Updated on 18/04/2009

Joint forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL

                        Central Head quarters, New Delhi


Ref—JF/MTNL/09 /5                                                                                              Dated -17-04-2009




Sh.T.K.A. Nair,

Principal Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

Govt.Of India.


Sub:- Request for immediate intervention of the Good offices of the Prime Minister of India in resolving the Pension and 30% fitment issues as per the Govt.Orders as highlighted by Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of MTNL and further seeking appointment to meet Hon’ble PM of India to personally represent our issues.


The Joint Forum of Executive’s Association of MTNL is representing all the executives(more than 8000) working in Delhi & Mumbai units of MTNL. These Executives are working in various disciplines viz Telecom, Civil, Electrical Engg. Wing, Finance Personal, staff and official language wings. These executives of MTNL are working with total commitment and sincerity and giving there best to provide excellent services to our customers in the Political and Commercial capitals of country and also involved   in all-round development  in telecom network in MTNL. In this Era of global competition particularly in Telecom Sector, we are not only providing the excellent services to our countrymen but also earning an excellent profit to the tune of Rs. 600-700 Crore per annum and in turn contributing our best to the objective of the Govt. of India, of social and economic development of the country. It is pertinent to mention here, we are the erstwhile DOT officers who had been absorbed in MTNL, as per the govt. orders. At the time of absorption in MTNL, we had been assured by govt. of India that after absorption in MTNL we will be provided with better pay package and promotional avenues, along with the pension which will be paid by the Govt., but we are constraint to mention here that both MTNL & DOT has denied the same. We want to submit the following for your kind attention and intervention.


As you know that Govt had constituted 2nd pay revision committee of CPSE executives headed by justice M.J.Rao with the terms and references that pay package of CPSE executives are decided in the light of market conditions and 6th pay commission report. After series of discussions with CPSEs managements, Executives’ Associations, Govt authorities, and different expert agencies, Justice M.J.Rao committee realized the

importance of CPSEs in the socio-economic development of country, and felt that there is a need of motivated best talent in CPSEs


In view of above, Pay revision committee recommended new pay packages of CPSEs executives. In turn, Govt approved new pay packages with 30% fitment formula on 26th Nov 2008 w.e.f  01-01-2007. As per DPE orders this fitment can be implemented in Toto in such profit making CPSEs where PBT (profit before tax ) for the year 2007-2008 is not going to dip more than 20% after implementing new pay package with 30% fitment for executives and non-unionized supervisors. In MTNL, after implementing new pay scales with 30% fitment, PBT is going to dip less than 8% only.


In spite of above facts, MTNL management chose to go ahead only with 5% fitment that too with HRA capping as on Dec 2006. Such decision of MTNL management is very shocking, unprecedented and beyond our imagination. As your good self is aware that Executives’ Associations of CPSEs are already dissatisfied with new pay package given by Govt, and fighting for improvement, which have now been improved to some extent. In this scenario, MTNL management’s decision of 5% fitment and HRA capping has shocked every body in MTNL, and has sent the wave of demoralization, dissatisfaction and demotivation, which will have direct impact on the growth of MTNL.


We also want to draw your kind attention towards the pension issue, which is not being resolved by Govt after a lapse of long nine years. At the time of our absorption from DOT to MTNL, we had been assured of Govt pension and were told that modalities in this reference will be decided shortly, but the same is not resolved till date.


We, therefore, solicit your personal intervention, and request  to  use your good offices  to impress upon the MTNL management in implementing the Govt orders of pay fixation in its letter and sprit, and also settle the pension issue immediately at par with BSNL & provide immediate relief to DOT absorbed employees. We assure your good self that thousands of executives of MTNL will continue to work hard honestly and sincerely to ensure that MTNL provides best services to its esteemed customers, and also earns more revenue and profit in coming years.


We are peace loving and law abiding work force of MTNL, we do’nt want to create any industrial unrest in capital cities at this time of general elections. So, once again, we request your good self to use your good office to ensure pension at par with BSNL, and 30% fitment with out HRA capping, which has already been implemented in BSNL.


In addition to the above we humbly request you to facilitate appointment with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India from his busy schedule,  so that we can represent our case in person. We shall feel highly obliged.


With Warm regards,


                                                       Yours sincerely


         (A. K. Kaushik)                                                                             (V. K. Tomar)

General Secretary, TEAM                                                                 General Secretary, MEA

         M. 9868136363                                                                            M. 9868133336