News July to Dec 2010


25.12.2010 Com. A K Kaushik, G.S, TEAM and Com. V.K.Thomar, GS, MEA wrote letter to Dir(HR), MTNL requesting him to extend the date of last datle for Pro-rata Pension. Click here for the copy of the letter.

Com. A K Kaushik, G.S, TEAM wrote letter to CMD, MTNL regarding mis-utilisation of manpower, case of posting of 9 JAO’s in GM(CPSL) unit. Click here for the copy of the letter.

Transfer orders of 95 SDEs released in Delhi unit. Click here for the copy.

 20.12.2010 Today United Forum Convenor Com. M.K. Bagchi is writting letters to CMD, MTNL on the approach of MTNL towards Pension issue and requesting Secretary Telecom for grant of an interview to discuss about MTNL Pension issue. Click here for the text of the letters. Letter to CMD and Letter to Secretary Telecom.
14.12.2010  Com. A.K.Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM wrote letter to CMD, MTNL, regarding the abnormal delay in Posting of Accounts/Finance personnel in Delhi by Delhi Unit. Click here for copy of the letter dated 14.12.2010.
6.12.2010 Delhi unit issued Local officiating promotion order for Sr Manager/DEs for 23 Executives and transfer orders for three. Click here for the list.
3.12.2010  Promotion to the post of DE(off), Transfers in the cader of DE and List of JTOs proposed for Rotational transfer are upload in the Mumbai Intranet.
2.12.2010  CRs for executive upgradation from E2 to E3 grade in Accounts wing at Delhi Called. Click here for copy o f the letter.
26.11.2010 United Forum decided to postpone the ongoing Protest Action demanding Pension to the MTNL Executives by Government and Revision of Pension in view of the assurance given by CMD in the core committee meeting held today, 26-11-2010. Accordingly United Forum wrote letter to CMD, MTNL informing its decision to postpone the ongoing Protest Actions with immediate effect. Click here for copy of the Appeal from CMD and copy of letter written by United Forum. United Forum call upon all our members to devote themselves to restore normalcy earnestly at the earliest.

Today CMD MTNL again called convener of United forum and made appeal for deferment of the on going agitation; in reply to appeal of CMD, Sh. M K Bagchi conveyed that without any concrete proposal it is difficult to deffer the current agitation . CMD also apprised about deteriorating services in MTNL Delhi. But keeping in view the gravity of our demands the leadership of united forum decided to further intensify the current agitation.

United Front Demonstration on 9th Nov 2010 in the Eyes of the Press:

On 9.11.2010 Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Phone5 Phone6 Phone7 Phone8 Phone9Photo10 Photo11 Photo12 Photo13 Phone14 Phone15On 18.10.2010 Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Phone5 Phone6 Phone7 Phone8

On 23.10.2010 Photo1 Photo2

23.11.2010  CR’s called for Executive Promotion from E2 – E6 Grades in Telecom and Civil wing at Delhi unit. Click the link for details.Telecom  E2-E3  E3-E4  E4-E5  E5-E6  Civil  E3-E4  E4-E5  E5-E6
20.11.2010  ‘Today CMD MTNL called us in a meeting at 4 PM. The representatives of all 16 organisations along with the convener of United forum of union and association attended the meeting. CMD made an appeal to stop/postpone the agitation programme. To this we responded that as there is no concrete development in respect of our demands, we cannot reconsider the programme of protest actions for any extraneous reason. We call upon our members to intensify the prgramme of non co-operation.’
18.11.2010 Today on 18-11-2010 UNITED FORUM OF MTNL UNIONS & ASSOCIATIONS held a massive rally from K. L. Bhawan to PM house. Rally with a huge number of participants (approximately 16000) from all corners of MTNL Delhi irrespective of cadres, associations/unions ;successfully marched from K.L.Bhawan to PM house. But onSansad Marg due to security reasons, it was requested by Police authorities, not to proceed further. The request was duly considered by our responsible leaders and rally was converted into a huge meeting on Sansad Marg. Thousands of Peace loving workers , executives set down on road itself and listened to their respected leaders with lot of patience. The meeting was addressed by all worthy leaders of all constituents of united forum. The meeting was also addressed by comrade O.P.Gupta a veteran leader of Telecoms industry. Every leader thankedthe huge crowd for making this rally a grand success and further appealed for their respective contribution for non cooperation moment from today itself. Sh. M.K.Bagchi Convener of united front along with Sh.Mange Ram Sharma President of United forum were escorted by Police Authorities to submit the memorandum on this issue to respected Prime Minister of India. Click here for the text of the memorandum.In Mumbai more than 10,000 Officers and Officials gathered in front of Telephone house under the banner of United Forum and submitted memorandum to ED, MTNL, Mumbai.
18.11.2010 CR for IDA pay upgradation under Executive promotion policy from E3 to E4 grade called by Delhi unit. All are requested to arrange for the CRs at the earliest. Click here for the copy of the letter.
 18.11.2010 “Chalo PM Office” – Join Enmass Rally to PM office today to submit memorandum to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on Pension at par with BSNL, revision of pension and completion of absorption process or repatriation of absorbed officers & employees back to DOT. Rally will start from Eastern Court at 12.30 PM. and non-cooperation successful.”Chalo Telephone House at Prabhadevi, Mumbai” and join enmass at the Lunch Hour demonstration by working and retired employees and officers of MTNL. All are requested to participate in full strength and make preparation to make the rally at Delhi and Demonstration at Mumabi and Non-Cooperation at both Delhi and Mumbai from today a grant success. Our journey under the banner of United Forum of all Unions and Associations will not relent unless we achieve our legitimate dues !!! Join Enmass and start marching together !!!
12.11.2010 Shri Kapil Sibbal, Hon’ble Minister of HRD, has been given additional charge of Communication & IT.
12.11.2010 The Joint CEC Meeting of TEAM and MEA Delhi will be held on 16.11.2010 in CTO Dormitory Eastern Court at 10.00 AM sharp to discuss the agitational programmes given by United Forum. All CEC members are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting without fail.
11.11.2010 CR called from Officers of E3 Grade in Delhi unit for up-gradation to E4 Grade. Officers listed in the list are requested to arrange for the CR at the earliest. Click here for copy of letter calling CRs. Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7 Page8 Page9 Page10
11.11.2010 Mandatory In-service Training for Accounts Personnel at New Delhi E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 approved. Click here for the Copy of the letter.
10.11.2010 MTNL Delhi unit called for CR for IDA up-gradation of Accounts Executives from E4 to E5 grade. Click here for the copy of the letter.
09.11.2010 ‘United forum of MTNL Associations and unions observed Massive demonstration at Jantar Mantar on 09-11-2010. Nearly 15,000 Employees and officers have participated to demand Pension at par with BSNL, Revision of Pension and to finalise the absorbption in MTNL by absorbing ITS officers or bring back all the absorbed employees and officers on Deemed deputation.’ Click here for the Text of Press Release.United forum of Unions & Associations of MTNL Mumbai held launch Hour demonstrations in front of all Area GM offices (at 12 Locations) on 9.11.2010 and submitted memorandum to all GMs of MTNL Mumbai.United Forum Zindabad !!! Long Live MTNL Employees Unity !!!
9.11.2010 Mass Demonstration at Area GM Officers during Lunch Hours. 18.11.2010 Mass Demonstration at Telephone House during Lunch Hours. 29.10.2010 Com A K Kaushik, GS, TEAM write to CMD, MTNL demanding immediate grant of Bonus for the year clearly highlighting DoT/Govt is purely responsible for the present status of MTNL and not the employees. “Bonus is a legitimate claim of employees and should be paid before Diwali” he asserts. Click here for the copy of the letter.
02.11.2010 Last date for exercising for Pro-rata Pension for MTNL Executives have been extended up to 31.12.2010. Click here for the copy of the letter..
29.10.2010 UF, Mumbai issued Notice of protest action. Click here for the copy of the letter.
29.10.2010 Com A K Kaushik, GS, TEAM along with Com. V P Bharatwaj, AGS TEAM and Com. Ram Gopal, CS TEAM met CMD on 29.10.2010 and discussed about the working of ED, Delhi which is affecting the performance of MTNL, Delhi. Click here for the points discussed.
29.10.2010 Com A K Kaushik, GS, TEAM write to CMD, MTNL demanding immediate grant of Bonus for the year clearly highlighting DoT/Govt is purely responsible for the present status of MTNL and not the employees. “Bonus is a legitimate claim of employees and should be paid before Diwali” he asserts. Click here for the copy of the letter.
28.10.2010 Com A K Kaushik, GS, TEAM Wrote letter to Dir(HR) requesting to expedite issue of regular promotion orders in the cader of Sr. PS who are on the verge of retirement. Click here for the copy of the letter.
28.10.2010 United Forum of Unions & Associations of MTNL Mumbai is formed today with members from all Unions and Associations of Non-Executives and Executives from Mumbai in a meeting concluded at BKC Telephone Exchange Building. Following members are also nominated unanimously for the conduct of the United Forum.Chairman – Com. K. Jawahar, Advisor, RTOWAConvener – Com. Arvind Sawant, President, MTNL Kamgar SanghJt. Convener – Com. J.S.Yadav, CS, TEAM, MumbaiJt. Convener – Com. S.N. Prasad, GS, MEA, MumbaiJt. Convener – Com. V. Ragavan, GS, MTNLOA, MumbaiJt. Convener – Com. Pradeep Savle, GS, MTNL Karmachari FrontJt. Convener – Com. Kishore Kedar, GS, MTNL Workers UnionThe UF unanimously decided to send letter to Prime Minister regarding payment of Pension by Govt to all staff absorbed in MTNL from DoT at par with staff absorbed in BSNL from DoT and Financial health of MTNL. Click here for the copy of the letter. Forum also unanimously decided to serve notice of agitation and follow the programme in line with notice served by United Forum of Delhi.
26.10.2010 Vigilance and CR screening for regular promotion to E5 grade called for Finance personnel. Click here for the copy of the letter.

Schedule of United Front Meetings at MTNL, New Delhi. Sl No Date Place

1 18-10-2010 Shakti Nagar

2 19-10-2010 Bhikaji cama place

3 20-10-2010 Laxmi Nagar

4 21-10-2010 Tis Hazari

5 22-10-2010 R. Garden

6 23-10-2010 CGO Complex

7 25-10-2010 Okhla

8 26-10-2010 Shahdra

9 27-10-2010 K.Bhavan

10 28-10-2010 Janakpuri

11 29-10-2010 Karolbagh

12 01-11-2010 Rohini-III

13 02-11-2010 Hauskhas

14 03-11-2010 Nehruplace

15 08-11-2010 K. L. Bhavan

16 09-11-2010 Jantar Mantar




15.10.2010 United Forum of MTNL serves notice to Dot on Security of job, security of pension and survival of MTNL. Click here for the Text of the Notice.

United forum of MTNL Executives’ Associations and Non-Executives’ unions had taken a decision in the meeting held at CTO, New Delhi on 08-10-2010 to Launch protest action programme to achieve the issues related to Pension payment at par with BSNL, Revision of Pension and immediate completion of absorption of ITS Officers.Protest action programme is as follows:

1. Lunch hour demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 09-11-2010.

2. Rally to Prime minister Office to submit memorandum on 17-11-2010.

3. Non-co operation w.e.f 18-11-2010 till the settlement of the issue.TEAM request all comrades to come forward and make the movement successful.

Programme of action at Mumbai will be announced shortly as soon as all the Associations and Unions meet and decide.

28.09.2010  TEAM had already written to MTNL Management with request to extent last date for exercising option for Pro-rata Pension till the issue of payment of pension at par with BSNL is resolved by Govt/DOT. MTNL Management has assured that the option date for the Pro-rata Pension will be further extended up to 31.12.2010. Hence Association has decided none of the executive will exercise option for pro-rata pension. It is the stand of TEAM that no body will give option for pro-rata pension under any situation.
28.09.2010 Govt Panel to look into MTNL’s pension issue – Press Clips – Economic Times 28th Sep, 2010 Click here for the text of the Press Clips.27.09.2010 MTNL United Forum writes to H’ble Prime Minister on Pension issue and request for:(1)Stop discrimination against MTNL and MTNL’s absorbed employees, executives and retirees.(2) Stop irregular practice of payment of pension and pensionary benefits of the absorbed employees and executives (since retired) from the wage and salary heads of MTNL. Instead DOT should pay the pension and other pensionary dues as it is done in the case of BSNL. DOT can not and should not evade its responsibilities to its employees and officers simply because they have been pushed to the fold MTN in the name of half-baked restructuring.(3) Complete the absorption process including all sections of officers for honest and full implementation of Govt. policy of restructuring scheme immediately or allow us to get out of this scheme and revert back to DOT set up so that we also can continue to work with the deemed deputation status till end.Click here for the text of the letter addressed to the PM.

PMO office set up committee to study Pension issue. Click here for the press clip.

“DoT to seek legal view on footing MTNL’s pension bill” Press note as appeared today in Business Line today. Click here for the copy.

24.09.2010 Com. Kaushik, GS TEAM wrote letter to Dir(HR) on Modification on Medical rule 2001 and two letters to CMD, MTNL on Non Grant of ED, New Delhi for resolving long pending issues and Request for GSM Connection to all executives. Click here for the copies of the letter.
24.09.2010 CHQ President Shri N.Chandrasekaran had a meeting with CMD and Dir HR on 24.9.10 at Mumbai after the board meeting and discussed the issue of pension on par with BSNL, extension of date for prorata option and conducting DPCs for regular promotion in all cadres. CMD and Dir HR informed us that the pension issue was highlighted by the Management in the COPU (COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC UNDERTAKINGS)review meeting in which DOT was also present. Management has assured to extend the date for prorata till Dec’2010 and to take further necessary action on conducting DPCs for promotion in all cadres.Comrades, the issue of pension is gaining momentum and TEAM is continuously pursuing the issue through all channels. We will again seek political intervention to resolve the issue once the CWG are over. Our GS will highlight this issue to the new Telecom Secretary when he meet him next week.
4.09.2010 Request for extending last date of option for Pro-rata Pension given to Dir(HR), MTNL. Click here for the copy of the letter. Association had decided to request all our members “Not to Opt” for “Pro-rata Pension”.

Com. Kaushik, GS TEAM met Dir (HR) on 3.9.2010 and discussed issues. Dir (HR) assured the following:

1) Option date for pro-rata will be extended if the issue was not sorted out by DoT.

2) DPC for regular promotion will be conducted for all Grades shortly.

3) Case of Hindi Officers and Personnel Staffs will be resolved to the satisfaction of TEAM at the earliest.

4) Issues pertaining to Pension at par with BSNL and Revision of Pension will be taken up seriously with DoT and resolved at the earliest.


CR’s called for Regular Promotion to E-5 Grade in Electric Wing. Click here for List.

Vig Clearance and CR Screening reports called for Regular DPC to E5 Grade in Sr. Manager (Telecom). Click here for List. 

Vig Clearance and CR Screening reports called for Regular DPC to E-5 Grade in Sr. Manager Civil Wing. Click here for the list.

27.08.2010  TEAM Submitted letter to ED, MTNL, New Delhi regarding problems of Executives of MTNL Delhi. Click here for the Letter.
26.08.2010 Mrs. Anita Soni, Dir (Fin) who had completed her 5 years tenure 3 months back, has now been given extension upto her retirement in May 2013. GS along with AGS, OS and PS, Com Arun Dixit met her and congratulated for her next tenure in MTNL as Dir (Fin). The issue of pension at par with BSNL and financial viability of MTNL was discussed in length. She said that she was trying her level best to see that pension in MTNL is decided at par with BSNL. She appreciated GS for his letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister on the subject of Pension and refund of Spectrum charges of 3G & BWA and asked him to continue to pursue these two important issues at all levels. GS asked her to draw a turn around plan for MTNL. She informed that already a turn around plan of MTNL has been drawn and some points of it will be approved tomorrow after which they will be given to Association for getting them to be implemented smoothly.
21.08.2010 Com Kaushik GS, TEAM Visited Mumbai while returning from Goa after attending BSNL Conference. He had attended TEAM, CEC at Mumbai on 20.8.2010. He briefed that the issues like Pension, Revision of Pension Rates, DA rates, Regular Promotion to Executives, Comprehensive approach to Promotional Policy are on the top of the agenda.
17.08.2010 Last date for Pro-rata Pension is extended up to 30.9.2010. Order to this effect is issued by Corporate office. Click here for copy of the letter.
04.08.2010 Corporate Office order on APAR Communication of all entries for fairness and transparency – Certificate regarding – Click here for copy of the order.
30.07.2010 Transfer orders from Mumbai to Delhi in the cadre of JAO 1 & 2, JTO/AM issued by corporate office.
29.07.2010  8 JAOs are transferred from Mumbai to Delhi unit. Click here for copy of order.
24.07.2010 ED, MTNL Delhi Office has issued E4 to E5 time bound upgradtion list of 24 Executives. Click here for the copy of the order.
13.07.2010  Com A.K.Kaushik wrote letter to Dir(HR) MTNL to transfer back the 8 JAOs posted from Delhi to Mumbai. Click here for copy of the letter.
 13.07.2010  Prorata-Pension Option. Request for extending Option date for the pro-rata pension submitted to Dir (HR) MTNL. Click here for the copy of the letter.
13.07.2010   Reminder on Upgradation of CAO’s Post given to Dir(HR) on 12.7.2010. Click here for the copy of the letter.
 13.07.2010 MTNL EN ND office has issued Time bound promotion orders for E7 scale. Please click the links. Click here for list1 list2.
6.07.2010 Meeting with Jt.GM(HR):- Com A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM along with Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, AGS, Sh. Ram Gopal, C.Secy and other office bearers met Jt.GM(HR) on 03.07.2010 and discussed the status of various pending issues like holding of regular DPC’s of various cadres, filling up to 75% sanctioned posts in group-A(DE’S/CAO’s) Upgradations of 19 posts of CAO,s , Transfer of 8 JAO’s and 7 JTO’s(Civil) from Mumbai to Delhi, Long pending issues of Hindi Officers, Discrimination of Medical entitlement between Executives and Non-Executives and inclusion of working spouse for the purpose of medical treatment, sanction of mobile service connection to JAO’s/JTO’s with GSM SIM instead of Guarda SIM, filling of CR’s and annual property return on old pattern, Financial up gradation with respective designation to all cadres etc.Jt GM(HR) assured to take up all these matters on priority.
6.07.2010  Sh. A.K Kaushik General secy. TEAM met with Executive Director MTNL Delhi unit on 29-06-2010 along with Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj Asst General Secy. TEAM , Sh. Ram Gopal Cicrcle Secy.TEAM Delhi Circle,SH. K.C. Vats Organising Secy. TEAM Delhi Cicrle ,Sh. Ajay Sharma Asstt. Circle secy. TEAM Delhi Circle and Sh. Somnath Asst. Circle Secy. TEAM Delhi circle, Many points discussed with him in a healthy and Peaceful atmosphere. Click here for the points of discussion.