Report of GS placed before CWC on 4.4.2015


                                          (ROOM NO. 756, KIDWAI BHAWAN , NEW DELHI)



Respected President and Dear Comrades,

I welcome you all on my personal behalf and on behalf of CHQ Office Bearer in this CWC. We are meeting in the  2nd  CWC  at New Delhi after long gap. This gap has come because of the over occupation of all of us in the crucial pension issue.   As you all are aware that after the last CWC which we had in April 2013 at New Delhi, our association along with United Forum of MTNL Unions and Association were involved in settling the long pending issue of pension to be paid by Govt. of India to the erstwhile DOT employees absorbed in MTNL. With our consistent efforts and strong commitment for the welfare of the members, we have been successful in getting this issue resolved. The Govt. had issued the Gazette Notification in this regard on 03.03.2014 and in turn DOT has issued the detailed implementation orders.

We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Kapil Sibal Ji, the then Hon’ble MOC & IT and Shri. Milind Deora Ji, the then Hon’ble MOS C &IT for helping us to settle this long pending demand and which  in turn also help MTNL with off-loading the financial liability of payment of Pension and  pensionary  benefits to its retired employees.

We also place on record our heartfelt gratitude to Shri. Prithviraj Chavan Ji, the then MoS in PMO and CM, Maharashtra as well as Shri. Gurudas Kamat Ji, the then MoS (C&IT) who together helped in reopening the pension issue and ordering revision of pension for pre-2007 pensioners.

Above all, we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Bhai Jagtap Ji, MLC and Chairman, United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations, Delhi and Mumbai. He is the person who has not only helped us resolving the issue of pension but he has acted as a driving force to lead us in this movement and relieved all of us from the tension of pension and revision of pension.

The CWC will be failing in its duty, if the efforts of our Mumbai Comrades are not appreciated. The CWC congratulates all the Mumbai Comrades, who under the dynamic leadership of Com. J.S.Yadav, with the guidance of our veteran redoubtable leader Com.R.A.Rajapure who pursued the issue with various political leaders and Ministers untiringly. The CWC places on record its appreciation the efforts of Comrade M.K.Bagchi, our founder General Secretary and all other leaders.

We also salute the role played by Comrade Kishor Kedar, GS, MTNL Workers Union Mumbai, whose relentless efforts helped us to approach the above said political leaders repeatedly.

We all DOT employees and officers absorbed in MTNL, either working or retired, will always remain grateful and thankful to Shri. Bhai Jagtap  for his support and help in this pension movement.  We also express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the MTNL as well as management for their untirely efforts in pursuing the pension issue with the various department of Govt. Of India. I will be failed in my duty if  I will not place on record about the untirely efforts and pursuance of our Mumbai Comrades in the settlement of pension issue. Hence I along with CWC congratulate  Mumbai Comrades for their committed efforts in achieving this historic demand. I also place my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who has helped us directly and indirectly in resolving the long pending issue of pension in MTNL. We also thank our counterparts in BSNL Union and Associations in general and in particular Com. Prahlad Rai. General Secratary,  AIBSNLEA and Com. V.A. Namboodari, President , BSNLEU.

Comrades, as we all are aware that the MTNL as an organization is passing through a crucial phase. Presently, MTNL is not only recurring  losses but also failing in providing the fault free telecom services to our esteemed users of Landline, Broadband  or Mobile Services.  For this situation the policies of Govt. Of India and lethargic and unwilling attitude and approach of MTNL management squarely responsible. The Central Working Committee meeting will deliberate over this situation along with other pending HR issues etc.

During this intervening period the association has achieved many issues and some of them have become a landmark achievement. But some are still yet to be resolved. These unresolved issues are no way less important than already resolved. We will also deliberate on these issues in detail and decide future course of action to achieve these issues. Now we place the record of activities of the association in detail which are as follows.

The issues which have been settled during this period are as under :-

1.      Regular promotion orders were issued for 48 AOs on 10.04.2013.

2.      111 SDEs were promoted as  Sr Manager( E-5) on regular basis On 04.05.2013.

3.      Order s were issued for 87 SDEs on regular basis on 21.05.2013.

4.      Regular promotion orders were issued for 27 executives from AO to CAO on 21.06.2013.

5.      Regular promotion orders of 4 executives from SDE to DE(T) on 29.07.2013.

6.      55 DE s were promoted as DGM(T) Adhoc on 13.08.2013.

7.      20  CAOs were promoted as  DGM( Finance)on adhoc basis on 13.08.2013.

8.      Additional 10 DET were promoted as DGM(T) on adhoc basis on 03.10.2013.

9.      After a long struggle and continuous effort of our association much awaited Pension Issue was settled and  Gazette Notification was issued on 04.03.2014.

10.  Corporate office issue orders on 27.03.2013 for  Seniority revision of 127 SDEs under 1966 post.

11.  Ist time in the history of MTNL  orders were issued for 70  DGM in Telecom wing on regular basis and 23 DGM in Finance wing on regular basis on 29.05.2014.

12.  Child Care Leave orders was issued by corporate office up to 2 years ( 3 months with  pay )on 07.06.2014.

13.  DOT issued orders on 03.09.2014 for disbursement of pensionery benefits to all combined service optees absorbed in MTNL who retired w.e.f. April 2014 onwards.

14.   Our comments sent to Govt/DOT through  GM(HR)  corporate office for vital issue of merger of MTNL and BSNL on 25.09.2014.

15.  Decision taken and communicated to Corporate Management for contributing one day salary to help J&K flood victims as a noble cause on 17.09.2014.

16.  One day long dharna was organised on 26.11.2014  in support of our long pending HR issues at Corporate office.

17.   Order were issued for calling CRs for regular promotion from JTO to SDEs on 18.11.2014.

18.   Case argued by our advocate very effectively in E-5 case  in the Hon’ble CAT ,New Delhi  on 24.12.2014.

19.  Corporate office issue order for calling of CRs for regular promotion to the post of CAOs on 20.02.2015.

Other Developments during the period:

1.      Verdict of case number 4389/2011  in Rule-206 for refixing seniority of SDEs (T) given by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 23.02.2015.

2.      Group Health Insurance Policy (TPA) extended for another 3 months w.e.f. 09.03.2015.

3.      Regular promotion orders for 217 candidates against LICE quota issued on 22.11.2014.

4.      Total and unexpected Judgement delivered by Hon’ble  CAT in our OA 722/2012 for setting aside RR on Sr. Management Promotion Policy on 14.01.2015.

The pending issues are as  under :-

1.      Abnormal delay in holding of regular DPCs

(i)   from  JAOs to AOs,

(ii)  JTO to SDE,

(iii)  SDE to DET,

(iv)  AO to CAO,

(v)   JE to AE and AE to EE (Civil and Elect).

2.      Implementation of 78.2% IDA neutralization w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per DPE orders dated 02.04.2009.

3.      Recruitment & Departmental Examination in entry level E-2 cadres in all streams

4.      Abnormal delay in fixation of seniority of JAO.

5.      Formation of RR for promotion of AMs (HR, Marketing & Legal).

6.      Non implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court verdict on 206.

7.      Revival of MTNL and to decide the course of action against the move of the Govt. Of India to sell/disinvestment of MTNL.

8.      Promotion up to 75% of sanctioned post under SFC as done in BSNL.

9.      Restoration of 32 posts of AE (Civil).

10.  Restoration of Up gradation of 9 posts of CAOs.

11.  Restructuring of Stenographers. Removal of policy defects.

12.   Review of Sr. Manager Recruitment Rules, 2008 and Sr. Management Recruitment Rules,2010.

13.  Provision of one time option to the Pro-rata optees  for giving option for  Combine Pension.

14.  Implementation of DPE Order dated 2.4.2009 for retirement /terminal benefits of 30 % of Pay + DA for MTNL service for pro-rata pensioners and direct recruits.

15.  Payment of Pay + DA during training period for direct recruits.

16.  Counting of training period for increment, post based promotion and financial up-gradation for pre-appointment training.

17.  Advance increment for post based promotions while in the same scale due to financial up-gradation.

18.  Advance increment in respect of Sr. AOs and Sr. SDEs promoted under DoT scheme of promotion.

19.  Looking after arrangement ordered in various disciplines.

20.  To provide option for CGHS facility to the erstwhile DOT employees/Officers absorbed in MTNL.

21.  Immediate withdrawal Of Prevailing Insurance Health Scheme (TPA) and replace it with In-House Medical Scheme.

22.  Removal of restriction in OPD medical allowance wrt pay on 31.3.2008

23.  Immediate Restoration of LTC (All India and Home Town).

24.  Revision of Transportation and other perks.

25.  One time settlement of pending payment of RSTC for the year 2006 and 2007 for the employees residing in NCR area.

26.  Inordinate delay in issuing the PPOs by DOT to the combined service pensioners  (Retired up to March-2014).

27.  Immediate payment of Pension Revision arrears to Pre-2007 pensioners.

28.   To take up the demand of constitution of 3rd Pay revision committee for Central Public Sector Enterprises with the Govt. Of India.

29.   Redeployment of existing manpower.

Dear Comrades, it is our appeal to all of you that we should not be demoralized and afraid with the news and rumours about the future of MTNL. We know the Govt. and some of the unions/associations are creating an environment of fear psychosis in MTNL so that the work force of MTNL will be demoralized. The so called vested interest are doing these activities so as to achieve their ill motives. These elements are equally available in the management also and they have no belongingness with MTNL. We can assure you that TEAM as an association will not allow these negative elements to damage MTNL as well as the interest of serving employees of MTNL.

Before, I conclude my report, it is essential on my part to place my views/observations on the organisational activities of the association.  Comrades, as we all aware that the retirement rate is increasing very fast and as such the working strength of MTNL  is affecting accordingly and in turn it is bringing the effect in the association.  In the given situation we have to review our association activities so as to gear up the association in such a manner so that we will be in a position to meet any kind of challenge which either endanger the MTNL or our association. We therefore call upon our office bearers to take extra ordinary initiative for strengthening the association.  We all have to take aggressive posture in this regard. We have to move branch to branch to make the association stronger.

Comrades,  We all the CHQ Office bearers with whole hearted  support of our Comrades  and Circle Office  bearers at Delhi and Mumbai have tried our level best to resolve the issues pertaining to the welfare of our Comrades but I know we have been successful in achieving some but still many important issues are yet to be resolved to the satisfactions of our beloved comrades.  After detailed deliberations on the left out issues we will make a fresh efforts to resolve the same. Our association is capable enough to meet the requirement of the members.

We the CHQ office bearers of TEAM express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our comrades of Delhi and Mumbai for their whole hearted support during this period. We hope and confident that the same will be continued in future.

With regards,


Yours Comradely,


General Secretary

TEAM                UNITY                  Zindabad.

LONG                  LIVE                      TEAM

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