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A. Registration Certificate of TEAM
B. Constitution of TEAM
2. Regulating Journey by PVT Airlines-Official Tours MTNL/Pers/6(1)/2005 dated 16.09.2006
3. EL encashment at the time of VRS/Death/Resignation MTNL/CO/Pers/Leave Rules/99-2000/Vol-II/3 Dated 26/10/2006
4. LTC by Private Airlines MTNL/CO/Dir-HR/2006 Dated 05/07/2006
5. Cadre Restructure and Promotion Policy of Stenographers MTNL/CO/GM-HR/2007
6. Group savings Linked Insurance scheme MTNL/IRW/22(225)/2007/699
7. Amendment to MTNL Rules on Deputation Abroad, 2006 MTNL/CO/GM(HR)/2007/529 dated 01/05/2007
8. Amendment to CDA rules MTNL/CO/GM(HR)/2007/613 dated 10/05/2007
9. New E L Rules Passed by MTNL MTNL/CO/Pers/Leave Rule/5/2008/28 dated 23/09/2008
10. Office order on LTC Rules MTNL/CO/Pers/SR/LTC/94/2007/613 dated 27/09/2007
11. MTNL medical Rule 2001 MTNL/CO/Pers/CGHIS-Working Employees/977 dated 03/10/2009
12. Revision of rates of Brief Cases No.OS/Brief Case/Revision of rates/07 dated at New Delhi the 15-10-2007
13. Retirees medical scheme MTNL/CO/Pers/ REC-GHIS/2008/Pt-I
Dated: 29.09.2008
14. Revision of duration of Brief cases OS/Briefcase/Revision of rates/07-08Dated: 08-01-2008
15. Time Bound Promotion Policy for Executives MTNL/CO/PERS-II/Prom Pol-Exec/07-08Dated:11/09/2007
16. Revision of Bench Mark for APR for Financial upgaradation of Executives MTNL/CO/PERS/GRP ‘B’/Promotion Policy/1(133)/2010 Dated 08-03-2010
17. Annual Performance Appraisal Hierarchy for MTNL MTNL/CO/APAH/2010/1003 Dated:30-07-2010
18. Clarification on issues for retrospective scales up gradation  under time bond promotion policy for executives MTNL/CO/Pers-II/Prom pol-Exe/07/1637 Dated :19-03-2010
19. Pasting of Posters on MTNL Building code of conduct MTNL/General order/KW/2010-11/14 Dated: 24-10-2011
20. Pay anomaly consequent upon revision of pay scales wef 01-01-2007 MTNL/CO/IRW/22(92)/10-11/226 Dated:16-07-2011
21. Recruitment Rules for promotion of Asstt. Manager( E-2) to Deputy Manager (E-3) Telecom MTNL/CO/HR/R&E/1(110)/2008/101Dated:23-06-2011
22. Promotion policy for E-5 to E-9 MTNL/CO/R&E/2009
23. MTNL Lateral Entry Recruitment Rules -2011 for DGM& GM MTNL/CO/DGM&GM/RR-2011/2011
24. Revision of Pension of combined IDA pensioners/Family Pensioners of MTNL retired prior to revision of pay on 01-01-2007 MTNL/IRW/21(119)/2004/245 Dated 02-08-2011
25. Usage Policy for Executives and non Executives regarding GSM mobile Telephone Connection DGM(B&IT)/TR/ECM dated :10-01-2012
26. Provisional Terms and Conditions for permanent absorption of DOT staff (Group A & B) in the services of MTNL Terms and Conditions provided to Gr. A & B for absorption in MTNL in 2000
27. Absorption of Group B officers in BSNL/MTNL on 29 th August 2003 No.400-23/2003 – STG. III  New Delhi 29th Aug.2003
28. Insertion of Rule 37-A in CCS (Pension) Rules. G.I. Dept. of pension & P.W., notification no. 4/61/99-P & PW(D), Dated -30-09-2000
29. Clarification/amendment of MTNL Leave Rule for 120 commuted leaves in entire service letter No. MTNL/CO/Dir.HR/2006-07/191 dated 23-08-2012
30. Clarification for TDS for encashment of EL at the time of Superannuation. Letter no. 7-2/TAX/Misc./F.Y.2011-12 /Dated-29-08-2012
31. Clarification regarding Appointing,Disciplinary,Appellate and reviewing Authorities under “MTNL conduct,Discipline and Appeal Rules-1998” Letter no. MTNL/CO/Pers/SR/2012/CDA-30/63 dated-23/07/2013
32. Looking after arrangment of DE/Sr.Manager for WS and Corportae office units given by Delhi Letter No. MTNL/CO/PersII/E5/Telecom/2012-13 Dated 26/07/2013
33. Orders for pay fixation for Executives With Effect From 01-01-2007 afterimplementation of 2nd pay Revision. Letter No. MTNL/CO/IRW/22(90)/09/Exec/261 Dated 14/05/2010
34 Orders for pay fixation for Non- Executives With Effect From 01-01-2007 afterimplementation of 2nd pay Revision. Letter No. MTNL/CO/IRW/22(90)/07/NE/260 Dated 14/05/2010
35. Consessional BB tariff plan for servicing/retired MTNL employees GM(OP)/SDE(CP-II)/BB/2012-13 dated 05-06-2013
34. Revised Seniority list as per High Court Order of Kerla and Delhi. Case of SDEs promoted in 1998. (1966 Posts)  MTNL/CO/Pers-II/SDE Seniority/CWP-12584-614/05/2013/843 dated 27/03/2014
 36. Corporate office Circular on Allotment of Quarters dated 2010  and fixing of Seniority regarding  Corporate Office

MTNL Senior Management Services’ Promotion Policy

No.  MTNL/CO/R & E/2009  Dated:10.03.2015 at New Delhi

Pay Anomaly consequent upon implementation of Time bound/Post Based Promotion Policy for Group ‘B’ Level Executives/Officers of MTNL

No. MTNL/CO/Pers-II/Exe. Promotion Policy/2007/Vol.II/252 Dated: 13.05.2013

 1.Recruitment rule for Assistant Manager AM (E2) in Human Resource (HR)/Marketing(Mktg)/Legal/Company Secretary (CS).

2. Carrier Progression Rule for Assistant manager (E2) Human Resource (HR)/Marketing(Mktg)/Legal/Company Secretary (CS) to Deputy Manager (E3) HR/MKTG/Legal/CS E3 Scale.

3.Carrier Progression Rule for Assistant Manager  (Finance) E2 to Deputy manager Finance E3 Scale.

NO. MTNL/CO/R&E/AMPR/2014/ Dated 21.06.2016