbai held on 29.10.2009 & MTNL Executive Forum on 30.10.2009.

Com. A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary of TEAM attended the CWC on 29.10.2009 held at Telephone House, Prabhadevi.  General Secretary addressed the CWC highlighting the issues with regard to Pension, revision of pay and fitment, organizational issues and unification of TEAM & MEA.  General Secretary brought to the notice of CWC that MTNL Management is still adamant on issue of fitment and continue to insist only on 5% fitment benefit.  He also elaborated in detail the latest position with regard to Pension issue and the provisions under Rule-37-A of CCS Pension rules.  Further, he briefed the CWC about the proposed unification of TEAM & MEA.

CHQ President,  TEAM addressed the CWC about the fitment benefit offered by MTNL Management and highlighted the impending drop in emoluments as of now to all the categories of Executives if the proposed move is implemented.  He explained in detail how in all categories the drop in emoluments as of now is inevitable due to huge difference between existing IDA-DA and IDA-DA after revision.

Com. J.S. Yadav, Circle Secretary, TEAM  highlighted the organizational  issues and requested the office bearers to collect the subscription and donation from the members without further delay.

CWC also noted that about 40% benefit has been given to officers on deemed deputation consequent to implementation of 6th pay commission report. Further, absorbed officers from E-8 onwards and above up to Board of Directors shall get increase in emoluments ranging from 35-45% irrespective of the quantum of fitment due to huge increase in the minimum of the revised scale for such categories of officers.  Pensionary benefits of retiring/retired shall get affected drastically if 30% fitment is not given. It will be a recurring one.   Further, for officers who have got long service left, their future revision in pay shall also get affected, if the proposed 5% fitment benefit is implemented.

After elaborated discussion on all the issues the following decisions were taken.

  1. Pension:-  The issue should continue to be pursued vigorously at all levels for an early settlement.
  1. Pay revision & fitment:-  It was decided unanimously to continue to press for revision of pay with 30% fitment and implementation of DPE’s orders in toto as the Executives are entitled for the same.
  1. Unification of TEAM & MEA:-  CWC agreed in principle unification of TEAM & MEA keeping in view the larger interest of Executives.  However, till such time the modalities and other constitutional formalities are sorted out, the existing arrangement of working together under Joint/United/Executives forum shall continue.

On 30.10.2009, a meeting of MTNL Executives’ Forum consisting of all the three Associations was conducted in the same venue. Circle Secretaries from all the three Associations attended and addressed the forumn. 

Com. A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary TEAM  also addressed the Forum.

The issue of revision of pay scales with 30% fitment and pension were discussed at length.  The office bearers from all the three Associations discussed the pros & cons of the offer of 5% by MTNL Management. After elaborate discussions, it was decided unanimously to continue to press for revision of pay with 30% fitment and for implementation of DPE’s’ orders in this regard.  It was also decided to continue to pursue for the settlement of pension issue.

Further, it was also decided to issue a notice reiterating 30% fitment and revision of pay to MTNL Management.  All the constituent Associations in the Forum expressed their resolve to continue to fight common issues under the banner of Forum.