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 30.06.2016  It is reliably learnt that IDA rate for CPSU employees may be increased by 2.4 %w.e.f. 01.07.2016.


It is for information to all that a CEC meeting of TEAM Delhi circle is scheduled to be held on 29.06.2016 (Wednesday) to discuss the following agenda:

*Various means for implementing the  next phase of Protest Action Programme communicated to MTNL management by UFOM.

**Organizational Matters.

***  Any other point with the permission of chair.    

All Area Secy./Divisional Secy./CEC members/ Circle office bearers/ CHQ office bearers present in Delhi are requested to positively attend the meeting .


Some so called Trade unions in MTNL who call themselves champions of the cause of the  members but actually they are not . To understand their reality you all have to go through the following story :

“ एक रेलवे का टीटीई (टिकट चेक करने वाला) टिकट चेकिंग के दौरान जो यात्री खाना खा रहे होते थे उनके खाने में से रोटी लेकर खाता रहता था और अपनी भूख मिटाता रहता था. रोटी का टुकड़ा लेते हुए टीटीई बोलता था कि “ दाने- दाने पर लिखा है खाने वाले का नाम “. ऐसा वो टीटीई रोज़ करता था. एक दिन एक यात्री टीटीई के रोज़ के कारनामें से तंग आकर कहा कि टीटीई साहब कुछ व्यक्ति ऐसे होते हैं कि जो कुछ नहीं करते परन्तु अपनी जेब में एक मोहर रखते हैं जिस पर उनका नाम लिखा होता है और उनका काम होता है दाना उठाया और मोहर लगायी और यह कहते हुए कि दाने- दाने पर लिखा है खाने वाले का नाम और दाने को खा जाते हैं.

Our these so called champion Trade Unions are always behave like the TTE of above mentioned story. They will not do any work but they will not take even a minute to paste the posters as well as to put up their write ups on website/social media about all issues as if they have done it.  Every employee/executive knows about their role in every issue pertains to the welfare of the employees/executives e.g. the issues relates to the payment of Rs.3000/- per month to the executives at the time of absorption ( Because of their negative role every executive had suffered a loss of Rs.15000/- ) , implementation of E2 Scale for JTO/JAO and similarly placed executives at the time of absorption , implementation of 30% fitment at the time of implementation of 2nd PRC report in MTNL., issue related to revision of pension (who retires prior to 01.01.2007 ) and payment of pension by the Govt. of India to the executives/employees of DOT absorbed in MTNL. They are same peoples who have agreed for the pension Trust in MTNL. Because they wanted to be trustees of the proposed pension trust.

Comrades ! our association believes in doing the work for the welfare of executives/employees and not in publicity that is why some times we lack in publicizing our credentials but we do not mind . Our association has all along worked for the cause of the executives/employees and will continue to do the same.


MTNL eyes revival; may partner with BSNL:State-run telecom firm MTNL will submit its revival plan to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) by August this year which aims to bring the loss making public sector undertaking (PSU) out of the red.

“We are in advanced stages of finalising the report on the revival plan for MTNL and will submit it to the DoT by August,” MTNL CMD P K Purwar told PTI.  A news from Economic Times…….

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 MTNL corporate office issued a letter to GM ( Admn) Delhi and Mumbai Unit for the Group Health Insurance Policy for working employees w.e.f. 10.06.2016. Please read carefully this letter as TPA have been changed .

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 Office of Additional Director (HQ) Central Government Health Scheme issued confirm minutes of the meeting held on 13.06.2016 regarding the difficulties being faced by CGHS for enrolling pensioners of  BSNL / MTNL.

Please click here for copy of minutes issued.

 22.06.2016  ED Delhi office issued a list of 26 eligible executives for calling of CR and Vigilance Report  for regular promotion of AM to DM. It is requested to all area secretaries to take immediate steps for getting complete APAR of executives of their respective areas.
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2nd CEC of Mumbai Circle was held today at Telephone House, Prabhadevi, Dadar West. Meeting was chaired by Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM on his way back from Mysuru after attending All India conference of AIBSNLEA. During deliberation members expressed their anger about the indifferent attitude of MTNL management, especially that of Shri. P.K.Purwar, who denied regular promotion to SMs in E5 Scale for 75% of executives and released promotion order only to 50% of the vacancies. Indifferent attitude of management in reducing the number or sanctioned strength was condemned by members and opined that we should stop accepting officiating assignments.

Com. A.K.Kaushik explained the development in details and told that 100 % the vacancies shall be due for executives since ITS absorption has attained finality and no recruitment policy is formalised for top management. The then CMD had agreed to release 75% of the vacancies to the existing executives as one time relaxation. Shri. P.K.Purwar, the present CMD is sitting financial implications and wants one more month to decide on. We failed to understand how regular promotion to executives will have financial implications especially when there is was no additional increment offered ? Shri. P.K.Purwar, CMD, Who was holding Dir(Finance) position of MTNL is reckless in his approach. Management always compare pay package with BSNL and Pay scales of MTNL are higher. They fail to realise that BSNL Executives are drawing more pay than MTNL employees. BSNL offered two additional increments since absorption and is offering one increment to their executives on their regular promotion to the next higher grade. Further, BSNL executives were paid allowances which MTNL executives were denied. Except for difference in scale all BSNL executives are drawing more than MTNL executives, he pointed out. We the MTNL executives agreed to equate the scales to BSNL and demanded for merger to which they are reluctant.

On the issue of CGHS scheme, MTNL all of a sudden released the order and made CGHS facility as a mandatory option. Members expressed dissatisfaction on management for declaring CGHS as a mandatory option for all executives. While BSNL pay entire amount of onetime payment towards CGHS subscription, MTNL Board has restricted its contribution to maximum of Rs.15,000/- which is unjust. MTNL is bound to pay entire amount of onetime payment as is being done by BSNL. Com. A.K.Kaushik requested the retired executives not to press panic button about this order. MTNL is no one to issue the order. From Minutes of CGHS (Policy) unit of Ministry Of Health and Family welfare issued on 20.6.2016, it was learnt that road block has been removed. DoT has to work out corresponding IDA pay scale and finally workout contributions to be paid by individual pensioners. This will take time and we will discuss with them. Our demand was to get individuals option for CGHS facility.

 MTNL paid Rs.7000 Crore for 3G Spectrum and loosing around Rs.500 Crore interest apart from Rs.4000 Crore on network deployment. Just for Rs.275 Crore from BSNL the investment on mobile network and spectrum charges can‘t be sacrificed. Rather Merger with BSNL could have been the best option.

To oppose the move of management in above sphere it has been resolved to serve notice for protest action plan. “It is here by resolved in CEC meeting held today, the 21st June, 2016, at Mumbai to serve notice to the administration on issues related with Promotions for 25% remaining vacancies, issue of Promotion orders for those who retired, Option for CGHS facility, Payment of one time charges for subscription to CGHS by MTNL and against Merger of GSM Service with BSNL GSM Service as against our demand for merger of BSNL and MTNL in To-to.” This resolution of CEC, Mumbai will be placed for discussion at CHQ level. 

CEC Mumbai in its meeting has decided to appeal to its members who have been promoted as Sr. Manager at E5 grade on regular basis to kindly donate Rs.5000/-. 

TEAM Zindhabad !!!


BSNL contracts HFCL to ‘rewire’ armed forces : State-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) has placed an advance purchase order of Rs 1,245-crore with domestic telecom gear & fibre optic maker (HFCL) for building a (DWDM)-based optical transmission backbone network for the armed forces. The entire scope of the contract is likely to be completed within 18 months in various phases.
is managing the (NFS) project worth Rs 13,000 crore for defence services, in lieu of spectrum that the latter had vacated for auction of 3G services.
There are four-five portions of the NFS project like the fibre-laying part, for which a contract had been awarded two years back and currently work is on. Then, there is the electronics part for the information technology network and DWDM portion for which HFCL has emerged as the lowest (L1) bidder. A news from from Business standard…..
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The representative of United Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations has spoken to the the concerned officers of the CGHS (Policy) unit of Min. of Health and Family Welfare, Nirman Bhawan on 20th.June,2016 and  has learnt that the road block in the implementation of Government’s decision to provide medical facilities to the pensioners ( on combined service) of MTNL/BSNL has been removed  finally in the meeting of all stake holders held on 13th’June,2016.The minutes of the meeting detailing the implementation procedures have already been approved.  The minutes which are still lying with the CGHS unit in Nirman  Bhawan will now be sent to DOT soon.for implementation It is learnt that DOT has agreed to suggest the  CD scale and grade pay corresponding to the ID pay as mentioned in PPO Books of the pensioners at the time of retirement and issue the implementation order to MTNL/BSNL which, in turn, will provide the necessary documents to the respective pensioners for their applying for CGHS benefit. This will form the basis for deciding the amount of contributions to be paid by individual pensioner vis-à-vis his entitlement.


 Congratulation to all Promoted Executives (Sr.Manager) on their regular promotion after a long wait……..

Much awaited list for regular promotion to the post of Sr. Manager / DE has been out for 247 Telecom Executives from Corporate office today.Management did not obey their own orders for giving one time 75% quota for promotion to Sr. Manager (telecom) and hence it seems that the list has been out on the basis of 50% of the available posts.

Please click here for copy of orders.


 UFOM wrote a letter to CMD MTNL in which United Forum communicated him regarding proposed demonstration programmes to be held on 5th July 2016 during lunch hour at K.L.Bhawan and on  22nd July2016 during lunch hour on corporate office. UFOM quoted references of various letters communicated to MTNL management regarding our long pending demands.

Please click here for copy of letter.


 As per approval of  MTNL Board held on 30.05.2016 pro-rata optee pensioners and combined pensioners in whose case PPOs are already issued by CCA are mandatorily  asked to apply for CGHS facility, including those in which case PPOs get issued till 31.08.2016.

please click here for copy of orders.



Much awaited meeting between CGHS (Policy) unit of Min.of Health and Family Welfare and DOT has been held as scheduled on 13th. June,2016. This meeting is expected to sort out the issue of amount of contributions that an eligible pensioner will have to pay  Vis-à-vis his entitlement for getting medical benefit from CGHS. The details will be known only after minutes are issued. Minutes are expected to be issued soon. Let us wait hopefully.Meanwhile MTNL Board has decided to bear 50% of the defined contribution for life time Membership subject to minimum of Rs 6000/- and maximum of Rs 15000/-as one time facilitation liability.

 13.06.2016  It is reliably learnt that DPC process has been started for regular  promotion from JTO  to SDE and may be completed by Wednesday. We hope that vigilance clearance report  will be sent to Corporate office by Thursday.

 Cabinet approved the constitution of 3rd PRC for CPSEs .Hon,ble Retired judge Sh. Satish chandra will be head of the committee which includes three other members. the committee has to submit its report to Govt. of India within 6 months and the recommendations are to be implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

Please click here for copy of Gazette Notification of 9 June 2016


On 09.06.2016 GS along with Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj JGS, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS Delhi, Sh. Ajay Kumar CFS and Sh. R.D.Ahirwar OS Delhi, met with newly appointed CMD Sh. P.K.Purwar in his office. TEAM presented a flower bouquet to him and welcomed him.

Thereafter CMD explained the circumstance in which he joined this office of CMD and asked each of us to join the hand for continuous financial growth of company so that the future of employees/executives, who are still to serve this company for many years; may be secured. TEAM assured to extend our full cooperation in this direction but asked him to provide solution for unrest spread among employees of MTNL due to various reasons. We had a lengthy discussion over the following subjects:

  • Pending HR issues (example of SDE to DE and JTO to SDE Regular promotion): He explained the hurdles in the case.

TEAM explained him that since 1994 executives are SDE and even after 22 years no one has moved even inch ahead due to neglecting attitude of administration specially HR section of company.

CMD assured to work out on this subject with priority and even if in single stroke complete list could not be finalized then he will try to do it in phase manner. He assured us for resolving other HR issues too.

After listening CMD GS requested him for clearing the file of DPC with complete list and cautioned him that if management fails to obey their own wordings then executives will be left with no alternative other than confrontation which would lead to unrest in the company.

CMD again assured for speedy solution of the issues.

  • Urgent need of Fund for maintaining infrastructure intact: We explained that even if we maintain network with minimum stored items, we will fail to save MTNL. Because due to heavy scarcity of funds infrastructure of Exchanges are on verge of collapse. All most in all areas batteries/power plant/ ACs of main Switch Rooms/ RSU are out dated and are causing chain collapse of services. But no one is taking care of all these.

He assured us that wherever this type of urgent need, funds will be provided.

We gave him some examples of shortage of materials and explained the pity condition of field executives specially SDOs/DEs/AMs . Who cannot face public due to deteriorating services because of shortage of stored items.

CMD assured us to provide these stored items for improving services.


BSNL CMD: Likely to get nod soon to run MTNL’s mobile services:     Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL) expects a go-ahead shortly from the telecom department to manage the mobile services operations offered by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. (MTNL) to bring a deeper synergies between the two state-run telcos.
BSNL will provide managed services to MTNL that include telecom equipment procurement and maintenance, technology and business advisory services.
“Telecom department is considering to bring mobile business of BSNL and MTNL together in an effort to bring synergy between the two companies,” Shrivastava told ET, adding that the decision is likely to come soon. A news from Economic Times…..

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 08.06.2016  GS Along with Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj JGS, Sh.S.P.S.Yadav CS, and Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS  met Sh. N.K.Yadav CMD,MTNL & Member Service today to discuss the matter of pending DPC of DEs. We have requested him to clear the file of DPC before making over the charge of CMD because SDEs are waiting for their promotion since 2013. CMD has assured to our submission and asked the GM(HR) to bring the file today itself. We hope that DPC file will be cleared by CMD and we may expect the promotion order will be issued shortly. We have also requested to Sh. N.K.Yadav for expediting the issue of merger of BSNL  & MTNL. he assured us with positive note.
 07.06.2016 DOT has issued the orders of Shri. P.K.Purwar, Dir(Fin) to look after as CMD, MTNL for three months.
 03.06.2016  We have gathered information regarding pending CR of JTOs for regular promotion for the post of SDE. It is requested to all area secretaries /individual executives to please deposit your CR folders immediately so that DPC which is supposed to be in next week may consider all eligible executives. Please click here for copy of list of left out CR of JTOs.

MTNL aims to be profitable by 2017-18 :State-run firm MTNL BSE 1.54 % today said it expects to post operational profit at the end of the current financial year and turn profitable in 2017-18.We expect to be operationally profitable in 2016-17 and completely profitable in 2017-18,” MTNL Chairman and Managing Director Narendra Kumar Yadav told reporters.

The state-run telecom firm has been running in losses since 2009-10. The PSU reported operating loss of Rs 526.42 crore for the Janaury-March quarter of 2015-16. However, it was able to post a net profit of Rs 174.58 crore for the quarter on account of refunds for surrendering CDMA spectrum. A news from economic times…
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 GS wrote a letter to CMD for congratulating him for bringing MTNL in Profit of Rs. 174.58 Cr. in Jan-March-2016 quarter. He reminded CMD that on one hand MTNL is gaining profit and on other hand its employees are raising their voice for long pending demands including neutralization of 78.2 % IDA w.e.f. 01.01.2007. He requested him to listen the issues raised by employees and to full fill their legitimate demands.

Please click here for copy of letter.

MTNL posts net profit of Rs 174.58 cr for Jan-Mar : State-run MTNL today posted a net profit of Rs 174.58 crore for the January-March quarter on account of refunds for surrendering CDMA spectrum. The company had a loss of Rs 595.11 crore in the same period a year ago. “…on surrender of CDMA spectrum, the compensation of Rs 458.04 crore has been received from government which is included in other income and current quarter,” MTNL said in a filing to the stock exchanges. A news from Money Control.

 Rally from Khurshid Lal Bhawan to PMO on 27.05.2016  was ended at Jantar Mantar , where a huge gathering  of employees and executives of MTNL listened to their  various leaders of United Forum of Union & Association of MTNL . Each leader described all issues in length and made aware  them with latest update about each issue.

Thereafter the meeting was disbursed and under leadership of Sh. M.K.Bagchi convener of UFOM, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS of TEAM, Sh.S.P.S.Yadav CS of TEAM, Sh. S.N.Pandey President of meeting of 27th May 2016 and Sh.S.S.Nanda  GS RTOWA were escorted by police staff for handing over memorandum to PMO.

Please click here for copy of memorandum. 


 Rules may spoil BSNL, MTNL’s asset monetisation plans: Prasad…

MUMBAI: Even as state-run BSNL and MTNL look at monetising their realty assets, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said the precondition of using the land for telecom infrastructure at time of allotment may prove to be a hurdle.

“We also have some limitations emanating from the fact that the land was allotted specifically for telecom infrastructure. What do we do?” he said, speaking at the loss-making MTNL’s technology centre in an upmarket area of central Mumbai.

Prasad added that some local support will be required to ensure that such plans go through smoothly and pointed to local BJP MP Kirit Somaiya as someone who can help.

He said a high-level committee has been formed at the departmental level to look into how to utilise the excess land holdings of MTNL and BSNL……A news from Indian Express….

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 28.05.2016  Very successful march from K.L.Bhawan ND to PMO under banner of United Forum of Unions & Associations of MTNL for our long pending legitimate demands held on 27.05.2016 , which was covered by print and electronic media too. Please see the news clipping…
  Rashtaya Sahara

एमटीएनएलकर्मियों ने निकाला मार्च
नई दिल्ली। एमटीएनएल कर्मचारियों के विभिन्न संगठनों ने शुक्रवार को अपनी मांगों को लेकर खुर्शीद लाल भवन से प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय तक मार्च निकाला और अपनी मांगों का ज्ञापन पीएमओ अधिकारियों को सौंपा। मार्च का आयोजन यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ एमटीएनएल यूनियन एंड एसोसिएशन के बैनर तले किया गया था। मार्च में एक दर्जन से अधिक कर्मचारी यूनियनों के प्रतिनिधि शामिल थे। फोरम के संयोजक एमके बागची के नेतृत्व में एमटीएनएल कर्मचारियों ने खुर्शीद लाल भवन से जंतर मंतर होते हुए प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय के लिए कुच किया। लेकिन जंतर मंतर पर पहुंचते ही कर्मचारियों को पुलिस ने रोक लिया। जिसके बाद कर्मचारियों ने यहां पर जमकर नारेबाजी की। विरोध प्रदर्शन कर रहे कर्मचारी पीएमओ की ओर जाने के लिए जब उग्र हुए तो पुलिस फोरम से जुड़े कुछ एक नेताओं को एक पुलिस वैन में बिठा लिया। (एसएनबी)

 27.05.2016  Lunch hour demonstration by United Forum of Unions & Associations, both at Delhi and Mumbai, demanding 78.2 % IDA neutralization, i.e., Fixation of pay and pension as on 1.1.2007 merging 50% of IDA as on that date effectively amounting to 78.2 %, Providing one more opportunity to Pro-rata Pensioners for exercising fresh pension option, extending of medical facilities under CGHS and withholding of proposed VRS till all above demands are met was a great success. More than 2000 members attended the Rally to PM House at New Delhi and around 800 members attended Lunch hour demonstration at Mumbai. Com. Bhai. Jagtap, MLC, Maharashtra and Chairman United Forum addressed the demonstration at Mumbai and assured the employees that all our demands are genuine & will be resolved in coming days as it has been done in our Pension issue. Com. J.S.Yadav, Chairman, TEAM, Mumbai, Com. J.J.Mathias, GS, MEA, Mumbai, Com. R.R. Mishra, CS, TEAM, Mumbai, Com. Badri Pathak, GS, RTOWA, Com. S.M.Sawant, GS, PWA, Com. Jyothi Sonawadekar, GS, Sanchar Union etc addressed the gathering at Mumbai. Click here for the photos taken during the program at Delhi and Mumbai.

 GS wrote a letter to CMD with regards to FR 56 J clause of CCS conduct rule being circulated among employees and executives of MTNL.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 25.05.2016 United Forum of MTNL Mumbai will be holding Lunch hour demonstration in front of Telephone House at Prabhadevi, Dadar – 28 in line with United Forum of Delhi’s programme of Rally to PM House on 27.05.2016 at Delhi for materializing our demands of 78.2 % IDA Neutralization, One more option for Pro-rata Pension optees and Central Government Health schemes for all MTNL employees. Join en-masse in the lunch hour demonstration and convey strong message to the management about our unity and resolve that employees can’t be taken for granted. 

GS along with Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj  JGS, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS, and Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS  had a meeting  with CMD at his DOT  on 24.05.2016 to discuss the following matters:

1.Proposed VRS : CMD tried to make us understand that VRS is a very good proposal for financial health of MTNL and its workers. He placed many argument for convincing us to promote VRS plan. our leadership made it very clear that until our pending HR issues and implementation of 78.2% IDA neutralization demand being fulfilled by administration , we cannot even think of any other proposal being floated by administration.

2.CMD requested us to withdraw our proposed MARCH to PMO on 27.05.2016. TEAM made it clear that still there is gap of 3 days for 27.05.2016 , if administration does not think and act in positive way for resolving our issue the proposed protest action programme will not be withdrawn.

3.Regarding regular DPCs and pending regular promotions CMD asked Director finance to look into matter again.

 1)VRS a requirement to increase BSNL’s profitability: CMD Over 2,10,000 employees of the state-owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) may be seen as a huge asset of the company due to its far and wide reach, but to improve its books, a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) is a “requirement”, chairman and managing director Anupam Shrivastava told The Indian Express in an exclusive interview. A news from Indian Express.
2)SBI-BSNL launch Speedpay: How mobile wallets can change your life: Remember the time you stood in a long queue in banks, (Mondays and Saturdays being the worst) and spend almost half a day to get your passbook updated or funds transferred to your parents. Soon that became part of lore with the era of internet banking, which made it possible to transact online. With mobile banking using the mobile handset, transferring money at the click of a button anywhere made it even quicker…..A news from First post…

GM(HR) called a meeting of different association and unions on 23.05.2016 for clearing various aspects of proposed VRS and FR 56 J . Many leaders of various association and unions attended the meeting. The said meeting was attended by Sh. V.P.Bharadwaj JGS along with Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS, Sh. K.R.Yadav CP and Sh. S.S.Asija ACS. 

GM(HR) briefed the issue of proposed VRS and 56 J . Our Association responded firmly as follows:

1.Without resolving the issue of 78.2% IDA neutralization and long pending HR issues no proposal of VRS is acceptable to our organisation.

2.With regards to implementation of to 56 J clause of CCS Conduct rule it was conveyed that association cannot keep quit for autocratic attitude of administration . If administration dare to implement 56 J in its own way then they have to face the  consequences for the same.


It is felt by GS that Executives and non executives are being harassed by MTNL Management in the name of non performer by talking about implementation of FR 56 J a clause of CCS conduct rule. It is being assured by CHQ to each executive that there is no need to be in fear for such reasons. Administration can not show way of exit to any employees just as per their wish. TEAM stand upon as usual for welfare of our executives with 100% commitment. Please participate in full strength in the rally scheduled for 27 th may 2016 without any fear for achieving mile stone victory just few steps away from us. Please go through the following appeal of GS .and CS Delhi…

Please click here for appeal of GS and CS.


CEC meeting of Delhi Circle was held on 20.05.2016 at 14hrs in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND to discuss the various suggestions of members about successful implementation of the call for Rally to PM house on 27.05.2016 at 12 Hrs. The members from all corners /areas of Delhi Unit participated in the Meeting. It was Jam Packed session of CEC.From CHQ GS was present along with his all CHQ members present in Delhi. Meeting was presided over by Sh. Gaj Raj Singh V ice President .

Initial message was delivered by Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS who described in detail about pending various demands  and the decision taken by UFOM for resolving these issues by Protest Action Programme as conveyed to MTNL management. There after many Participant gave valuable suggestions for increasing participation of Executives and non executives for the scheduled rally from K.L.Bhawan on 27 May 2016 at 12 hrs.

After listening every one GS addressed the house. He described in detail the wrong tactics being adopted by Management to harass executives and non executives. He called upon each executives and non executives to come forward to  join the hands in the call given by UFOM. GS answered many quarries raised by members.

 18.05.2016 NOTICE 

It is for information to all that CEC meeting of  TEAM Delhi Circle is scheduled for 20.05.2016 at 14 hrs. in room no. 756 of Kidwai Bhawan ND to discuss the following agenda:

1) Programme of march to PM house on 27.05.2016 as communicated by United Forum to MTNL management.

2) Organisational matters.

 3) Any other  point with the permission of chair.

It is requested to all Divisional Secy. , Area Secy. , CEC members , CWC members and CHQ members present  in Delhi to attend meeting without failure.


MTNL to offer high-speed services in Delhi:NEW DELHI: MTNL will use optical fibre-to-home technology to provide high-speed broadband and digital voice services in parts of Delhi. The download speed of the service will range between 10 mbps to 50 mbps, depending on the plan, and the free usage limit will vary from 25 GB to 200 GB a month. A news from TOI…

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BSNL made operative profit under NDA rule: Ravi Shankar Prasad…Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad blamed previous UPA government for heavy losses at state-run BSNL in recent years. Talking to reporters here on the status of BSNL, he said when NDA regime ended in 2004, BSNL had made a profit of Rs 10,000 crore. But after 10 years of UPA rule, BSNL’s loss was estimated to be around Rs 8,000 crore due to the ‘non-performance’ of Manmohan Singh government, he alleged. Now after one year and eight months of NDA rule, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BSNL for the first time had an operative profit of Rs 672 crore, he claimed……A news from Money Control.

 Pictures of very well organised Open Session Programme at Mumbai on 09.05.2016

Please click here for slide show of pictures. Photo Album


 Pictures of Circle Conference of Mumbai Circle held at very a very beautiful location The  Silverador Resort Club

on 07.05.2016

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Newly Elected Circle Secy. of  TEAM Mumbai Sh. R.R.Mishra issued a letter to administration wherein he informed  about the newly elected office bearers of TEAM Mumbai Circle in 4rth circle conference which was held on 7th of may 2016.

Please click here for copy the letter.


 Open Session conducted on 9.5.2016 after the 4th Circle Conference at Kitte Bhadari Hall, Dadar (W) on 9th May, 2016 was a grant success. Nearly 50 % of our members attended the open session even though most of the members are away from Mumbai due to home town visit during holiday. TEAM is indebted to all the members for their unrelenting support and trust they have reposed on TEAM. While talking on VRS, GS, TEAM declare that unless and until our demand for 78.2 % DA neutralization and One more option for the pro-rata Pension opptees are accepted and settled TEAM will not accept VRS. TEAM, Delhi will be taking out a protest rally on 27.5.2016 to oppose the move of MTNL on VRS.

Click here for the TEAM KEY NOTE ADDRESS 2016.


4th Circle Conference organised by TEAM Mumbai at Silvedar Resort at Uttan on 7th May, 2016 is a grant success. 75 delegates from Delhi and Mumbai participated and deliberated the success stories of TEAM and appreciated Leaders for their stubborn decision which has brought justified Pay scales, Pension from Government, Revision of Pension to retired executives, Payment of arrears to retired executives  etc. At the flag end of the session new body of executives was elected unanimously for heading TEAM Mumbai with Com. Ravi. R. Mishra as Circle Secretary and Com. Rajagopalan as Circle President. Details of Newly elected members of TEAM Mumbai will be updated in the site shortly.

Click here for the Circle Secretary’s report.


 ED Delhi office issued a list for Financial up-gradation of 87 Telecom Executives from E3 to E4.

Please click here for copy of orders.


 United forum of Union and Associations of MTNL wrote a letter to Secretary DOT and CMD regarding pending demands of 78.2% IDA neutralization, one more time option to pro-rata employees, extension of CGHS facility to working & retired employees and withholding proposed VRS till settlement of our long pending demands.

Please click here for copy of letter.


Cutting down on expenses: MTNL’s VRS plan gets nod

The Telecom Commission on Saturday cleared a proposal to offer a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) to Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) employees who are 50 years of age and above, to save costs, a senior government official said, adding that nearly 80 per cent of MTNL’s expenses are towards staff costs.“The exchequer can save around Rs 500 crore to Rs 600 crore every year by giving VRS to some MTNL employees. It can earn up to Rs 300 crore every year from its assets such as buildings and towers by renting them out,” the official said.The official said the government would spend around Rs 2,000 crore towards the VRS. Of this, Rs 1,000 crore will be spent by the Centre towards ex-gratia payment to the employees and the rest will be on account of other settlements.MTNL has over 40,000 employees, 26,000 of whom will be retiring in the next 10 years. The official said that the government plans to save costs by giving the VRS option to 20 per cent of its employees who are above 50 years of age, which is around 5,312 staffers . A news from Indian Express……

Please click here for link to news.


 ED Delhi office issued a letter to call CR of 66 more executives for regular promotion to the cadre of SDE.

Please click here for copy of the letter.


Telecom Commission recommends VRS for MTNL employees: 

The Telecom Commission, highest decision making body of the telecom ministry, has approved a proposal to provide voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) to employees at MTNL, in an effort to revive the loss making telco which has been losing revenue of up to Rs 2000 crore per year. The commission has also proposed steps to increase the PSU’s revenue generating streams by monetizing is assets, which includes sharing its optic fibre, telecom towers and giving its buildings on rent. A news from Economic Times……

 ED Delhi Office Issued a list of LA promotion orders for CAO to DGM (Finance) for 3 Executives.

Please click here for copy of orders.

29.04.2016 Our case regarding demand of 78.2% DA neutralization came up for hearing on 28.04.2016 at Regional Labour Commissioner, Mumbai. From Administration side Shri. Charu Krishna, GM(A), Shri. Balerao, DGM(IR) along with his team appeared before the RLC. Com. Ravindra Kumar, AGS, TEAM appeared on behalf of the Forum. Regional Labour Commissioner asked United Forum to submit response to the letter submitted by MTNL Administration during last meeting. Next date of hearing is fixed as 17.6.2016 at 11.00 hrs.

MTNL signs MoU with Ministry of Urban Development: Government-run telecom company MTNL on Wednesday signed an MoU with the Ministry of Urban Development wherein the telecom major will provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platform for enabling solid waste management in urban local bodies under the Centre’s flagship Swachh Bharat Mission.

Speaking about the initiative, an MTNL spokesperson said, “Our ICT solution to urban local bodies (ULB) will include vehicle tracking system, mobile application for the ULB operational staff and citizen portal for complaint management and transparency. MTNL will also provide any ICT services which can support and enhance operational efficiency of ULBs.” A news from The Hindu…

Please click here for link to news.

29.04.2016 Telecom Executives’ Association of MTNL, Mumbai Circle will be holding an OPEN SESSION in connection with its 4th Circle Conference on 9th May, 2016 (MONDAY) at 2.30 PM on wards at Kitte Bhandari Hall, Dadar (West), Mumbai. All Executives belonging to all the cadres working in MTNL, Mumbai are requested to make it convenient to attend the OPEN SESSION.
 29.04.2016 4th Circle Conference of TEAM, Mumbai will be held on 7th May, 2016 (Saturday) at The Silverador Resort Club, Daugi Road, Dongri, Uttan Road, Bhayander (West), Thane Dist.  Conference will be attended by the delegates elected from all corners of Mumbai. All area office bearers are requested to complete the membership collection and elect delegates for attending Circle conference. Delegates list shall be communicated to Com. Ravindra Kumar, AGS, TEAM either on his mobile 9869251414 through SMS or through email

 Currently No Proposal to Merge BSNL and MTNL: Prasad..The government Wednesday said there is no proposal currently to merge the state-owned BSNL and MTNL, but the operators are trying to generate maximum revenues for their revival.“At present, the government has no proposal to merge BSNL and MTNL. However, BSNL and MTNL are trying their best to generate the maximum revenues for their revival and revitalisation,” Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. The minister held that the declining trend of market share of the firms was arrested in 2015-16 and for the whole year, this is likely to be higher. He added that BSNL earned an operating profit of Rs. 672 crores in 2014-15, which is likely to be much higher in 2015-16. MTNL’s total revenue for the quarter ended December 2015 came in at Rs. 865.52 crores, an increase of Rs. 25.08 crores compared with the previous quarter…A news from NDTV…

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 1)MTNL, BSNL suffered losses under Congress government: Minister.……Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday made a veiled attack on the erstwhile UPA government for the “losses” suffered by the government-run telecom companies BSNL and MTNL. The minister also suggested that a detailed debate could be held on the subject in the house.”I have lot to hear on the same. I also have to tell a lot,” Prasad told the Lok Sabha during question hour and alleged that both the companies suffered losses to the tune of Rs.10,000 crore in 2014 when the BJP-led NDA took office in May 2014.He said that in 2004, when the Congress-led UPA came to power, BSNL was imaking profit of Rs.10,183 crore and MTNL Rs.900 crore. A news from Times of India…

Please click here for link to news..

2) BSNL market share will cross 10%: Telecom Minister….

The declining market share of public sector telecom major BSNL has been arrested and is set to cross 10 per cent, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informed the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.The Minister was replying to a supplementary question by Congress leader K C Venugopal who wanted to know what the Centre was doing to improve service quality by BSNL, whose market share was declining while that of private telecom majors was growing. Blaming the UPA government for the decline in BSNL’s market share, Prasad said: “We have arrested that (decline) trend. From 9.36 per cent (2014), it has become 9.43 per cent till December 2015. When the final audited figure of March 2015 will come, we will cross 10 per cent. I am telling you, there is 4.1 per cent revenue jump. The operating profit is ₹ 672 crore. Therefore, all this would lead to a reclaiming of the market share.” A news from Business Line….

Please click here for link to news..


 ED Delhi Office issued a list of 104 executives for calling of CR and vigilance clearance report, which fall in zone of consideration for the regular promotion from JTO to SDE . All area secretaries are requested to follow up the matter seriously and send the required CR and vigilance report to head quarter immediately.

Please click here for the copy of list. 


Meeting with Director(HR)

Director (HR) had called a meeting yesterday on 22-04-16 to brief the Association about the VRS  programme being chalked out by MTNL management to improve the Financial Health of  MTNL. The meeting was attended by Com. GS along with Com. V. P. Bhardwaj, JGS , Com. Rajeeb Kumar, AGS  , Com. S.P.S. Yadav, CS,Delhi Circle and Com. P. C. Saraswat, Sr. Vice President Delhi Circle.

Director (HR) has informed that VRS plan is based on Gujrat Model VRS pattern. The VRS scheme will be available for the employee who has attained the age of 50 yrs.  and above.  As per MTNL management statistics around 26000 employees fall in the age group of VRS plan. Management is expecting that around 13000 employees will come forward and opt for this VRS plan.

 The compensation which is being planned for employees opting for VRS will consist of salary of 35 days for every completed year of service and 25 days for the balance years of service left until superannuation. The compensation will be subject to a minimum of Rs. 25000/- or 250 days salary whichever is higher. However, this compensation shall not exceed the sum of salary that the employee would withdraw at the prevailing level for the balance of the period left before superannuation. Salary for the purpose of VRS will consist of basic pay and DA only.  


 GS wrote a letter to CMD for reminding him regarding our earlier letter for implementing DOPT guide lines for the retired executives who did not get promotion benefit due to administrative delay in DPC. Whereas they were eligible for promotion. As per these guidelines the benefit of promotion is to be extended to them.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 19.04.2016  It is reliably learnt that DPC for regular promotion to DE/Sr. Manager (Telecom) has been completed and reports have been sent by both (Delhi and Mumbai ) Units to corporate office.
 18.04.2016  ED Delhi office issued transfer orders of General Managers……. Please click here for copy of orders.

The case of seniority as per rule 206 has come for hearing today i.e. on 18 th April 2016. During the course of argument MTNL advocate has pleaded for de-tagging  the MTNL from the case. Which was turned down by Hon’ble bench of Supreme Court. The advocate of 147 candidates has requested for interim order and the same was also turned by Hon’ble bench.

Hon’ble judges of the bench have directed that the case will be finally heard in the month of Sep-2016. The exact date will be pronounced later on.


Condolence Message

Shri. Peeyush Agrawal, Ex. ED, MTNL, Mumbai and Present Member (Technology) at DoT passed away due to sudden heart attack while he was in Mathura for worship at around 1600 hrs today. TEAM deeply mourns for his sudden departure and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

14.04.2016 ED Mumbai office issued list of 20 Executives whose APAR are still not received for DPC. All Area Secretaries and Office bearers are requested to make sure that the Special reports and APARs shown are forwarded by their controlling units immediately. Click here for the copy of the letter issued in this regard. If the APARs and Special reports could not be forwarded to GM(A) office before end of 16.4.2016 these cases could only be covered through supplementary DPC at later dates. It is once again requested that respective area Secretaries may take initiative so that the DPC process could be completed accommodating all members.

 Sh. Rajeeb kumar AGS along with Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS and Sh. Maninder Sareen ACS  met with GM(HR) on 12.04.2016 to discuss the following points.

1) Regular promotion from SDE to DE.

GM HR clarified that the DPC  for these posts will be held in the month of April-2016. She requested us to expedite the screening of eligible officers of both Delhi and Mumbai Units.

2) Regular DPC of JTO to SDE.

GM(HR) replied that this DPC will be conducted after the DPC of SDE to DE to incorporate the vacancies falling vacant.

3) RR for AMs

GM (HR) replied that this case is pending for approval of board meeting.

4) Medical claim of an officer of west area of Delhi unit.

GM(HR) assured for all possible help from her side.

 12.04.2016  The night patrolling of Under Ground Cable by Executives in Mumbai has been deferred by Administration
09.04.2016  Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  on 07.04.2016 , but Hon’ble court has fixed 30.08.2016 as next date of hearing. 

 Corporate office issued Look After promtion order for the post of GM(TR) Delhi.

Please click here for the copy of orders.


 ED Delhi office issued a list of vacant quarters of type III location vice for allotment to needy  employees.

Please click here for copy of orders.


MTNL mulls mobile services with BSNL on revenue sharing basis:

State-run MTNLBSE -3.61 % is working on a plan to operate its mobile services business in Delhi and Mumbai in partnership with BSNL on a revenue sharing basis.
“We are having a very low market share in mobile services and not in a position to make capital investment. We are in discussions with BSNL that can invest in infrastructure and run our mobile business on a revenue share basis,” MTNL CMD N K Yadav told PTI in an interview. 

As per latest Trai report, MTNL had 36.23 lakh mobile customers at the end of January 2016, accounting for 0.36 per cent of total market share. A news from Economic Times.


 GS wrote a letter to CMD MTNL for asking one time relaxation to operate  75%  of the vacancies  under SCF in all the streams in the grade of Senior Manager (finance/Civil/Electrical) on regular basis.

Please click here for copy of letter 


 ED Delhi office issued a list of remaining 35 Executives, whose APAR are still remaining for required period. It is once again requested that all respective area secy. may take initiative quickly to complete the process.

Please click here for the copy of list.

 01.04.2016  A meeting of executives  of ITTM Shadi Pur Delhi was held on 22.03.2016 during lunch hours. All the executives participated in the meeting. The meeting was attended by Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS, Sh. Rajeeb Kumar AGS and Sh. Ram Gopal  Senior leader. Members raised many quarries regarding to  pending HR issues which were replied by CS and AGS. Then members raised various problems and shortcomings of ITTM . They suggested many points by which efficiency, quality and in turn the revenue of ITTM can be raised to a significant level. CS promised to raise all these issues with ED Delhi at earliest.
Please click here for the letter written by CS to ED Delhi for ITTM.

1)MTNL to share network with private players:Loss-making public sector telecom firm MTNL will tap the virtual network operator route to share its network with private vendors.This is part of an attempt to monetise its assets to generate revenue of Rs.1,000 crore over the next couple of years. MTNL has been sharing its telecom towers with BSNL. It is now open to sharing them along with with private telecom competitors, ISPs and cable operators in Mumbai and Delhi. “Next month, we will talk to telecom vendors to work with them on the new virtual network operator model,” MTNL Chairman and Managing Director N. K. Yadav said.

A news from HINDU News paper…... Please click here for link to news.

2)MTNL gets Rs 429 cr for surrender of 800 MHz spectrum: State-owned MTNL today said it has received Rs 428.95 crore from government for surrendering spectrum in the 800 MHz band, used for providing CDMA mobile services in the country. The government had approved to compensate MTNL, which telecom service provider in Delhi and Mumbai, for surrender of 800 MHz spectrum for Rs 458.04 crore. “Government had approved compensation of Rs 458.04 crore to MTNL for surrender of 800 MHz CDMA spectrum out of which Rs 428.95 crore has been sanctioned for disbursal vide DoT letter dated March 28, 2016 and MTNL has received the amount in its account on March 30, 2016,” the company said in a filing to the BSE.

A news from Money Control….. Please click here for link to news.

3)MTNL advances after getting compensation for surrendering spectrum:Mahanagar Telephone Nigam rose 3.17% to Rs 17.90 at 14:12 on after the government approved compensation of Rs 458.04 crore to the company for surrendering spectrum.Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex was up 110.28 points, or 0.44%, to 25,436.On BSE, so far 5.61 lakh shares were traded in the counter, compared with an average volume of 3.98 lakh shares in the past one quarter. The stock hit a high of Rs 18.30 and a low of Rs 17.30 so far during the day. The stock hit a 52-week high of Rs 24.50 on 3 December 2015. The stock hit a 52-week low of Rs 14.45 on 25 August 2015. The stock had underperformed the market over the past one month till 30 March 2016, rising 2.97% compared with 10.16% rise in the Sensex. The scrip also underperformed the market in past one quarter, sliding 20.96% as against

Sensex’s 2.39% decline.

A news from Business Standard... Please click here for link to news.

4) MTNL eyes Rs 1,000 crore revenue from asset monetisation :State-run MTNLBSE 1.13 % is targeting a revenue of Rs 1,000 crore in two years from asset monetisation as it looks to turn profitable by next financial year.

The telecom operator, which offers services in Delhi and Mumbai, is also looking at creating more synergy with BSNL while the merger of the two may take place in 3-4 years.
“In two years time, we should get around Rs 1,000 crore from asset monetisation which include Rs 750 crore from optic fibre and Rs 50 crore from tower ..

A news from Economic Times………. Please click here for link to news.
 31.03.2016  A Meeting of representatives of TEAM was held with General Manager (central) on 30.3.2016 at 5 PM .The meeting was conducted on pre -decided agenda which was duly communicated to administration The meeting was lead by Sh. Manoj Malohtra AS (Central) in presence of GS Sh. A.K.Kaushik, AGS Sh. Rajeeb Kumar, CS Sh. S.P.S. Yadav, FS Sh. Ajay Kumar and Sh. Ranjan Kumar Executive member. The following issues were raised.

  • Harassment of executives in the name of efficiency.
  • Shortage of Man Power, Materials and Funds for fulfilling the aspiration of Top Management and satisfaction of our esteemed subscribers.
  • Problem in maintenance of FTTH connection.
  • Sanitation problem around all the buildings of central area.
  • Posting of officers without any facility.

All the problems were discussed in length .

GM (C) replied that due to work pressure or un- expected quarries from Top Management it could have happened that his behaviour had hurtled some executives but it was never his intention to do so. He quoted one example wherein he felt sorry to the hurtled executives. 

Regarding shortage of Man power, Materials and Funds he replied that at his level he is helpless to provide and hence matter may be take up with higher level of management.

For problems in maintaining FTTH connections he replied that already two SDE have been posted for attending the fault of FTTH connections and he assured that as per need SDE will be allotted work of FTTH Connection at Jor Bagh.

Regarding problems of sanitation GM(C) was also of the same view and was not satisfied with the work quality of the vendor. He told us that while tendering the process for next year these shortcomings will be taken in to account.


 ED Delhi office issued a list of  78 executives whose APARs are still pending for the year 20014-15. It is once again requested to respective area secretaries that please take sppedy actions for resolving any issue for pending APARs of their respective areas and make suitable arrangement for depositing to SDE(DPC) K.L.Bhawan.

Please click here for copy of list.

 23.03.2016 ED, MTNL, Mumbai called for special report and APAR Dossaire for conducting DPC for regular promotion from 379 SDEs and 290 DEs at E3 and E5 grade immediately. Corporate office circular for E5 regular called these reports by 28.3.2016. All E5 grade executives are requested to see that all Special reports and APARs reach GM(A), Mumbai unit at the earliest so that DPC is conducted in Time. All E3 grade executives are also requested to follow up their reports till it reaches GM(A). List of Executives for E5 regular at Mumbai. List of Executives for E3 Regular at Mumbai.

 AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar along with CS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav and CP Sh. K.R.Yadav met CMD yesterday i.e.on 22.03.2016 at his office in DOT. We extended our heartiest thanks and gratitude for his personal efforts for raising the quota of Sr. Manager/DE to 75%. CMD asked us to educate executives for more deep knowledge of various plans , payment options and other related services being rendered for our subscribers.He provided us a MTNL Bulletin which consists many use full information. It is requested to each executives to go through this bulletin.

Please click here to see the bulletin.

 23.03.2016 AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar , CS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav and Senior leader Sh. Ram Gopal ji attended the meeting of executives of ITTM at Shadi Pur Training center on 22.03.2016 during Lunch Hour. All the executives in training center participated in the meeting. Comrade Lalit AS made adequate arrangement and organised the meeting in very good manner.  Leader of CHQ and Circle addressed the house and replied to various quarries raised by members.
 23.03.2016 Com. J.S.yadav, CS, Com. G.N.Haragaball, CP, TEAM, Mumbai along with Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS, TEAM, Com. R.R.Mishra, JGS, TEAM met ED, MTNL, Mumbai today on 23.3.2016 to discuss various issues, viz., HR, Stores and patrolling by Officers in the areas. ED, Mumbai has assured to expedite the issue of screening of CRs of SDEs & JTO for their promotion to DEs and SDEs respectively in a time bound manner. ED has also assured that the night patrolling will be discontinued w.e.f 1st April, 2016. Regarding the issue related to essential stores/material. ED has informed the management is trying its level best to provide stores/materials as imprest in advance so as to fecilitate the staff to execute the work orders within the scheduled time. ED has further assured wherever the shortage of SDEs/DEs will be observed the management will post SDEs/DEs accordingly. During the discussion ED has informed that the management is exploring the resources of MTNL through monetization of   MTNL Assets and earn revenue by sub-letting them. The case of Shri. Sesha Rao, SDE to upgrade the CR Was also taken up. ED responded positively in this regard. We have also taken up the issue of fixation of seniority amongst the JTOs those who have passed in competitive exam and put them senior to all those JTOs who have been promoted as JTOs through relaxation. The management has informed the administration is promoting them as SDEs immediately.

ED Delhi Office issued a list of 260 probable executives for calling of CR and Vigilance report for the regular promotion to the post of DE/Sr. Manager (Tech).

Please click here for the copy of letter.

All area secretaries are requested to see the list, identify the name of executives of their area and take speedy initiative for completing the formalities.


ED Delhi office issued a list of LA promotion for 40 Executives for the post of DE/Sr. Manager.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 21.03.2016 Our association was all along pursuing the management to fill up the all post of the level DE and above with Seniority cum Fitness basis because our association is of strong opinion that when sufficient number of eligible candidates are available then there is no need to have any outside recruitment at any level .The CMD has accede our request  to the extent of 25 % and now HR Department is holding the DPC for 75% of the total post. We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Sh. N.K.Yadav CMD  , Director HR and  HR Wing of Corporate office to accede our request . We are confident that CMD will also issue the orders to fill up the rest of 25 % post through SCF only.
22.03.2016 Com. A.K.Kaushik, GS, TEAM along with Com.J.S.Yadav, CS, Com.G.N.Haragaball, CP, TEAM, Mumbai, Com. R.R. Mishra, JGS and Com. R.S.Nair AGS TEAM met Shri. Charukrishna, GM(A) and discussed the following pending HR issues:

  1. Promotion of Stenographers who have completed 23 years of service as on 1.4.2006 to E2 after placing them in the next higher grade for Six months instead of one year.
  2. Promotion from E2 to E3 on completion of 4 years instead of 5 years fo eligible Stenographers.
  3. Expect
  4. Executive status for Stenographers promoted to E2 Grade
  5. ing the reply to the queries raised by the corporate office in respect of restructuring the cadre of Stenographers.

GM(A) responded positively.

  1. GM(A) Acknowledged the receipt of the orders from CO for DPC from JTO to SDE and SDE to DE. ie., regular promotion in E# and E5 respectively. GM(A) agreed to expedite the matter.

GM(A) was requested to post Es to areas where there are vacancies due to retirement etc.

GM(A) was also requested to post trained SDEs in switch room etc.

GM(A) was also requested to settle the issues of officers/employees who had withdrawn their request for Prorata pension & opted for combined pension. GM(A) assured us all such cases will be decided in accordance to the orders issued by the corporate office.

The case of case of up-gradingthe CR of Shesha Roa, SDE. GM assured to do the needful in the case in accordance to the corporate office letter in this regard.

The meeting ended with positive note.


Corporate office issued a letter to call CR and Vigilance Clearance report for 412 eligible executives for regular promotion to SDE/Dy.manager.

Please click here for copy of letter.


 Corporate office issued a letter about raising the Seniority cum Fitness quota from 50 % to 75 % for regular promotion from SDE to DE.

Please click here for the copy of letter.

Corporate office issued a letter for calling CR and vigilance clearance report for eligible officers for promotion from SDE to DE.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 19.03.2016  Next date of hearing in Hon’ble Supreme Court for seniority case of Rule-206 is 18 April 2016

 1)BSNL to let its customers use landlines via mobiles for making calls: State-owned BSNL unveiled an app through which its customers travelling abroad will be able to connect their landlines through mobile and make calls through them without attracting ISD charges. The Fixed Mobile Telephony service, to be operational from April 2, will however attract monthly charge.A news from IBN live…

Please click here for link to news.

2) BSNL Lines Up Rs. 2,000-Crore Investment to Modernise Itself: State-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network, Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Thursday.

“The company has plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network which includes adding another 21,000 BTS (base transceiver stations). The addition would include 13,000 BTS which the telecom operator would use for its 3G services,” he said.

According to the minister, investment plan is part of the government’s initiative to modernise the public telecom operator so as to make it relevant in the competitive environment which telecom sector is facing now. A news……

Please click here for link to news.

17.03.2016 MTNLs’ representation with RLC, Mumbai on the notice served by United Forum demanding 78.2% DA neutraalisation, One option for pro-rata pension optee and Provision of CGHS Medical facility for DoT employees opted in MTNL came up for hearing today, 17.03.2016, before Conciliation Officer and ALC, Mumbai for hearing. Click here for the letter submitted by MTNL Management mentioning position of MTNL management on these three aspect. Letter shows that MTNL asked for financial support from Govt to meet the additional financial liability so that our demand can be met. Difference in DA of 9.4 % is ours and we will get it at all circumstances. We need to get our rightful dues and that is possible only through our struggle. Comrades keep your self to fight for our justified demand.

Status of Hon’ble Supreme Court case hearing today on TES Gr “B” seniority:

Today in the Court No. 6 at Item No. 1 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla and Hon’ble Mr Justice S.A. Bobde heard the case on TES Gr.”B” seniority wherein the 146 LDCE quota SDEs Senior advocate Mr Saran demanded contempt against the recent 213 DGMs promotion orders. Hon’ble Apex Court after hearing the arguments didn’t admit the case mentioning that the 213 DGMs promotion orders have been issued subject to outcome of the court case and the case is already pending for hearing here in the Apex Court . The senior advocate of 147 SDEs further pleaded to decide the case along with the Rule-206 seniority case.. But the Hon’ble apex court has told that they will 1st decide the recommendation of the committee constituted by this apex court under the chair man ship of   Hon’ble justice   Rama Murthy and thereafter only they will take up the other issues and accordingly Hon’ble bench of supreme court has adjourned the matter .Other side advocate Mrs Rani Chhabra demanded de-tagging of the 147 SDEs seniority case from the Rule-206 seniority case. The next date of hearing will be intimated later on.

Since, the contempt of the court against the DGM promotion is not admitted in the Hon’ble Apex Court, now BSNL/MTNL management can continue to fill-up all the vacant DGM posts.


 DOT wrote a letter to MTNL for asking financial implication of provision of another ‘one time option for pro-rata pension holders to opt for combined service pension in view of giving effect to amendment in rule 37A with retrospective in MTNL’.

Please click here for copy of letter.


 ED Delhi issued financial up-gradation order for following:

1) for 18 Telecom Executives from E3 to E4.    Please click here for copy of orders.

2) for 107 Telecom Executives from E5 to E6.   Please click here for copy of orders.


 ED Delhi Office issued list of 6 Telecom Executives for calling of CR for Financial Up-gradation from E3 to E4.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 10.03.2016 BSNL debt liability at Rs 7,666 crore, MTNL’s at Rs 13,529.62 crore : State-run BSNL had an outstanding debt of Rs 7,666.94 crore as on January 31, 2016, while that of MTNLBSE 0.55 % stood at Rs 13,529.62 crore at the end of February this year, Parliament was informed today.
Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in a written reply to Lok Sabha said that BSNL’s debt is mainly due to its capital expenditure requirement.
“This requirement started in June 2010 after the payment of BWA and 3G spectrum charges to the tune of Rs 18,500 crore to the government,” Prasad said.
For MTNL, debt has been accrued due to payment of Rs 11,097.97 crore for broadband wireless access (BWA) and 3G spectrum charges to government in June 2010 after taking loan of Rs 7,533.97 crore, he said.
“MTNL incurred a loss of Rs 5,322.03 crore in the year 2012-13. Major factors responsible for this position of MTNL are high  .. 
A news from Economic Times……
Please click here for link to news.

GS along , JGS Sh. V.P. Bharadwaj , AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar, VP Sh. Ramnik Sharma, Area Secy. Sh. Pradeep Kr. Gupta & other office bearers of TEAM had a meeting with Sh. Mukul Kamble , GM ( North ) on 08.03.2016 and discussed the following issues :

     1, Undue harassment of executives by the management.

  1. Shortage of staff for patrolling on cable routes, for security of bldg., for AC/ Generator operation, at NCR counters etc.
  2. Shortage of stores like clip phones, TSF kits , PIJF and PVC cables, Drop wire etc.
  3. Shortage of vehicles in North Area
  4. Separate post for CO/PRO and SDE ( S/Hatt)
  5. High Temp. of main Switch room and faults thereof
  6. Non allotment of funds for cable maintenance works

   The meeting was held in a very positive and cordial environment. He acknowledged the shortage of staff, material and limited resources and assured to make appropriate arrangement to meet the requirement. He was sincere in his approach to address the various issues and assured for full co-operation. The association also has assured him its full support and co-operation in improving the MTNL.


ED DELHI office issued following LA orders for Finance Executives:

1) LA promotion order for 1 Executive for post of CAO.  Please click here for copy of orders.

2) LA promotion order for 3 Executives for post of DGM. Please click here for copy of orders.


United Forum of Unions and Association of MTNL wrote a letter to CMD MTNL and Secy. DOT for our long pending demands and requested both of them to resolve these issues promptly for avoiding any disturbance in industrial peace of company.

Please click here for copy of letter.


Corporate office issued transfer and posting orders for GM.

Please click here for copy of orders. 


BSNL, MTNL revenue growth lesser than private telcos: Ravi Shankar Prasad : Rise in revenues of BSNL and MTNLBSE 2.92 % lag those of private players because of less aggressive market skills, legacy manpower and delay in augmentation of mobile network, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said today. The minister said both the state-run firms are taking several steps to enhance revenues.

BSNL revenue increased by 2.32 per cent in 2014-15 to Rs 28,645 crore whereas MTNL witnessed an increase of 0.90 per cent to Rs 3,821 crore for the same period.  A news from Economic Times…


 A meeting of Officers of MTNL  and Secretary DOT was held in Mumbai on 15.02.2016 to discuss the financial condition of MTNL. Wherein MTNL was asked to  worked out a detail plant in coordination with BSNL on synergy and monetization of various assets and submit the same before 29.02.2016.

Please click here for copy of minutes.


1)Telecom PSUs like BSNL to invest Rs 16,815 crore in 2016-17 :Telecom PSUs such as BSNL have earmarked an investment of Rs 16,815 crore for the next fiscal in a host of projects, including setting up of Wi-Fi hotspots, enhancing network quality and expanding broadband coverage.BSNL has earmarked capital expenditure of Rs 7,317 crore for 2016-17, while Bharat Broadband Network Limited, which is implementing the national optical fibre network, has investment plans of Rs 9,418.67 crore for the next fiscal.”We have capex plan for Rs 7,317 crore. This includes setting up of 40,000 wifi hotspots, 10 times enhancement of core network capacity and Rs 2,000 crore of add-on equipment under phase 7 of network expansion,” BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava told PTILoss making PSU MTNL will spend Rs 649.03 crore and Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) will invest Rs 100 crore, according to the budget documents.

A news from PTI……. Please click here for link to news.

2.BSNL keen on buying one slot of 700 Mhz spectrum: In order to strengthen coverage, state-run telecom operator BSNL is interested in buying 5 MHz spectrum in premium 700 MHz band in at least six service areas.BSNL though will not be participating in the auction.Instead, it will ask government to keep one slot reserved for it and will pay the market determined price for the circles after the auction concludes.“We will be discussing with the government that one slot of 700 MHz, we will take on the basis of auction determined price,” BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava told PTI during the Mobile World Congress here. A news from Business Line.

Please click here for link to news.


With some modification to its earlier order for posting of Look after AM/DGM , ED Delhi Office issued a fresh order as follows.

Please click here for copy of orders.


 ED Delhi office issued a letter asking every unit to submit a report  regarding probity and efficacy among the employees in MTNL.

Please click here for copy of letter.

 26.02.2016  Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  on 24.02.2016 , but Hon’ble court has fixed 07.04.2016 as next date of hearing. 
 24.02.2016 GS along with Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS met with GM(Admn) on 22.02.2016 for discussing the  pending issue of  LA promotion in the cadre of DE/DGM and for some request transfers of executives. GM(Admn) assured that he is expediting both cases for earliest releasing the list. He noted the request made by executives for their transfer.

ED Delhi office issued a list of 29 finance executives for their promotion to the cadre of CAO/Sr.manager (Finance). The list also contains transfer order of 4 Finance Executives.

Please click here for copy of orders.


MTNL revival tough but not impossible: Ravi Shankar Prasad:“Revival of MTNL is tough but not impossible. Government will provide all possible support for its revival,” Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said at a convention organised by MTNL Mazdoor Sangh on the revival of the public-sector firm.  A news from Money Control.


GS along with AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar met with CMD MTNL at his office New Delhi to discuss the various pending HR points and  revenue enhancement of MTNL. CMD assured us to take positive steps for pending HR issues. He stressed upon  collective efforts of each employee for revenue enhancement of MTNL.  He provided us a copy of press release of MTNL and copy of MTNL news Letter.

Please click here for copy of press release and copy of copy of MTNL News Letter.


GS along with CS SH. S.P.S.Yadav, AGS SH. Rajib Kumar and OS Sh. R.D.Ahirwar met ED Delhi on 17.02.2016 to discuss the following subjects:

1) Delay in LA orders for the post of DE /DGM (Tech).

2) Shortage of stored items.

 ED patiently heard us and assured that he has already instructed concerned wing for speeding up the case of LA promotion to the post of DE/DGM (Tech). He further assured that shortage of materials is being monitored and necessary remedial action will be initiated for fulfilling the requirement.

 17.02.2016 The case related to Rule-206 has come for hearing today i.e. on 17.02.2016 in the Hon’ble Supreme Court . Hon’ble Court has decided to detach the case of 147 competitive quota candidates from the case of Rule-206 i.e. recasting of seniority of TES Group ‘B’ on the basis of   year of passing the TES Group ‘B’ qualifying Examination. Hon’ble Supreme Court has asked effective parties to submit their clarification regarding Hon’ble justice Ramamurthy’s report , if any , within three weeks. Hon’ble court has also informed to go in accordance to the letter & Spirit of the Hon’ble Justice Ramamurthy’s report with some minor tits & bits if needed so. Hon’ble bench of  Supreme Court has also clearly informed that they are not going to bring any major change in recommendations of the Hon’ble Justice  Ramamurthy’s report. We may expect the judgment after most probably by the end of March-2016.

MTNL reports net loss of Rs 704.93 crore in December quarter:State-run MTNL today reported a narrowed down net loss at Rs 704.93 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2015.

The company, which offers services in Delhi and Mumbai, had reported a net loss of Rs 730.83 crore for the same period last fiscal, MTNL said in a BSE filing. A news from Times of India…..

Please click here for link to news

 11.02.2016 GS along with AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar and VP Sh. Ramneek Sharma met with GM(Admn) on 10.02.2016 regarding delay in issuing    LA orders for post of DE/Sr. Manager and DGM (Tech). GM( Admn) agreed with our view point and told that in consultation with ED (Delhi) he has taken necessary initiatives for resolving this issue. 
 10.02.2016 Corporate office issued an order regarding holding of DPC  as per Calendar for Year 2016

Please click here for copy of orders Page1 and Page2..


Corporate office issued Regular Promotion order for the post of DGM(Finance) for 5 executives. TEAM wishes all the best to the promoted executives for their new assignments.

Please click here for copy of orders Page 1 and  Page 2


DOT issued an order for extension of Sh. N.K.Yadav as CMD  MTNL for a period of  six month with effect  from 08.12.2015, or till the appointment of regular incumbent to the post  or until further orders, whichever is earliest.

Please click here for copy of orders.


Telecom Firms to Contest Regulator’s Views on Spectrum Auction Pricing:Telecom operators will approach the Department of Telecom (DoT) to contest sectoral regulator TRAI’s recommendations on spectrum auctions, especially on pricing of the premium 700 Mhz band. 
“We will write to DoT by the end of next week for deferring auction of 700 Mhz band and on possible errors in calculation of price of 700 Mhz band (spectrum). TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has fixed priced based on formula given in 2012. Lot of things in the industry have changed since then,” COAI director general Rajan S Mathews told PTI. A news from NDTV Profit.

Please click here for link to news.

 05.02.2016 MTNL Corporate office issued a letter for approval of leave of officer of the DGM level and above by CMD, from 04.02.106 to 31.03.2016.
04.02.2016 Protest Action Programme on 08.01.2016 and 29.01.2016 was covered by National Print Media. Please click here to see some of newspaper cuttings.
 01.02.2016 Condolence Message

Veteran leader of erstwhile JETA/JTOA comrade W.Seshagiri Rao  breathed his last at 1 am today due to cardiac arrest. He was great leader and many goals were  achieved under his dynamic leadership for the promotee officers of DOT.TEAM pays an humble homage to him and pray to almighty for resting his soul in peace .


ED Delhi office issued a list of 13 executives (Telecom) for calling of CR for financial up -gradation from E3 to E4.

Please click here for copy of letter.  


Day Long Dharna  was observed in Delhi and Mumbai  by United Forum of Associations and Unions from 10 am to 5.30 pm on 29.01.2016 at K.L.Bhawan ND and Prabha Devi Telephone Exchange building  respectively. 

In Delhi Dharna was started with all representatives of various unions and associations. They all observed full day fast. Thereafter huge number of  retired and working employees joined Dharna in support of their legitimate demands. Till noon thousands of employees gathered at K.L.Bhawan. During Lunch Hours a massive demonstration was held and leaders of all unions and associations addressed the gathering. 

Please click here for photos of Dharna at K.L.Bhawan ND.

In Mumbai Dharna was started with various representatives of different unions and associations. All Employees and executives belonging to MTNL Mumbai gathered under one roof in support of their logistic demands. The day long Dharna was addressed by all leaders of different unions and associations.  Sh. Bhai Jagtap   Hon’ble MLC of Maharashtra and chairman of United Forum of unions and associations boosted the moral of gathering by dynamic speech for justified demands. 

Please click here for photos of Dharna at Prabha Devi Telephone Exchange Building Mumbai.

 29.01.2016  Our case against LICE for E2 to E3 came up for hearing in CAT  on 28.01.2015 , but Hon’ble court has fixed 24.02.2016 as next date of hearing. 

Today Sh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA , Sh.M.K.Bagchi and Sh. A.K.Kaushik Representatives of United forum of Associations & Unions of MTNL  met the senior officers of DOP&PW and handed over a joint representation of future provision of BSNL/MTNL pension revision. It is  assured that DOP &PW is fully aware of this issue. The necessary step  will be taken with DOT in loop.

Please click here for copy of Joint representation submitted.


United Forum of Delhi and Mumbai have organised Day Long Dharna and Lunch Hour Demonstration on 29.01.2016 as a part of Protest action Programme communicated to MTNL/DOT; for achieving three demands as follows

1) 78.2% IDA neutralization with effect from 01.01.2007.

2)One more option to pro-rata pensioners of MTNL.

3)CGHS Medical facility to MTNL employees and retirees.

*** Day Long Dharna of Delhi will be held at Khurshid Lal Bhawan since 10 am to 5 pm Whereas in Mumbai It will be held at Telephone House Prabha Devi  for same time.During Lunch hours Demonstration will be held in support of our demands

 All executives are requested to gather  in 100% strength on 29.01.2016 at 10 AM at the venue as detailed above. Please come and be a part of successful battle for long pending demands.

 27.01.2016 A meeting of executives of Janak puri Division was held on 27.01.2016 at Janak Puri Exchange building during Lunch Hours for mobilization of members for the ensuing programme of Protest Action Programme to be held on 29.01.2016  as Day Long Dharna at K.L.Bhawan ND. A huge number of executives of Janak Puri participated in the meeting on the call of organisers Sh. R. B. Aggarwal AS West and Sh. Shailendra Singh ACS. From Circle Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS, Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS and Sh. R.D.Ahirwar OS attended the meeting and addressed them. 
 25.01.2016 Conciliation Officer and Asst Labour Commissioner (C ) – III, Mumbai issued letter to United Forum for appearing before him on 25.1.2016 in response to MTNL Mumbai Managements’ application requesting him to intervene in the matter. Members of United Forum Consisting of 4 Associations and 7 Unions presented before the labour commissioner and briefed him of the injustice meted out to MTNL employees. Conciliation Officer directed DGM(IR) over phone to depute executive who can represent management and capable of taking decision in the matter. Click here for copy of the letter written by Sr. Manager (IR) in this connection to GM(HR), Corporate Office and  Conciliation Officer and Asst Labour Commissioner (C ) – III, Mumbai. Hearing adjourned to 17.3.2016.
 25.01.2016 amazing republic day wallpaperGratitude to all our brothers _who scarified their lives for the Country
Wishing all of you A very Happy Republic Day
 23.01.2016 A general body meeting of executives of Kidwai Bhawan was organised by Sh. Manoj Malhotra AS (Central), Sh.Srikant AS Borad Band and Sh. Nresh Yadav AS KBN. More than 70 executives attended the meeting . Meeting was attended by Sh.V.P.Bhardwaj JGS, Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS , Sh. Ajay Sharma VP, Sh. Ajay Kumar FS, Sh. R.D.Ahirwar OS and Sh. S.S. Asija ACS. All Circle and CHQ representatives addressed the meeting and appealed members for 100 % participation in ensuing programme of UFOM for day log dharna being organised at K.L.Bhawan on 29.01.2016.

ED Delhi office issued a list for financial up-gradation from E4 to E5 for 12 civil executives .

Please click here for copy of orders.

 22.01.2016 A general body meeting of Shakti Nagar Executives was held on 21.01.2016 during lunch hours at Shakti Nagar Telephone exchange building. Meeting was organised by Sh. Pradeep Gupta AS North area. Sh.A.K.Kaushik GS, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS and Sh. Pradeep Sharma ACS attended the meeting and addressed the gathering. All leaders appealed to all members for their unity and cooperation for the ensuing programme of day long dharna being organised by UFOM on 29.01.2016 at K.L.Bhawan ND. Members from all corners of north area attended the meeting .

General Body Meeting of Laxmi Nagar was held on 19.01.2016 during lunch hours at Laxmi Nagar Exchange Building to motivate  the executives for ensuing programme of 29.01.2016 for day long Dharna at K.L.Bhawan as per Protest Action Programme communicated by UFOM to Management.

All most all executives of area participated in the meeting organised by Sh. D.K.Tyagi AS TY in very beautiful and organised way. Senior Members of Shahdra Div. Sh. B.S.Bansal , Sh. F.R.Bansal and Sh. Ashwani ji  also attended the meeting. From CHQ GS Sh. A.K.kaushik and from Circle  CS Sh. S.P.S.Yadav and  CP Sh. K.R.Yadav  addressed the meeting. All the leaders asked members for their 100% participation in the ensuing programme of 29.01.2016. Members raised some quarries related to our demands and other issues which were replied by GS.


ED Delhi office issued a letter for calling of CR for LA promotion from DE to DGM (Telecom) for 4 executives.

Please click here for copy of letter.


ED Delhi office issued lists of Financial Up-gradation as follows:

1) For E4 to E5 for 4 Electrical Executives.  

Please  click here for copy of orders.

2) For E5 to E6 for 13 Civil Executives.  

Please click here for copy of orders.

3) For E6 to E7 for 1 civil Executive.

please click here for copy of orders.


GS wrote a letter to Hon,ble MOC Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad ji for grant of meeting to TEAM for discussing various points regarding HR problems of employees/executives of MTNL and for  improvement in telecom services in Delhi and Mumbai.

Please click here for copy of letter.


Corporate issued a letter to Delhi and Mumbai unit for calling of CR and Screening report of  eligible telecom officers for regular promotion from DE to DGM for 34 post, who have completed  4 years of regular services in E5 post as on 1Jan 2016.

Please click here for the copy of letter.


Corporate office issued a letter for issuing new medical OPD card to all employees w.e.f 01.01.2016 for 5 years.

Please click here for copy of letter.



Image result for condolence message

We are very sad to inform all of you that our beloved comrade Sh. B.N.Singh working as SDE in Shakti Nagar Switch Room under Area GM (North) is no more. He was very intelligent, devoted and well cultured executive. 

He was elected CWC member in our recent circle conference of TEAM Delhi. On 8rth Jan2016 while returning to home in evening , he was injured in a road accident. He was admitted to MAX hospital and was recovering from his injury but all of sudden his condition became critical and he left all of us on 14 Jan-2016.

He left behind 4 children in his family. We extend our deepest sympathies with his family . May God give him eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.


ED Delhi office issued a list of LA promotion order for 3 Civil Executives of different cadres.

Please click here for copy of orders.


MTNL likely to report profit next fiscal: Ravi Shankar Prasad :Communications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said state-run telecom firm MTNL , which is running into losses, is likely to turn profitable in the next fiscal. BSNL, the other state-owned telecom service provider, has already reversed its loss making trend by reporting operating profit of Rs 672 crore in 2014-15. “MTNL was in loss of Rs 2,900 crore loss in 2014. A news from Money Control.


Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises issued a letter for increase of 4.5 % in IDA for CPSUs.Therefore IDA will be 112.4 % from Jan-2016. 

Please click here for the copy of letter.

  11.01.2016 Rashtriya Sahara News Paper printed a news of our demonstration in its news paper as follows
नई दिल्ली (एसएनबी)। एमटीएनएल के पेंशन भोगी कर्मचारियों ने अपनी मांगों को लेकर खुर्शीद लाल भवन के बाहर प्रदर्शन किया। यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ एमटीएनएल यूनियन्स व एसोसिएशन के बैनर तले प्रदर्शन कर रहे कर्मचारियों की मांग है कि एमटीएनएल व दूरसरंचार विभाग दूसरे पे रिविजन कमेटी की सिफारिशों के अनुसार 78.2 प्रतिशत आईटीए को एक  जनवरी 2007 से वेतन व पेंशन में विलय किया जाए। फोरम के संयोजक एमके बागची ने कहा कि हमारी मांग है कि प्रो राटा पैंशनर्स को पेंशन के विकल्प एक-एक अवसर प्रदान किया जाए। सेवानिवृत पेंशनभोगियों को चिकित्सा सुविधा दी जाए। फोरम के महासचिव एके कौशिक ने कहा कि BSNL के कर्मचारियों को 78.2 फीसद आईडीए एक जनवरी 2007 से वेतन में विलय 2013 में किया जा चुका है, लेकिन MTNL को यह लाभ नहीं दिया गया है, जबकि तीसरा पीआरसी का गठन होने जा रहा है। स्टाफ यूनियन के अध्यक्ष मांगेराम शर्मा ने कहा कि जब तक हमारी मांगें नहीं मानी जाती है तक तक हमारा संघर्ष जारी रहेगा।

on 08/01/2016 during  lunch hour, thousands of MTNL employees and the pensioners held PROTEST DEMONSTRATIONS  under the banner of United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations both at Delhi and Mumbai. In Delhi, demonstration was held at campus of K.L.Bhawan and in Mumbai at Prabhadevi.

The PROTEST DEMONSTRATION is organized to ventilate the anger and frustration of MTNL employees and pensioners for non-settlement of their long standing demands :

                        # Fixation of Pay & Pension w.e.f. 01/01/2007 @ 78.2% of IDA

                        # Another option for Pro-rata optees as well as providing option for

                              those employees who were deprived of option due to split of their

                             service period between DOT and MTNL, each portion being less than 10


                        #  Providing CGHS facilities to both employees and pensioners of MTNL.

The huge and the enthusiastic participation of the employees and the pensioners cutting across their affiliations should be an eye opener for MTNL and DOT. The demonstrating gathering has been addressed by Com. Namboodiri, an eminent trade unionist from BSNL as well as the leaders of the United Forum:

S/Shri Mange ram Sharma, President/ UF, M.K.Bagchi, Convener /UF, A.K.Kaushik, GS/TEAM, Radheshyam GS/MTNLWU (NFTE), Satveer GS/MNLKEU, S S Nanda GS/RTOWA, Jaswant GS/MTNLPF and R.C.Sharma GS/ RD&MTNLPA etc addressed the gathering in New Delhi.

S/Sh. J.S.Yadav CS TEAM Mumbai, J.J.Mathias CS MEA Mumbai, T.L.Gayakwad MTNL SC/ST union, Dina Naik Sanchar Union, G.B.Yadav MTNL workers Union, Sudhir Deshmukh MTNL Karmchari Union, Badri Pathak /Jawahar RTOWA addressed the gathering  in Mumbai.

Please click here for the pictures of demonstration held in New Delhi.

Please click here for the pictures of demonstration held in Mumbai. 

 08.01.2016 Demonstration

Come One !!!                                                                                                           Come All !!!

Please Join in mass for demonstration to be held in lunch hour Today at K.L. Bhawan New Delhi and Telecom Bhawan Prabha Devi Mumbai

Executives’ Unity ZINDABAD !!!                                           UFOM ZINDABAD !!!


United Forum of Delhi and Mumbai have organised demonstration on 08.01.2016 during lunch hours as a part of Protest action Programme communicated to MTNL/DOT; for achieving three demands as follows:

1) 78.2% IDA neutralization with effect from 01.01.2007.

2)One more option to pro-rata pensioners of MTNL.

3)CGHS Medical facility to MTNL employees and retirees.

*** Demonstration of Delhi will be held in front of Khurshid Lal Bhawan during Lunch hours whereas in Mumbai It will be held in front of Telephone House Prabha Devi .

All executives are requested to gather  in 100% strength on 08.01.2016 at 1 PM at the venue as detailed above. Please come and be a part of successful battle for long pending demands.


 Area meeting of BCP was organised by SH. Ajay Atri Area Secy. BCP and SH. Dalbir Singh Senior member of area. The meeting was held at 2nd floor of BCP Telephone Exchange Building during lunch hour. Sh. Mange ram Sharma President of United Forum, JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj, AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar, Circle President Sh. K.R.Yadav, Circle Secy. SH. S.P.S.Yadav , CFS Sh. Ajay Kumar and OS Sh. R.D.Ahirwar attended the meeting from CHQ and Circle along with huge number of executives of BCP area.

All the circle and CHQ leaders addressed the house and expressed in detail the importance of these pending issues and appealed to all for maximum turn out on the day of demonstration i.e. on 08-Jan 2016 during Lunch Hour. Sh. Abdul Rashid presided over the meeting and thanked each participant for attending the meeting.

 006.01.2016  There were two meeting organised by East and West areas yesterday on 05.01.2016.

1st meeting of East Area was organised by Sh. Narendra Dutt AS East , SH. V.P.Srivastva ACS and SH. Rajesh Jatley ACS at Tis Hazari Telephone Exchange Building during Lunch Hours. Meeting was attended by Sh. Mange Ram President UFOM, Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS, Sh. K.R.Yadav CP, Sh. Ram Gopal Senior Member, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS and SH. R.D.Ahirwar OS along with many executives of east area. All the issues were explained by each speakers in detail and appeal was made to all for attending the demonstration on 08 jan-2016 during lunch hour. Sh. Kishan Chand Presided over the  meeting and thanked each participant for attending the meeting

2nd Meeting of west area was organised by Sh. Shailendra Singh CAS and Sh. R.B.Aggarwal AS west area. The meeting was held at Rajori Garden Telephone exchange building during closing hours. The meeting was attended by Sh. Mange Ram President UFOM, Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj JGS, Sh. Rajib Kumar AGS, Sh. K.R.Yadav CP, Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS and SH. R.D.Ahirwar OS along with more than 60 executives of area. The meeting was addressed by each Circle/CHQ leader and president of UFOM. it was conveyed to members that this programme of struggle will have to make grand success by participating in 100% strength . Sh.T.D.Singh presided over the meeting.

 004.01.2016  Lunch hour meeting was organised by TY area at Yamuna Vihar Division at Yamuna Vihar Telephone exchange building . The meeting was organised by Area Secy. Sh. D.K.Tyagi and ACS Sh. R.K.Sharma. All the executives participated in the meeting. Sh. S.P.S.Yadav CS and Sh. Ashiwini Senior members of area addressed the meeting and appealed all members for making the Protest Action Programme of UFOM a Grand Success.

 As programme circulated in the CEC meeting there were 2 meetings yesterday on 02.01.2016 , in different areas , one in North area and other was in South (Nehru Place) .

The Meeting which was organised in South area by Area Secy. Sh. S.P.Singh held at Nehru Place Exchange Building during lunch hours. The meeting was attended by Circle Secy. Sh.S.P.S.Yadav , ACS Sh. Pradeep Kumar, ACS Sh. N.S.Sikrwar, Vice President Sh. Ramesh Chand , CWC Sh.B.D.Sharma along with 70 Executives of area. All three points for which United Forum issued Protest Action Programme were made clear to all executives. Circle Secy. while addressing the meeting replied the quarries raised by members. It was assured by Area Secy. that there will be hundred percent participation of executives for the call given UFOM. Meeting was presided by Sh. B.S .Yadav .

Other Meeting was organised by Sh. Pradeep Gupta Area Secy.. The meeting was conducted at 3rd floor of Sector-3 Rohini Exchange Building ND during lunch hours. It was attended by JGS Sh. V.P.Bhardwaj , President of UFOM Sh. Mange ram JI, AGS Sh. Rajib Kumar , VP Sh. Ramneek Sharma , CWC Sh.P.K.vats along with 70 executives of area. All Circle and CHQ office bearers addressed the meeting and replied the quarries of members regarding other pending HR issues at different stages. President  UFOM Sh Mange Ram Sharma also addressed the gathering and encouraged each participant for attending the meeting in huge number. He requested to all that each executive and employee of area must come to attend the call given by UFOM. SH. Gaj Raj Singh ji presided over the meeting . 


United Forum headed by TEAM, Mumbai had decided to hold Massive Demonstration on 8/1/2016 and to go for one day Dharna on 29.1.2016 in front of Telephone House, Prabhadevi, Mumbai to press following Demands.

1)Immediate 78.2% IDA neutralization at par with BSNL.

2)CGHS Medical facility to MTNL employees.

3)One more option to pro-ata pensioners of MTNL.

All are requested to gather sharp at 1 pm at Telephone House on 8.1.2016.

United forum Zindabad….MTNL Executive forum Zindabad