Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL

                               Central head Quarters, New Delhi


Ref no—JF/Delhi                                                                                 Dated 11-06-2009



Shri S.P.Pachauri

Director (HR)

MTNL, New Delhi


Subject:  Abnormal delay in holding regular DPC for the posts of STS (DE/CAO) level and SDE cadre.



               We have to bring to your kind notice that screening report and vigilance clearance of above mentioned cadres have been received in corporate office from Delhi and Mumbai units long back, but DPC is still pending in corporate office. Meanwhile, we have come to know that HR wing wants to see the qualification of the officers who are to be promoted in DE cadre on regular basis before the DPC. We have failed to understand that how qualification is linked with DPC of internal candidates. If this information is required for updating HR record, than DPC should not be delayed and it should be held immediately

             We request your good self to get DPC conducted immediately to avoid any heart burning and confusion amongst the officers.


                With regards


                                                          Yours sincerely




                ( A.K.Kaushik )                                                                       (  V.K.Tomar )

          General secretary, Team                                                       General secretary, MEA



Copy to:  GM(HR),with the request to hold DPC at the earliest pl.